Monday, August 29, 2011

Be DISCERNING wth your personal boundaries!

There is a palpable message of 'discernment' this morning - of knowing the importance of truly being able to sift through the pulls and pushes of every day and to unapologetically LET GO of the things that push your own personal boundaries to the extent where you no longer feel like your Self. It is very important!! to set hard and fast personal boundaries ... it is quite necessary and exceedingly healthy for you to work as our own advocate and allow your Angel team to guide you through your intuition (do not ignore it .!! this is for your own good!!) and enable you to keep doing GOOD in the world without feeling overwhelmed and bogged down. So! use your discernment and judge accordingly that which you can take on and that which MUST be left behind for the betterment of YOU and all of the 'good' you can achieve aroud you.  Keep shining!

Friday, August 19, 2011

New family motto :)

Such a great GREAT feeling of excitement the day of leaving for holidays....for a week.... on a plane...going to see a dear dear friend.... all the packing and to-do stuff is done...nothing left except to 'dial down' and get into 'vacation mode'....and so I will.
and when I return I will (hopefully!) be able to call back this feeling of air going out of an air mattress as I totally and completely 'let go' of anything pressing mentally and RE-LAX! I feel like this is a skill that can also be honed, called up and enJOYed when needed.....hmmm, will put that one in the rolodex.
OH! Also, sharing something that my wonderful 11 year old shared with me as he announced our new family motto...."If you are feeling low, let it go".   wow.  done :)
Keep shining your Light!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Perspective, open mind, flexibility....hmmmm... :)

Oh yes, perspective and the ability to rise above situations and see things from all sides is our message from the Angels today. It is quite a gift to be able to stand back and remove your Ego (yes, I said it! There IS  a white elephant in the room! haha!) from your Self, your opionions and be left with only your compassionate objectivity is certainly a gift worth tuning into and grooming into a fine art. Much of the time, with this sense of perspective and objectivity comes a certain flexibility that can be very, very helpful for personal situations also.....a PERK if you will!! and we all LOVE perks!!
So your new open mind creates a flexibility within you not unlike a tree in the forest (let's say a Birch - love them!)  in that you are now able to withstand slight breezes, strong gusts of wind and downright stormy weather...easily.  The wind blows,  the tree bends and then bounces back - good.  :)
With our new sense of perspective, we also have the flexibility to bend with situations, and although we may bounce around a little, sway a little more abruptly than we thought we were capable of at times.....we also - bounce back.  good.  great!! 
Today, keep your mind open and attain that wonder-full higher vantage point of compassionate objectivity and enJOY your own flexibility within all types of situations.
Oh! and keep shining your Light!  :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Stressed" is a comfortable place for me.....WHAT THE?!!... REALLY?

A great morning to be reminded of the fact that Stress like Peace is a choice. period. Get it? maybe not, maybe a lot of us do not 'get' this as so many of us unconsciously or consciously rise every morning, rub our eyes, take our few deep breaths, heave ourSelves out of bed, pick up our back pack of worries and to-dos, briefcase of troubles and suitcase full of concerns and trundle off best we can down to the coffee maker to pour our first 'cuppa Joe'  :) 
What a horrible way to start the day yes?? YES!!
except that many of us subconsciously do it because we think we have to ! We have to manage it, do the callbacks, control situations etc. and as unhappy and grueling as our pattern is? is a comfortable habit for us to have. it is where we live. it is how we live. We are used to it and so on it goes.
I am suggestting on behalf of the Angels this morning that just for today we put down our suitcases, slough off our backpacks and stand them all in the corner. They are sill there....but OVER THERE. They are not PART of us. OVER THERE is our to-do's and OVER HERE....WELL!! There is a warm, inticing wave of Peace and inner knowingness as we are now able to FEEL the cup of coffee in our hands, truly taste it as we open a window to the outside and breathe in the fresh air and FEEL it as it enters our bodies and cleanses us. Our shoulders are coming down as the awareness that the ringing phones, alarms buzzing, cars roaring to life, trains screeching to a halt...are NOT what make our journey here worthwhile. Yes! of course they are part of our daily life...but they are NOT the point of it!  They are not the GLUE!  THE GLUE IS YOU!! and your own connection to YOU and to your Angel Team and their guidance for you. 
Hey here's an Angel the end of the day....almost all the extra stuff we carry around with us could be flushed down any drain .... and we would be better off for it!! just for today, or part of the day or even 15 mins haha! - stand the baggage up in the corner and reconnect with YOU...the GLUE!
Standing the baggage up in the corner is an analogy that allows you to set down all the 'busybusy' of each day, moment, relationship etc. and gives us a mental image of SIMPLIFYING our day and staying in present moment.  Standing the baggage up in a corner is a choice...YOUR choice just like leaving the baggage on your back is a choice.
Peace is a choice and Stress is a choice.
Our Angels are urging us today to set down the baggage, and take a deep, joyful and grateful breath - reconnect with Self and feel the inner peace and strength that comes with it :)
Now, I'm off to find my cup of coffee....join me?   Keep shining that Light! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Speak the Truth, nothing but the Truth :)

While we are on the topic of 'stripping off layers" and keeping things simple....let's focus today (and EVERYday! but we will definitely get the'focus ball' rolling in the right direction today!) by assuring ourSelves that is OK, and even more than OK! just fine, correct, perfect! to speak your Truth in every stuation.
We spend so much time thinking and overthinking about things that have been said,(could I have said that differently? would it have been better received if I had said it another way? used different words? did they understand me correctly? I KNOW what I did they interpret me? etc) and thinking about things that we are GOING to say to someone when they call, show up, at the meeting, at the family reunion, at the dinner table...etc. and EVEN what we will say if and when THIS situation occurs or THAT situation occurs....blahblahblah.  NEVER MIND!!
Today we focus twofold on SPEAKING OUR TRUTH while we spend time in the PRESENT MOMENT.  done.
You see, when we do this and only this, not only are we enJOYing life and the people in our circle to the utmost degree IN THAT MOMENT! We also have the sheer pleasure of enJOYing our Selves as well.
 No need to think and rethink past scenarios! We simply spoke our Truth to our Selves and to others and therefore we did the best, very BEST our Soul and Spirit had to offer at that time...put it away. No need to think and rethink what we will say, should say, might say, dare not say etcetc.  WHEN the situation deems it necessary for you to speak and share your opinion, simply open your heart, follow your 'gut instinct'/Angel guidance through intuition ;) and open your flow of energy towards the truth....and let the Truth flow :)
SO MUCH easier ----- Go with the flow of Truth while being in and enJOYing the present moment. Awesome!  
Shine your Light!  <3

Monday, August 15, 2011

Let's 'dial back to zero' shall we?? :)

That's right! We are going to follow our Angelic guidnce today and peel off all of the layers of busy-ness, confusion, mind-clutter (ALWAYS my favourite to strip away!!) and dial right back to zero...that is to say we are going to peel away all the layers of items, people, and places that all holler for our attention and take up our appointment calendars (you know the ones that send our phones and alarms buzzing away off the table or in our bags??!!) and dissolve them into the Angels beautiful bright Light. See a picture of yourSelf as you scoop up all the "busy-busy" into your arms and then offer them UP to your Angel Team to swoop them up and away from you--- for THEM to deal with.....good. Now, turn around,  clap your hands together to make sure you are getting rid of any residue left over and ... smile.
 Now, true gratification and contentment is clear can now see where TRUE feelings of satisfaction and peace come from!  Now that your mind is clear! you are able to acknowledge that there is now time and opportunity to see that you are able to act FOR OTHERS today. Go Ahead! Put yourSelf out there at LEAST a couple of times today for someone else.  GO OUT OF YOUR WAY TO HELP SOMEONE ELSE WITH THEIR "BUSY-BUSY"!! :)  Be of service to someone else, treat someone else to  a helping hand as you would like to be offered one when you feel like you are swirling dangerously close to the drain from time to time - ha! :)  and FEEL the sense of love, compassion and protection from your Angel Team and from their Angel Team as you do so. 
Feel it, acknowledge it, know it, trust it and :) Shine your Light!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

FOCUS People.....FOCUS!! :)

The Angels have us on what seems to be some kind of movie set this morning :)  How Excellent! The excitement in the air is palpable, there seems to be some kind of wonderful energy pulsating JUST below the surface of the day and its events, great preparations have been made and finishing touches are being put in place, so many people running around and fixing this, primping that, changing this out, there is a person in the middle of it all directing the others with a megaphone in hand.....and we watch from the door for our cue - to enter and take centre stage and do that thing that we do best... :)  We have a half smile on our face as if we can't quite believe that this is all happening FOR US!! Wow! Great! and we stand there, expectantly, in awe and feel very well looked after. 
You see, this is the image that our Angels want us to feel deep within us.  Our intuition led us to that door today so that we could get a peek inside of exactly how our Angel team works so hard and so efficiently each day in order to 'set the stage' for us.  We have only to stand at the threshold every morning and FEEL the excitement, smile and know that as we follow our intuition (our Angel messages and how they communicate with us is more often than not through pure 'gut instinct') we will be led time and again to 'centre stage' to do what we do best, with our best effort and purest intention and for the greater good.
Simple as that.  Time and again our every move is being helped along by our whole Angel Team and the director in the middle?  You guessed it, your Guardian Angel :) The one that has been with you since Day one and before, the one that knows you best and asks the rest of the Angel Team to help keep you safe and secure on your Path here. 
Feel VERY supported this morning knowing that the details (the REAL ones) are being looked after and have only to SMILE and take your spot in the limelight :)
So GET OUT THERE!! and do what you do best! ....oh, and shine YOUR Light while you are doing it!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Speak 'WARMLY' to your Self

...and ESPECIALLY if you are speaking to YOU ABOUT YOURSELF!  It is relatively safe to say that we all have that 'little niggly voice' inside of our Selves that is generally first in line with the self criticisms, the judgements (oh why did I do THAT? why did I say THAT?! why can't I be more...) and the 'down' feelings etc. This voice will jump on any circumstance or small opening to form a more solid foothold within is our focus today to learn a new way of 'dealing' with this voice.
This voice is not truly US. This is not our highest and best Self at work here:) We know this...deep down and today we are going to pull this 'knowing' up into our conscious mind and really FEEL the fact that THIS VOICE is not strong enough for us to acknowledge it regularly or at all...anymore.  period.
When this negative self talk voice arises, simply smile as you acknowledge it for what it is - powerless to affect your mood, your day, your relationships with others, your own outlook on your Self - and send it away.  Watch it dissipate before your eyes as you simply refuse to give it the 'power' and 'belief' and simply goes. 
Great! Now, you are left to enJOY the rest of your day as you should.  Lighter, happier, freely and more TRULY yourSelf.  So good!
EnJOY this day today and keep shining!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Angels say "Keep going, DON'T SETTLE!"

Your inner Self KNOWS what you want, has a very clear and deep understanding and clear vision of where you want to be, what you want to be doing, who you want to be associated with...these are your highest ideals for YOU, these ideals are where you have set your sights on your goals along your pathway....DON'T SETTLE!!  Keep your lines of communication with your SELF open always! and when those lines of communication become muddled, murky, confusing, distant - then it is time to ask your Angels for help to CLEAR THE WAY for you to re-connect with your highest intention for your SELF !  Specifically, ask Archangel Michael for help with this as he will help clear away all the cobwebs and 'busybusybusy' of day to day life and help you to regain your clarity for YOU.   YOU are what matters and keeping your goals in mind for YOU  is how you can best see your way clear to making a difference along your pathway in this world....and making a difference for your Self helps you to confidently go forward and gives you the strength you need to help others also. 
 Keep going and don't SETTLE!  :)  Keep shining your Angel Light free and clear!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Angels say "Get out of the way!!"

That's right!! Get out of the way!!  haha!  But really, you have asked, prayed, pleaded for help, assistance and guided so....done.  STOP pleading, praying, asking, fretting!!  It is done or so me and my Angel Peeps say...and so it is.  :)  Let it be now.  Leave whatever it is that is PREOCCUPYING your mind with your Angels for them to work their solution, TRUST that they will do so for you and GET BACK TO ENJOYING "PRESENT MOMENT STUFF"!!  Love your kids, jump through the sprinkler, settle down with a good book, turn up your favourite music...what the heck, DANCE!  :)   and most of all's gonna be ok :)