Monday, July 29, 2013

Archangel Michael sets us FREE!

One of my favourite things to do while relaxing in the evening or early to cruise through the pages at istockphoto.  Not only am I amazed by the creativity of the photographers but visually, I am taken away to new places.  This photo in particular grabbed my attention and as it did so, a message from one of our 'fan favourite' Archangels,  Archangel Michael popped up as well.

So many of us have energy cords attached to us that hold us down to the ground.  We want to FLY and SOAR to new possibilities and opportunities but these cords!.....are ensuring we stay rooted at this very spot.  These cords can represent many things and many times  -  it is our own fears and anxieties that hold us in one spot.

Today ask Archangel Michael to come around you and support you as you climb into the basket of YOUR hot air balloon.  Together with Archangel Michael, envision you both unhooking the ropes that hold your basket to the ground. Any of the sandbags that are still with you in the basket, LIFT THEM UP and HEAVE HO!  Fling them over the side!
What's that?!  WE HAVE LIFT OFF!  Suddenly, you are off and away -  ready to invite opportunity into your life, ready to see solutions instead of obstacles - ready to trade in fears and anxieties for hope and opportunities!

Sometimes even making the slightest change in your daily schedule (like re-claiming your lunch hour at work for quiet time by your Self in light meditation, walking meditation or self reflection) can make a huge difference in your outlook and GREATLY REDUCE the number of 'ropes' that are holding you to the ground.

Ask Archangel Michael to stay by you so that regardless of where you find your Self, he is able to always clear away cords of energy that might inhibit you or hold you down so that you FEEL....FREE!

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Saturday, July 27, 2013


Believe in the power of your heart.  BELIEVE.  The power source here is insurmountable, unstoppable.  The power to love and give compassion and healing out to others. The power to extend healing and helping energy to ANY situation you are called to.  The depth of power within your heart is overwhelming when you stop to think of it.
Many of us DO NOT stop to think about it.  Some of us feel that we simply do not have any more love or empathy to give to others.  We simply DO NOT WANT to receive love because eventually it will stop or be taken away and so it feels much 'safer' to simply SHUT DOWN the power source, emotionally.  I do not feel love, I do not receive love, I do not give love.

There is a very good chance, a probability really - that the MAIN reason that you might feel this way is NOT because of someone else's actions or situations beyond your control....
it is because you have not take adequate TIME focusing on loving your Self.
That's right.
The good news is that this is a situation where you can easily 'play a little catch up ball'!
Once you have acknowledged that there has not been enough (in some cases, not ANY) time spent loving your can actively build this into your daily schedules.  For the time being, don't worry or even THINK about relationships with others (good, bad or otherwise) At this time, you are totally focused on your own ball game.
ACTIVELY focusing on your inner self talk, REALLY HEARING what you are saying to others about your Self (in your actions, in your conversations, in your written words) and make sure that you are constantly building your Self up, using gentle and loving terms about yourself, encouraging your Self forward.
As you do this, you are feeding your heart - filling it up with love and compassion that it is craving...and it feels GOOD.
But don't stop there!  Keep going!!  Continue with your plan and keep talking kindly to your Self, congratulating your Self and rewarding your Self for good behaviour by treating your physical Self to a day at the spa, a morning by the water, your favourite snack to enjoy after your evening walk.
Now your heart is full to the brim and what?!  What's that??....IT IS!  It is OVERFLOWING!
Who do you think reaps the benefit of YOUR heart OVERFLOWING with love, compassion, empathy, strength, healing, praise, support........
You do.
Everyone around you does.
Every situation you turn your intention to.
And as everyone around you benefits....that love and compassion is shining RIGHT BACK AT YOU - strengthening YOU even more.


Shining into your heart from my heart today and every day.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

How do YOU SEE YOUR picture?

Is this 'how things ARE?
OR is this 'how things SEEM TO BE'
is this 'how you would LIKE/NOT LIKE things to be?'

Do you GET THIS?  Regardless of your answers here - the result is the very same.  This CAN BE whatever you would like it to be. 
IF you SEE your current situation as dismal, down or hopeless - then you will certainly BE THERE. 
Alternatively, IF you SEE your current situation as contented, 'forward-moving' and full of opportunity - then you will most certainly be THERE.  
See things today as full of opportunity not obstacles.  Think and FOCUS on the 'best possible scenarios' rather than preparing yourself for the worst.  (See you glass as 'half full'...... I know some of you were waiting for THAT!  and there it is!)
And that is a valid point! See what you have around you and FEEL truly blessed while you are continuing along your Path today.  Even greater times are ahead of you, so look around and enJOY the ride!  

Allow your perception of everything and everyone around you to Light your Path forward.  

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DIY Inukshuk

DIY Inukshuk!  See mine?  Well, OURS!
I spend another incredibly peaceful morning at the lake with my son and while we were sitting at the end of the rocky pier - with the waves CRASHING! alll around us - SO LOUDLY! and the spray of the waves coming up and over us from time to time :)  it occurred to us to welcome others to the Lake for their 'morning retreat' .  What better way to do it than to build an Inukshuk right on the highest point of the rocky shore as a WELCOME to others!  We did so....a few days ago.  And today??  when we returned for another morning at the water we found 3 others to greet US!  All different sizes and in different locations ....we appeared around a corner of a tree and were ...pleasantly surprised!  At one of the Inukshuks we built another wee Inukshuk beside the first so that the people who originally built him .... would know that we were grateful for the welcome.
Here is a picture of the Inukshuk we have in our front garden to welcome visitors to OUR home!
I wonder if you might like to DIY (Do It Yourself) Inukshuk??!!
Sending welcoming energy to your corner of the globe :)

Stacey MacDonald - Intuitive Coach , Energy Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Founder of Angel Light

Friday, July 19, 2013

Your Rose Coloured Glasses

Shift your perception.
CHALLENGE your Self to SEE things around you .... differently, uniquely.
SEE things like you have never seen things before.

During your day today, notice how you respond to things/people/situations around you. Be aware of your 'kneejerk reactions'.  Hear your inner Self talk as you respond internally to things happening around you....are you surprised?
Do you have a somewhat steady 'negative take' on things? Are you more judgemental than you thought your Self to be?  or do you generally see most things with a positive perspective?  Do you have almost no reaction at all? Are you 'numb' to the activity happening around you?

At some point, WHENEVER you are ready to (I don't want to rush you into this - this is a BIG step :) Please put on your 'rose coloured glasses'  You can leave off the tie dye t-shirt and nose ring if you like, for me I am definitely considering both for this exercise.

Seeing things through rose coloured glasses enables us to ALWAYS see the positive side of a situation/person/thought process etc.  Sometimes it ensures that we see situations as being EVEN BETTER than they actually are.  Through rose coloured glasses, it is IMPOSSIBLE to see the negative, to be judgemental, to be dismal.  Through rose coloured glasses we see opportunity instead of obstacles and solutions instead of problems.  They ENABLE us to see situations UNIQUELY and to notice and APPRECIATE factors of some situations ... that we had never noticed before, never been aware of before....they can illuminate an entirely different perspective within a situation.

Do we want to wear these glasses 24/7?   No, probably not.  We do want to keep an objective viewpoint on life and some times that means also being aware of some downfalls, some negative aspects of situations as well. HOWEVER, some of us have been so accustomed to 'looking out for pitfalls' and society may have beaten us up energetically to a point where we have difficulty 'seeing the good' in some situations and SO!  Consciously spending a certain portion of each day wearing our new pair of glasses....can be beneficial and....LIFE CHANGING - for our Selves and also for those around us!

So ENJOY today and the people you meet and the situations that you find your Self in!
(My, you're looking quite 'pink' today!)

Stacey MacDonald - Intuitive Coach , Energy Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Founder of Angel Light

Friday, July 12, 2013


Let's bring everything right BACK!  BACK to BASICS.
Bring in all of your thoughts, ideas, perceptions, suspicions, fears, doubts, grandiose dreams and aspirations etcetera and put them ALL to one side for now.
Do you remember when you went into the classroom and your teacher asked you to 'Put all of your books under your desk please, we are going to have a Pop Quiz'......well, what I am asking you to do is very similar....WITHOUT the 'sinking feeling in your stomach' !
THIS Pop Quiz can be enlightening and F-U-N !

  1. If you could FEEL any way you choose right now, how would you feel?  (Your answer can be as long or as short as you choose.  Answers might include happy, content, joyful, financially secure, emotionally free etc.  Remember we are talking about FEELINGS here not THINGS.
  2. Make a list of some of the THINGS that you believe might contribute to how you would like to FEEL.
  3. Make a list or name some of the THINGS (or people or relationships etc) that you believe stand in your way of feeling how you would like to feel?
Take a long look at your answers. 
Keep looking.  
Notice that in questions 2 and 3, I wrote "THINGS that you believe"  might contribute OR stand in your way.

MOST of the feelings that we want to feel (question 1) can be felt at any time.  ANY time.  We don't necessarily have to WAIT until 'this THING comes onto our path' or until 'this PERSON/SITUATION leaves our path' to FEEL OUR BEST. 
We can FEEL OUR BEST right NOW.  
And that all sounds very well and good I realize.....but I SERIOUSLY want you to try this. 
WHEN some feelings of doubt, some fears, some anxiety or feelings of 'glum', self pity, victim etc come up in your face and leaving you feeling like there's no hope of EVER 'feeling like you want to feel'....envision putting your books under your desk and sitting there, eyes forward expectantly waiting for your next instruction. 
Your books, in this case represent all the feelings you have within you that 'ego' and lower Self tries to throw at you to bring you down, get in your way etc.  YES! This even extends to YOUR FEELINGS about your relationships/situations/'certain people' who are present around you that impede your ability to feel whole, well and 'on top of the world'!!  

CONSIDER, that it is NOT these people/situations/relationships that 'make you feel' poorly - it is your perception of this situation that blocks your way to FEELING GREAT.  Drop this perception right now. 
Simply make up your mind to do so.  Say, 'While this person/situation/relationship is not ideal for me right now, I AM FEELING GREAT, content, satisfied, joyful, happy, expectant, powerful, strong, hopeful, abundant etcetera."  (Please insert some OR ALL of these in your internal Self talk)

WHAT THIS DOES is creates such a POWERFUL ENERGY within you that the person/situation/relationship;
a) ceases to matter and fades away.  Most negative influences on our Life Path NEED our attention/dissatisfaction to be able to stay present in our lives - once we turn away, they simply - dissolve.
b)adapts to your new POWERFUL energy and 'comes on board' by being positive and strong also. 

THIS is something you can TRULY FEEL GOOD about!  

Shining out to you and FEELING GREAT about it!  

Stacey MacDonald - Founder of Angel Light, Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher

Friday, July 5, 2013

555, Transformation, Transition....hmmm.....

There seems to be MUCH talk of late around Transformation, Transition - a REAL time for POSITIVE CHANGE......

This is not for the very few nor is it for a select area of the country, the world - this is a GLOBAL EFFORT.  There are SO many that are undergoing the VERY SAME change, the inner drive for personal transformation, the increased awareness that even very slight changes in behaviour and attitude affect you personally, your community to be sure and your global environment and attitude, beliefs and habits --- exponentially.  NEVER DOUBT that what you are thinking and what you are doing RIGHT NOW.....makes a difference.

And WHILE this time can be 'mind blowing' in it's own powerful not overthink this....
Simply put...
Think good thoughts, good actions follow, good things happen as a result.......
and thank you as always for shining my way...

Intuitive Coach, Energy Healer, Founder of Angel Light, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Reiki Master/Teacher  RT-CRA

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Hopefully when you take YOUR time can be beside a bubbling creek out in a park, under a tree or in your own 'corner of Sacred space' that you have carved out in your home - together with your Zen music playing softly in the can feel your Self relaxing just as we are talking about this.....your breath is coming more evenly, more slowly  --  more fully.

HOWEVER, this is not always possible - this ability to 'get to' where we would find our quiet moment of Zen most aesthetically pleasing.
What IS ALWAYS finding a way to relax and slow our breath, mind and body.....WHEREVER we happen to find our Self at ANY point in ANY day.   (I can see some of you shaking your heads, others are raising their eyebrows....)

Let me 'explain the why'...

Most of us are 'shallow breathers' and some of us are even 'breath holders' when we are at work or in a conversation or concentrating at our laptops.....we are breathing JUST ENOUGH to 'keep the lights on' but NOT ENOUGH to have any REAL BENEFIT.  So, let's have some results here!

WHEN we take some time to BREATHE (while 20-30 minutes is optimal EVEN AS LITTLE AS 5 minutes can be highly beneficial ....EVEN IF you can only do 3 deep breaths in a row while sitting at your desk.....THIS is still progress!)  we are FILLING our each of our chakras, our Life Force Energy centres, with pure Energy. As we feel our shoulders rise and our chest expand, we are breathing in pure energy and as we feel our shoulders drop and our chest decrease, we are releasing any negativity, any worries/fears/doubts/anxieties,  'other people's STUFF',  and so on.  With each breath in, try to breathe in just a little more fully and with each breath out, exhale a little bit more each time.  Energetically, you are already 'on the rise'.

PHYSICALLY, how this works;  As your Life force energy increases within your Self, your chakras spin more quickly sending energy in and around the Energy highways within you. This energy is now able to 'get to' EACH cell, muscle, fibre, tissue, organ etc that previously was not receiving the full benefit of increased Life Force Energy - in some cases some of these areas had not been receiving any.....JUST ENOUGH to maintain .... and without the odd boost of energy, some of these areas might decrease in vitality.  With the increased energy, these areas are able to now allow the body to continue to maintain and get to work on any repair and strengthening needed.

How can we 'Double Down' on this Energy boost? 
Think positive thoughts/affirmations WHILE you are doing some deep breathing!
As I said, even a few deep breaths in a row while seated at your desk is a step in the right direction!  Add in "I am well. I am whole. I am strong, peaceful and fully present in THIS moment as I take this time for my Self"  or choose some affirmations of your own.  A great resource for inspirational thought and affirmations and so much more is of course, Hay House.

Shining PURE ENERGY into your day, today and every day,

Intuitive Coach, Energy Healer, Founder of Angel Light, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Reiki Master/Teacher  RT-CRA

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Is it possible to FORGET HOW to simply enjoy a moment?
Yes, I suppose it might be.
Sometimes life can just get so frenetic  - alternatively, it might have become STAGNANT, like a murky pond 'just sitting there' -  that we FORGET to enjoy a moment, when a great one comes our way.  Wow, things might just be SO bogged down that when a great moment comes our way....we don't even notice.

So, make it a POINT today to pick out at least 2 or 3 moments where you will 'have your moment'.  If it has been awhile since you have done so then you might have trouble picking out these moments!  If you are NOT SURE whether this is a good moment or not....even by thinking about it, slowing down and 'getting inside of this moment' and acknowledging that THIS MOMENT has potential to be a GREAT have just - made it so.  ENJOY your moment!

Shining at you today from a great moment here at my laptop - and wishing you many great moments - today and every day!

Intuitive Coach, Energy Healer, Founder of Angel Light, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Reiki Master/Teacher  RT-CRA

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