Tuesday, March 29, 2022

April. 2022 Angel message. DETERMINATION, WILLPOWER. change. Do you feel it?

Do you feel it?

If you don’t…then you don’t. I get it.

But your Angels have it there for you.

It’s like when someone sets down a delicious piece of cake in front of you. (full disclosure*It would HAVE TO BE a simple Chocolate cake with icing.  That’s it. For me) Anyway just a quick share.

Thing is. This amazing OFFER this month (NO GIFT) of self confidence, determination and WillPOWER is ON LOAN (do you get it?) 
ON LOAN....to you this month - NO INTEREST.
Are you interested?

Well, there are some that are and some that are still not sure.
I get it.

What’s on offer? 
 Well...it's all about...
 Determination, Willpower (Solar Plexus stuff) for the Energy Healers in the crowd.
It’s all there for you…
Do you Feel it?

Just breathe in deeply ....DEEPLY....and exhale and FEEL the Energy moving your way.  

You know what?
I think many of you do
Feel it.
Love you all and so do your Angels, 

Saturday, March 26, 2022

YEAH...you CAN! We can ALL do MORE that what we think we are CAPABLE OF.....DO IT! ONE step at a time.

That's right.  WE can.   you can.  yes you can. 

See...we ALL have this internal dialogue in our head.  Sometimes it's Higher Self  - many more times it's our Lower Self talking especially if our Life Force Energy is low (this can 'beat up' our emotions and thoughts and also physical Self) so sometimes all we hear in our head is .... the 4 big Energy Blockers as I refer to them *Fear, Doubt, Worry and Guilt.  

This will bring us to a point where we FEEL COMPLETELY UNABLE to take steps forward (for a million and one reasons) believe me Lower Self and 'beat up' thoughts and emotions have NO END to the reasons why we CANNOT do something. 

Thing is....where we MIGHT go? (if it resonates with you) together with your Angels...is your INNER Conversation - this can be redirected ok? 

Sample Conversation

Inner thought:  I can't go to the gym today (can't complete the to-do list I have, don't want to take on a new project/ FINISH a current project....and so on)

Logical thought/retort:  why not

Inner thought (probably Lower Self):   a) I don't want to  b)I'm too tired  c)I don't have time. d)I am too busy.  e) I'll go tomorrow.  f) ad nauseam....need I go on. 


"Duly noted Lower Self HOWEVER I AM doing it anyway". 

Put your shoes on and GO.  DO. 

YOUR Higher Self and LIFE FORCE Energy will increase exponentially.  **You will NOT feel this for the first 20/30 minutes of your endeavour however BELIEVE me the AFTER effects only SPUR you on for more EMPOWERING thoughts and Actions.

The thing is the quote is so true in the pic...we are ALL so capable of so much more.  in so many different areas and aspects of our life.  Let's do it.  

Together with our Angels as we hear our Higher Self thoughts and their BOSSY MESSAGES to just GET going.

Done. Let's go. 

Love you all and so do your Angels, 




Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Huh. Is it Broken?... JUST FIX IT...with Support...where are you all?


Hmmmm. That's the Thing guys. 
Some people don't realize that WHATEVER is Broken....can be fixed. 
Sometimes it takes some tools...AND TIME. 

Its funny because when we talk about 'things getting FIXED'...EVERYbody views and HEARS this differently so it can be a questionable saying..  in that it means different things to different people at different times along our different life paths....

k...quick share...Tomorrow morning I have someone coming around to fix my shower. I can't do it on my own...
this is a SMALL SMALL SMALL thing.  **Still I am making use of the Analogy. 

Sometimes (many times) we can't do things on our own.  We NEED TOOLS....people....support and Expertise (in some cases).  We KNOW when we need this because we LOOK UP and around for help. WHERE is our support. 
sometimes it takes some hugs and
SOME TIMES it takes Expert help.  *like I say ....'people who went to school for this'.  
**Like the Expert I called in for tomorrow for my shower....there are SO MANY PEOPLE who are there for us...we just need to ask...reach out. 
REACH OUT to others in your Community ...share what you can and ask questions....SO MANY TIMES this is THE SAME ENERGY. 

Share...AND the world shares back your way. 
Love you all, 
So do your Angels, 
ALL ways

Friday, March 4, 2022

Whoa!!! IT'S all About the LIGHTHOUSE. SHINE out hope.


The thing is...I have been sharing for years about the 'Lighthouse Effect'. yup...it's a REAL thing. 

This particular pic is of course Peggy's Cove Nova Scotia. My second son was born in Halifax and I had the definitive pleasure of driving out (20mins from our home at the time) to this lighthouse on Sundays when my husband was home with the two boys where I was able to enjoy a quick lunch  at the diner...and a BREATHE!!!!  AWEmazing. 

I recognize that some of the people that I connect with for sessions...some...are in 'the lighthouse effect'. 

These folks much like mySelf  are focused on SHINING OUT to others. THIS is a Good thing.  This is a SOUL PATH PURPOSE THING and canNOT be changed. 


Ok...quick points.  Here's the thing (and tell me if this resonates with you) as may pertain to (what I have always called LIGHT HOUSE EFFECT) your Soul Path purpose is to make sure that 'ships in distress' (k stay with me here ...the lighthouse effect got it?)  make it in to safe harbour.  THAT'S the point of Lighthouse yes? of course. 

ALL ships, boats, rowboats and so on are acknowledged of course. The LIGHTHOUSE just keeps shining. The Old Souls that experience LightHouse Effect just wants to make everyone feel SAFE...make sure they can find their OWN way to Safe Harbour. 

Hmm...sometimes the Light House is not looking after it's OWN light and so This can (and will) take an Energetic Toll ON A PHYsical Vehicle (as we all are in).  So the Light may dim. 

HOWEVER from a Soul Path Purpose....the OLD SOUL...(maybe you?) .. your Light must SHINE. *because you are the LIGHT House. 


sometimes (if this resonates and I know it does for many) .... we need to rest our SOUL so our Light CAN shine on....within us, around us and for others. 

THIS IS THE TIME to have that INNER conversation with your Angels and Guides....YOU NEED to Light my Lighthouse FROM THE INSIDE.  I need to keep Shining and I do ask my Angels and Guides to LIGHT my Light!!

Take a beat. Build your Light...your ENERGY so you can shine on. 

ALLOW your Angels and Guides to LIFT YOU and Build your Energy....because you

**Have to...BE the LIGHT house. 

k...just breathe. 

Love you all and so do your Angels...always,