Wednesday, November 22, 2023



C'mon everyone. Hear this ...AT LEAST hear that there is new opportunity for you! 
Will it be fun? Yes of course...Will it be 'rolled out for you'?! 

No. of course not. 

It will require effort and LISTENING 
and WATCHING for the 'bread crumbs' that your Angels are leaving for you to PICK UP and find your pathway forward through the woods.....are you ready? 

WELL....the Nature Angels have your back if you are willing to step forward. 
Love you all so do your Angels, 

Thursday, November 16, 2023



Paying attention…

Claircognizance - Inner knowing - don’t ignore it…your ‘knee-jerk reactions’ ….your eye glance to the umbrella at the door….

and most times we ignore that...and later it rains. YES. it can be simple things and then it can also be ...inner knowings like 'I don’t want to be here in this situation'…uncomfortableness (at best)  drrrrr….but then 

People who are intuitive develop the knee jerk response to certain situations where they may feel  inner 'head talk'...questions or uncomfortable feelings. THIS IS WHEN the 20 questions step in a small way sometimes.  We will talk much more about these questions and how to navigate as we progress. 

When different or difficult situations are presented to you...The Intuitive people who are connected (and KNOW that they are)  KNOW THAT THEY CAN connect with their Claircognizance will have ‘almost’ an immediate reaction (however it can also take a minute so allow your Self to pause in your step and your speech)….

And then say ‘That’s interesting and thank you.  I need to sit with this and see if it RESONATES…can I get back to you?’

**Sometimes Claircognizance KICKS IN right away and your INNER KNOWING tells you what the answer is immediately…and sometimes as we say - 

‘I need to see if it resonates’.  

*Not unlike a boiling kettle or percolating coffee pot The answer needs some time to gets to its destination.  The answer comes through Claircognizance (gut feeling/inner knowing) - give it some time. 

The questions you ask your Self ?

Please understand as I always go in to ’20 Question mode’ when working with the Angels and also Intuition

-is this the right thing? *gut feeling please kick in!  Yes or no. (In my experience, if it feels like the ‘wrong’ thing for my path I’ll know immediately. If it is the right thing then I would feel an excitement or potentially and more often nothing (but not foreboding) and so there were no ‘warning signs’ claircognizantly. That’s a ‘go ahead’ in my experience.

-how does this make me feel? Happy or worried. 

So for this we are clearly taking about EMOTIONS which is different from our previous question when we were asking our Claircognizance to connect with our HEAD space - what makes sense Logistically. 

Now we are talking about FEELINGS.  

(*sometimes I have been worried emotionally however the answer I also have received is that for now this is the right thing - I can always ‘check in’ later)

-overall, in this decision when I picture ‘a day in the life of’…am I able to breathe deeply and still feel this is good for the moment. 

*any decision we make can and will always be ‘ever flowing and always evolving’.  We can always do our best and as well more easily when we are connected Intuitively…and for those who this resonates with also with our Angels. 

Love you all and so do your Angels,