Thursday, April 29, 2021

The freedom of FRIENDSHIP


Very often our Angels are ENCOURAGING us to REACH OUT in others and also to ACCEPT friendship from others. 

BOTH....are a gift.   *Today (and many days lately thank goodness) I have had the gift of RECEIVING friendship and spending time with friends.  Means a lot. 

Every time I spend time with a friend (long time friend...or new friend :). I get a piece of my INNER CHILD makes me feel more like MY SELF. 

We do need to CHERISH our friend time.  Focus on what we can GIVE...but especially recognize what we RECEIVE simply by spending time and attention on others...and also RECEIVING help FEEDS OUR SOUL.

and we need that.  I for one am so grateful. 

Love you all.  So do your Angels!  

Many blessings dear Souls, 


Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Energy the WIND!


It's funny...when I saw this picture it reminded me of my own experience only a couple of days ago.  I was working in the greenhouse and came out for a cold drink when I decided to pop up the patio umbrella on the deck.  Enjoying my first 'summer' day (lol it snowed almost the next day!  Welcome to Canada 😂 I noticed the blustery wind coming up and smiled.  

I know that just by BEING OUTSIDE I was receiving the equivalent of a full Reiki Healing however when the wind is also adding Energy...then the Healing is increased! 

It was at this moment that my HUGE umbrella decided to TAKE OFF (very much like Mary Poppins! ) and begin to float up and onto the roof of the house *bungalow thank goodness and I was close enough that I was able to lunge after it to secure it...but I was laughing!  

This experience of being outside, enjoying the Earth and Nature and having fun, spontaneous events happen made me feel like a kid again and we NEED this.  We NEED to feel carefree at times and REALLY connect with our Inner Child!  

Not only does this HEAL us but also GROUNDS us....and ALSO helps us to connect with our goals and dreams.  Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of this.  Archangel Gabriel helps us to connect with Inner Child and the NATURE Angels (Faeries or Elementals) assist us in 'wishing' ... in manifestation.  

Archangel RAPHAEL as well is in charge of our HEALING ability.  Our Self  - (our machine or vehicle if you wish) our physical, emotional and spiritual being is HARD WIRED to repair itself.  IT CAN DO THIS MUCH MORE EFFECTIVELY when we feed it the 'right nutrients'!! 

1. Be outside

2. Remind your Self to LAUGH...often! 

3. Enjoy the little moments...those are the only ones that matter 💗

Shining Angel Light always your way, 


Friday, April 2, 2021

ANGELS in APRIL 2021 - Courage, Confidence...and some other stuff! WE GOT THIS!!!

OK, so this month our Angels are ESPECIALLY challenging us. 

Particularly (as usual! at these times) Archangel Ariel. 

HOWEVER Archangel Michael is also 'chiming in'....among others. 

This is a powerful time...and a difficult time. Our Angels are hearing us...we need to hear them. 

This month is about Courage...and then Confidence.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to have either without HOPE and FAITH.   And so we need to recognize.  

If we want to have the first bits...then it starts with hope and Faith and very often this can happen together with the Nature Angels. 

Join me in the video...Love you all 

Shining Blessings and Angel Light always your way,