Monday, October 24, 2016

Does Reiki work?

Does Reiki Work?
I myself have been undergoing Reiki treatments for the past four years with Stacey MacDonald. Stacey asked me to share my personal experiences with Reiki , why I believe it works and for those of you who are considering Reiki as an adjunct therapy offer you some scientific evidence of its efficacy.
In the realm of Western medicine, Reike at best is perceived as an optional, adjunct therapy to treatment. This is largely due to the fact that much of Reike’s efficacy is based on of anecdotal testimonies. Research is often geared to quantify that which is measurable, objective and controlled, and so actual studies to demonstrate Reiki’s effectiveness in healing are limited. However in one scientific study, hospitalized clients who received Reiki demonstrated a decrease in blood pressure, and in a second study hospitalized clients demonstrated an increase in hemoglobin – oxygen binds to hemoglobin where it is then carried throughout the body nourishing every cell and vital organ - after receiving Reiki treatments. Now, interestingly I can attest to the ladder study. Having undergone surgery to remove a large cyst on my ovary, pre-operative bloodwork showed my hemoglobin to be at the higher end of the normal range. I remember this well, because the gynaecologist seemed surprised as she shared this information with me just before putting me under.
 In a third study,  Reike sessions were provided as an adjunct therapy for oncology patients being treated with  chemo and radiation therapy. These patients reported a decrease in cancer related pain, improved sleep, increased mobility, enhanced self-perception, feelings of empowerment, and diminished fears of dying.
            So, in short Reiki does work, and you don’t need to believe in it to benefit from its healing effects. It does not hurt, it is not invasive and it is certainly not contraindicated to any form of Western medical treatment, and can be done concurrently with any treatment that you may be receiving.

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