Tuesday, February 22, 2022

This Saturday Feb 26 1pm ET....Angel HEALING Chakra Meditation - Free!

 THIS SATURDAY I am hosting an Angel HEALING Chakra Meditation on
 Feb 26 1pmET.  

Its FREE of charge....

but I DO ask that you bring your Energy! 

**More details when you register...email me directly at info@staceymacdonald.ca  

love you all....so do your Angels.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Your Journey FORWARD....what does it look like? WHO CARES! JUST FOLLOW THE STEPS!

 SO hear this.  

Many times (Every time! believe me) WE HAVE no idea in what direction or which direction we are going in BUT...it is of utmost importance that we KEEP moving. forward.  In my experience and with so many others I have been blessed to connect with this has always being true. 

Be assured however when your Angels are working with you...then THEY WILL make sure that this happens.  You will always be given the Strength and Intuition to continue on your journey for your own Soul Path Purpose. 

Ok...let's get down to it then k? THE THING IS that many times WE don't know what direction we are going to go, going to do, accomplish and so on.

Only New Souls KNOW WHERE & HOW they are 'getting there' ....wherever THAT is..our Angels actually find that funny by the way.  lol

 And there is absolutely nothing wrong with New Souls knowing this ...we can DRAW Strength from this for sure HOWEVER there is also an 

AMAZING STRENGTH in recognizing the Old Souls....just taking the steps...LISTENING to messages and intuitions along the way. (Many of these 'inner knowings' come from their Hara...their Soul Self which speaks to them from Past Life Wisdoms)...That's what they do...and they have the strongest connection with their Angels and their Old Soul SELF.  


That's really powerful.  Let's do that...if you can.  

New Soul or Old Soul...(or middle Soul as I always say!) 

Keep stepping forward as you are guided ....EVEN IF sometimes it may not be in your plan....and ESPECIALLY if you have no plan....

Sometimes that is the best and the most powerful as long as you are CONNECTED... with your Self...your Angels and your Inner sense of KNOWING.  It's all good. FEEL THIS. 

Keep moving forward and know that if you DON'T know where that might be leading you...then you are an OLD SOUL. Keep loving, shining, doing your best....and doing for others...

*The Angels ...the ARCHANGELS....GOT YOU.  

**k, this is a big deal by the way

Love you all and so do the Angels, 


**meanwhile thanks to all - so good sharing with you...thanks hey? much appreciated for your messages back...




United States


Antigua & Barbuda



Love connecting with you all.  Means a lot. Shining blessings. 

Friday, February 11, 2022

Right....Valentine's Day....hmmm ANGEL PERSPECTIVE? please


okay so here's the thing...it may (or may not) be Angel perspective...I do not know whether they are affecting my 'perception' of this holiday. IF THEY ARE then they have been doing this my entire life 

Is it a good holiday? OF COURSE. Do I celebrate it ...no. 

I get it...it's just that ... Valentine's Day many times makes many people feel poorly. Including me... For many reasons. 

And so....this is why on Valentines day .... I choose to and my husband and (some)friends choose to...simply NOT ACKNOWLEDGE the 'holiday' 

 and instead do what we do EVERY DAY ....

JUST 'have a day' and be your BEST SELF. 

know that my HEART IS WITH YOU. so is my husbands...just send your heart out to others....

but this is CERTAINLY not limited to Valentines day - geez Louise. 

Ya with me? TO ME....THIS IS WHAT THIS DAY is to us and FOR us and THROUGH US TOGETHER

LOVE AND BE your Best Self, 

That's what we do and this is how we celebrate,  (in my house...for YEARS!!!!) 

**no flowers, no chocolate, no red, no pink (what??!!), no white...JUST CELEBRATE YOU and ALL THOSE YOU love and Have A Laugh.  

C'MON!!!! We CAN CHERISH our flowers and chocolate and friends and still have Angels with us HOWEVER if we choose to not do this or have this then....our ANGELS (my Angels yay!) are still sending hugs....feeling it! 

***Geez... I tried to 'cut this out'  of this blog....but I see it's still here as I am having a last look and editing so ..ok...I get it... I divulge.  

 For a number of  years,  John A and I held 'We don't like VALENTINES DAY' dinner parties.  We welcomed old friends and shared some stories....YOU with me? 

 Anyway, as I continue to divulge (and there are a number of people that can attest) in past years guests were not allowed to wear red or pink, no flowers allowed and no chocolate would be tolerated....at the dinner parties lol.  You think I'm kidding hey? 

Nah! I'm for real...THIS HOLIDAY is and always has been about LOVING your Self and your Friends AROUND you...without all the red, pink and hearts. AND I HAVE the past dinner parties to prove it...so (apparently) does John A. 

IT'S JUST THAT we need to love and BE LOVED EVERY day and We Are. 


Valentine's Day?

Not for me. 

Guess WHO is FOR ME...and you? ......you got it. 

Your Angels...

and ME.  

Sending Angel Hugs K? Feel it?  

I know I do, 

Love you all


Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Are you a healer? Can you feel the Light?

 Here IS the thing....when the Angels are working with you then YOU CAN share their LIGHT with others. 

This happens in many different ways.  Sometimes through our words, our Actions and sometimes through SHARING our HEALING Energy through our Secondary Palm Chakras...our hands.  

Sharing a kind word is powerful however when we GIVE to others thru the power of a hug...a hand on the shoulder....a hand that is held...THIS IS ANGEL HEALING.  

We can KICK IT UP A NOTCH tho hey?   If a Healing Modality resonates with you ( for me it's Usui Reiki)  but there is a lot of others (and to be honest the power of Positive thought and also pulling in prayers are also HUGE DEALS for me)

The thing is ....what can we do? 

WHEN YOU PLACE YOUR Palm Chakras on each of the 7 Major Chakras.... (*Check out my YouTube video...what are Chakras?  click here ) for your Self and for OTHERS....THEN this is healing.  

Why? Well, your Energy is being shared with others. FIRST of all you need to ensure that your own Energy is strong enough so that you are ABLE to share....sometimes if we are being 'taxed Energetically' (*it literally is like have gas in the tank of the car) then we don't have enough always to share with others. ..

but that's for another day.  TODAY is about....KNOWING ALL of this and feeling the Energy in your Hands. 

Take a few deep breaths in and out. Rub your hands together and continue to focus on your breath. Place your hands on either side of your head over your ears.   BREATHE.  

**simply but effective...stay with me here okay? give it a try....I do this exercise nightly, yes.  

ALLOW THE ENERGY OF your Self together with your Angels to DRAW OUT! the Busy thoughts and any Negative Energy - (As I always say the 4 Big Energy Blockers - Fear, Doubt, Worry and Guilt...your Own or other peoples that you may have absorbed)....

Spend 3 minutes doing this and FEELING this release....KEEP BREATHING deeply k? 

Anyway FEEL THE MAGIC of the healing power of your own hands...your Palm Chakras. 

See it, Feel it, Share it. 

Love you all and so do your Angels, 


Monday, February 7, 2022

ohhh....KAY! THIS ROAD SIGN is NOT ok. **just the 'middle part' is true...


Quick message here. 

As long as your Angels are working with you, thru you and for you....then 

you don't know what GIVE UP looks like.  

You don't have that in your vernacular.  YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. 

Neither do your Angels. Good,  

Okay....ON TO the Second message.  TRY AGAIN...Yeah we got this all day long. Every day...all day long. EVERY DAY.....JUST KEEP GOING. *I am happy here. 

got it. 

as far as 'choosing wisely'?? HILARIOUS from an Angel perspective!! 

C''mon.....all we can do is STAY IN MOMENT, stay in our Integrity and ....ok hold on....

this is what it means doesn't it...it's actually simple ....speak simply and ask that others do as well.  

this is what CHOOSING WISELY means ...ok.

wow. so good. 

love you all and so do your Angels.


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Friday, February 4, 2022

One step at a time...as you go...look for people who also 'find the funny'

 Can you bear with me for a sec?  

What I keep hearing in my head is 'this the the best of times as well as the worst of times' (harkening back to Charles Dickens echoing within me)

The THING IS ....we need to have a Laugh...which is why this picture caught my attention....

is BECAUSE THEIR ATTENTION is ALL ABOUT....having a laugh. 

THIS is very important. THIS is of UtMOST Importance. This is THE POINT. 

IF WE have learned nothing else in life (ESPECIALLY in the last 2 years) is that things can and WILL change.  

*Our Ancestors would BEG TO DIFFER...THIS has always been the case.  And as far as I know in MANY SHOES and MANY FOOTPRINTS along the way....they have always 'FOUND the Funny'....

anyway....they have always found their way....with good people around them. 

One step at a time...as you go...look for people who also 'find the funny'...it makes the pathway 'smoother'...EITHER WAY?  ...

YOU're on your WAY. 

Love you all and so do your Angels,