Monday, December 31, 2012


I find that it is very worthy to note that as I was downloading this remarkable and very appropriate picture for this blog posting today.....that, in doing so and as usual to complete the process I was asked to input my 'verification'......this is sometimes a series of numbers or random words, some of the letters are usually blurred or fused together to make it somewhat difficult to answer this skill testing part of the download.

This time however was different.  This time my verification code very simply and clearly looked like this;

love   life

Fine. Dually noted. 
That was actually my entire point (as if my Angels didn't already know!)  Here I was sitting enjoying my cup of tea and watching a movie where I was SPURRED on to pause my movie and jot an Angel message down.....seems to me like they have 'underscored the message' for us. 

This year - take some chances.  YES! Get out there.  Live your life. Love your life. Love you and love everyone around you. Each and everyone of us. Love life. Take a chance. 

and have fun doing it ;) 

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Happy New Year from Angel Light!

Shining Angel Light into each one of your pathways now and continuing into our New Year - 2013!  Welcome opportunity as your Angels help you to recognize new chances at abundance on every level. Each day of 2013 focus on feeling safe and secure in your physical path and balance it with a strong sense of emotional freedom and creativity.  
Encourage your Self to SEE your connection to your Angels and FEEL the guidance that they are sending to you at all times. Remember that the more you are able to acknowledge this guidance, the more guidance you will be able to receive. 
Shine your own personal Angel Light strongly into 2013.
Angel Blessings to all!

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Dream Interpretation - The River of Life

Image courtesy of Alison Thomson

A client recently sent me a dream for interpretation and has graciously allowed me to share it today. (*I have tweaked a bit of the story however the general details have not been changed)

"I had a dream last night where I was floating down the river. The river was flowing very quickly and strongly and the landscape on the riverbanks was going by quickly.  I felt quite stationary in the river and so the only way that I knew the river was flowing strongly was by looking around and noticing that the landscape was changing rapidly.  I was also noticing that there were other people in the river with me, some I floated by quickly, some slowly, some were travelling at a similar pace and others went by me quite quickly.
As I continued to travel along I had some 'near misses' with bumping into logs or boats and once I even narrowly missed pinning myself up against the foundation for legs of an enormous bridge however, I managed to flow away from it. As time passed, I found that I could have an easier time of it if I relaxed and floated not straight up and down but eased back a little on my back. I started to move with the flow of the river and instead of spinning around and around in the water trying to see forward and back and judging just how fast I was moving, in general and then in comparison with others, I was just going along.
 I also found that if I reached my hand down into the water below me I was able to pick up things along the way that I needed on my journey. I didn't want to dig down too far because sometimes while what I found eventually was even more useful than the surface stuff, I often had to reach through layers of 'goo and slime' to get these items.  Once I found out this was the pattern however I became quite used to 'digging deep' to get to where I wanted or needed to get to. I also found it easier as time passed to continue to relax and float along while I trusted my Self that when I needed to, I would automatically reach down and get what I needed to get to help me along. Previously I would have scheduled times and patterns for this.
When I woke, I was still travelling along the river."

Dream Interpretation
The river is a dream symbol (and life symbol) for the flow of life. Currently, life is moving quickly. Even though sometimes we feel like things aren't moving at all - the stage is continually being changed (added and deleted) for us by our Angels and guides. Go with the flow! Do not concern your Self with who is moving at what pace or necessarily what pace you are moving....relax and enjoy the show!
From time to time you will need to have certain items, thoughts, actions, circumstances available to you that will enhance your life journey. If you reach around (figuratively or literally) those things are provided for you. Sometimes you will need to reach a little further for these items, sometimes you will need to reach through some layers of 'goo and slime' however IF YOU KEEP SEARCHING AND BELIEVE THAT ANYTHING YOU NEED WILL BE PROVIDED FOR YOU, you will surface with exactly what it is that you need.  Trust your Self and trust your Angels that when you need to reach forward you will be guided to do so and until then....gently flow along and enjoy the view!

Shining Angel Light out to you all today.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Archangel Michael, Ariel & Raguel ... and DIVINE TIMING

Image courtesy of Alison Thomson

Navigating along your Life path can somethimes be smooth sailing and sometimes a tricky and arduous journey.  At times in your life the path can become quite messy and confusing and the way forward can seem to go in many different directions at once direction at all....the path is just too construed with obstacles to tell right now.  Hold your position, keep looking for a way forward and soon the path, the RIGHT path will be clear for you. 
Archangel Ariel together with Archangel Michael helps us with our Life path and forward motion however it is Archangel Raguel, the overseer of all of the Angels and Archangels, who assists us with Divine Timing.  Sometimes we feel, WE KNOW that we are ready for the next step, ready to move on and while we may be right - sometimes we have just one more lesson to learn at this point before we can move on for our highest benefit and also those around us. Sometimes while we are ready to move on....the next step is not quite ready for us yet....the Angels may still be working on 'setting the stage' so that when we get there - in Divine Timing - we have it set to an optimal level FOR US to enjoy and thrive. 
If you are on a part of your path where the pathway seems a bit confusing....look up, feel Angel blessings, guidance and Light shining down on you just where you are. Ask Archangel Raguel to assist you in finding the best way forward - at the right moment, the Divine moment.  You will be patiently waiting to receive guidance in the meantime - you will be enjoying the view! Look up and catch your rays of Angel Light today!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Count your blessings and make your wishes!

Image courtesy of Alison Thomson Photography

Allow your mind to wander as you lose your Self in the magic of this sparkling image.  The sun is shining down on the water making it seem like thousands and millions of diamonds are sparkling and winking at us for miles and miles. 
Your Angels want you to know that in the same way, they are shining down blessings and opportunities for wishes and Divine Magic all around us at this time. 
Feel this magic around you now. Allow it to seep into your awareness and shift your perspective.  Shift AWAY from viewpoints, opinions, attitudes and assumptions that might hold you back and allow these magical diamonds to bring you into an awareness of openness, of Light and of hopefulness.....of positivity, of stability, of strength......of LOVE. 
Feel your own personal rays of Angel Light now and each moment going forward.

Monday, December 17, 2012

December 21 - End of the world....?

Image courtesy of Alison Thomson

Sure it is.  That is to say,  'The end of the world AS WE KNOW IT'.  Thank you REM for that wonderful song and don't forget that the last part of those lyrics are "and I feel fine"

It is the 'end of the world' and we can thank the Angels for this as it is the end of a world where we have limited ability to help ourselves our others, it is the end of a world where there are limited thoughts, harsh judgements, 'small picture thinking', it is the end of a world that is selfish and motivated largely by greed, it is the end of a world where people think they are going along Life Path ALONE and vulnerable.

It is 'the end' so it can bring 'THE BEGINNING'.

It is the beginning of a world where the majority believes in solutions (not obstacles) to ALL problems, finds them and puts them into action.  It is the beginning of a world where there is free thinking, kind and empowering and GLOBAL thoughts and deeds.  It is the beginning of a world where abundance in all things is available and showered on all and where sharing abundance is 'the norm' and expected.  It is the beginning of a world where integrity continues to SHINE and 'doing the RIGHT thing' for yourSelf and others continues to grow and anchor our society.
It is the beginning of a world where EACH of us know and help and remind others to know - WE ARE NOT ALONE. WE HAVE HELP. WE ARE BEING HELPED. WE WILL ALWAYS HAVE SUPPORT.
Thank your Angels. They thank you.
Welcome to our new beginning, together.
Shine your Angel Light.

Friday, December 14, 2012

BE TRANSFORMED - or don't be transformed - YOUR CHOICE!!

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BE TRANSFORMED!  Feel it, be it, know it. 
or don't. 
YOUR CHOICE.  The thing is .... the time is now! NOW. period.  
Not only are we in a time of Divine Magic and transformation however listen up people because the stakes just got a LITTLE higher!
We JUST finished a New moon and are headed towards a full moon on December 28.  
The MAGIC that each New Moon holds is to ALLOW this cycle to PLANT SEEDS for what you want to see brought into your pathway going forward. THIS time is now, starting last night and lasts until the 28 (is strongest the 3 days around the moon cycle however we are playing a little catch up ball here and IT IS the holiday season so we will allow some 'wiggle room' here!) 
 Keep a list and keep it handy because your Angels and Guides will keep adding to that list over the following days! WHAT DO YOU WANT to bring into your Lifepath?   Keep listening and when inspiration the inspiration down.  Sometimes dreams seem 'too big', 'not for us but for other people' and we prefer and feel more comfortable to 'keep dreams in perspective', 'keep dreams reasonable'. 

REALLY?  Well, those days are over my friends!! or not.....the message from the Angels is very clear. This is a time of transformation for those that WISH to transform, to grow, to assist others and in doing so, assist themselves...are able to.  We welcome you to the team.

GRAB THIS OPPORTUNITY......just like our Monarch butterfly :)  HE(she? haha!)  KNOWS!  
Time is short!  ENJOY THE MOMENT!!
The time is now my friends....get on my bus!  WE ARE going places :)  Keep shining!

Feel your Self free....

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Feel your Self free...and walking along a spacious dock, sun gleaming all around you, sparkling on the tips of the water waves like diamonds, breeze ruffling your hair....
Have you ever physically been here or somewhere similar?  Did this type of afternoon bring a quiet, a calm, a feeling of 'having all the time in the world and nothing to do'?  Wasn't it marvellous?

Go there again today - just like you have just done with me. In the midst of today's 'busybusy', take a DEEP BREATH in and let it lift your shoulders and feel it rise in your chest and then hold your Self there for just a moment until you FULLY EXHALE feeling any obstacles or tightness/anxiety or frustration go with that breath, out of you, away from you.  Now do it again and place your Self walking along the dock, turn your face slightly skyward to acknowledge the 'sunlight', the blessings, the abundance that is yours for the asking......and then yours for the RECEIVING.   *don't forget to stop asking long enough for your Angels to 'put down the phone' and bring you what you are asking for :)
Today, BE FREE in your thoughts, your actions, your words.  Unleash yourself from the daily stresses and routines and simply BE.
Sending Angel Light out to you all!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Is Santa Claus real?

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I remember when my kids asked me this questions - heck! I remember when I asked this question!  My answer to my kids was the same answer I knew in my heart since I was a child. 
Of course he exists. Period. 
 Just like so many questions we wrestle with as we try to 'understand the why', look for the 'logical explanation' and 'back up our beliefs' with proof.....some questions are just simply better answered with a simple and resounding....YES. 

In the month of December, MAGICAL things happen.  Kids whose families were not able to afford them toys, get toys. Families that could not afford to feed their families the meals they would like to, find a way to do so - often through the kindness and generosity of 'strangers'.  People make an effort to carve out time in a busy schedule to ensure they have an extra hour to have a coffee with someone who is lonely.  Others pick up the phone and call someone who they haven't spoken with in YEARS.  Passers by smile at each other.  Groups of people get together and by each sharing a few dollars they are able to amass an amount of money that truly makes a difference in a community.....halfway around the world.  
The receivers are truly grateful - the givers have something much more....a gift, a feeling of MAGIC as the realization of their ability to truly make a difference, quietly, graciously, sincerely and without acclaim which creates a sense of confidence within. This confidence shines out to others and recognizes the spark when they see this gift within others around them.  This is the magic of Christmas. This is what Santa Claus, Pere Noel, Father Christmas is a symbol for - the MAGIC of Christmas.  
Just as around our communities and around the world in different countries and cultures there are many other MAGICAL seasons where people are INSPIRED to believe deeply in the power of magic through giving and believing. We honour ALL of our beliefs when we CONTINUE to celebrate and honour our tradition of giving and believing BEYOND THE SEASON and into the days and weeks afterward.  
The same amount of MAGIC is available to us at all times throughout the year - the only variable is the extent to which we BELIEVE- together as a community of people, all with various cultural backgrounds, all with various traditions and celebrations - the CONSTANT is that WE BELIEVE.
  It's just that simple - the formula or equation looks like this:
So, when the magic of the Season comes your way....and when you ensure the magic of the Season flows FROM YOU to someone or somewhere else.....your Angels THANK YOU.

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Monday, December 3, 2012

VIDEO Angel message: Clearing clutter with Archangel Jophiel


Climb up and over

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Stormy weather out?  ohhhhhh.....stormy weather IN! Got it!
Not to worry - just like the rain clouds eventually just run out of rain, the wind loses it's huff and puff and dark skies turn brighter ~  so it is with difficult situations, frustrating times, fearful and anxious thoughts and times of limbo.  Eventually, the intensity of the situation at hand .... evens out.
Meanwhile, hang on and trust that your Angels are bringing you up and over any obstacles that seem to be eclipsing your sun. Your Angel team will bring you through this time of emotional anxiety to a new day of peace and wholeness.  Your Angel team will be by your side to comfort you in your time of need, they will show you the way.
Shining Angel Light out to you today from the sun behind the cloud.