Monday, September 19, 2022

THIS Life path....OTHER *past Life paths....huh. there is a record...and a path? for us...ok

  Thing is...EVERYTHING we are doing each and every single day is written in our SOUL book in the Akashic Records.  Thing's also written indelibly in our minds (and Soul Self...our Hara.)

 It's good. 

It's good because the folks I have been fortunate enough to connect with  over the years... KNOW this. and recognize their INNER compass.  They RESONATE with the decisions that they make on the daily. 


...the Angels are and have been 'collecting information' on us since the beginning of Time.  *as we know it. It's just different because they are keeping RECORD of all of the things that we have done Right. 

*typically our memory (lower SElf when our own Life Force Energy is low....*Fear, Doubt, Worry Guilt creep in...that's another blog post stay tuned) ANYWAY LOWER self/memory will remind us of the things that we didn't 'do right'. 

It's all good.  It's all written down.  

They GOT YOU. TRUST your compass. your direction. your internal direction. yes or no...huh....It's just about UNderstanding that this is a

There is no right or wrong AS LONG as you are aware of your Angel Compass.  

KNOW that ALL of your good deeds are written down (feel it and read that often...c'mon. feel it) and also that your Angels are guiding you forward. every step. every day. 

Love you all.  

SO DOES your Soul Self. huh. You know what? you are 'older' than you think.  

feel THAT. 

love you and and so do your do your Akashic Records and Soul Self, 

Feel the INNER compass, 


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