Friday, February 4, 2011

Archangel Raphael helps us to stay positive!

Good Morning! and what a wonder-full morning we have today as Archangel Raphael is surrounding us all in a globe of peaceful green healing energy :)  We are grateful for AA Raphael's presence with us as he reminds us quite simply to keep our thoughts on a high vibration and to not give 'air time' to any negative thoughts that try to push themseles in an attempt to 'derail' us from the Path that we know we are on - the Path we have chosen and indeed the Path and mission that we are here to fulfill.  That little 'niggly' voice as I like to call it that creeps in and encroaches on our daily lives(why do we give it so much power over our actions I keep wondering???)  ....  ANYWAY, Archangel Raphael is here to remind us strongly today that these thoughts, this voice will NOT have any 'air time' in our daily activities because only the highest vibrational, strictly positive and empowering thoughts will be in our minds, will speak to others around us, will we allow in our self-talk' and will we follow as a light to guide us in a determined manner towards our goals. Be calm, be gentle, be positive with others and especially with yourSelf today.  Easy does it - today and through the weekend. As you speak positively and lovingly towards others and yourSelves ~ allow your Path to be guided in the direction it is meant to take you and do your 'good' along the way, shine your Light :) Peace & Blessings to all!