Friday, May 27, 2022

Angel Healing from my garden! Thank you Nature Angels

Sooooo…this is year 2 in vegetable gardening together with the Nature Angels and I see so many analogies playing out once again this year!

So I planted just a few days ago so everything is very small, weak and just beginning their growing phase.
It is a time for much support and a need for the appropriate basic requirements being met.

So I checked up on my very new garden last evening and…one of the pepper plants was ‘down’. *it was still fine …just not able to stand on its own.

So I found a small branch on my lawn that had blown down from one of the last storms and stuck that in the ground beside it and bound them together. Together they will make something great this season…

it’s just that sometimes when you get knocked down you can help someone else…and sometimes ‘when you are down for the count’ you still have a lot more to give…but are need of some help.

Thanks Nature Angels for always teaching me something and reinforcing many things.

Giving help where and when needed and receiving in the same Energy. All good.

Love you all and so do your Angels,

Thursday, May 12, 2022

It's just this Angel message...SMILES MATTER. ok?

It's just that sometimes we see that SUNNY FACE. huh.  It's a Good thing.  
Better thing?  
BE the Sunny face. It's way too easy to be 'the other thing'.  
C'mon do I need to say what IT IS.  Don't be THAT....BE THIS.
Smile.  Share the happy.  It is amazing (has always been) when I am able to 'share the happy"
...the HAPPY that comes back my way is absolutely and exponentially GREATER!  
INCREASED. happy!.. 
***I found this picture as well...which is what I picture my Self doing when someone smiles at me.  I LOVE IT.  
I Feel that if I LOVE it this much then I NEED TO Smile more.  
It's all good. If it doesn't feel like it right now. I get it.  but we need to do what we CAN do. 
Smiling works. 
FEELING  and Absorbing someone else's smile and GoodWill....Magical.  
Do it, Feel it, Be it, Absorb it, Shine it. 
You got this
Together with your Angels, 
Sending prayers to and for all....always and especially now,