Thursday, December 13, 2018

ENERGY PIE...who are you giving your 'pieces of pie' to?

Ok. So, here this my dear friends!

EACH and EVERY day WE RECEIVE a 'full pie'....of Energy that is. We RECEIVE this 'pie' in order to DO ALL THE THINGS that we need to do each day; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually (thank you Angels!)

MANY of you are wondering WHERE do I find the Energy in order to; ACHIEVE my dreams and goals, meet the expectations that are made of me (work/family), meet MY OWN expectations (where did I GO? ) ...and simply, day to day life can EAT UP 'the pie' of Energy and Effort that we are gifted with each day...

PLEASE DO UNDERSTAND that Each and EVERY morning we are GIFTED with A FULL AMOUNT OF ENERGY in order to accomplish many things throughout our day. My Angels have always shown this to me as a 'Pie'. **We need to give out ALL THE PIECES OF PIE by the end of the day...but we ALSO need to HAVE A PIECE OF PIE our Self.

Sometimes (and depending where you are at....) we are so INTENT AND get so involved with Daily needs and Reactions (and these can be we 100% warranted...all good my friends) however once we look to have a 'piece of pie' our Self? gah...what? ...

....sometimes leaving NO PIECE OF PIE for us to enJOY at the end of the day. uh....kay...... and...our ...Energy....wanes and gone.

SO!! Please recognize that this is an 'Energy Thing'...(not a 'you thing' and not a 'this is my life' thing). I do encourage you (and so do your Angels) to REARRANGE YOUR SERVING PATTERN. INSTEAD of every morning, aft and evening out pieces of your 'Energy Pie'...might you like to sit every morning and SERVE the FIRST PIECE OF PIE with YOUR morning tea ... AND enjoy it!!

WE ARE looking to bring in 2019 with a BOLD MESSAGE of serving others while ensuring that FIRST we are STRENGTHENING OUR SELVES on all levels; emotionally, mentally, physically and that OVERALL we can be of service and help to others in all places from a place of strength!

Tomorrow morning and every morning! EnJOY your morning meditation, your tea and your FIRST PIECE OF PIE! (*this gives you the Energetic Strength to MAKE ANOTHER PIE!! for this not only are YOU getting stronger....EVERYONE AROUND YOU ALSO BENEFITS! *double time!!)

...and THIS my the point. Love you all and shining all good things out to you, your circle AND 'YOUR PIE' !! LOL.

SHINE on brightly my friends. Love y'all, Stacey 😍🙏😇😘🙏

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Taking a TIME OUT!

Sometime we just have to take a 'time out'. 

Let's face can be tough sometimes.  Every one has their story and are doing the 'dog and pony show' of life every single day.  
Some days everything is ALL GOOD and couldn't be better...and then there are the 'other' days when life seems just a little (or a lot!) daunting. 

Grief, angst, fear, doubt, worry, disappointment, anxiety, betrayal, vulnerability can ALL CREEP IN and usually when we are least expecting it.  Yes, it happens to all of different capacities and in different levels...however we can all relate. 
WHEN THIS HAPPENS (not IF! but when), then it can really help to spend time REFLECTING in Nature.  

Take a time out and make sure you do so OUTSIDE. Get out there and spend time doing whatever you want to do....or simply nothing...JUST BE OUTSIDE and let the magic of Nature do its work to CLEAR OFF THE OLD STUFF....the old ways of thinking and the 'down side' of Energies.  

BREATHE!! and as you do so ACCEPT IN NEW ENERGIES such as hope and faith and love and self-respect and self-esteem and belief and trust in the future...YOUR FUTURE.  
It's all good my friends...just keep taking those TIME OUTS! 
**It gives your Angels a perfect WELCOME MAT to ring your doorbell. 
Love y'all, 

Thursday, December 6, 2018

How do we MOVE FORWARD?!!!

Here's the THING!!!
WE HAVE ALL done stuff, said stuff....not done stuff and not done stuff... that we coulda, shoulda, woulda done.... in THIS LIFE and in past lives...but now???

We CAN AFFIRM that we are FREE TO
GIVE, LOVE AND RECEIVE...with a clear heart and mind not only NOW but also in 2019 and ongoing.
Love y'all my friends....Shine on.
**Affirm this daily in order to RELEASE any and all Past Life Karma!
Stacey 💕😇💕

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Goals and Dreams for 2019...Let's ask our Angels!

WHAT ARE you doing today to make sure that YOUR GOALS AND DREAMS BECOME YOUR REALITY?

THIS is a BOLD time. We are feeling our Solar Plexus Chakra ignite at this time and this is bringing us CONFIDENCE!
Also, this brings our ability to increase our Self Esteem and most importantly at this time our PRIORITIZATION SKILLS and MOTIVATION!
our determination and perseverance to be able to CONNECT with our dreams and GOALS and TO BE ABLE TO TAKE THE LITTLE STEPS EACH DAY (break it down!!! the 'to do' list as the WHOLE LIST can be overwhelming) order to get to our GOAL.

Here's the thing HAVE TO COMMIT to DOING the action step(s) that you set out for your Self get you to the 'next step and then the NEXT STEP and then the NEXT NEXT STEP'.
WHAT ARE you doing today to make sure that YOUR GOALS AND DREAMS BECOME YOUR REALITY?
KNOW!!!!! That your Angels and Guides are working with you POWERFULLY RIGHT NOW to increase your CONFIDENCE!

You are on your way dear friend and powerful Soul!
Love y'all,
Stacey 😇💕😘🙏😇