Thursday, June 29, 2017


Please join me for my 'personal share' into HOW TO completely RELEASE worries through the week....
so that we (you, I, EVERYONE!)
can have a powerfully peaceful ...
and EFFECTIVE week...
in every area of our life;
personally and professionally! 
(Oh, I may even share an Angel card!)
LOVE  you all and many blessings always, 

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Friday, June 9, 2017


TAKE 15 MINUTES & RELEASE all Energy blocks that have been holding you back...this works my friends! HARNESS the POWER of the FULL MOON. ♥ Stacey
**Love you all and thank you so much for being in my circle.  xoxoxo

Friday, June 2, 2017

Beautiful Nature. Keep it SIMPLE!

We have heard it time and again... (I have SAID it time and again!) ... to go outside.

There is a simplicity and also (clearly) an intrinsic beauty ... in Nature.

That being said.....WE DON'T GO OUTSIDE ENOUGH!   In some cases, at all.  I do remember a number of years back where we had an especially 'poor' winter season here (at the time I was in London, Canada) and it was -33Celcius *windchill EVERY SINGLE DAY for 3+ weeks.

and please do forgive me if you are reading this from 'colder clime's' !!  However, I remember that I was at work and my client was remarking on how COLD it was outside...and I said...'Is it??'

You see, at the time I was living in a high rise and would take the elevator down to my car and then take the elevator up to my work (from the underground parking) ....and I HAD DONE THIS FOR WEEKS!

So, I KNOW of what I SPEAK!  Regardless of the weather...we need to get outside.  It is healing and it is grounding.  I will go even further to note that spending 20-30 minutes a day outside is the equivalent of receiving a full Reiki session!  (*Now, you can do BOTH....and feel like a Superhero! LOL)  Seriously tho, just get outside!!

With regards to our picture...?   The real beauty in the world is in Nature and it is all around us.

We need to NOTICE the things around us.  The trees, the flowers, the birds...NOTICE.

Also, notice the NATURAL in other people.  Notice the beauty in a smile, common pleasantries, 'a courtesy wave' from another driver when you let them in (THE BEST!) and just...a kind word.

Beauty and kindness are all around us (and within us) ALL THE TIME.


Shining kindness and Angel Light out your way,

Thank you for being a part of my circle,

😇💗 Stacey

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