Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Supermoon, Spring Equinox AND Solar Eclipse - OH MY!

Holy wow!  Are you ready for this New moon on Friday?
This new moon is actually a Supermoon so the energy from this moon is even MORE POWERFUL than any other New moon.

Now, when we think of Supermoon we think of a giant full moon in the sky however this moon is a New moon but WILL be passing closest to the Earth and so it will be BIG .... AND as it represents new beginnings in our will be an AUSPICIOUS TIME.

By the way, auspicious is defined in the Merriam Webster dictionary as meaning 
showing or suggesting that future success is likely

Hmmmm.... I'm thinking that this might be worth paying attention to...yes?  

NEVER MIND that this day...Friday March 20 is also Spring Equinox.  NOTHING says 'new beginning' like the renewal time of Spring...unless it's the New moon/Supermoon!  To have these 2 things happening on the same day is rare 

RARE!  AND also to have an opportunity to energetically take advantage of this??   STEP BOLDLY towards this time folks as it can be your 

drum roll please.
So, we have the New Moon and it is a Supermoon and then we have the Spring Equinox AND THEN WE ALSO HAVE the Solar eclipse taking place on Friday March 20/2015.  Hold tight folks - it's going to be a bumpy ride!  

Can you tell I am excited for this?  And if you aren't....then you will be now!

Solar eclipse is also a time when many of us will experience an ENERGY SURGE.  THE POWER WITHIN to ignite parts of our Soul path mission which has previously been hidden from us and also the power of Self on the physical do something about it!  
*The power to organize yourself, put things in perspective, increased willpower and determination, prioritizing skills bubble to the are on your way!

OK, so what do you do?  How do you take advantage of this?
For sure, start making your list today of all of the things that you want to be brought into your life.  A new career? Bold movement forward in your existing career? A new relationship? A vacation? Improved health? Clearer head space? :) Increased finances?  Improved social schedule?  ANYTHING!
*This is a time to dream big and not in moderation.
**Keep it positive....New moon is a time to WELCOME IN new things....Full moon is time for releasing and we'll talk about this another time meanwhile.....ASK ASK ASK!!

Make your list and don't hold back.  Then sometime on Friday read through your list and look up to the sky and ... smile.  TRUST that the energy of this time, your guides and your Angels...the UNIVERSE has heard you and will bring to you everything you need in order to help you move powerfully forward in the ways in which you have asked for assistance at this time. 

I like to take my list out under the stars and spend some time in the night air together with my Angels and read through my list....I can feel them around me at that is magical.  I will think of you as well as you are standing under the night sky with your Angels and I'll be sending extra blessings your way!

ENJOY the POWER of this most AUSPICIOUS time and allow this powerful energy to make a difference in your powerful pathway forward!
Shining blessings, abundance, joy and peace to you, 

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Monday, March 2, 2015

MARCH....FORWARD BOLDLY! Angel messages for March


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What is your message?  Are you thinking it or are you actually saying it?  Are you actually saying what you are thinking?  Do you overthink your message?  Do you overthink it ...before...or after you share your message?  Do you send messages without thinking at all?

SO MANY QUESTIONS when it comes to messaging.  So many things to consider!

Are you sharing your message with love, kindness and compassion?  Are you sharing this message because people 'need to hear it'?  Are you sharing this message because your ego is asking - NAY! DEMANDING! - that you share it?  (uh oh)

How will the other person(s) respond to your message?  What if they don't agree?  Is your message helpful....or hurtful?

Oh dear.
Enough already.  I'm afraid you have spent so much time on analyzing and overthinking your message that now there is simply not the energy to share...anything.

The point is that there are so many messages that are shared with us over any given amount of time. Some of these messages resonate with us and...some don't.  Some messages we like to hear and some messages... we don't like to hear.  Some we recognize as being the truth...and some messages are simply that person's opinion.  They have every right to share it just as we have every right to take it...or leave it.

It's as simple as that!  If you are guided to share your message then BY ALL MEANS share it!  Don't second guess or overanalyze or overthink it or put so much pressure on your Self to say the right thing ALL OF THE TIME.  No one does.

WE ALL SIMPLY SHARE and so be one of those people also - sharing your messages openly with others....for any and every reason under the sun...just keep sharing your knowledge, your opinion and your Light!

Archangel Gabriel shines through us when we are sharing our messages.  She is the messenger Angel and she ensures that we feel safe enough in our own power to share messages.  Know that each message we share holds a reason for being shared....whether it is a reason that can be seen right away or held for a later 'truth unveiling'....feel confident in sharing and receiving all types of messages.

ESPECIALLY the internal messages you share with your Self - be your own biggest supporter and messenger Angel!

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