Friday, March 30, 2012


Whaddaya made of STONE??  LIGHTEN UP!!!  C'mon Mrs (or Mr.) "Thinks-too-much"!!!
Right, we are talking about "The Art of DETACHING"
Yes, it is an art - a lost art these days - but an art just the same and certainly one worth EMBRACING.
You truly want to "Embrace the day"? then you must truly want to "Detach".
So let's do it.
**For novice 'detachers' please keep in mind that the following list is for the  advanced 'detachers' in our group and when first embarking on the journey (YES, THIS IS A JOURNEY LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE!! ;) please approach the items listed on a limited basis, growing slowly and steadily towards full capacity;
1. turn off cell phone (hit the ground running I always say!)
2. step away from computer
3. turn off tv/radio
4. unplug house phone (if you still own one)
5. leave car in driveway, making use of bike (with basket if you have one :) to fetch items from corner store, mom coffee mornings, short trips to work,  kids from school when possible etc.
6. laugh, smile, beam, chuckle
7. tell a joke so others around you can laugh, smile, beam, chuckle
8. take a nap
9. gaze off into space ... for a long long has it been?.....who cares......
10. remind your Self (easier if you are around children at the time as they have PERFECTED this point!!) to enJOY the moment, the present moment. Be there. Live there. Sit there. Breathe there. Breathe into your present moment. PRESENT moment. Detach from forward and back moments and stay in present moment.

Beautiful. Well done.
Keep shining!!

Embrace the Day!

Coming from a complete sense of wonder and awe we are today as we set out across the field and throw our arms up to the sky and embrace the day. Truly embracing the day means to let go of any expectations, wishes for outcomes to happen your way in your time, judgements on any people, places or things, reliving memories from the past, analyzing and overthinking what may or may not happen in the future....
let it go. trust. believe. Play a silent and appreciative observer today as you watch how things 'play out' around you and simply BE. Be IN this day.Be in THIS day.
Shining into OUR DAY I wish you Angel Blessings ALL day long :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Holy Cow!! Living on the EDGE!!

Where would you RATHER stand????
Are you REALLY getting back in the car??!!
wow. you say. this is amazing. ! What a view. spectacular. awesome even. breathtaking. mind blowing....OK, HAD ENOUGH   WHEW !! HEAD RUSH! SHUT IT DOWN!
can't stand the JOY factor? can't stand the pressure to meet it head on? don't feel you DESERVE IT? don't know how to ACCEPT a full plate? (are you so used to serving a 'full plate' you forget where your fork is when someone hands you one??) maybe all or maybe none of these however, you are JUST NOT COMFORTABLE OUT THERE and so.....back to the car....

but, back in the car is boring. uneventful, sad. lacking. unfulfilled. confusing. depressing. frustrated.

what then.  ?   !
what would you like????????
you know? This happens to the BEST of us and by that, I mean that this happens to us only when we are at our BEST. Everyone gets to be at 'their best' at some point, most of us are lucky and fortunate to be at our BEST sporadically and also regularly :) 
Sometimes we are sitting in the car. It stinks, it's hot (SOMEBODY ROLL DOWN A WINDOW!! I AM SUFFOCATING IN HERE!!) I can't see, ARE WE THERE YET?! (someone had to say it! :) 
and sometimes, we are just 'out there'
don't know what is next, don't see who is beside us (Holy cow - are we alone? well, sobeit and not for long!! buck up) but here we are......out here.....
enJOYing this incredible view in a place we thought we could never be at, would never dream we would reach and being in a place of complete awe.....
is it where we THOUGHT we would be? is it where we even WANTED to be? where we ASKED to be?
and inasmuch as we thought we would never be HERE????
we ARE here. and
we wait with anticipation the step THAT WE WILL BE SHOWN next....
we enJOY the view.
Thank you as always for shining on MY view today!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


THAT would be your SPRING alarm clock going off people - letting you know ....
dingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingding (annoying but effective) it is TRANSITION TIME. Transformation. Renewal. Rebirth. New thinking. Clearing of clutter. Mental and PHYSICAL growth.
This guy is in total character for me .... to illustrate my point.... this is US during the winter months.....kicking back, in repose, KNOWING we should, could and would be doing a little more for our mind, body, spirit.....but.....there is always tomorrow ...ahhhhhhhh.....
which brings me to my next point.....

oh yes, it's our friend Kermit doing his representation of how to get in tune with himSelf, get ready for summer, kickstart that sense of Self, recharge his life force energy, PERFECT his 'Downward Dog' (and THOSE HEELS ARE DOWN Kermit - well done!!) We will see how I will do during my own ~
21 DAY CHALLENGE at the Clarity Centre!
....this is a Challenge being offered to challenge us ALL
to 'LIGHT it up" for Spring!!
21 DAYS OF YOGA....FOR $21. 
Accept this challenge people.
Accept this GIFT from The Clarity Centre in Oakville.  
I, myself am quite 'green' at Yoga.
I admit it....
and just like Kermit....'it isn't easy being green'  :) 
BUT I am going for this and would be QUITE happy with company......
Accept YOUR gift for Spring Transformation and Renewal  -  click the link for details and I will SEE you there!! :)
Keep shining all!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Become an Angel Light Certified Practitioner

Angel Light Certified Practitioner (ALCP)
Learn how to do an Angel Reading for yourself and others!
In this intensive one day course,
·         gain an in-depth knowledge  and understanding of each of the 15 main Archangels
·         learn how to connect with them to facilitate messages for yourself and others
·         work with Archangel Michael to clear negative energy to assist with Life Path
·         learn how the Angels communicate with you through numbers, colours & crystals
·         develop your intuition through practical exercises
·         understand how to interpret Angel messages and guidance
·         experience practical hands-on Angel card readings for yourself and others

course timeframe 5hr
course fee $245
ALCP manual incl.
All participants receive an Angel Light Practitioner certificate.

This workshop is being held locally at The Clarity Centre, and via Skype for those farther afield - please contact me to register - I look forward to connecting with you and your Angel Team!
Stacey MacDonald is a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner offering Angel Readings and Angel Courses and workshops.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

How do YOU see your SELF??!!

Oh yes....perception IS EVERYTHING people. 
or is it?
How do you view your version of the world. Yes, I said YOUR VERSION.
How do you view your version of your Self.  (ditto above)
How do you view your version of your relationships, your career, your amount of spare time, your passions, your ..... everything?
What is the spin you put on things? and how does this change from day to day, week by week.....minute by minute?
We can do this by learning and TRAINING ourselves to DETACH from same. This can be a very useful growth process and transformational tool - this 'detaching'.
You see, instead of thinking about what to say, how to say it, how will you be perceived, imageimageimage, spin, polish, best foot forward, analyze, judge to a certain degree, BE analyzed, BE judged (and the repercussions emotionally of same) etcetcetc. 
We can simply BE.
We can simply DO.
We can simply GO.
and be of service to ourselves and to others.
Shine into detachment today - play the observer in situations, relationships, your role in happenings around you.....detach from previous perceptions and simply enjoy the clarity of the moment.
Shining on you today as always :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Connect to your Angels with ALL levels of YOU!

When you connect to your Angels, when you reach for their connection, their guidance, their comfort.....bear in mind all the 'levels of you' that are reaching out.
 'Little you', your inner child - is you.....
'Big you', adult, responsible you  - is you.....
each of 'you' are reaching out, looking to connect, to gain some attention, some knowledge, some compassion, some understanding, some direction.

When you refer to yourself in stories (either out loud or in your head) don't say, 'when I was little', 'as I was growing up', 'I used to be carefree/outgoing/shy/a jokester/'.....
YOU are STILL little, growing up, carefree,outgoing etc. AND you are STILL growing, learning, gaining!
While 'Big you'  may sometimes be 'withdrawn/courageous/nervous/an excellent public speaker...etcetcetc' 
YOU are ALWAYS all of these things -  you HAVE BEEN all of these things your whole life and

while you may have turned the key in the door recently to one of those skills -


The fact that you just realized it now.....makes it a 'new skill' for you however the KNOWLEDGE has been yours the whole time. Your Higher Self just told you where to go and how to 'unlock that door'.  And just as your 'little you' has already opened SO many doors already, COUNTLESS. There are just as many to open now and in the future - trust that.
Your 'little you' is really really good at unlocking doors.
Your 'big you' needs to take a page out of that book and follow curiousity around the corner, lift up rocks just to look under them, play hide and seek, ride bikes until the sun goes down, take every opportunity.....just because.
Because why? (little you asks)
Because you never know what will be shining out at you.

Stacey MacDonald is an Angel Therapy Practitioner-Intuitive guidance & Angel Readings in the GTA

Phone, email and Skype readings are also available for those across the country or overseas, contact me to arrange an appointment  - I look forward to connecting with you :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What does YOUR 'Right ' look like?

And so as we look out into the garden and drink in the rainbow of colour, light and fragrance that is springtime.....we feel a beginning within us.  A start. Something stirring that we haven't felt in a long time...ever? 
This time of year is unlike any other in that we are ALL at a time now where we are getting a clearer vision of our Self, our relationships - a clearer understanding of what 'right' looks like, for US, for ME.
What does RIGHT look like?
Things are RIGHT in my world when I can breathe deeply and easily, my brow is relaxed, my shoulders are loose, I step outside and the first thing I notice is how 'fresh' the day is, I wake up not rattling off my to-do list but looking forward to the first of a few engagements I have with my Self and others today, I smile as I greet my family, I gaze contentedly out a window and give thanks, I am able to phone a friend to 'catch up', I make time for my Self to 'go with the flow'.
This beginning, stirring, inner insistence within that guides us, urges us to follow our hearts, FOLLOW and LISTEN to inner guidance that makes the day better for us, better for others, easier, happier, more joyful, simpler.... new.  The constancy of this .... is new.  
and in its 'newness'.....very, VERY good.
Enjoy your beginning....revel in the 'newness'......
Keep shining!

Monday, March 19, 2012


Yes it's a SURPRISE for you!! It's YOUR SURPRISE!! Never thought it would happen for you? Well, it did. It has. It HAS happened for you - and it has happened today. 
TODAY!!!  :)
ENJOY it. Totally lose your Self in the moment of RECEIVING your surprise today. It has been well thought out, planned (for your lifetime actually) right down to the last detail, micromanaged to custom fit all of your expectations......
You say you don't deserve it??? didn't 'work hard enough' for it??? you say someone else deserves YOUR SURPRISE more than you????
what is that?  what is IT exactly?  why, your SURPRISE is specifically,  TODAY. The day. Brought to you courtesy of your Angel Team. Presided over, directed by, edited by and illustrated by.....your Angels FOR you.
Sit back and enJOY the show.
Celebrate the surprise!!
Celebrate you!!
You don't want to be the ONLY one NOT celebrating you at a party FOR you?
So grab a smile, breathe and enjoy, TRULY ENJOY, this grand celebration of YOU today.
Shining on you today :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

St Patricks day with an Irish blessing!

The Homecoming.
May the spirits of peace
and tranquility call
To reside in your home
Every room, every wall.
May four Angels protect eaves
North South East and West.
May God's spirit of love
Reassure you are blessed.
May each guest you receive feel
They've answered your call
May you dwell in their presence
To welcome them all.

From my home to your home - may Angel Blessings surround you all
Keep shining ;)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

DREAM! & Trust!

What does YOUR Personal Oasis look like???

It is imperative IMPERATIVE that we are all able to PLACE OURSELVES within our personal Oasis at any given point in time. This (as much as anything does...) gets better with practise. 
it is an so easy and enjoyable to practise!
I BET....
that your REAL Oasis looks entirely different from what your Adult/conforming/made to measure/society set/peer pressure/desire to conform etcetcetc Oasis looks like.
So.....take a DISENGAGE...
from the 'you' that society/relationships/'responsibility'(ugh)  has made with your 'idea' of an oasis
and 'dial back'....

take your time....

your Oasis
your REAL oasis - your reprieve - the 'backdrop' that SUITS YOU...
is only KNOWN to you

keep it that way.
if THAT Oasis only exists (FOR NOW) in your mind, your expectation, your guided vision of your Life Path? 
that is fine.
go there.
enJOY it.
and as you meet your vision ~ *CAN YOU? YES!! of course you can!! CAST THOSE DOUBTS ASIDE!! haha!!* ~ RELISH the process of casting aside those doubts.....and GET USED to it....DOUBTS DO NOT SERVE YOU....

relax from within your personal oasis and trust

step by step and inch by inch ~ and ... you will.... get   :)

enJOY the process.
Your Oasis exists.
Inwardly and outwardly.
To share within
and to share with others.
Relax and replenish from within your Oasis.

Shining on you ...from my Oasis :) 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's a Full Moon tonight!.....Got your broom handy?

But it IS  a Full Moon tonight and I DO want to talk about a manner of speaking...
This is a tool that is not used NEARLY enough!  Literally and figuratively.  Everyone knows what I mean when I say that we have all walked across the kitchen floor and heard (and felt, ick!) that 'crunch,crunch' below our feet and then have practically RUN to get the broom!!  ("Who was eating toast/cookies/their sandwich without a plate??!! haha!)
This morning, the Angels are in stand by mode as they ready themselves for the Full Moon tonight. Full moons are all about 'releasing'. Releasing old habits that don't serve us anymore (bad habits, friends or acquaintances that don't support us as much as they used to (maybe they never really did - we just thought they did - or they TOLD us they did!!ha!) same goes for situations, relationships of all kinds, job partnerships, exercise patterns (or lack thereof).....WHATEVER the case may be....
make a list today of anything and everything you would like to 'see the back of', get rid of, cleanse yourself of, put an end to.....and asking your Angels for help with this, trust that just by looking up at the full moon tonight (try to spend a few moments at least staring up at it and let it's rays wash over you, much like you would do on a sunny day), maybe take a hot cup of tea outside and holding each one of these situations/relationships/bad habits in your mind's eye, one at a time....allow your Angels to sweep them away and out of your life - physically, emotionally and spiritually. Allow them to do the work and acknowledge your gratitude to them through letting yourself FEEL lighter and more peaceful - you can BREATHE easier, some of your Self has been restored.
Let them KEEP SWEEPING anytime a smidgen of the bad habit/relationship tries to wend its way back in to your daily routine.
Once the stage has been swept clean?  NOW there is room for positive relationships, jobs, healthy habits, supportive situations to COME ON IN!! Before.... it was 'too packed' for the 'good stuff' to get to you - but NOW??  You are open and receptive to all good things coming your way!! 
SOOOOOOOOoooooo good.
so, SWEEP AWAY what doesn't serve you anymore!  and GET READY for some good stuff on the way!!
Shine on and into this Full Moon!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Take a walk with me for a moment....

Stepping out into the field, the dew in the long grass has soaked our sneakers and bottoms of our jeans in an instant but we don't care, we keep walking and marvelling at the beauty of the morning, the freshness! The flowers standing at attention and greeting the rising sun as it gently washes off the dewdrops from the petals and renews their beautiful fragrance into the air around us. Big, giant strides we are taking across the field as we feel ourselves becoming One with the morning, part of the day, Mother Earth making her presence known all around us we hear the birds in the neighbouring tree start to wake and add their melodies to our morning symphony. It is a masterpiece!

and so are you.
Enjoy and become One with your beautiful day.
Shine on!

Friday, March 2, 2012

QUICK Someone!......TELL A JOKE!!!!!

just can't stop.....HAHAH!!!NO WAY!! He DID NOT! say that!! HAHAH!! soooooooo GOOOD!! just...wait a minute..hahah!! HAHA!! AHHHHHH!! SUCH a laugh!  .....   great.  GREAT!!

THAT'S the stuff!  That is the point. of everything. Find the laugh. look for 'THE FUNNY'. Partner with people who also 'find the funny'.  and if you can't 'FIND' it????
Seriously, (excuse the pun! hah!)  Tell a joke. 

A very good friend of mine always responds to a "how are you?" with a 'Keeping the dream alive my friend!' and is always reminding people to 'keep it light', live the good life and  'for 'Pete's' sake......TELL A JOKE!"
She's got it right let me tell you. We are soooo ON TASK and just having a LAUGH is what it is all about in order to strip away the SERIOUSNESS, the RESPONSIBILITY, the HEAVY weight we tend to get used to carrying around as adults --  serious, responsible adults. 
Everything has its time and place I GET THAT!!
but we tend to push the 'LAUGHING PART' of our healthy daily diet for our emotional and spiritual wellbeing to the backburner........and THEN wonder why we feel so tired, so 'down', so glum.
Tell a joke.
Be around people or situations where there are jokes already being told.
Laugh your 'HAT' off!! (or something like that!! haha!!)
Shine on! 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Usui Reiki Level I

Reiki Level  I

This training involves powerful and sacred First Degree activating initiations.  General information and the history and benefits of Reiki are discussed as well as an overview of the Chakra system.  Reiki Ethics, the Five Principles of Reiki, the hand positions, how to do a self-healing and how to provide a session for others including practice time for each.

Class is limited to 6 people in order to ensure plenty of one on one attention and practice time. Participants will receive their Usui Reiki Level I certificate. 

All materials, lunch and snacks provided

To register for this course or for any questions please contact  Stacey MacDonald, Reiki Master

Chakras 101

Chakras 101
Learn about your Chakras (or Energy Centres) and how to ensure you are maintaining them to achieve maximum life force energy flow.  In this class we will explore the following;
·         what is a chakra?
·         explore each of the 7 major Chakras
·         understand how each Chakra is linked to you emotionally and physically
·         learn how maintaining, clearing and keeping your Chakras balanced can assist you in your daily life
·         take part in a light Chakra clearing meditation
·         take home exercises and practises to balance your own Chakras
$88    Guidebooks included

Stacey MacDonald, Reiki Master offering Reiki Training in Oakville
To register for this class please contact me Stacey MacDonald, Reiki Master

Angels 101

Angels  101
Learn about the Angels and how you can connect to them for guidance and healing and more;

·         The names and characteristics of the 15 main Archangels

·         how each of them specifically communicate and guide us

·         develop and learn how to relate to your own signs and symbols from your Angels

·         learn how the Angels use Colour and Numbers

·         how to cleanse away blockages and open your connection to the Angels

$88     Guidebooks included

For any questions or to register for this workshop please contact me

Angel Healing Workshop

Angel Healing

In this workshop, learn how to connect with the Angels to help healing emotionally and physically.

·         remove obstacles like doubt, fear, anxiety, insecurities or negative energy

·         clear, cleanse and set healing intentions for a personal healing, someone else or for a certain situation

·         learn how to work with your Angels to help to heal personal issues, health problems, relationships, grief etc.

·         Take part in a light  healing meditation

·         Establish a connection with your Angels to clear and connect  and open your energy to their healing help

$88     Guidebooks included

Stacey MacDonald is  Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner in the GTA

Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation

This class is both interactive and informative as we explore the following;

·         common dream symbols and themes

·         how to develop your own "Dream Legend" for easy ongoing personal interpretation

·         learn to enhance your dream recollection in able to use dreams for Life Path guidance

·         each participant is encouraged to bring and share a dream they would like to be interpreted

·         class size limited to 6 people in order to ensure personal attention

for more information or to register please contact me at

Angel Messages & Meditation Evening

Angel Messages  &  Meditation Evening

An interactive and personal evening with the Angels. 

·         This month, to begin we will learn how Archangel Michael communicates with us and share any messages he brings to the group

·         Participants are encouraged to Ask the Angels any questions they would like to focus on

·         Hold an Angel Meditation to enhance personal communication with the Angels to attract abundance, personal healing, emotional wellbeing and more

·         class is limited to 8 participants

$44  for more information or to register please contact me at
Stacey MacDonald is a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner in Oakville, On