Saturday, December 17, 2022

Angel Freedom 2023


We have learned MUCH over our lives...and ongoing.  Thank you Angels. 

If it's one thing I have learned personally it is just that....when I think I am 'stuck' in a cage then the Angels will lift me up and open the door. I am free new opportunities and new people around me that also lift me up. 

The thing has never happened when I wanted it to.  I have always had to wait....and that has been tough. 

But not as tough as some have it. I get it. still....

I needed to 'hold the note'....keep the faith....

and then (what I call) 'light switch moment' happens.  It's just that when the Angels are at work for us they work on DIVINE TIMING....not ours....unfortunately as I have felt many times. 

HOWEVER....WHEN (not IF ... but WHEN) that light switch moment happens?  iT is AMAzing. 

AND allows us to KEEP THE FAITH and the HOPE alive for the next time.  

We got this

Together with our Angels. 

Keep the faith. Feel the hope.  

Love you all and so do your Angels, 


Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Angel messages are like 'balloons'

 the thing is it's true.  C'mon stay with me here. I know how it sounds...gimme a minute k

Our Angel messages come thru to us like beautiful gifts, inspirations....Challenges sometimes uh oh.  It's ok, when that happens they are also there. **they never 'deliver a challenge' without also making the COMMITMENT to back you up in your new endeavour. 

it's good. 

balloons are light. they represent fun and 'LIGHT spirited Energy'. Ok, I'll tell you this...every morning when I was in high school I would draw a bunch of balloons in the corner of each page of my notes. 

It's important to me even now to recognize that LIGHT Energy is all around us.  

So are Angel messages. That's just how it is. 

Love it. Believe it. It's ALL GOOD. 

Next time you see a balloon...?

KNOW that this powerful POsitive Angel ENERGY is with you. 

love you all and so do your Angels, 


Monday, October 17, 2022

Past Lives...huh...ever feel like you've 'done this before'....Intro to Akashic Records


Wow. This picture really struck me as I am always called to visit THE Key.  This is the 'key in the lock' of all of our own Soul wisdoms. These are the wisdoms (the trials and tribulations) that we have gone thru in past lives that BUILD UP our ability to Understand things in this life. *boring I know ... but it gets better stay with me. 

The thing is that if you are a New Soul then you are reading this and recognizing that this does not in any way pertain to you. You are right.  Keep going you are shining in a very powerful way and we love you.  
For the 'middle' Souls which I am One of  and for the Old Souls...thank you and please do recognize that SO MUCH WISDOM is within you that you 'did not learn' in THIS life however you intrinsically know NOW. 

how? well...there is The KEY of course.  This link is through our Hara ... our Soul Self. *Around our Sacral Chakra area as it has been shown to me. 
This part of us (knowingly or unknowingly) makes itself apparent to us in many our daily. 

The way in which I CALL on this Energy? Well, I know the more time I spend out in Nature...(20min every day hard stop) hopefully longer !! but even on a 'crazy' day...gotta do it. and 10mins meditation every day..(not a big deal guys c' YouTube channel or visit a meditation app...we got this)...also i need to LAUGH for a bunch of minutes a day.  Laughter is the way our Angels can get to us...this is their highway...create it. *even watching a funny sitcom or stand up comic ... just laughing....big deal.  

Thing is....IF YOU ARE doing these things or some other fun things that 'help you to feel more you' your current vehicle....which is what we call this life because if you are a middle Soul or Old Soul you have inhabited many vehicles (some male, some female *kinda switches life to life for the Old Souls ...other times different 'disabilities/abilities') ...old Souls know 'how to deal'.  

BUT IT HELPS to know that you can access Hara. Your Soul Self. You are here because you have 'done this before'.....and it comes with its obstacles. Know that your Angels are celebrating you. 
You got this. 

And seriously, access your Soul Wisdom.  Just KNOW that if this blog post resonates with you...then you HAVE THIS strength within you.  

love you all and so do your Angels, 

Pay attention to this.  

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Angel Numbers 777 what do they mean? *Angel number code included :)


*Angel number code breakdown just below. Here we go!  *Angel numbers are one (of three) of the MOST Powerful ways our Angels are able to GET TO GET our 'buy in'...our BELIEF in the fact that they ARE there...they are Here...all around you.  They show numbers.  

Sometimes they happen in 3's like this number however other times they appear recurring in different ways (871, 781, 178) recurring and recurring as you go about your day. Things like that...NOTICE. 

DOES it mean something ? yes, of Course it does.  There is no other reason for you TO See this....or notice/recognize this but many times we do.  And many times we 'chalk it up' to coincidence and ya, sometimes it is. But sometimes it isn't and it is INTERESTING to find out what messages they may be sending your way. 

Like my Favourite mantra I quote often "If I have nothing to lose but potentially something or Everything to gain by trying? .... then let's learn something new and follow the course"

This particular Angel number is  777.  The number Seven represents 'You are on the right path'. 

I believe in believing that simple messages are best. It is important that we develop our own level of communication with our Angel Team.  When they show us 7...then WE KNOW that they are saying 'you are on the right path'.  **NOTICE what is happening when you are seeing 7...notice who is saying what around you or alternatively what your inner 'gut feeling' is telling you about something else and/or what you may be thinking or sharing with someone else...AND just take the fact that you are ALSO seeing THIS number at this moment and know that they are sending you this message. 

Sometimes this is an eye-rolling 'drrrrrr' moment for me because sometimes this happens when I am mulling over whether I need to make a 'challenge' decision for me...whether I need to make a CHANGE. ugh. Anyway, they can send this 'Angel nudge' to SHIFT me to realize that this is what is needed. 

Sometimes it's bigger than that. Sometimes it's smaller.  It's not always life changing ... it IS INTERESTING to notice THAT they are having this 'conversation' with you in the way of symbols. 

So how do you 'see' numbers? 

You can notice recurring numbers in license plates (while you are stopped at the lights...take a look!) or on signs or on you receipts (many people tell me this one)...or in your minds eye...or your favourite numbers...or in your dreams. 

Believe me .... the MINUTE your Angels recognize that you are ON BOARD and are recognizing these numbers as Angel messages...they will send you more and the partnership will grow. 

Here is a very BASE share of the Angel numbers;

1.  Clear and Positive Angel Energy

2.  Let go and have faith

3.  Ascended Masters are with you now

4.  Strongest Angel Number....Feel them working with you and all you send Energy to.

5.  Transformation

6.  Focus less on material and more on Spiritual

7.  You are on the right path

8.  Abundance

9.  You have much work to do...get to it!

Keep these in a little note on your phone or in your wallet and KNOW that when you see over the course of the day or week or month...358 (853,538) (your Ascended masters are helping you with transformation to abundance in all things) .... and so on.  

You get me.  more get them.  and they get you. 

**keep a record please (they love this) of the recurring numbers that you see. why?? because you may not notice that at every New Moon (month by month) you see and notice the numbers 4 and or 7 (and so on) but it can be an interesting exercise and an opportunity to build out your Angel Journal to connect with them more strongly. They will appreciate that. 

I appreciate you all and shine Angel Light your way, 

Sending blessings, 


Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Dream Symbols...what do our Dreams mean?

Whoa. Dream Symbols hey? Okay... here we go. 

The thing is ...DREAMS and the symbols are what 'opened the door' for me to open my own intuition. **what does that mean as we share conspiratorially on a blog post? Well, when I was 12, I remember having 'weird' dreams....and EVEN at that age I knew that you can't have multiple *especially Power Animal and Dream themes show up without them meaning something....and so I started reading about it in our local public library....along with horse books.  love horses. 

THE THING IS that images pop up in our imagination our our dreams at night. Sometimes we remember and many times WE WILL DISCARD these 'random' images that pop into our mind...our imagination/intuition (same thing in some cases).

It's ALL ABOUT KNOWING HOW TO understand and TRANSLATE the messages that are BEING SHOWN to you from your Angels, Guides and your own Intuition. 

VERY often our Angels and Guides will 'show us' these images....what do they mean? 

Follow along with me for a dream breakdown of this image; *this is a familiar image to me from my dreams and it did pop up to me when I searched the word 'friends' **our Angels work in this way as well....

Let's go....

Ok...we are at the beach symbolizing the connection between Heaven and Earth.  The waters are calm...all is peaceful. There are some 'wistful' clouds (no storm is brewing)  You both are peacefully sharing the vista together....the early evening sunset at your back.  It has been a good day. You have sat here together in companionship before.  All is well 

DOG SPIRITUAL MEANING; loyalty, friendship

ELEPHANT SPIRITUAL MEANING; for certain luck and prosperity (always...and longevity) but together with dog it is heightening an ability to remove obstacles and negativity in a powerful and calm(as suggests the environment here) manner. 

BIRDS ; freedom, free skies, ELEVEN BIRDS (Angel number/strongest) flying together OVER the other Power Animals thru calm skies. big deal 

Your Angels are alway sending you messages...many times we just need to learn to know what  are symbols and USEFUL and the 'other stuff' that isn't.  

Pay attention please to the WHIMSICAL stuff that they send attention to the 'weird' imagination stuff....this is the FUN way they send. 

Thanks always for letting me share with you all, 

Love you and so your Angels always,


Friday, September 30, 2022's it going? would you like a cup of coffee...C'mon join the Angels...

 It's just that whether it's a cup of coffee...or tea...or juice...or water...WHATEVER IT's just that globally we are looking for a quiet moment, some communion and to know that WE are ALL the Same. 

C'mon.  YOUR cup of coffee....MY cup of coffee looks like this....what do ANGEL CUPS of coffee look like...guess what side of the table your Angels are on? 

Yeah that's right! THEY will Pour cup after cup after cup as THEY RECOGNIZE that this is ALL we ALL want. 

A cup of hot something and a hug and a friend to share begin our WONDER FULL day. 

Know that our Angels are thinking of us all individually. 

Know that our Angels are thinking of us collectively as a whole. 

KNOW THAT our Angels are ensuring that as we enjoy our cup of coffee that we are shining hugs, Angel Light, thoughts and prayers to ALL globally. 

That's it. Put the kettle on.  Let's all Shine Light to All. 


And of course your Angels.

Friday, September 23, 2022

Meet your Guardian Angel...or at least ONE of them.

 That's RIGHT!  This is how their 'day' is spent...their TIME with you...always around you...looking, watching, sharing you feel it? 

**I say 'their day' because you have many Guardian Angels....and Parenting and Mentoring Archangels....however I digress...

the thing you FEEL them working with you? 

Ok, so many times we DON'T ... we are unaware. that's ok (from their perspective). Whether we recognize them or not has NOTHING TO DO WITH THEIR AGENDA. Correct. 

They have one. An Agenda that is.   It is to look after you.  Does it feel like that? 

Ok...again, so many times it does not.  It's just that....really, we only think of them many times when we are in trouble and wonder where they are when we are 'in strife' or in times of struggle or in pain or in grief or trauma.  

And THAT IS why they 'HOLD THE NOTE' for us ALL the time.  

Because THEY DON'T HAVE TO 'reset the connection' with us when we ask. They have been there the whole time. 


So ask. Many people don't.  Many people I have had the pleasure to connect with over the last 20+ years still don't know how to ASK for help. 

Help is there.  Even if you don't need help at this time PLEASE RECOGNIZE that you can ask for help for others. 

*However PLEASE DO recognize....that the stronger YOU (personally) ARE  Angelically and Energetically...the MORE you are able to be there for others. 

You always have a direct line to your Angels. 

Everyone does. 

Love you all and so do your Angels, 


Monday, September 19, 2022

THIS Life path....OTHER *past Life paths....huh. there is a record...and a path? for us...ok

  Thing is...EVERYTHING we are doing each and every single day is written in our SOUL book in the Akashic Records.  Thing's also written indelibly in our minds (and Soul Self...our Hara.)

 It's good. 

It's good because the folks I have been fortunate enough to connect with  over the years... KNOW this. and recognize their INNER compass.  They RESONATE with the decisions that they make on the daily. 


...the Angels are and have been 'collecting information' on us since the beginning of Time.  *as we know it. It's just different because they are keeping RECORD of all of the things that we have done Right. 

*typically our memory (lower SElf when our own Life Force Energy is low....*Fear, Doubt, Worry Guilt creep in...that's another blog post stay tuned) ANYWAY LOWER self/memory will remind us of the things that we didn't 'do right'. 

It's all good.  It's all written down.  

They GOT YOU. TRUST your compass. your direction. your internal direction. yes or no...huh....It's just about UNderstanding that this is a

There is no right or wrong AS LONG as you are aware of your Angel Compass.  

KNOW that ALL of your good deeds are written down (feel it and read that often...c'mon. feel it) and also that your Angels are guiding you forward. every step. every day. 

Love you all.  

SO DOES your Soul Self. huh. You know what? you are 'older' than you think.  

feel THAT. 

love you and and so do your do your Akashic Records and Soul Self, 

Feel the INNER compass, 


Sunday, September 18, 2022

Angel Stepping it be easier? ....drrrr

 Angel Stepping it be easier? ....drrrr

It's just's not. 


not for Old Souls.  But it's still Good because the steps are STILL there. YOU can see them.  Well, at least the first few steps. That's all you need. 

ONCE (if you are brave enough)....let me go on for a minute if I may and I will...the thing is MANY DO NOT take the first few uncertain steps....I get it and have experienced this myself early's just that...when you are INTENT ON doing the right can configure your Self clear to take a few steps (NO IDEA where we are headed here in the mist and the fog and 'BUSY' of life)...but some of us take a few steps. yes.

Why not. As long as your Angels 'have your back'. Ok. Stand out and Stand up. 

Take a step . For one, for all. Together with the Angels. 

Affirm; ' Angels, I ask you for protection, strength, healing and inner power so that I might be able to share this with others.  I WILL SHARE this with others....however ( when as I do my Angels close particularly ARchangel Michael and ARiel) I ask that..." I do REQUIRE YOU to walk with me, beside me and behind me to speak and work with me, through me and on behalf of all of those I hold dear so that I may teach and show others to do the same as you have taught and shown me. Protect and teach us all. Guide us forward. One step at a time. In gratitude. "

Love you all, 

So do your Angels, 


Sunday, September 4, 2022

Angel Clouds....have you ever seen this?

THE thing IS... YOU have. seen these clouds. many times. 

I am in Canada (and I love all the folks from all over the globe I connect with here on my blog) however I recognize ALL of us in every country, in every nation, on every continent...have seen these clouds.  up in the sky and these happen many times and we don't even notice...except sometimes WE DO NOTICE.  

it's nice. the clouds are nice. it's beautiful. 

GLOBALLY we see the same beautiful clouds and WE ALL notice them at some point....and then just go on with our day. 

That's what we all are doing. ALL of us. 

Just like ALL of us are recognizing that while we look after our neighbours in our local community (looking up at the same clouds) that others GLOBALLY are doing the same. 

We are all the same except that WE CAN RECOGNIZE that our positive thoughts and Angel prayers can make a difference to be sure. 

 EVERY time ALL OF US GLOBALLY see any kind of cloud in the sky....know (that at some point today or tomorrow) that WE ALL are seeing the same cloud from very different types of situations.....locally and globally. 

Let the sky be our 'sameness' ....we can ALL see it.  Send good things...your Angels are sending this to YOU. Send it to others. 

IT'S a big deal guys .... send good things.

Love you all and so do your Angels, 


Saturday, September 3, 2022 KNOW this person! Be THAT person...C'mon !!

 Hey all know what I'm talking about here ya know? ... that person....THOSE people? 

It's the people that make you smile.  It's those that listen silently and with compassion when you are telling them some sad stuff...some tough miles you've walked/you are walking.  It's those people that bring you a cup of tea just because.  It's those that invite you out for a beer/wine and DON'T talk about what's REALLY happening to give you a 'mental break'...just to share and talk and have a laugh.  It's those folks that greet you by name and treat you like a FRIEND....even if they just met you....and they SMILE and share a kind word....and allow you to do the same back. 

Those are OUR people. The Angel people. The people that walk around and just SHARE.  Be that. 

and RECOGNIZE when others around you are SHINING that your way. It's in the little things you know? 

I know it's tough many times because we can too easily get CAUGHT UP  in our own 'busy head'. 

understood. still....

I will endeavour to make this a 'moment by moment mission'. 

Join me? 

JOIN US....the Angels are behind this message of course, 

Love you all and so your Angels, 


Friday, August 26, 2022

Where are YOUR Angel wings....well? wow...where do we start?!

 Okay HEAR me out here.  Do you have wings? YES ABSOLUTELY 100%.  ....but do you really?

There are a few different 'LEVELS' we are talking about when the Angels are speaking to us who have our BOOTS ON THE GROUND. 

For those New/Newer Souls of course you have (we ALL do) have our Angels wings AROUND US....they always have our back...they are always surrounding us with protection that is....for those who know how to ask for it.  *Simple...just ask your mind. They are there. 

For the Older Souls...well you KNOW. You have been sharing Angel Energy and wisdom for a TIME. The thing is when you are actually connected with the 15 Archangels...then you absolutely feel your Wings. 

but C'mon it's a BIG DEAL that WE all have WINGS .... that is, we all have Wings available to us when we need them (which hopefully is often! ) 

New/newer Souls can 'call in' Energy whenever they need it (as long as they believe).  Any and EVERY time you extend Angel Energy (healing, love, empathy, compassion)...then you are sharing Angel Energy. Feel your Wings. 

YOU (at this point) ARE the 'boots on the ground' to share this Energy on behalf of the Angels. Believe me...they thank you.

Do you feel it? Do you Feel your Wings? 

*Quick share .... I personally don't feel it every moment because I get 'caught up' sometimes in 'the daily'...but my Angels are quick to ignite my 'knee jerk reaction' to catch my Self and set me on the high road...with an ENERGY RESET. 

IT'S a big Deal to Energy Reset so we can feel the Angel Wings around us and BELIEVE. C'mon guys. 


Share some good Energy. Be that. and FEEL the Angel wings around you. 

It's all good. 

Stacey...and of course the Angels

Sunday, August 21, 2022

MEET your Guardian Angel. Period. THIS IS WHAT they do



Do you ever think about 'the busy' in your head.  The CONSTANT .....well, where shall we start...

our heads? unfortunately our Life Force Energy is generally lower than it should be so the Four Big Energy Blockers as I call them can come in: 

Fear, Doubt, Worry & Guilt

This makes our head BUSY and our Emotions beyond.  The other thing that plays a factor here is what is going on AROUND US. Other people's 'stuff (huh) nauseam

GOOD NEWS!  You have your Guardian Angel. Can you see? 

The LEFT HAND IS UP!  Blocking all 'the busy'.  Doesn't matter...for your daily, FEEL it. 

It's about the RIGHT HAND ok? 

The right hand is holding a hand up to the ear like THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU. 

Got it. of course. 

They can't hear you because of 'the busy'....'the stuff'. 

It's ok...they will wait to hear from you. 

Try this;  "Guardian Angel, thank you for clearing all of the stuff that seems to be blocking my way forward. Please continue to. Thanks for listening for me to share with you. I will do so soon. I will look to have daily (or more often) mindful conversations with you as to how you can help me to be well in every area of my life; emotionally, mentally and physically. By the way....DIDN'T KNOW YOU WERE THERE the whole time.  OKAY....this changes a lot!" 


so on the's more conversational. SERIOUSLY your Guardian Angel is LITERALLY waiting for you to share and ask for guidance and for healing....and more. 

I love you all and so do your Angels of course, 


Saturday, August 20, 2022

So you think you can do it this time? Yes! The TRAIN OF CHANGE is here for you...

So you think you can do it this time? Yes! The TRAIN OF CHANGE is here for you...

The thing is it takes COURAGE to get on the train.  

The 'Angel train of CHANGE' pulls in to the station on a regular.  

what.  You think you're the first person to sit on this bench?  wow. 


absolutely not.  and you won't be the last...of course when you ACTUALLY get on the train then not only will you be filled with confidence to bring you along your will also be an inspiration to the next person. 

Your Angels thank you. 

I know it's not the first time or even the 3rd time or even the 10th time you've sat on this bench...but this time is different.  it is. 

THIS CHANGE is all about personal relationships, health and physical choices, educational choices, career decisions....tough conversations with your self and some times with others...its just that

This time you can FEEL IT. you are getting on the train ... you KNOW the changes you need to make and your Angels are willing to help you all the way. 

THESE ARE POSITIVE CHANGES you are making. make sure. does it feel right. your Angels will help you with this. 

I know it's difficult to get on the train....because making positive change means hard work, hard conversations and big steps (that sometimes feel backwards...but they're NOT) in many cases. 

you can always get off at the next stop (and start again I know some have done this before past years I've done it (many times) myself...) but eventually it JUST FEELS RIGHT to get ON the train together with the Angels and STICK THE LANDING . 


It's tough...but NOT AS TOUGH as continuing to wait on...the next....train....and then the next....train. 

Your Angel train is pulling in.  You got this. 

Just STEP BY STEP....take a minute...take a deep breath

GET on the TRAIN. 

LOVE you all and so do your Angels, 


Stacey....and of course them....the Angels

Sunday, July 31, 2022

My memories...Inner child. C'mon....ANGEL ENERGY .Can you remember?

 ok...I found this picture . huh. The thing is guys....this is 'the back lake'  just off Tobermory. Full home  beginning was Owen Sound.  WHY IS THIS pic so precious to me (because it is)

It's because I LOVE the beginning of a New day. Figuratively, symbolically and otherwise. 

As a child I would be able to play by the 'back lake' and take the canoe out ....I loved that. I love that. 

One time when I took the canoe out in the mist just before dawn ....after a time a Blue Heron flew out of the mist on my right and over the tip of canoe and on. 

so many beautiful simple moments. 

to my mind we need to remember them...find them.  

love you all so do your Angels, 


Thursday, July 21, 2022

Are you caught in the WAVE?

 you know we can all 'get caught in the waves'. 

it's the 'to-ing and fro-ing' of everyday life.  but sometimes it's more than that. 

The Analogy of being caught in deep water or turbulent storms....of course we are all familiar.  The thing is...all we need to do is BE A STRONG SWIMMER. 

Know how to manoeuvre out of deep water, turbulent water, undertow, rip tide....just SWIM STRONGLY 

I'm not sure that everyone is getting my story here.  Life is GOING to send you some curve balls, hard hits and mostly things that you did not expect. 

you can't do anything about that. 


what can you do? well, you can be stronger. You can learn to swim.  STRONGLY. Make sure that you are stronger. 

Energetically. Emotionally. Mentally. Physically. yes. How do you do it? Surround your Self with great people. TALK TO PEOPLE who support you.  Connect with your Angels...

You GOTTA KNOW your Angels are connecting with you!  

Meanwhile enjoy the lessons....the swimming lessons (the waves never stop coming at you!) but if you are a strong swimmer (lifeguard here ... don't want to brag just saying) ANALOGY-wise you just have to keep improving your swimming skills TO THE POINT that you WELCOME the waves.....

the WAVES coming at you means you are growing, getting stronger....but it's funny.  The stronger the swimmer you are you don't even notice the waves...(kinda) but you just keep swimming. 

you got this

so do your Angels. 

Alright...let's keep swimming shall we? 

together with our Angels

be blessed all of you


Friday, July 15, 2022

Happy Self...happy you...means HEALTHY YOU


YOU know what? It's true.  

What EVER you decide to do in any moment as long as it makes you happy is the BEST course of action. Your Angels support this. YOur Angels are ShAring this. 


what does 'being happy' mean?  Well, being happy means that we need to feel in our 'vehicle' (which is what our Angels call our Self....our physical being that we inhabit....) mentally, emotionally and physically well.   We need to look after our Selves!  

Are we surrounding our Self with people and situations that support our Self in a positive way? Are we supplying our Physical Self with enough exercise and action and nutrients?  These are simple things....

Are we taking ACTION STEPS towards goals and dreams....remember....many times these are 'baby steps' step at a time.

I think we GOT THIS!  Together with our Angels, 

Love you all and so do they .... of course! 


Wednesday, July 6, 2022

..LIVE with it or DEAL WITH IT.

 LIVE with it or DEAL with it.  

Yes! That's right and not only for this month...this is an Angel message as we begin our 2nd half of 2022. 

It's time my Angel friends. 

Our new Angel Mantra for this month is just that....Live with it or DEAL WITH IT.  

The Angels are asking US to ask OUR Selves....

can we live with this (should we?) or must I DEAL with this.  Please join me and the Angels in the video to learn more about strengthening our Selves together with the Angels.  

Love you do your Angels, 


Wednesday, June 29, 2022

okay? today. BELIEVE in this Angel message

 Yup. The Angels say it but also Will Rogers did also and YOU KNOW WHAT ?!! 

IT'S TRUE. that's it. it's true. 

We can get SO CAUGHT UP in 'what has been'. 

Typically and Many times this has PRECIOUS LITTLE to do with today.

Be WHO YOU ARE today. 


love you all and so do your Angels. 

Blessings and Angel Light shining on everyone TODAY. RIGHT NOW. 


Sunday, June 26, 2022

THIS is WHAT IT IS. The people that know this...KNOW THIS. the gift of Compassion...let's see

 THIS is WHAT IT IS.  The people that know this...KNOW THIS.  the others? Well...ok...

It's just if you don't know what this means its ok. Truly.  It just means that you are a New/Newer Soul and I appreciate that. 

For this post....I am getting a strong message to connect with the Old Souls. Thing is ...

we need to give from our SOUL SELF. our Hara.  This is the small circle of Self that lives within our core.  Our Hara. 

**Energetically this is the part of us that holds all of our Wisdom and Strength.  Our Sense of Self ,our Strength of Spirit...this bit of our Self represents and HOLDS our Inner Strength (for this life and *in some cases many past lives)....for the Old Souls. 

What does this mean?  YOUR Soul Path purpose is to GIVE . share. care. learn. teach. be compassionate. be kind. BE COMPASSIONATE. *can't share this enough. 

Being an old soul comes with guidelines. do this and be rewarded. in what way? 

in many. 

love you all and so do your Angels, 


Friday, June 24, 2022

Angels watching over us...always

 It's just that...they ARE. Whether we realize it or not...they are there - with us, for us and all around us. 

Sometimes it doesn't feel like that.  I get it and more importantly THEY GET IT.  still....

it's MOST important that YOU get it.  Do you? 

They are always sending love, strength of Spirit, support, wisdom and HEALING Energy out to all. Do we always feel it? Well? ...ok, sometimes we don't feel it 'in the moment' but it is UP TO US to 'keep the dream alive'....keep the inner flame burning and BELIEVE.  

EVEN if we don't 'feel them' with us in the moment....they are there.  TRUST.  They will show you in some way, somehow AS LONG AS you keep believing.  Keep your actions for your Self and others 'true' as your Angels would have you do. 

Your Angels are the Archangels of course but your Guiding Angels and Guardians are also your Ancestors in some cases and also loved ones who have passed and continue to guide and love you along your journey...they are by your side. 

Keep believing.  Feel them with you every step, every breath....feel comforted and supported. 

Your Angels - ALL OF THEM - love you them back by believing. 

Take a DEEP BREATH in....and exhale out.  

I love you all and so your Angels, 


Saturday, June 4, 2022

Ok....June 2022. Angels. we got you?


JUNE 2022 Angel Messages -

Archangel Gabriel - love you all and so do your Angels!

CONNECTING with OWn inner Life Force Energy GROWING it this month ‘circling the wagons’ as my mom used to say


Then (if you are doing the work) your Life Force Energy reserves will be high and you are able to shine out even brighter to your own pathway forward but ALSO TO others around you.

Connect with your Angels this month,
Blessings always

Friday, May 27, 2022

Angel Healing from my garden! Thank you Nature Angels

Sooooo…this is year 2 in vegetable gardening together with the Nature Angels and I see so many analogies playing out once again this year!

So I planted just a few days ago so everything is very small, weak and just beginning their growing phase.
It is a time for much support and a need for the appropriate basic requirements being met.

So I checked up on my very new garden last evening and…one of the pepper plants was ‘down’. *it was still fine …just not able to stand on its own.

So I found a small branch on my lawn that had blown down from one of the last storms and stuck that in the ground beside it and bound them together. Together they will make something great this season…

it’s just that sometimes when you get knocked down you can help someone else…and sometimes ‘when you are down for the count’ you still have a lot more to give…but are need of some help.

Thanks Nature Angels for always teaching me something and reinforcing many things.

Giving help where and when needed and receiving in the same Energy. All good.

Love you all and so do your Angels,

Thursday, May 12, 2022

It's just this Angel message...SMILES MATTER. ok?

It's just that sometimes we see that SUNNY FACE. huh.  It's a Good thing.  
Better thing?  
BE the Sunny face. It's way too easy to be 'the other thing'.  
C'mon do I need to say what IT IS.  Don't be THAT....BE THIS.
Smile.  Share the happy.  It is amazing (has always been) when I am able to 'share the happy"
...the HAPPY that comes back my way is absolutely and exponentially GREATER!  
INCREASED. happy!.. 
***I found this picture as well...which is what I picture my Self doing when someone smiles at me.  I LOVE IT.  
I Feel that if I LOVE it this much then I NEED TO Smile more.  
It's all good. If it doesn't feel like it right now. I get it.  but we need to do what we CAN do. 
Smiling works. 
FEELING  and Absorbing someone else's smile and GoodWill....Magical.  
Do it, Feel it, Be it, Absorb it, Shine it. 
You got this
Together with your Angels, 
Sending prayers to and for all....always and especially now,


Friday, April 29, 2022

FOCUS ON the FORWARD! BE in the NOW as you allow your Angels to bring you Forward.

WHO navigates a boat this way? .... by looking BEHIND. Who would confidently STARE at the wake the boat leaves BEHIND and feel that the boat was headed in the right direction? 

No one.  Not when they were navigating a boat. Heck no.  Why? 

Well, that boat is going to most likely run into the opposite aground....STUCK.  This could EASILY have been avoided...IF ONLY ....THE NAVIGATOR turned around FROM what has past and looked FORWARD. 

So I think most people are getting my analogy here.  

you are the Navigator of your life.  and many (maybe not you...well...maybe not all the time) of us spend at least some time looking BACK.  


Never mind. Get busy in the NOW.  THIS is where the amazing connections are to be made...with other people, with Nature...with powerful and positive opportunities to make AMAZING MEMORIES NOW.  

Ok, I hear you. This can be tough. We Know how the past has played out and sometimes are feeling daunted and do NOT KNOW HOW to look forward. 

questions we ask at this point; look forward to what? what would that look like? what would be on my list? ....just....stay open!  to looking forward. you don't need to have a plan.  just raise your hope and openness to it. believe. 

Believe me if you do that! Your Angels will hear you. They will (*eventually ...BELIEVE ME I KNOW.)..provide what I call a 'lightswitch moment'...where there has been no solution, there is no opportunity, there is no answer, there are no glimmers and then BAMMMMMM... the answer.  THEY DECIDE when it comes. and when it does it is awesome.  

**there are small answers along the way also and it is up to YOU to recognize them. (*just an Angel aside)

BELIEVE.  keep believing. 

**Warning**As long as you are looking back there is no hope and so there is no Angel connection. Period. sooo........

As you MOVE FORWARD...Keep in mind ok?  no need to LOOK back.  so much is to be gained by having a glance right now...forward (just hold the note of hope and positivity)..HOLD...wait a minute stay's worth it. 

Love you all and so do your Angels....they are with you - let them assist you in the navigation...but LOOK FORWARD. BE in the now as you allow your Angels to bring you Forward. 

Enjoy the view. FIXATE ON THE FORWARD.  They got you. 


Monday, April 25, 2022



Thing is ... we ALL (yes All) have this capability.  We all connect with these inner feelings. 

INSTINCT is when it's happening 'in the moment'. 

INTUITION is what/when it potentially may happen. 

It. ALL HAPPENS WHEN we are aware of our Claircognizance.  our GUT Feeling. 

This is how Spiritual Energy and Angel messages ARE ABLE to make them Selves known to us. 

PAY ATTENTION. They are speaking with you, to you, for you and through you. 

Love you all and so do your Angels, 


Tuesday, March 29, 2022

April. 2022 Angel message. DETERMINATION, WILLPOWER. change. Do you feel it?

Do you feel it?

If you don’t…then you don’t. I get it.

But your Angels have it there for you.

It’s like when someone sets down a delicious piece of cake in front of you. (full disclosure*It would HAVE TO BE a simple Chocolate cake with icing.  That’s it. For me) Anyway just a quick share.

Thing is. This amazing OFFER this month (NO GIFT) of self confidence, determination and WillPOWER is ON LOAN (do you get it?) 
ON you this month - NO INTEREST.
Are you interested?

Well, there are some that are and some that are still not sure.
I get it.

What’s on offer?'s all about...
 Determination, Willpower (Solar Plexus stuff) for the Energy Healers in the crowd.
It’s all there for you…
Do you Feel it?

Just breathe in deeply ....DEEPLY....and exhale and FEEL the Energy moving your way.  

You know what?
I think many of you do
Feel it.
Love you all and so do your Angels, 

Saturday, March 26, 2022 CAN! We can ALL do MORE that what we think we are CAPABLE OF.....DO IT! ONE step at a time.

That's right.  WE can.   you can.  yes you can. 

See...we ALL have this internal dialogue in our head.  Sometimes it's Higher Self  - many more times it's our Lower Self talking especially if our Life Force Energy is low (this can 'beat up' our emotions and thoughts and also physical Self) so sometimes all we hear in our head is .... the 4 big Energy Blockers as I refer to them *Fear, Doubt, Worry and Guilt.  

This will bring us to a point where we FEEL COMPLETELY UNABLE to take steps forward (for a million and one reasons) believe me Lower Self and 'beat up' thoughts and emotions have NO END to the reasons why we CANNOT do something. 

Thing is....where we MIGHT go? (if it resonates with you) together with your your INNER Conversation - this can be redirected ok? 

Sample Conversation

Inner thought:  I can't go to the gym today (can't complete the to-do list I have, don't want to take on a new project/ FINISH a current project....and so on)

Logical thought/retort:  why not

Inner thought (probably Lower Self):   a) I don't want to  b)I'm too tired  c)I don't have time. d)I am too busy.  e) I'll go tomorrow.  f) ad nauseam....need I go on. 


"Duly noted Lower Self HOWEVER I AM doing it anyway". 

Put your shoes on and GO.  DO. 

YOUR Higher Self and LIFE FORCE Energy will increase exponentially.  **You will NOT feel this for the first 20/30 minutes of your endeavour however BELIEVE me the AFTER effects only SPUR you on for more EMPOWERING thoughts and Actions.

The thing is the quote is so true in the pic...we are ALL so capable of so much more.  in so many different areas and aspects of our life.  Let's do it.  

Together with our Angels as we hear our Higher Self thoughts and their BOSSY MESSAGES to just GET going.

Done. Let's go. 

Love you all and so do your Angels, 



Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Huh. Is it Broken?... JUST FIX IT...with Support...where are you all?


Hmmmm. That's the Thing guys. 
Some people don't realize that WHATEVER is Broken....can be fixed. 
Sometimes it takes some tools...AND TIME. 

Its funny because when we talk about 'things getting FIXED'...EVERYbody views and HEARS this differently so it can be a questionable saying..  in that it means different things to different people at different times along our different life paths....

k...quick share...Tomorrow morning I have someone coming around to fix my shower. I can't do it on my own...
this is a SMALL SMALL SMALL thing.  **Still I am making use of the Analogy. 

Sometimes (many times) we can't do things on our own.  We NEED and Expertise (in some cases).  We KNOW when we need this because we LOOK UP and around for help. WHERE is our support. 
sometimes it takes some hugs and
SOME TIMES it takes Expert help.  *like I say ....'people who went to school for this'.  
**Like the Expert I called in for tomorrow for my shower....there are SO MANY PEOPLE who are there for us...we just need to ask...reach out. 
REACH OUT to others in your Community ...share what you can and ask questions....SO MANY TIMES this is THE SAME ENERGY. 

Share...AND the world shares back your way. 
Love you all, 
So do your Angels, 
ALL ways

Friday, March 4, 2022

Whoa!!! IT'S all About the LIGHTHOUSE. SHINE out hope.


The thing is...I have been sharing for years about the 'Lighthouse Effect'.'s a REAL thing. 

This particular pic is of course Peggy's Cove Nova Scotia. My second son was born in Halifax and I had the definitive pleasure of driving out (20mins from our home at the time) to this lighthouse on Sundays when my husband was home with the two boys where I was able to enjoy a quick lunch  at the diner...and a BREATHE!!!!  AWEmazing. 

I recognize that some of the people that I connect with for sessions...some...are in 'the lighthouse effect'. 

These folks much like mySelf  are focused on SHINING OUT to others. THIS is a Good thing.  This is a SOUL PATH PURPOSE THING and canNOT be changed. 


Ok...quick points.  Here's the thing (and tell me if this resonates with you) as may pertain to (what I have always called LIGHT HOUSE EFFECT) your Soul Path purpose is to make sure that 'ships in distress' (k stay with me here ...the lighthouse effect got it?)  make it in to safe harbour.  THAT'S the point of Lighthouse yes? of course. 

ALL ships, boats, rowboats and so on are acknowledged of course. The LIGHTHOUSE just keeps shining. The Old Souls that experience LightHouse Effect just wants to make everyone feel SAFE...make sure they can find their OWN way to Safe Harbour. 

Hmm...sometimes the Light House is not looking after it's OWN light and so This can (and will) take an Energetic Toll ON A PHYsical Vehicle (as we all are in).  So the Light may dim. 

HOWEVER from a Soul Path Purpose....the OLD SOUL...(maybe you?) .. your Light must SHINE. *because you are the LIGHT House. 


sometimes (if this resonates and I know it does for many) .... we need to rest our SOUL so our Light CAN shine on....within us, around us and for others. 

THIS IS THE TIME to have that INNER conversation with your Angels and Guides....YOU NEED to Light my Lighthouse FROM THE INSIDE.  I need to keep Shining and I do ask my Angels and Guides to LIGHT my Light!!

Take a beat. Build your Light...your ENERGY so you can shine on. 

ALLOW your Angels and Guides to LIFT YOU and Build your Energy....because you

**Have to...BE the LIGHT house. 

k...just breathe. 

Love you all and so do your Angels...always, 


Tuesday, February 22, 2022

This Saturday Feb 26 1pm ET....Angel HEALING Chakra Meditation - Free!

 THIS SATURDAY I am hosting an Angel HEALING Chakra Meditation on
 Feb 26 1pmET.  

Its FREE of charge....

but I DO ask that you bring your Energy! 

**More details when you me directly at  

love you do your Angels.