Thursday, May 6, 2021

May 2021 Angel Messages - CALLING ALL OLD SOULS. please hear this. love, your Angels

**Calling all Old Souls…I know you are tired and discouraged…but please stick with it!
This month of May 2021….is a time of rebirth and renewal. Period.

I know it’s more difficult this year than potentially any other however we CAN do this.

Why?? Because the New Moon (and of course our Angels) are BANGING ON OUR DOOR to tell us this.

May 12 is our New Moon Energy …the day when we get to WELCOME IN NEW ENERGY.

HOWEVER, to do this we MUST RECOGNIZE that this month (for those who are willing to do this….)

This is the month for;

  1. Endurance
  2. Persistence
  3. Patience (especially with your Self)

And most importantly the quality I have always admired and revered in others (and strive towards for my Self)


C’mon guys….we got this. The Angels tell us this,


Love you all and so do your Angels,


Tuesday, May 4, 2021



One of the easiest and best ways the Angels can share messages with us is through numbers. 

Do you see 111, 222, 555, 888?
or do you see (either in the moment or over a time period) different series of numbers?  For example 385, 853, 538 and so on. 
Either way (or both!) the Angels are SENDING YOU MESSAGES.  You may notice these numbers in your mind's eye, in a dream, on license plates (this is most common for me) when you are driving...or parked! lol this is safest for looking around and 'noticing' what catches your eye.   It may be that you always look at your phone or clock at the same time every day just as a 'coincidence'.  

It has become apparent over the years just HOW MANY Angel messages we can write off as coincidence or disregard entirely just because we don't know what it means or don't recognize it as an Angel message!  
TO BE SURE, IF YOU ARE RECEIVING Angel Numbers and especially in a repetitive fashion...Your Angels are looking to get your attention! 

AND if this is happening then know that your Intuition and your ANGEL CONNECTION is growing and strengthening!  There are many other ways in which your Angels will begin to send you messaging however firstly let's list out 


1.  Stay Positive Angels are smiling on you
2. Let go and have Faith
3. Ascended Masters are actively working with you
4. The highest Angel Energy is by your side
5. A time of transformation
6. Focus on your Spiritual side, the material side will follow
7. You are on the right path
8. Abundance
9. Stop procrastinating and get to work

So, to refer back to our previous point...if you are seeing repetitive numbers of 358, 583, 853....clearly then the message is that 'Your Ascended Masters are working powerfully with you during this transformative time towards Abundance in all areas of your life'

HAVE FUN with this connecting with your Angels!  Keep a journal of numbers that you see...a record of some repetitive numbers if you wish.  EVERY TIME you ACKNOWLEDGE an Angel number message INCREASES your bond and your ability to connect and decipher so many other messages that they are sending your way!  

Shining blessings and Angel Light always your way! 
Stacey ✌😇💕🙏