Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MAGIC MOON Chakra Cleanse & Energy BOOST!

So here we are!  One day to prepare for our MAGIC MOON tomorrow evening! While some have you have heard me (and heard me and heard me! haha!) go on about the Cleansing effect of a Full Moon, you might have also heard (if you were paying attention!)  that some Moons are more powerful than others and your ENERGY will tell you if THIS one is a powerful one FOR YOU.
It is, for many.  It is, for me.
THIS MAGIC MOON will most definitely create a platform for future endeavours. Period.
IF this Moon is calling your name, then you are in a PRIME POSITION to simply list the things that are in your life now that you feel are BAGGAGE. They weigh you down.  These 'things' can be thought patterns, relationships, plans for future, memories of past, current careers, past perceptions etc.  
You are READY to step forward and into your position of Power.

*It is interesting that WHEN you totally and completely feel like you are TRULY stepping forward into 'your position of Power' this ALSO comes with a like and equal feeling of stepping forward into 'your position of Acceptance and Surrender'.   This is another example of the 'teeter-totter' that I often speak of....this is how we keep our BALANCE. This is how we STAY connected to our Divine guidance/Higher Self and also how we STAY grounded in the physical plane.  If this is YOUR TIME to move forward, then you KNOW what I am speaking of. 

Action steps!

  • Write down anything which you feel is weighing you down/blocking your ability to move forward.  This list is 'For your Eyes Only' so feel free to write in long form, short hand, bullet point etc. You can be as detailed or as vague as you like - your Higher Self knows what you need to be rid of in your current Life Path and this list is only your physical/emotional Self acknowledging that you HEAR your Higher Self guiding your forward positively. Write and write and write. 
  • Tomorrow evening (or whenever your Full Moon is happening in your area of our beautiful World, for some it is just beginning) connect with your Moon.  Some people choose to spend the evening meditating, others like to get together with some friends and spend the evening in discussion - for me, I choose to make my cup of tea and spend time outside looking up at my Full Moon and feeling its cleansing moon rays washing down over me as I reflect and welcome positive change and powerful cleansing into my Energy.  I am very aware that the list I have made is now being addressed energetically, I have handed over my list of baggage and obstacles to the cleansing power of the Full moon and now - I am free.    I am free to move forward - in the moment.  My Self is totally clear and clean on every level. 
  • At this point, you may choose to discard your list of points. Some choose to shred their list, others choose to burn it in a fireplace or outdoors while still others like to draw lines through each point (as if on a to-do list  (DONE!) and then file it in a 'Thank you' file.  You will KNOW what you are drawn to do. 
I wish you well during this MAGIC MOON phase!  and send blessings to each and every one of you for a powerful pathway forward!

Stacey MacDonald - Intuitive Life Guide, Energy Healer, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Reiki Master/Teacher  RT-CRA

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Abundance from our Angels

As we find our Selves coasting down the river of Life.....sometimes we come to a 'resting point'....generally when we least expect it and although VERY welcome, it is difficult sometimes to TRUST this moment....sometimes (usually as of late) this river can be a struggle and yet - at this moment, it is quite calm, restful.....why?
When we find our Selves in a COMPLETELY different set of circumstances our first reaction can be that of distrust - we feel we need to REGROUP, re-assess....why?  Because we are NOT struggling....and THIS is ((new)).
New is not necessarily bad.  New can be good.
TRUST if NEW is in your path TODAY.
You are ALLOWED to have NEW and WELCOME circumstance arrive in your Life Path....TODAY.
I WISH that for you and I WELCOME that for you.
Trust the NEW.
YOUR Angels WISH you to be ABUNDANT.
Sending Angels & Abundance your way today - Feel the waterfall of Abundance flowing your way!

Stacey MacDonald - Intuitive Life Guide, Energy Healer, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Reiki Master/Teacher  RT-CRA

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Angel Questions

When 'Life feels STUCK' - start asking questions! Start with a piece of paper and write down questions you have within your Self, questions about your current situation...then answer the ones you can - be HONEST! Recognize which questions you have to ask of others ... and then do so! Keep going! Now you are getting somewhere! Leave the questions that are still outstanding...for your Angels and Guides to answer. They will. You have written them down and therefore acknowledged that there are questions - you NEED answers to. Ask your Angels...."Ask & Release" :)... Let them GO and KNOW that the answers will come to you in the most unexpected and timely way - Trust.
Ask your questions today! Get some answers and GET MOVING! Forward! :D

Stacey MacDonald - Intuitive Life Guide, Energy Healer, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Reiki Master/Teacher  RT-CRA

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I needed to SUPER SIZE this photo!! Why?  Because Tulips are my very, very, very favourite flower.  Even though people advised me against it, Tulips were the flowers we all carried at my very beautiful wedding 19 years ago - they said "Tulips will not last the day, they will wilt".   They did not. They were marvellous. 

And so are you! and SO IS TODAY as THIS is the Spring equinox and AT THIS TIME, we need to be aware of ;

"The THREE C'S"  

1. CHANGE. Set your intention and be very sure of this intention. You WANT change in some areas of your life and 'by gum' YOU CAN HAVE IT!

2.  CLEANSE.  Figure it out - this is not hard.  Cleanse your thoughts, cleanse your diet, cleanse your schedule of appointments that drain you and relationships that hold you back,  clean up your speech -PARTICULARLY that voice that talks to you and tells you that you are not good enough! A little windex and a paper towel applied to this kneejerk reaction that has you feeling so low will have you feeling on top of the world in no time - CLEAN IT UP!

3. CLEAR your clutter.  Be RUTHLESS when you are clearing out physical clutter in your home and/or work space. Focus on one area at a time and PURGE.  As you do so, the 'trickle down' is a feeling of calm and provides an organized and structured foundation for moving forward....

Embrace your Three C's and STEP FORWARD into your Spring!

Stacey MacDonald - Intuitive Life Guide, Energy Healer, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Reiki Master/Teacher  RT-CRA

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Anti-Age Me

I am very pleased to have been able to contribute to this wonderful new site which features a documentary that is entertaining and ENLIGHTENING to how we can all increase our health, our wellness, our vitality.  Our very own Toronto based filmmaker, martial arts practitioner, producer and more.....seeks for us 'The fountain of Youth'.  Click the link to read my blog post as well as finding out more about  Steven J. Wong and his revolutionary documentary.  Read on to explore blog postings from other experts in the field of health, wellness and Life force energy from other team members at The Clarity Centre, Oakville.

Please click the link following;   Feel better, Look better, BE better 

Stacey MacDonald - Intuitive Life Guide, Energy Healer, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Reiki Master/Teacher  RT-CRA

Monday, March 18, 2013

Angel Meditation

Tuesday March 19   7-9pm   $25

I invite you to join me tomorrow evening for an Angel Meditation Evening at The Clarity Centre, Oakville.  Connect with each of the 15 major Archangels and hear the messages they have for us at this time. Learn how to connect with the Angels and develop your own intuition through practical exercises afterwards.  Feel free to bring any Angel questions you might have. I look forward to seeing you!     $25 

Stacey MacDonald - Intuitive Life Guide, Energy Healer, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Reiki Master/Teacher  RT-CRA

Saturday, March 16, 2013


All around you lies opportunity. Big, small, unexpected, expected (Finally!!) - in whatever form it takes, you can be assured - it is there.
Sometimes there are signs that it is just within your grasp, sometimes you feel that it is around you very, very close at hand and yet? and yet??  Your inspiration to head in a certain direction?  .... is simply reading a 'dial tone'.  Nothing.
or not?
No, there IS something.  Some thing telling you that you are nearly there. Some thing telling you to not give up. Some thing urging you to KEEP FOLLOWING THE BREAD CRUMBS.  (Who wants a bread crumb? NO ONE!)  However one bread crumb leads you to the next and then the next and then - before you know it, you look up from your basket of bread crumbs and you are staring FULL ON at an open door.  and MAN!! THAT VIEW is FANTASTIC.
An open vista is awaiting you.
That 'some thing' that is urging you forward, telling you to 'keep your chin up', FORCING you to continue to explore new avenues, to GET OUT THERE, to open your mind to the possibility that you are being guided and to have faith in the direction that you are being led.....that 'some thing' is... your Angels.  Archangel Haniel will help you to uncover hidden talents within your Self as you go along this path and Archangel Ariel will continue to force you out of your comfort zone at times in order to find out more about your Self and find new circles of people who share your point of view, people that you can learn from and people that can learn FROM you.

Meanwhile, those bread crumbs we were talking about?  They can be lightly seasoned, toasted and will be quite enjoyable added to a Caesar salad this afternoon!
Keep going - PERSEVERE!  and enJOY collecting your bread crumbs :D
Bon Appetit.

Stacey MacDonald - Intuitive Life Guide, Energy Healer, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Reiki Master/Teacher  RT-CRA

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Computer Heaven!

So, I do talk quite often about taking a RETREAT DAY from our 'screens' (phones, laptops, ipads etc) and how REFRESHING this can be, how it can really DIAL BACK YOUR STRESS in that you are able to spend time SIMPLY in your own energy and truly BE in the moment without all the 'busybusy' to clutter up our thoughts and actions....
However !  and this is BIG!
WHEN you find that your computer is not 'feeling very well' and has to go in the shop for a few days .... gulp....it is an entirely different matter!   The LOOK that the computer gurus gave me when I asked in a wavering voice what time visiting hours were......well, I'll never forget it!!  :)

The DIFFERENCE here is between making a CONSCIOUS DECISION not to do something and BEING TOLD you are not allowed to do something.  Yikes.
With a conscious decision there is a feeling of freedom, personal satisfaction and all round feeling of being grounded and within our own power.  With the other, the opposite - we are restricted IN EVERY WAY.

Make sure that as you go forward you are surrounding your Self in situations where you are ALLOWED to and EXPECTED to and RESPECTED FOR making conscious decisions for your greater good and those around you.   Ask your Angels to help you with this and ALLOW them (through your request for help) to bring just such situations, people and relationships TO YOU.
....and also trustworthy laptops and if necessary, speedy computer gurus!...
Typing to you from COMPUTER HEAVEN!  SO GOOD TO BE BACK!! haha!!

Have a wonderful day :D

Stacey MacDonald - Intuitive Life Guide, Energy Healer, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Reiki Master/Teacher  RT-CRA

Saturday, March 2, 2013

STAND UP STRAIGHT! This is your mother speaking!

Do I sound like your mother?  That's ok, she knows what is best for you .... and so do you.  Now.   STAND UP STRAIGHT.
That's me as you are standing there, sneaking up behind you and WHAMMO!  Feel my knuckle digging in between your shoulder blades!  I am encouraging you gently (or not so gently as it happens) to GET THOSE SHOULDERS BACK!  and S - T - R - E - T - C - H  upwards as you take a deep cleansing breath ALL THE WAY IN, extend your neck and FEEL as if the crown of your head is attached to one light helium balloon which is lifting you ever so gently, UP!
You just grew 2 inches.  Nice.
Physically, yes you actually look better - more confident, more your SELF and ready to 'meet and greet' the WORLD!
Mentally and emotionally, you feel.....THE SAME!
huh, ok - so far this is really, really great.
Spiritually and energetically, you have aligned all of your chakras so YOUR ENERGY MOVES MORE EFFECTIVELY IN YOUR BODY. You have created an optimal energy highway for your energy to move, strengthen and increase exponentially.
So, take a deep breath, THROW THOSE SHOULDERS BACK and get ready to TAKE ON THE WORLD!

Stacey MacDonald - Intuitive Life Guide, Energy Healer, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Reiki Master/Teacher  RT-CRA

Friday, March 1, 2013

666 - Angel number?

Do you think so?  YES!  You betcha!  This is a very strong ANGEL NUMBER that instructs us IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS to 'get our EYES UP' and focus on our higher plane!
Do we really want that vacation in the sun or do we want to spend more relax time with our family?
Do we really want a new house or do we want a fresh start with a clean energy slate?
Do we really want a new outfit or do we actually want to feel better about our physical and emotional Self?

Let's TURN our perspective FROM things we THINK WE WANT/NEED
TO things that we ACTUALLY WANT/NEED.

We live in a physical world and a material world and so this is an easy place 'for us to go' when we feel lacking or in need of some support, a lift, a break.  
Shifting our perspective to a higher plane we are able to equate this to an ACTUAL need or want to FEEL better, more secure, connected to our Higher selves and Source, to feel safe and secure, comforted, loved, nurtured and appreciated.  Turn your perspective to your FEELINGS OF WELLNESS instead of material gain.  See and feel your own wellness increase dramatically (and as a result of your increased energy vibration you WILL as a result increase your material gain.....but SHHHHH! that is not the lesson for today!!!  haha!)
Focus on spiritual and emotional wellness - yours and others - 666 - the best kept ANGEL SECRET going!
Shine on!

Angel wishes!

Star Light 
Star bright 
first star I see tonight
I wish I may
I wish I might
have the wish I wish tonight

Sending Angel wishes to you as you look to your night sky this evening.  Allow their magic and Light to guide you to a wish that TRULY connects with you and your Life path.  Not what you SHOULD want, not what society TELLS YOU you should want, not what your NEIGHBOUR has and not what you think you want because you have always wanted it and so you still do....or do you?   
What do you want NOW?  How do you want to FEEL?  
I wish for you joy, peace, contentment, satisfaction, laughter and love.  
Join me tonight under the stars to make your Angel wishes.

Stacey MacDonald - Intuitive Life Guide, Energy Healer, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Reiki Master/Teacher  RT-CRA