Sunday, June 29, 2014

Put on your Angel wings

Where do you keep your wings? 
Do you have a special dresser drawer that you store them in or are you more apt to hang them up neatly in the closet with your evening wear?  

Maybe you are a bit more casual and simply keep them on the clothesline by the back door?  This way you can quickly 'grab & go' as you (literally as it would happen) FLY out the door on your way to an appointment that has you scheduling some assistance for yourself or someone else.  Maybe you are headed to lunch with a friend (possibly in need of an ear or a helping hand) or to your child's recital or to work where you can be helpful to others while earning a living and supporting those in your family circle.....

When you are wearing your Angel wings there are NO LIMITS to WHERE YOU CAN GO.

So, my next question is...
Why do you have to store them anywhere at all?  Why aren't you wearing them ALL THE TIME??!

Eat with them on, sleep with them on, walk with them on, talk with them on.  Wear them to work, to the grocery store, to school, to the bus stop, to the gym, to the park and so on.  While you are wearing your Angel wings you are able to support others ~ JUST AS YOU ARE BEING SUPPORTED.  

(ting ting! I think another Angel just got their wings:)  

Enjoy being surrounded in your Angel wings, today and every day!

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Challenges, obstacles & Angels!

It seems unfair (to say the least!) to note that our Angels put challenges and obstacles on our pathway....ON PURPOSE.    
Not sounding very 'angelic' so far is it?

No, not so much.  When we think of our Angels being around us, supporting us along our way forward we tend to think of beautiful white wings surrounding us, gentle and soft music playing in the background (harps...I believe)  and feelings of Divine love and awe within our hearts. 

We tend to NOT think of a record needle being dragged along a vinyl surface or car tires SCREECHING to a halt.....which are the sounds I associate with the way our Angels can sometimes bring us and EVERYTHING ELSE within our Life path to an ABRUPT halt or diversion. 

Far from feeling supported and loved, we feel completely jilted and sometimes can even seriously question our faith, our belief and our TRUST in our Angels.   

It IS then ironic that these are the very same situations that our Angels place before us in order to INCREASE our ability to connect with them, with our Faith and with our trust in the Universe and Divine support.  


When we are 'brought to our knees' by situations 'beyond our control' on our Life path....we feel vulnerable and alone, helpless and hopeless and .... (this is it-this is their point...) we are in COMPLETE SURRENDER.     

These situations bring down every last wall, every last bit of 'control' that we had and completely dissolves the 'ruse' where we had previously thought it was OUR actions and OUR plan that was moving us along so wonderfully in our Life path.  

It's not OUR plan and our plan alone.  Things work best when we rely on our 'Angel GPS system' but we can only do this when we TURN IT ON!    When we believe WE are 'in control' then we very often forget to connect with our Angels, we get too busy to spend time each day quietly listening and being in gratitude.  We can forget to reach out to others and reach out to our Angels.  But when we DO....our Angel navigation system is activated!  and we are shown much more clearly in what direction we should be moving for our highest and best good!

Times of challenge force us to surrender and look around ... and UP! .... for assistance and support.   We feel vulnerable and so are open and willing to ANY SUGGESTIONS that will move us forward (not just the points WE wrote down on our Action plan)  

Reach out to others and reach up to your Angels as you hold belief and trust in your heart - stay vigilant in this and see your path rise up and over any and every challenge on your Life path - successfully!  

My book  Angels and Energy is available now in softcover or ebook for your convenience. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Whether we are talking about romantic relationships or  sudden impulses!  when we are being coached and prodded and PUSHED to DO SOMETHING by our Angel team .... we MUST follow this guidance....and DO IT BIG TIME!

if we are being guided towards an inspiration or an idea, a career change or a shift in lifestyle - if we are going to do something, then we should give it OUR BEST EFFORT.

If your 'dream Self' is calm and peaceful, fit and athletic, financially free.....then by all means - FOLLOW your Angel guidance and SET UP A SCHEDULE to get outside, ride your bike, do some meditation, set a new budget plan, change out the 'salt and vinegar chips night' for a 'veggie platter extravaganza evening'.  (hmmmm, we think she speaks from experience!)

Just MAKE SOME CHANGES and DO NOT look for results right away - or at all really!  The results are not the focus (at first and for a long while actually)

The POINT is that you have made some changes and TAKEN ACTION in a direction that is in keeping with your highest and BEST SELF and also followed the guidance from your own ANGEL TEAM.

Keep going and keep taking action EVERY DAY that is in YOUR BEST INTEREST.  Don't get distracted - do... BE FOCUSED and do....


It is in your own best interest.  :)  Shining Angel Light into your own best interests today and every day,
Stacey <3

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My book  Angels and Energy is available now in softcover or ebook for your convenience. 

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