Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Spirit Power Animal BEAR - C'MON ... FEEL the power!

 Thing is guys we FEEL THIS ENERGY within us MANY times. 

this STRENGTH, Inner Power....Confidence...PROTECTIVENESS....Advocacy..

What? you don't? ya...c'mon I think you do. Sometimes it is fleeting however MANY times (at least with the folks I connect with ....this POWER ANIMAL is working with us, to us, for us and THRU us....for our Selves and for others around us.  

Sometimes it is family and sometimes it's for people in the neighbourhood....and sometimes it is important to FEEL BEAR Power Animal working with us when (especially when we feel...a little small) Allow Bear Power Animal to work THROUGH YOU. 

**the SPIRIT BEAR also habitats Vancouver Island Canada ....these Energies (among others) highlight Independency and HEALTH. 

powerful Inner Wellness to be had.  Invite the Energy of BEAR in to your thoughts and Dreams.

Saturday, February 11, 2023

C'mon Guys... recognize Success EQUALS Perseverance

BY THE WAY....Check the TOp Box as well. *see pic

Correct. Always. 

however, you MUST BELIEVE IN PERseverance and to have that .... you must COMMIT

CAN you. Many people canNOT . but wait....we are seeing that Many people CAN. they are to be Recognized. well done. 

However we are finding out as we go along that 'Doing the daily'....sometimes the drudgery of it all IS WHAT makes you.  

what????!!! the drudgery is WHAT MAKES YOU? 

Hard to believe?  Well, be that as it may (as my Nana always said)'s true.  




All is well - that's it.  Keep believing even if it means (or feels like)  'daily drudgery' ... for now.  Suck it up and KNOW that YOU are on your way. 

Shining Angel blessings out your way 


Friday, February 10, 2023

Crystal healing - Clearing Negative Energy! Let's go!! SMOKY QUARTZ


Smoky Quartz …just one of my favourites to grab for an opportunity to GROUND myself.
 (Keep my boots on the ground as I always say)

…thing is sometimes we can get ‘caught up in The daily’ and we just need to BRING…it…IN. 
Eliminate all internal negative thoughts and (please exit Lower Self) and Definitely USHER OUT any Negative Energy around us. 

when we connect with a Smokey Crystal then it will ABSORB NEGATIVE ENERGY from within and around us.

***Very Important to place your Smoky Quartz OUTSIDE overnight (or in a windowsill to receive a clearing ) - not every night however when you have used it through meditation or healing time …

Some folks leave it in their office to absorb any Energies that are not useful for them …ensure to cleanse this crystal on a regular. 

Very useful for upholding your Daily Life Force Energy AND YOU don’t need to do anything! (Set it and forget it and you will have any Negative Energy absorbed …and not by you!) ….HOWEVER  you do need to Cleanse it overnight on the regular . 

Love you all and so do your Angels,

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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Thing is's a TIME FOR CHANGE...can you Feel it? INTUITIVE change together with the Angels!

Love you all and so do your Angels. 
JUST recognize your own 
STUFF....your Connection that you have with YOUR Angels. 
minute by minute 
Feel them with you. 
They are...
AND they are Shining THROUGH you. 
Feel it. 
Love you all 
and so do your Angels