Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Archangel ARIEL. COURAGE - PUSHING you FORWARD - always.

Here's the deal with Archangel Ariel.   CLEARLY you can see from her expression that she 'does not work with EVERYONE' 


However! IF you are 'lucky' enough to 'have her in your corner' then this is VERY fortunate for you. 

Let's get to it - why is this important?  well?? when she is FIRST working with you it DOES NOT SEEM like you are very fortunate as she DOES AND ALWAYS ****PUSHES you out of your comfort zone.  

Let's get some perspective...Archangel Ariel stands about 12-14 feet high. When she chooses to work with you on your life path then she STANDS (and yes with that look on her face and HER EYES ON your 'end game' with 'her toes at your heels')...it's GOOD...but it can be DAUNTING. 

WHEN she chooses to work with you then (and SHE  does CHOOSE) then she will not allow you to move backwards.  it's all about forward movement. 


not so good?  WHEN she is working with you the 'pushing you out of comfort zone' is generally? typically? always?? uncomfortable ...at the least. HOWEVER if you have the strength, the internal fortitude to TRUST IN your Angels and STAY THE COURSE?   

then you will know that when Archangel Ariel 'has your back'...you are blessed.  

**Take it from someone who knows...in the moment it SURE DOESN't feel like that all the time...but in hindsight?   **I WAIT for her to call on me another time, any time 

BECAUSE...she always brings me forward. 

**other thing?

WHEN SHE is working with me THEN I GET TO 'throw down' my ASKS of her. 


I say: 'Archangel Ariel, I know that this is a challenging time for me however I ALSO KNOW that you are walking with me, speaking for me at times and will CONTINUE to 'have my back'.  Even though I am not sure why this step is being taken...I trust.  Please continue to guide me...give me Internal strength and COURAGE.'

LOVE you all, so do your Angels and especially




Friday, September 24, 2021

KEEP your BOOTs on the ground! *and sometimes it gets 'ugly'

The thing is VERY OFTEN (and especially the last little while) we can spend too much time 'in our heads'...time to get busy and as I say - 

Yah that's right...sometimes it gets 'ugly' and things get difficult...but it's still GOOD. 

'Keep my boots on the ground'. 

Get grounded...and get in touch with others around us. 

How can we help? our own situation, state of mind and at the same time...others around us.  Sometimes things can get 'mucky'.   GOOD NEWS - Angels LOVE this!

'Do some stuff' that keeps your head down and your hands busy.  
it's all good. you got this. 

Get busy in a GROUNDED way together with your Angels. 

Don't WORRY if your boots get 'mucky' and BY THAT I mean that you might be 'wading into areas' where you feel uncomfortable because you are nervous, new, 'over your head' or (d) all of the above!! lol - in ALL types of situations. 

....ALL of our boots are 'dirty' if we are doing it the RIGHT WAY...together with our Angels for the GOOD OF OTHERS and for our own STATE OF mind.  stay grounded hey? and love you all, 
**so do your Angels, 

Do you know your Direction? ....Angels speaking here...are you listening?


THIS is a BIG one. Do you know...which direction or in WHAT WAY are you headed? 

Many of us do not...much of the time but (*good news) our ANGELS do.  

Do you recognize the image that I chose for this post? I took some time with this (I have to say because I will more than likely be getting a tattoo of this or similar image early on in 2022...personal share...as an aside lol)

...PARTICULARLY BECAUSE it is important at times to RECOGNIZE and REALIZE the direction that we need to make choices on.  We can make those decisions based on our integrity, our inner guidance and our clear thinking. 

It is ALSO IMPORTANT to note that there are decisions and OPPORTUNITIES that come our way that we may (or may not) feel comfortable with and yet WE KNOW that we need to give them a chance...STEP OUT of our COMFORT ZONE and TRY. **if it doesn't work out....it's STILL GOOD...we tried! 

THE THING IS when we recognize our INTERNAL compass together with our internal INTEGRITY...we are FREE to 'step out of the box'...and ALLOW NEW OPPORTUNITIES to come our way...and in some cases to 'take the leap'. 

We have been talking about our INTERNAL COMPASS (our Integrity) which also 'stems from' Soul Self.....however the 'circle' that you also see from the image shares our SPIRITUAL SELF...which connects with the Angels. 

This CANNOT exist without a connection with our SOUL SELF...OUR inner Integrity and Inner Power....our willpower and determination to continue to take POSITIVE ACTION day by day, step by step....that's how ALL GOOD THINGS HAPPEN.  FOR YOU AND FOR ALL THOSE AROUND YOU. 

FEEL good. feel Strong. 

Most of all, follow your Inner Compass - FEEL YOUR Soul Self within and ALLOW your Spiritual Self to CONNECT together with your Angels. 

Bless you all, 



Tuesday, September 7, 2021


 Some times we can forget.  

Who we are.  

Sometimes WE DO NOT KNOW who we are...but we have an 'inkling'...an 'internal guide' that is poking us...wow there is something else MORE FOR ME to KNOW about my SOUL STRENGTH. 

Some of you don't 'get that' and that's ok.  you will at some point in this life or another life past this one but for others...YOU GET THIS. 


You are Stronger IN THIS LIFE because you were strong and LEARNED courage (and wisdom through all CHALLENGES (of all kinds) *and battles in some cases... in past life) BEFORE.  Your Hara (Soul Self) deep within you has this knowledge within you and TOGETHER with Archangel Michael are REMINDING you that you have this DEEP WELL of Strength, Courage and Wisdom within. 

Yours.  YOUR OWN. you earned it.  In past lives you have EARNED this level of Strength. 

Feel it. If and when you acknowledge this you can FEEL IT 'bubbling up INTO your knowingness' in THIS life.  So so good. 

Love you all, 

So does Archangel Michael ... CLEARLY.  (he IS bossy so ...that's how it is lol!)

However we ALWAYS appreciate his support and 'HELLO?  DO you hear me?  you HAVE this Inner Strength'

plus he is always protecting and guiding you forward...perfect, 

Shining Angel Light your way, 


Monday, September 6, 2021

Angel messages for September 2021

 HEY...hello! It's September! Join me & your Angels. Here's the thing. The Angels are SHOUTING at us. SELF CONFIDENCE. Just go forward.

To DO THAT...we need to focus on our Inner Power. Our Solar Plexus Chakra. OUR Yellow BALL of Energy (like SUNSHINE) that exists just below our Rib cage. not just 'for some'. or at 'some times'. this is PART of (what i call) 'being in the vehicle' which is our body...and many times of 'life' path.
Its all good.
Just PLEASE (as the Angels are yelling my way....)...keep believing and PERSISTENCE PAIRED WITH SELF CONFIDENCE (and Solar Plexus Chakra) ....will BE THE WAY forward.
Love you all and so do your Angels,
Blessings always,

Angels HEALING! *Heart Chakra

 Here’s a personal story (with a moral) that is SO TRUE for me…and maybe for you as well.

So just last week I was walking along the beach early morning on Lake Erie, Canada  and I saw this rock/pebble (wasn’t even looking for one…just caught my eye) …
and I walked on.

On my way back I saw it again (there were so MANY pebbles and rocks) but this one caught my eye again and I thought ‘huh, I guess it’s mine’ so I picked it up and put it in my pocket.

Next couple days I did the laundry and this ‘thing’ was in the washing machine (didn’t have glasses on lol) and so I picked it up and tossed it in the mini garbage can we have in the laundry room.
I heard the sound it made as it hit the side of the bin and thought that doesn’t sound right so I reached in and looked at it (with glasses!!) and ‘found my heart’!


This morning I headed to the car early morning and saw this rock just outside the door- must have fallen out of my hoody pocket as I was gardening since laundry day…I picked it up…AGAIN.

Now it is safe on my Angel table (with my ‘other ‘ Angel reminders.)


Well for me, sometimes I lose track of my heart. When I SEE IT, many times I can go in a different direction. But then I see it and connect again…gratefully

Sometimes (many times?) I will ‘lose my heart’ again and often unknowingly.

When it shows up I may not recognize it….but SOMETHING is calling me…and I am able to connect again.

EVEN WHEN I may not know ‘where my heart is’?
I still don’t get it…BUT ITS STILL THERE. 

Thank you Angels for strong hearts and for always continuing to KNOCK AT OUR DOOR and SHOW US THE WAY.

love you all and so do your Angels,
Keep shining,