Friday, September 18, 2015

It's not about 'BEING RIGHT'

It's not.  IT IS NOT about BEING RIGHT.

In certain situations with certain life in general it can certainly SEEM like it is the most important thing in a conversation/argument/debate. But it isn't.

After a heated 'discussion' it may seem like EVERYTHING is on the line for YOUR point to be heard, to be understood and to counteract what is being 'flung' your 'fling-ing it' back.
But it isn't.

It is ALMOST NEVER 'about' what is being said....and it is NEVER (100%) about BEING right.

It is ALWAYS......A-L-W-A-Y-S......about DOING RIGHT.

ACTIONS count.

Ok, so here is the tricky part.  Sometimes it is about what you are DO-ing for others and sometimes it is what you are DO-ing for your Self....many times (many, many MANY times!) it's a balance of both of these things.

We can make it complicated or we can make it difficult...but when you are ACTIVELY asking your Angels, Guides and Higher Self for help with this...this 'balance' can be quite simple.

Stand up for your Self, give EFFUSIVE-ly to others and show ALL of this through your ACTIONS.

The rest....ALL THE REST...takes care of itself.  TRY IT!
100% guaranteed!

Connect with the Angels for yourself and others, Develop your Intuition and more

Monday, September 7, 2015

New! Spiritual Development Circle

I welcome each of you to this new circle however for those who are not able to attend 
I will be posting a Youtube video each month featuring highlights 

I also welcome you to SUBSCRIBE to my channel so that you will be automatically notified of each Spiritual Development video.  It's going to be a powerful year!