Monday, September 26, 2011

CELEBRATE YOU! at the Peak, in the Valley and ESPECIALLY along the 'straight' :)

Right, so please feel it within you that THIS IS NO STANDARD START TO THE WEEK!!! This day, today is a time for celebration! That's right! Celebration!!
Life is most definitely a series of Peaks and Valleys as we continue along our Path on a daily basis.  A lot of the time we can find our Selves just 'ticking along' on the 'medium flat' level of events and sometimes we can get 'stuck in a rut' on the medium/average/nothing special level of days...and that's ok.. and one of the things that makes this ok is NOW you realize that EVEN on the straight and narrow. humdrum days there are celebrations to be had. Yes! Like we have time to reassess ourSelves, look around us and our daily 'busybusy' and pat ourSelves on the back, and give hugs of gratitude to the people who are in our 'circle' of optimism and support....DO this! reach out and be grateful for those in your circle. CELBRATE them!
Now go to the mirror...NO! don't look at the hair and assess the flyaways! don't judge the lines-- haha! THOSE are LAUGH lines - celebrate Them!!
C'mon now...focus... and look straight into your own eyes.  Breathe.  look deep into your eyes, past all the surfacey stuff and gaze right down to your own Soul...CELEBRATE your own Soul.  Feel it.  You've come a long way baby!! GOOD on you! Celebrate and allow yourSelf to feel genuine respect and affection for your Self as you recognize all of your accomplishments and the obstacles you have overcome thus far and give a nod to the deep well of strength within you that will continue to serve you well in the future. Yes. :) Feel that. and feel the deep appreciation turn to a bubble of celebration....inner celebration for your Self as you stand there and recognize your own Strength.  This exercise and acknowledgement of Self as you are "ticking along the median" will propel you forward lift you up. Nice.
and if you are on a 'Peak'??  WELL!!  Grab it! I want each of us to take that big piece of news that has found its way to us to brighten our world and hold it up above our heads and shout!! SHOUT that you are over the moon with joy and thanksgiving for this beautiful gift!  Revel in the magic of this event/news/opportunity/reward coming your way and KNOW that you deserve this, KNOW that with this reward you can take it boldly and go forward again to create MORE joy and peace and clarity for yourSelf and for others...Use this Peak Power as fuel for when the Valley time comes...
you will also  KNOW deep within that Strength that is in your Soul...(and you have only to return to the mirror if you want to see it for yourSelf - breathe and allow yourSelf to see your strength, to feel your strength...) that every moment you keep shining your Light into the Valley....another Peak time is on its way to you. Surely and truly.  Keep shining. :)  and NO MATTER whether you are in a Peak time, along the straight or in a Valley....CELEBRATING YOUR SELF by shining in to your Self and strongly out to others is ALWAYS the actionable step that brings positive change and forward movement to you and to all who are lucky enough to be in your circle!  SO GOOD!  just Keep Shining! :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Reach out for that Quiet Strength within you :)

Quietly inching forward into the weekend we find ourSelves coming to terms with our inner power.  This STRENGTH does not come as it has before....GUNG HO! vibrating at an extremely high level, with much HOORAH and stomping around, fist in the air feeling of STRENGTH, power and forward movement.....haha!! No, this is different.
This STRENGTH is a feeling of inner Strength and fortitude. A quiet sense of 'knowingness' and a steady progression of seeing through the 'to-dos' in order to meet with goals at a time when it is best that they are met. We are not in control of EVERY LITTLE (and big) opportunity that comes our way however as we meet each day and each moment in our day with our sense of STRENGTH we are more than able to quietly recognize when there is opportunity knocking at our door....AND we have the time to answer.  Nice.
Quiet STRENGTH. Strength from within. Strength that partners easily with Peace. Beautiful. Keep shining and feel your own Strength within --- Rise & SHINE :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

GOOD & GREAT things are possible, nay!! PROBABLE!!

So, c'mon now - what has you a little worried today? what EXACTLY is it? can you put a finger on it? just a general feeling of buzzing anxiety, a tenseness, , a pressure that has you breathing little short breaths instead of big deep relaxed ones, has your mind preoccupied and at the same time running so quickly and jumping from topic to topic but going nowhere???? or a sense of well being PUNCTUATED by mini (or full scale!) anxiety attacks?  or a medley of all of the above....
C'mon, you are going in circles anyway! let's BREAK THIS DOWN!!
Go get a cup of coffee or tea or lemon water or .... something! :) and sit quietly with or without a piece of paper and a pen (I do all of my thinking on paper) and remember to bring your 'gut feel' with you, your intuition....and start listing all of the things that your mind is rocketing around on from the tall to the small, large down to miniscule items that are going through your 'live wire' mindset....
NOW look at this list (and there will be extra ones that pop in to your mind as you do this, that's ok...add em on!)  and find THAT ONE THING on the list that REALLY gets your 'gut' flipping, has you in its trance (ie. wow, I can't believe I even WROTE that down for fear that would make it 'more real' and might actually happen (or not happen whichever is worse)!!)
Look at it, underline it and fixate on this issue. Let it roll around inside your head, think of all of the issues that would compound THIS issue, let it grow and grow in your mind until you have arrived at the single most WORST, dire result that could come from this--- feel it, live it, shoulder the full weight of it.  breathe.
There. Done. You have done it. you worried about it, it came to life and now you are dialling back to NOW.
All of the things your very visual mind has envisioned, the places it has taken you...HAS NOT HAPPENED. You are sitting at the table with a warm cup of cofffee, breathing and relaxing.  You are ready to begin your day now. NOT THE "IMAGINED DIRE RESULTS DAY". The Real day. Your day. Present Moment day.
When life, worries, anxieties etc has you living present moment as if you are plugged into an outlet tingling with nerves....dial back to present moment, feel your Angel Team around you fully supporting you and guiding you as they tell you that truly, in the NOW, All is Well ....and truly this is the ONLY where we can truly enJOY - NOW.
 So, bask in the knowledge that you are not doing this alone, you are FULLY supported in the NOW by your Angel Team. Do NOT let your ego/lower Self try to control your ability to feel pure joy in each moment by playing out makebelieve scenarios that it tries to persuade and CONVINCE you that are inevitable....GOOD AND GREAT THINGS ARE JUST AS POSSIBLE, nay! PROBABLE!!
If you want to fixate on something....feel THAT!!
Now, stay in PRESENT MOMENT  --- BELIEVE ---- & BREATHE!!!
oh, and uh....keep shining!  ;)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yellow flowers.....mmmm....enJOY!

Is there anything better?  I LOVE the 'mums' (chrysanthemums) this time of year - a BURST of yellow to jolt some beautiful lighthearted energy through my soul as my eyes are drawn to the pot of flowers on the front step...always brings a smile :)  SUNFLOWERS!! the royalty of the yellow flowers.....yellow tulips....24 of them in a vase...simple but posh, sunny grandeur :)
Yellow flowers are a 'trigger' for me that cause me to stop and marvel ... and smile.  We all have these 'triggers' however don't maybe indulge them all that much. These 'triggers' are generally not expensive luxury items and some don't cost anything at all....other than your time to notice them.  The sound of rain falling, waves at the beach, (even waves on a CD with your eyes closed will do in a pinch!! haha!) the feel of the sun on your face, a hug from someone.....
Spend some time today with your 'trigger' :) STOP, MARVEL AND SMILE INTO YOUR WORLD!  and enJOY!! That's the point. That is why we are here.  Let's do it!!
Keep shining!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Peace within :)

One of my ever present guides is St Therese and her prayer here is so inspirational and meaningful and peaceful and calming to me .... you can find it on my fridge, taped to my mirror upstairs, in my car and yes....even on the back of my contact cards :)  It only seems 'right' that I should also see it here also :)
 Keep shining!

May today there be peace within. May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith. May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content knowing you are a child of God. Let this presence settle into our bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every one of you.

Monday, September 12, 2011

If life is a book.....then what chapter are you on??

For sure on this great journey of ours we can easily equate our paths, our comings and goings, our situations, our joys, our successes, our low points, frustrations, devastations, our 'stuckness'....(that's when we are not on ANY chapter at all but have decisively 'stuck' our bookmark in to mark the page, set the book down and sit on the couch with our arms crossed waiting for life to hand the book back to us!!) with a book.  Our book.  How does it read? what is the theme? who are the characters? WHAT CHAPTER ARE YOU ON???
For me, looking back I can easily see the chapters that formed Part I and then I can see (oooh, actually I can FEEL the circumstance(s) that brought me abruptly to the beginning of Part II.....notice I did NOT say the ending of Part I.....**always turn to the 'beginnings' when circumstances show you, you are at the 'ending' of a chapter - that is an opportunity to focus on and wait with ANTICIPATION for the 'begining'!!**
and yes, the chapters carried on and I can recount them all and laugh, smile, pat mySelf on the back, put on my 'cringeface' and question "WHY did I do/say that?", cry, carry on etc but the chapters are all there and that has brought me to Part III. 
There have been chapters that I am ready to toss it all, put in my bookmark and sit down and just - stop. done. and there have been chapters where not only am I READY to do that...I DID THAT.  boo.

Right, so it is important to know in our heart of hearts that for the most part...we are NOT WRITING these chapters (sure, we have our own free will and obviously choices to make within each scenario that guides us on to the next chapter) but BELIEVE you me, if it takes the next 20 chapters for you to learn a lesson that you set down for yourSelf with your Guides and Angel Team before you started this pathway....then your Team of guidance will keep setting up the overall theme of your chapters so you keep having this lesson (they are very clever about somewhat 'disguising' this lesson within different scenes and with different characters) until you 'get over the hump' and truly know and learn that lesson....and GROW forward.  Nice. :)
So, if you are at a particularly boring part of your book, or a frustrating part of your book...recognize the common themes your Angel Team is showing you (write them down if you have to...there ARE common denominators here!!) and MOVE PAST the GOOD STUFF!! you CAN do it! for sure, otherwise it would not be in your book.  period.
Bottom line is? you are not doing it alone and if you need help to get into Part III or into Part IV or wherever you need a 'leg up' ..... reach out to your Angel Team and allow them ...YES, ALLOW THEM.... into your life and into your Book on a conscious level.  :)
Keep shining all!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's ALL about making GREAT CHOICES!! yup, it's THAT simple!!

and so it is...we ARE and we ACT and we FEEL and we THINK as how we choose to. period.   hmmmm.

tell me, what 'coat' do you put on in the morning? what 'baggage' do you instantly pick up the minute your feet hit the floor. Is your 'coat' strewn with judgement on your Self and on others, precariously wearing your 'coat' while you tiptoe around in your glass house??? FORGET IT!!
  Let's hit that reset button!!  Seriously, let's sit on a bench somewhere next to a busy sidewalk and let the world go by for a number of minutes while we take off our 'coat(s)' (and if you are NOT wearing one then 'good on you' and CARRY ON!! Light the Path!) and set down our baggage and feel our load get not only lighter but simpler.  All of the 'stuff' that we carry around through our 'busybusy' not only affects others around us but most importantly, really REALLY affects us in everything that we do, say, feel, think and that affects our physical actions (or inactions) and THAT AFFECTS our emotions, our intuition (or lack thereof) and NOW!!!! we don't have ANY positive conection with others, our SELVES and also the connection with our Angel team has been seriously distorted (like trying to listen to an accurate message when someone is shouting into a tin can on a string while you hold the other one - a MILE AWAY!! haha!)
Right! So! simple,  yes? YES!  When you feel the urge to steer your thoughts in a direction where you see some 'negative' or judgement' ahead....steer the other way. If you are in a conversation where you see it 'going downdowndown' ....Don't be like the captain of the ship and go down with it! :)  either get in a lifeboat and paddle away or plug the hole where the leak is and lift the conversation to new heights!  Set a new standard for your Self and for all of the interaction you have throughout the course of the day!  WHY? because YOU are worth it! and so is everyone else so let's make some GREAT CHOICES - CHOOSE to live and act and think and feel - simple, lighter, positive, joyful, tolerant, peaceful etc and enJOY  spirited movement forward - together! :)
Keep shining!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


AWESOME! so awesome is the power of sharing! 
Good situation, bad situation, nervous scenario, excitement, anticipation, trepidation, etcetcetc. ... Once shared, this situation expands or diffuses depending on exactly which type of emotion is being shared.
  It is truly MAGICAL in that regardless of what the EXACT scenario is (different people, settings, words, etc) it is the EMOTION that is filling your predicament full of fear, jealousy, rage, sadness, grief, lonliness, desparation etc....ONCE SHARED this emotion starts to and continues to DIFFUSE within you...the burden of this heavy, negative emotion has been shared and therefore been relieved of its internal power over your ability to move forward.
In a similar yet different way, THE SAME MAGICAL EFFECT IS ALSO TRUE for emotions such as happiness, excitement, pride, joy, fulfillment, achievement... sure, all these emotions are wonderful and special and we all revel in them and relive these feelings and emotions whenever possible! however .... ONCE SHARED! these emotions EXPAND and NOW! the emotions of positivity surround you completely, make it REAL, and also you have the added benefit of seeing YOUR OWN POSITIVE EMOTIONS wash over the one or two or ten or a hundred people like a wave of Light. 
Hey! either way you cut it SHARING IS, GREAT!!  So, let it out, get it out and feel the power of SHARING :)
Keep shining! ;)

Monday, September 5, 2011

and now?? we press the PAUSE button!

Have you ever found yourself at a party, busy intersection, subway car etc where you find yourSelf 'placed' in the corner and can easily watch what is going on around you as an observer only? While you are in this position it seems like you have been placed (temporarily) inside a bubble of space and time where movement around you slows down, you can hear what other people are saying, the 'busy busy' of the world around, see others 'holding court' in animated conversation, hailing cabs, searching through shopping bags etc...and you? just sitting there breathing deeply, watching and observing frantic lifestyles as you sit back and enjoy the show. In this day and age of PVR TV where you can watch things live, or fast forward and rewind as you a similar way we can and do apply these same settings to our daily routine.
Today the Angels are suggesting, STRONGLY :) (and taking the long way on this one as well haha!) that we take a turn at hitting the 'pause' button.  Sit down, listen, watch, enJOY the silence or the pandemonium or the quiet conversations of others or the hum of the engine etc. and LET EVERYTHING HAPPEN AROUND YOU while you take a moment to PAUSE.   See and feel all of the 'busy busy' and the 'to do's' flying around you in a circular pattern like icons ready for you to 'press and go' on anyone or many tasks. See them floating around you and visualize them fizzling out and disappearing as you remain in 'pause 'position.  Let go of all the icons and 'post it notes of todo's' and take a deep breath and SMILE!! as you bring YOU back to your Self. Someone or something will eventually come along to the remote and press the LIVE button and snap everything back up to real time but for now....we PAUSE.  SO good!!
Oh! and keep shining that beautiful Light!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Eyes forward please - always forward!!

Simple - to make progress forward you MUST keep your eyes forward.   :)
No one drives a speedboat across the lake, head turned over one shoulder staring fixedly at the wake the boat leaves behind. No one. One would NEVER EVEN THINK of doing that - this would NOT BE AN OPTION.  Common sense rules that if one did that, the boat may crash, turn into a wave, a buoy, another boat, the opposite shore!! if you are turned long enough!! haha!!  NO, this would not happen.
And so it is as we go about our daily business. Our Angels are showing us this analogy as they would have us learn that THE SAME thing happens as we are on this Path. We generally and regularly look over our shoulder to see 'the wake' we have left behind and in many cases remain fixated on this 'wake' to the point where we DO crash, find obstacles in our path, unsurmountable obstacles...that could easily been avoided if our eyes had remained forward.
Keep your eyes forward. Maintain steady eye contact with your goals, dreams, wishes, ideas, your desired Path, your future, your Self. 
STAY CONFIDENT in your ability to move forward and breathe easy knowing that whatever obstacles show themselves (and they will :) you will be able to more easily move around them with the help of your Angel Team as you keep your eyes, your mind, your Self more in present moment with a positive Spirit looking FORWARD.
Keep shining!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Set the stage for 'Inner YOU' to SHINE!!

Going forward ALLOW YOUR INNER VOICE  its turn at the podium!! Yes! that's right!! let the 'surface you, the cardboard cutout you, the "I don't have time for this I have to get to work/the grocery store/the gym/my kids school/my appointment" YOU to step aside.....BREATHE.... and allow your inner voice 'the floor'.
At first, this inner voice may be silent, not ever been given time to view its opinions and options and so continued silence of 'busy you' will only lend confidence to the 'inner you', the 'real you', the YOU that your Angel team can communicate with.  :)  This voice may then start off chattering away to you regularly and often , however is more likely to start the ball rolling with 'twinges of feeling/intuition' and then one word clues (**learning exercise** these 'random' words/phrases can be jotted down as at this stage that one word will be random on its own however when placed with another word you will get later....the meaning is sometimes very useful in guiding you on your Path - so keep a jot notepad close at hand to record the words or phrases that come to you as you are learning to open up to your 'inner you') however one word, an image, a feeling from your inner voice will gradually (as long as the belief and faith is there) lead to confident, strong, inner guidance that you can tune into whenever you feel the need. :)
AWESOME! GREAT!! so TAKE TIME (even a few deep breaths while your on the subway is enough to signal your 'busy you' away and set the stage for the 'inner you' to shine through.)
 SO! keep shining and set the stage to LISTEN to YOU! :)