Wednesday, December 29, 2021

TIMELINE to Dreams & Goals with your Angels 2022


Welcome to 2022.  Your Angels have NEVER been stronger AROUND YOU and Within you. 


At this time we are working together with our Angels…full stop!

LIKE it or NOT....they are with you, beside you, BEHIND YOU...(pushing you forward emotionally, mentally and PHYSICALLY....huh... *physically...OK! sigh...this next year). 

The Ones that will ESPECIALLY Gain from this Angel Connection are those that Fully understand how it takes 'daily dedication' to Energy.  

AS WE GROW our Energy (being Outside, understanding how we can help Others around us....ultimately how we can GROW our own Life Force Energy) and our ABILITY to allow the Angels in to help us to SEED THE PATH ....FOR our own Adventure forward...IS the Way.  Well, at least it is for some.  

It's all good. However have you considered? ...

Some of us are NOT doing this…however your Angels want to work with you …and are BANGING on your door!  Can you hear them?

I look forward (always!) to connecting with each of you going forward and in to 2022, 
**quick message - so do your Angels, 

Love you all...and SO DO THEY....
your Angels & Guides, 
Many blessings always, 

Monday, December 27, 2021

What's up? What you got?...I KNOW WHAT I got...that's because...

 ....THAT's Because...

ANYTHING that life has to throw at us...WE GOT THIS. 

why?   BECAUSE we have our Angels behind us....uh oh...unless we don't.

Do you Connect with your Physical, Emotional and MENTAL Strengthening EVERY DAY? ....IF you do then yeah....You Got this.  Whatever LIFE can throw at 'you and yours'....ALL GOOD. 

IF you are not doing this then YES you are going to be upset by this but there are steps that you can take! 

Follow your PATH. 

To connect with your Angels and YOUR own Internal Life Force  IN you take do...


Feel Good Energy working through your thoughts ....allow this Energy to flow within you. Stay POSITIVE in your Mental Thoughts. 

It's All GOOD. long as you do the Angels and Energy work - YOUR INTERNAL SELF will always be able to rise to the challenge of Anything life 'throws your way'.

You GOT This...together with your Angels and .... Life Force Energy, 

Many blessings and Angel Light being sent your way, 


Saturday, December 25, 2021

Hello Angels...are you there?


Is  AnyOne there? 


Many times when we feel like we are all can be SO difficult to ASK for help.  YES we Wonder if other people are there for us...if our Angels are there for us...and sometimes all we hear are 'crickets'.  

ACTUALLY (at least in my experience in connecting with the Angels) I find that it is ME who has to DIAL the phone.  

**Some people (many actually!) over the years have asked me 'how do you know which Angel is picking up your call?'. 

I don't long as someone 'picks up the line'...I am good. You see when  I am feeling 'low' then I simply talk in my head to my Angels...some people call this praying and sometimes I do too but many times I simply talk to my Angels in my head.  It helps me to breathe easier and feel secure.  I call it 'reaching for the phone'....hello?  

They always answer.  Your Angels love you, 

and so do I. 


Monday, December 13, 2021

HOW MANY times do we have to go across the BRIDGE?'s the thing as long as it is as pretty as this one would be Every day for me. 

I'm not talking about 'the bridge' from this life to another...I AM TALKING about when we SHIFT from one Present Life Shift to another.  

How are we doing for work, health, relationships, friendships and so on and so on.  

We are always transitioning....always SHIFTING to better situations, mindsets....ABILITY to believe in a new way forward. 

CONTINUE TO LEARN...and GROW, shift and Change.  

WALK the Bridge...all good things on the other side.  

Which Archangel Governs this?  ZADKIEL....LEARN something...then TEACH others what you know. 

**Also Archangel MICHAEL us the Strength and Protection we need for this ...BELIEVE. 

LOVE you all and so your Angels, 


Sunday, November 7, 2021

November 2021 Archangel CHAMUEL, PEACE & POWER....during TRANSITION

 Right so this month is about SEEING THIS Differently. 

ESPECIALLY as we approach New Moon on November 4th (where we can ASK IN for New things to be brought our way.)

NEVER MIND Full Moon on November 19...where we can have in mind the things that we want to LET GO OF.  (mindsets, people lol, behaviours, negative thoughts....daily activities in other cases....just make your list okay?) ON TO BETTER AND BRIGHTER pathways forward. 

WHEN we make our Selves available to SEEING this differently then we can (if we are REALLY DOING this instead of paying 'lip service' to it) DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY. 

ALL Respect to's just that are you seeing ALL of your options?  I can share with you that I personally have not always seen ALL of my options....and currently (geez louise) don't see them now....that's why I rely on my Angels.  

and THEY DO ASK that you rely on them. 

They will show me (thank you Angels) the 'bread crumbs' ...the tiny steps that we need to take along our pathway to guide us forward. 

THIS will REQUIRE us to 'open up' (in small ways) ...this month to lead us at this time....ONE STEP AT A TIME. 

Thank you Angels and welcoming in November 2021, 

Blessings to and for you all and all you hold dear, 



This is the month where Archangel Chamuel is working with us…POWERFULLY. 

Specially sharing Peace. 

*funny after I read this back...I wanted to change this to 'Especially'....however this is a SPECIAL month for Inner Peace. let's go with that. 

BECAUSE we are also TRANSITIONING. LOADS of Change. 


We do have (thankfully) Archangel Chamuel offering us this month a CONSTANT INPUT of Inner Peace.

It’s ALL Good. 

You have her on your side…just BREATHE. 


The other thing is that the more you OFFER KINDNESS to others in every interaction you have

 …Archangel Chamuel WILL RECIPROCATE in some unexpected way in future.  (Near or far….BELIEVE)

JUST shining love to you all…together with your Angels, 

Thanks always, 




Saturday, October 16, 2021

ANGELS...I hear you...


Thanks always hey?  for calling through. Thanks always also for allowing me to PLACE the call when needed. 

Because sometimes I need that. 

Of course we are talking about Archangel Azrael and the ability to access THE BRIDGE.  

The bridge of course being our 'knowingness' as to the messages that are coming to us from those loved ones (ancestors in some cases) who have passed....

ALSO THEIR 'able-ness' to be able to send messages TO US...thanks always Archangel Azrael. 

In gratitude, 

Love you all and so do your Angels

#angels #love #believe #yesyoucan

Archangel AZRAEL...the Bridge!



***if you remember I Believe I shared that we would be talking about Each one of the 15 Archangels…AND WE are doing that.

This Archangel is a big one…in that he/she is a BRIDGE…between this life..and the next.
**and please note that I say he/she as it is common knowledge when working with past lives (*which is also Archangel Azrael's 'field of knowledge') that from 'life to life to life to life' we are masculine and feminine ... based on our Soul Path Purpose..which is REALLY the point of the Soul isn't it.

Well, here we are AT OUR ROOTS.
together with Archangel Azrael.
feels good - lets go.
Ok quick points how does Azrael work with you?

if you want to send messages to people who have passed…even ancestors whom you did not ‘personally’ know…Azrael will deliver these messages ‘across the bridge’….ALSO PLEASE NOTE that messages will come your way(through dreams…or ‘ideas’) that you believe are just your imagination however sometimes they are Archangel Azrael delivering a message from ‘someone on the other side of the bridge’

Consider this. Spend time with this.

**keep in mind that ONLY POSITIVE and CONFIDENT messages are sent thru Azrael (any other messages are only Lower Self talking! KNOW THE DIFFERENCE)

In meditation breathe deeply and exhale fully…(AT LEAST 3 times) …’

Archangel Azrael, please help me to send my messages of love and requests for assistance and guidance to my ancestors guides and loved ones. Also help me to receive Strength and guidance, love and support in all that I do here. Tell them that I love them..thanks for loving me back’

Love you all and so do your Angels,

#angelcardreadings #angel #love #help #guidance

Thursday, October 7, 2021


Here's the deal guys. OF COURSE i have my 'quiet space' to meditate and connect. and I do so with you all... HOWEVER.....THIS particular image is a DIFFERENT SPACE ...which carries even deeper Energy , memories and LOVE for me.  

this is another one of the spaces in my home that carries memories ... and it is a COLLECTION of 'things' that brings back recollection of STRENGTH.....and memories. EVERY SINGLE PIECE in this photo tells a story. 

Every single piece warms my heart...and strengthens me...because every single bit of this tells 'my story'. 

Do you have this space? I KNOW that you do....please do CELEBRATE it.  I know I do.  Love you all....thanks for sharing always with me.  

Shining blessing and Angel Light always you way, 

Stacey :) 


Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Archangel ARIEL. COURAGE - PUSHING you FORWARD - always.

Here's the deal with Archangel Ariel.   CLEARLY you can see from her expression that she 'does not work with EVERYONE' 


However! IF you are 'lucky' enough to 'have her in your corner' then this is VERY fortunate for you. 

Let's get to it - why is this important?  well?? when she is FIRST working with you it DOES NOT SEEM like you are very fortunate as she DOES AND ALWAYS ****PUSHES you out of your comfort zone.  

Let's get some perspective...Archangel Ariel stands about 12-14 feet high. When she chooses to work with you on your life path then she STANDS (and yes with that look on her face and HER EYES ON your 'end game' with 'her toes at your heels')'s GOOD...but it can be DAUNTING. 

WHEN she chooses to work with you then (and SHE  does CHOOSE) then she will not allow you to move backwards.  it's all about forward movement. 


not so good?  WHEN she is working with you the 'pushing you out of comfort zone' is generally? typically? always?? uncomfortable the least. HOWEVER if you have the strength, the internal fortitude to TRUST IN your Angels and STAY THE COURSE?   

then you will know that when Archangel Ariel 'has your back' are blessed.  

**Take it from someone who the moment it SURE DOESN't feel like that all the time...but in hindsight?   **I WAIT for her to call on me another time, any time 

BECAUSE...she always brings me forward. 

**other thing?

WHEN SHE is working with me THEN I GET TO 'throw down' my ASKS of her. 


I say: 'Archangel Ariel, I know that this is a challenging time for me however I ALSO KNOW that you are walking with me, speaking for me at times and will CONTINUE to 'have my back'.  Even though I am not sure why this step is being taken...I trust.  Please continue to guide me...give me Internal strength and COURAGE.'

LOVE you all, so do your Angels and especially



Friday, September 24, 2021

KEEP your BOOTs on the ground! *and sometimes it gets 'ugly'

The thing is VERY OFTEN (and especially the last little while) we can spend too much time 'in our heads'...time to get busy and as I say - 

Yah that's right...sometimes it gets 'ugly' and things get difficult...but it's still GOOD. 

'Keep my boots on the ground'. 

Get grounded...and get in touch with others around us. 

How can we help? our own situation, state of mind and at the same time...others around us.  Sometimes things can get 'mucky'.   GOOD NEWS - Angels LOVE this!

'Do some stuff' that keeps your head down and your hands busy.  
it's all good. you got this. 

Get busy in a GROUNDED way together with your Angels. 

Don't WORRY if your boots get 'mucky' and BY THAT I mean that you might be 'wading into areas' where you feel uncomfortable because you are nervous, new, 'over your head' or (d) all of the above!! lol - in ALL types of situations. 

....ALL of our boots are 'dirty' if we are doing it the RIGHT WAY...together with our Angels for the GOOD OF OTHERS and for our own STATE OF mind.  stay grounded hey? and love you all, 
**so do your Angels, 

Do you know your Direction? ....Angels speaking here...are you listening?


THIS is a BIG one. Do you know...which direction or in WHAT WAY are you headed? 

Many of us do not...much of the time but (*good news) our ANGELS do.  

Do you recognize the image that I chose for this post? I took some time with this (I have to say because I will more than likely be getting a tattoo of this or similar image early on in 2022...personal an aside lol)

...PARTICULARLY BECAUSE it is important at times to RECOGNIZE and REALIZE the direction that we need to make choices on.  We can make those decisions based on our integrity, our inner guidance and our clear thinking. 

It is ALSO IMPORTANT to note that there are decisions and OPPORTUNITIES that come our way that we may (or may not) feel comfortable with and yet WE KNOW that we need to give them a chance...STEP OUT of our COMFORT ZONE and TRY. **if it doesn't work's STILL GOOD...we tried! 

THE THING IS when we recognize our INTERNAL compass together with our internal INTEGRITY...we are FREE to 'step out of the box'...and ALLOW NEW OPPORTUNITIES to come our way...and in some cases to 'take the leap'. 

We have been talking about our INTERNAL COMPASS (our Integrity) which also 'stems from' Soul Self.....however the 'circle' that you also see from the image shares our SPIRITUAL SELF...which connects with the Angels. 

This CANNOT exist without a connection with our SOUL SELF...OUR inner Integrity and Inner Power....our willpower and determination to continue to take POSITIVE ACTION day by day, step by step....that's how ALL GOOD THINGS HAPPEN.  FOR YOU AND FOR ALL THOSE AROUND YOU. 

FEEL good. feel Strong. 

Most of all, follow your Inner Compass - FEEL YOUR Soul Self within and ALLOW your Spiritual Self to CONNECT together with your Angels. 

Bless you all, 



Tuesday, September 7, 2021


 Some times we can forget.  

Who we are.  

Sometimes WE DO NOT KNOW who we are...but we have an 'inkling' 'internal guide' that is poking there is something else MORE FOR ME to KNOW about my SOUL STRENGTH. 

Some of you don't 'get that' and that's ok.  you will at some point in this life or another life past this one but for others...YOU GET THIS. 


You are Stronger IN THIS LIFE because you were strong and LEARNED courage (and wisdom through all CHALLENGES (of all kinds) *and battles in some cases... in past life) BEFORE.  Your Hara (Soul Self) deep within you has this knowledge within you and TOGETHER with Archangel Michael are REMINDING you that you have this DEEP WELL of Strength, Courage and Wisdom within. 

Yours.  YOUR OWN. you earned it.  In past lives you have EARNED this level of Strength. 

Feel it. If and when you acknowledge this you can FEEL IT 'bubbling up INTO your knowingness' in THIS life.  So so good. 

Love you all, 

So does Archangel Michael ... CLEARLY.  (he IS bossy so ...that's how it is lol!)

However we ALWAYS appreciate his support and 'HELLO?  DO you hear me?  you HAVE this Inner Strength'

plus he is always protecting and guiding you forward...perfect, 

Shining Angel Light your way, 


Monday, September 6, 2021

Angel messages for September 2021

 HEY...hello! It's September! Join me & your Angels. Here's the thing. The Angels are SHOUTING at us. SELF CONFIDENCE. Just go forward.

To DO THAT...we need to focus on our Inner Power. Our Solar Plexus Chakra. OUR Yellow BALL of Energy (like SUNSHINE) that exists just below our Rib cage. not just 'for some'. or at 'some times'. this is PART of (what i call) 'being in the vehicle' which is our body...and many times of 'life' path.
Its all good.
Just PLEASE (as the Angels are yelling my way....)...keep believing and PERSISTENCE PAIRED WITH SELF CONFIDENCE (and Solar Plexus Chakra) ....will BE THE WAY forward.
Love you all and so do your Angels,
Blessings always,

Angels HEALING! *Heart Chakra

 Here’s a personal story (with a moral) that is SO TRUE for me…and maybe for you as well.

So just last week I was walking along the beach early morning on Lake Erie, Canada  and I saw this rock/pebble (wasn’t even looking for one…just caught my eye) …
and I walked on.

On my way back I saw it again (there were so MANY pebbles and rocks) but this one caught my eye again and I thought ‘huh, I guess it’s mine’ so I picked it up and put it in my pocket.

Next couple days I did the laundry and this ‘thing’ was in the washing machine (didn’t have glasses on lol) and so I picked it up and tossed it in the mini garbage can we have in the laundry room.
I heard the sound it made as it hit the side of the bin and thought that doesn’t sound right so I reached in and looked at it (with glasses!!) and ‘found my heart’!


This morning I headed to the car early morning and saw this rock just outside the door- must have fallen out of my hoody pocket as I was gardening since laundry day…I picked it up…AGAIN.

Now it is safe on my Angel table (with my ‘other ‘ Angel reminders.)


Well for me, sometimes I lose track of my heart. When I SEE IT, many times I can go in a different direction. But then I see it and connect again…gratefully

Sometimes (many times?) I will ‘lose my heart’ again and often unknowingly.

When it shows up I may not recognize it….but SOMETHING is calling me…and I am able to connect again.

EVEN WHEN I may not know ‘where my heart is’?
I still don’t get it…BUT ITS STILL THERE. 

Thank you Angels for strong hearts and for always continuing to KNOCK AT OUR DOOR and SHOW US THE WAY.

love you all and so do your Angels,
Keep shining,

Friday, August 27, 2021

Archangel Ariel .....COURAGE


Right.  WHEN AND IF you feel that Archangel Ariel may be working with you on your Life Path...then STRAP IN. 

Seriously.  When she is with you (and YES she definitely PROTECTS you 'on the way forward')...but SHE IS ALL ABOUT movement forward. 

Specifically? OUT of comfort zone.   YES! you will make progress forward towards your goals and dreams HOWEVER you will need to have courage (*she will 'fuel this fire) BUT YOU will have to move out of your comfort zone.  

(*you will 'not be ready'...not yet...maybe in a few months...i'll take the next course first...i'll do this next project first....quack quack quack....)

Look at her.  Her eyes tell the story. The time to move forward is now...IF YOU FEEL her working with you.  

**The GOOD thing is that WHILE she is SHOVING you forward lol...she IS 'watching your back'. 

FEEL supported but STEP OUT there if it's 'your time' hey? She will ALWAYS move you forward to POSITIVE Self help...not only for your Self ...also for others.  

Love you all and so do your Angels, 


I LOVE IT when someone 'GETS IT' know?

 Do you have someone like that?  It's so good. 

You don't even 'need' that person all the time's just's really really cool when you get that. 

This can be a girl friend or a boy friend ....long time friend or 'newbie'. 

WHEN you SHARE a feeling or thought ... they 'JUST GET IT'.  so good. 

Here's the thing....

WHEN THAT YOU.  when YOU get YOU. that is REALLY the best thing.  It is magical and very VERY 'freeing' and empowering ALL at the same time. 

the EXCEPTIONALLY cool thing is ...WHEN this happens you are able to BE THAT person for so many others. in so many different ways....(*If they ask and are open to it...but that's a different blog post lol!!) Amazing time WHEN we are gifted with this friend....

and when we ARE that friend to OUR SELF. wow. 

 Some times we need 'that friend' to BE a friend...

and sometimes we need to be our own friend first. 

It's really cool when we 'figure the balance'. 

Hopefully and if we are lucky we are our own friends we KNOW HOW to be a friend to others and RECOGNIZE  friends when we connect. 

That's ok...we got this...together with our Angels. 

Thanks for listening friend. 

Blessings hey, 


Monday, August 23, 2021



Many times our thought processes are STUCK !  We are literally 'hanging out' ideas and possible ways forward ... however nothing is 'lighting up' for us.  Sometimes this is because we are not putting out enough effort in the steps that it takes to get there but to be honest...MANY TIMES it is that the way we have chosen is not the way forward FOR US.  (**Angels speaking here).  We may just be doing things that are 'comfortable' and continuing to do the status quo. 

Fair enough. 

Consider the other thing though....that THE WAY FORWARD (from an Angel perspective ... as they are typically want to do) to OFFER an opportunity that is WAY WAY WAAAAYYYY out of your comfort zone. 

Unfortunately (or fortunately!!)  THIS is the light bulb that is LIT and THIS is your quickest and fastest (ultimately- life path wise) way forward.  Also the most UNCOMFORTABLE. 

*Know that as you accept this challenge...this opportunity there will of course be some 'hiccups'...some 'uncomfortable-ness'.  Regardless FEEL CONFIDENT knowing that you are ON YOUR WAY. 

Your 'BULB is lit'....your Angels are calling.  

FEEL THEM WITH YOU every step of the way.  always. 

Love you all and so do your Angels, 


huh...NEW beginnings have a 'different' way of showing up sometimes...

 Ya know? 

Here's the thing.  Every single day (actually every single moment but let's 'dial it down' for just now) - 

we get a 'a new beginning'. 

THIS is what the DAWN of every day affords us. 

 hmmm...let's take this a step further as the 'DAWNING' OF  our awareness can happen at any time.  

*JUST LIKE the dawning of a new day...sometimes (many times) it's just not THAT spectacular...unless you are looking for it.  Ok. absolutely and many days I have to share I am not always looking in that direction.  BUT...I always ALWAYS can feel the Energy.  

Sometimes the DAWNING of a new day simply takes our breath away!  It is unbelievable that we are able to be in this moment of time!   Truly blessed!! 

I have found that (in hindsight) that the most monumental TURNING POINTS in my life was when I was going through the most tumultuous times ...AND at the same time...NOTICED the dawn of a new day...REGARDLESS of whether it was 'amazing' or not. 

The point was AND IS....we have today to make a difference. 

Always together with our Angels. 

Love you all

And so do your Angels, 


Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Angels and Energy August 2021


lol....Sometimes things are just difficult.  if ANY of us have learned this over the last number of months it is ALL OF US. 

and yet as we go forward...they are not at all difficult if we rely on each other and things that all know to be true.  
Being true to our Selves and each other is 'the thing'.

in large and small ways any all 'movements forward for all' in a positive mindset...are good. 
 all positive decisions make a difference. I respect this always of course as do you all. 

I do have my Angels and Energy message for August here...I would generally only share this write-up on my newsletter but ironically it is directing me back to 'where I started' Google blog.  
THIS is the right thing. 
It is SO OFTEN where we feel the RIGHT thing a POSITIVE spirit for your Self and others. 
This is the right thing. 
Thanks all and HERE (HEAR lol) is the message for August 2021
Bless you all.  
Stay strong. 
Love you and so do your Angels...of course. 
**watch the video please?...i'm better when I'm talking ...or at least that's what I think! lol

OKAY! here we go! August 2021 has a powerful NEW MOON on the 8th. 

WHY DO WE CARE? Because Our Energy (for many) has been 'flip flopping' for awhile. Our Life Force Energy - sometimes we are ON TRACK with our goals and dreams and't have it.  BUT
this month we have an opportunity to GRAB this Energy (if you want it...decide).  that will allow us to connect again with our confidence, RELIABILITY of ability to put things in perspective and HOLD THE BALANCE towards ACTIONS a calm and 'prioritizational' way...together with our Angels! 

**The other thing is that...many NEW opportunities this month will seem small...inconsequential. PAY ATTENTION....small things lead to big things! Your Angels want your attention.

Join me?  and of course the Angels and the Energy Guides in our QUEST to ANSWER THE Challenge.  Together?  We got this. 

Love you all and so do your Angels,


Thursday, May 6, 2021

May 2021 Angel Messages - CALLING ALL OLD SOULS. please hear this. love, your Angels

**Calling all Old Souls…I know you are tired and discouraged…but please stick with it!
This month of May 2021….is a time of rebirth and renewal. Period.

I know it’s more difficult this year than potentially any other however we CAN do this.

Why?? Because the New Moon (and of course our Angels) are BANGING ON OUR DOOR to tell us this.

May 12 is our New Moon Energy …the day when we get to WELCOME IN NEW ENERGY.

HOWEVER, to do this we MUST RECOGNIZE that this month (for those who are willing to do this….)

This is the month for;

  1. Endurance
  2. Persistence
  3. Patience (especially with your Self)

And most importantly the quality I have always admired and revered in others (and strive towards for my Self)


C’mon guys….we got this. The Angels tell us this,


Love you all and so do your Angels,


Tuesday, May 4, 2021



One of the easiest and best ways the Angels can share messages with us is through numbers. 

Do you see 111, 222, 555, 888?
or do you see (either in the moment or over a time period) different series of numbers?  For example 385, 853, 538 and so on. 
Either way (or both!) the Angels are SENDING YOU MESSAGES.  You may notice these numbers in your mind's eye, in a dream, on license plates (this is most common for me) when you are driving...or parked! lol this is safest for looking around and 'noticing' what catches your eye.   It may be that you always look at your phone or clock at the same time every day just as a 'coincidence'.  

It has become apparent over the years just HOW MANY Angel messages we can write off as coincidence or disregard entirely just because we don't know what it means or don't recognize it as an Angel message!  
TO BE SURE, IF YOU ARE RECEIVING Angel Numbers and especially in a repetitive fashion...Your Angels are looking to get your attention! 

AND if this is happening then know that your Intuition and your ANGEL CONNECTION is growing and strengthening!  There are many other ways in which your Angels will begin to send you messaging however firstly let's list out 


1.  Stay Positive Angels are smiling on you
2. Let go and have Faith
3. Ascended Masters are actively working with you
4. The highest Angel Energy is by your side
5. A time of transformation
6. Focus on your Spiritual side, the material side will follow
7. You are on the right path
8. Abundance
9. Stop procrastinating and get to work

So, to refer back to our previous point...if you are seeing repetitive numbers of 358, 583, 853....clearly then the message is that 'Your Ascended Masters are working powerfully with you during this transformative time towards Abundance in all areas of your life'

HAVE FUN with this connecting with your Angels!  Keep a journal of numbers that you see...a record of some repetitive numbers if you wish.  EVERY TIME you ACKNOWLEDGE an Angel number message INCREASES your bond and your ability to connect and decipher so many other messages that they are sending your way!  

Shining blessings and Angel Light always your way! 
Stacey ✌😇💕🙏

Thursday, April 29, 2021

The freedom of FRIENDSHIP


Very often our Angels are ENCOURAGING us to REACH OUT in others and also to ACCEPT friendship from others. 

BOTH....are a gift.   *Today (and many days lately thank goodness) I have had the gift of RECEIVING friendship and spending time with friends.  Means a lot. 

Every time I spend time with a friend (long time friend...or new friend :). I get a piece of my INNER CHILD makes me feel more like MY SELF. 

We do need to CHERISH our friend time.  Focus on what we can GIVE...but especially recognize what we RECEIVE simply by spending time and attention on others...and also RECEIVING help FEEDS OUR SOUL.

and we need that.  I for one am so grateful. 

Love you all.  So do your Angels!  

Many blessings dear Souls, 


Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Energy the WIND!


It's funny...when I saw this picture it reminded me of my own experience only a couple of days ago.  I was working in the greenhouse and came out for a cold drink when I decided to pop up the patio umbrella on the deck.  Enjoying my first 'summer' day (lol it snowed almost the next day!  Welcome to Canada 😂 I noticed the blustery wind coming up and smiled.  

I know that just by BEING OUTSIDE I was receiving the equivalent of a full Reiki Healing however when the wind is also adding Energy...then the Healing is increased! 

It was at this moment that my HUGE umbrella decided to TAKE OFF (very much like Mary Poppins! ) and begin to float up and onto the roof of the house *bungalow thank goodness and I was close enough that I was able to lunge after it to secure it...but I was laughing!  

This experience of being outside, enjoying the Earth and Nature and having fun, spontaneous events happen made me feel like a kid again and we NEED this.  We NEED to feel carefree at times and REALLY connect with our Inner Child!  

Not only does this HEAL us but also GROUNDS us....and ALSO helps us to connect with our goals and dreams.  Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of this.  Archangel Gabriel helps us to connect with Inner Child and the NATURE Angels (Faeries or Elementals) assist us in 'wishing' ... in manifestation.  

Archangel RAPHAEL as well is in charge of our HEALING ability.  Our Self  - (our machine or vehicle if you wish) our physical, emotional and spiritual being is HARD WIRED to repair itself.  IT CAN DO THIS MUCH MORE EFFECTIVELY when we feed it the 'right nutrients'!! 

1. Be outside

2. Remind your Self to LAUGH...often! 

3. Enjoy the little moments...those are the only ones that matter 💗

Shining Angel Light always your way, 


Friday, April 2, 2021

ANGELS in APRIL 2021 - Courage, Confidence...and some other stuff! WE GOT THIS!!!

OK, so this month our Angels are ESPECIALLY challenging us. 

Particularly (as usual! at these times) Archangel Ariel. 

HOWEVER Archangel Michael is also 'chiming in'....among others. 

This is a powerful time...and a difficult time. Our Angels are hearing us...we need to hear them. 

This month is about Courage...and then Confidence.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to have either without HOPE and FAITH.   And so we need to recognize.  

If we want to have the first bits...then it starts with hope and Faith and very often this can happen together with the Nature Angels. 

Join me in the video...Love you all 

Shining Blessings and Angel Light always your way,



Sunday, March 28, 2021

Full Moon March 28 2021! The Worm Moon!!


Here we are guys!! THIS is the WORM moon.  The FULL MOON that CAN act as a New Moon. 

This is all about NEW beginnings, new possibilities and NEW GROWTH. 

As we know, we cannot grow unless we are ready to...recognizing the seeds we need to plant and establishing an appropriate place for seeds to grow! 

For some of you that know me well you already know that I am in a new home for the first time in 20+years and we love it. HOWEVER this home does come with a GREENHOUSE...clearly challenging me to plant seeds to grow some fruitful new beginnings!  *ok, so gardening is not necessarily my comfort spot! 

I will. 
Just have to take some new steps. All good.  *This (thank goodness)is not a race.  I will (as I do with most other things) take this one step at a time. 

HOWEVER I do acknowledge AND LOVE this Full Moon for it's opportunity for New Beginnings.  We all have this ...within relationships and business and otherwise. 

Regardless, FULL MOON is always about RELEASING. HOWEVER, with this Full Moon it is very much (not necessarily about welcoming IN New Energy because that comes later) but it is about PLANTING THE SEEDS that you can tend to and water and make sure that that the Worm Moon and Mother Nature can take care of the rest. 

You have to plant the seeds, water them, provide nutrient soil and sunshine. 
GROWTH WILL HAPPEN when you take the time to do this. 

THIS is what this Full Moon is about. 

*Can you see the Analogy that may assist in other areas of your life?  BELIEVE ME!! I AM PLANTING! Watering Can at the ready! 

Love you all dearly and shining many blessings and all good things your way always, 
Keep planting!! 

Friday, March 26, 2021

DO you ever hear MUSIC playing in your head? *Angel message! you? 

Here's the thing...WHEN not IF you have music playing in your head then THIS is an Angel message. 

This can be ANYTHING up to a lyric...a couple of bars in the song...the ENTIRE SONG lol or even just the name of the song repeating in your memory or mind imagery. 

Your Angels can be doing a number of things through this time of messaging.  

  • getting your attention through the lyrics. Do these 'words' mean anything to you at this time? 
  • building your Spirit up by providing a sense of upbeat Energy within your own Mind's ear
  • hearing music/lyrics which allow your Self to feel comfort
  • a title (or artist(s)) that is close to your heart and therefore feel a connection with to comfort & 'remind'
  • 'random' songs on the radio or when someone shares with you a song that they love ...or even when we pop on our streaming service and our favourite album shows up!  
These are ALL ways in which our Angels are GETTING OUR ATTENTION and letting us know that they are there SUPPORTING us and UPLIFTING US whenever they can and how they can.  

MOST interesting to me is that I very often hear songs in my head that remind me of a time in my life...that brings back a memory 'for some reason'.  This sometimes can bring back a good memory and a 'feel good'  (we all love those!) 

However it is most interesting to me when I hear a song that brings back some uncomfortable feelings.  For example?  One of my most unfavourite songs is 'Stairway to Heaven' (ironically lol!!). Now before everyone does the 'pile on' I do know it is an amazing piece.  It is just the memories that this song brings back.  This was always the last song at every high school dance...and I was never asked to dance. ever.  (sad but true!) BUT NOW...WHEN I hear this song on the radio it takes me back to that place (14/15/16 years old) and I remember if I was strong then I can be strong now.  

Things change. CONFIDENCE GROWS.  
The Angels send messages in all sorts of's so important to understand how to interpret the messages they are sending.  

Archangel Sandalphon specifically is at work here.  Among other things he is the Archangel working with us, teaching and supporting through music.  **Kindness is AT WORK HERE.  FEEL IT. 

**for those NOT HEARING MUSIC?? You have an ANGEL PRESCRIPTION to LISTEN to more music.  Radio, streaming service, spa channel on your tv, (old cassettes?? lol and/or CDs)....or the NEW/old (reborn) version ....LPs....the GOLD of listening. 
For me I love my playlist on my phone....AND THE MUSIC IN MY HEAD.  
Thank you Angels 
and thank you all, 

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Celebrate your INNER YELLOW!

Yes!! YELLOW is the colour of this message! 

HOWEVER, really at this time (and many others in my life) yellow is the colour that mainly pulls me through. 

When I was around 18years old I always thought that I would have a yellow truck...a pick up truck. I wanted that and it would have been really fun!  I have always been drawn to yellow and even now when I see a yellow car I feel that GOOD LUCK is coming my way. *Thank you Angels! 

However I digress. 
NOW when the colour YELLOW comes my way then it is specifically about CONFIDENCE.  

This ENERGY relates directly to Solar Plexus Chakra.  This ENERGY CENTRE with each and every ONE of us navigates our; 
  • Self esteem
  • Self Confidence
  • Willpower
  • Determination
  • Prioritization Skills
This Energy Centre is just below our Rib cage.  GO AHEAD!  lay your hands over this area.  (right over left or left over right...doesn't matter) JUST do it.  
Breathe. a FEW times.  take your time - you got this.  
now smile. 
why are you smiling? 
Your Solar Plexus Chakra. 
Don't stop. 
Keep going. 
Connect with your 'Inner Yellow' daily (if not more often!)
Love you all,
Shining Blessings and Angel Light out your way,