Monday, December 4, 2023

The ANGELS!! THEY are SHOUTING at you! Can you hear them??!!


WHAT do they have to do to get your attention?

I posted this picture BECAUSE understand immediately that they are here. You (and I) see these Angel wings as a symbol. Clear as day. good. happy. 

Sometimes they are not as clear...not as simplified and EASILY recognizable . REST ASSURED....


they are there. they are here. they are with you ...always. 

They, many times come in 'strange' ways...'round the corner' ways.

The ways where you catch your Self saying after the fact....wait a minute...whoa...ok. thanks. In the words that others share with you in casual conversation, a random phone call, a news snippet or something you see in social media that is positive and affirming...

and sometimes it feels like someone has their hand on your shoulder....for me it feels like a hand on my upper back between my shoulder blades...I know they are there. 

And MANY can feel like they are NOT WITH me.  I don't see anything 'magically' happening in my pathway or in 'my daily'. I don't FEEL any hand on my shoulder or back but

I STILL KNOW that I WILL feel this. and therefore I am able to continue to put one foot in front of the other to get through the 'crazy'...they are still watching out for me that's why I am still able to put one foot in front of the other...ok , good. got it. 

ok. are we good? Your ANGELS  are with you whether you can feel them, hear them or see them. 

BUT!!! pay attention to phone calls and people offering to help  AND  REACH out to ask for help. BIG DEAL guys. 

Love you all and so do your Angels....always


Wednesday, November 22, 2023



C'mon everyone. Hear this ...AT LEAST hear that there is new opportunity for you! 
Will it be fun? Yes of course...Will it be 'rolled out for you'?! 

No. of course not. 

It will require effort and LISTENING 
and WATCHING for the 'bread crumbs' that your Angels are leaving for you to PICK UP and find your pathway forward through the woods.....are you ready? 

WELL....the Nature Angels have your back if you are willing to step forward. 
Love you all so do your Angels, 

Thursday, November 16, 2023



Paying attention…

Claircognizance - Inner knowing - don’t ignore it…your ‘knee-jerk reactions’ ….your eye glance to the umbrella at the door….

and most times we ignore that...and later it rains. YES. it can be simple things and then it can also be ...inner knowings like 'I don’t want to be here in this situation'…uncomfortableness (at best)  drrrrr….but then 

People who are intuitive develop the knee jerk response to certain situations where they may feel  inner 'head talk'...questions or uncomfortable feelings. THIS IS WHEN the 20 questions step in a small way sometimes.  We will talk much more about these questions and how to navigate as we progress. 

When different or difficult situations are presented to you...The Intuitive people who are connected (and KNOW that they are)  KNOW THAT THEY CAN connect with their Claircognizance will have ‘almost’ an immediate reaction (however it can also take a minute so allow your Self to pause in your step and your speech)….

And then say ‘That’s interesting and thank you.  I need to sit with this and see if it RESONATES…can I get back to you?’

**Sometimes Claircognizance KICKS IN right away and your INNER KNOWING tells you what the answer is immediately…and sometimes as we say - 

‘I need to see if it resonates’.  

*Not unlike a boiling kettle or percolating coffee pot The answer needs some time to gets to its destination.  The answer comes through Claircognizance (gut feeling/inner knowing) - give it some time. 

The questions you ask your Self ?

Please understand as I always go in to ’20 Question mode’ when working with the Angels and also Intuition

-is this the right thing? *gut feeling please kick in!  Yes or no. (In my experience, if it feels like the ‘wrong’ thing for my path I’ll know immediately. If it is the right thing then I would feel an excitement or potentially and more often nothing (but not foreboding) and so there were no ‘warning signs’ claircognizantly. That’s a ‘go ahead’ in my experience.

-how does this make me feel? Happy or worried. 

So for this we are clearly taking about EMOTIONS which is different from our previous question when we were asking our Claircognizance to connect with our HEAD space - what makes sense Logistically. 

Now we are talking about FEELINGS.  

(*sometimes I have been worried emotionally however the answer I also have received is that for now this is the right thing - I can always ‘check in’ later)

-overall, in this decision when I picture ‘a day in the life of’…am I able to breathe deeply and still feel this is good for the moment. 

*any decision we make can and will always be ‘ever flowing and always evolving’.  We can always do our best and as well more easily when we are connected Intuitively…and for those who this resonates with also with our Angels. 

Love you all and so do your Angels,


Sunday, October 29, 2023

Calling on YOU! Your INTUITION. Are you tuned in?


Calling on YOU! Your INTUITION.       Are you tuned in? 

Thing is ...



It's important to understand how you have these incredible abilities within you. 

  Join me. 

Love you all 


so do your Angels, 


Monday, October 23, 2023

Right...ok! where is your EMOTIONAL Energy much is going in/out?


Right...ok! where is your EMOTIONAL Energy much is going in/out?  

The THING is....this is incredibly important in 'our daily' 

Where is your Emotional Energy at...what is going in...what is going out?  The thing 'daily' needs to be assessed on an ongoing basis.  

Listen, MANY of the amazing people I have been blessed to know...make it a priority to SHINE out to others. 

Some times I fall short. Some times, some days I fall WAY SHORT! lol....but it is still my intention. 

C'mon guys, you get it. MOST DAYS when your intentions are good then you are able to make 'some kind'  of help to others.  

From an Energy perspective...AND an Angel perspective...understand that YOU...ARE in a vehicle. An Emotional, Mental and Physical Energetic Vehicle.  More than likely, if you are continuing to read on then you are an Old Soul. 

You already understand that for your Vehicle (your triangle...your thoughts, feelings and physical Self) to be in need to share more with others. 

Share more of your thoughts and actions with your community. 

As we share...then others will share and so on and so on.  

Share openly, often and LOUDLY with others. Share your FULL heart. 

know why? 

Then YOUR HEART (and your mental, emotional and physical Self) GROWS STRONGER. 

Every One wins. 

Shine on. Love you do your Angels.


Thursday, October 19, 2023

Believe Me!! Your Angels are BANGING at your Door!! SPARKLE! let's go

and yes...I'm talking to you. big sigh....avoiding eye's just that...

You know what guys? YOU KNOW that a certain sparkle is dwindling. 

A certain "yup....ANOTHER DAY. " 

just saying...THAT'S ON YOU.  you own this behaviour, mindset, inner thoughts and so on. The best thing is that you can hear this Angel message and FEEL them working through you, with you.  They are guiding you....and it is up to you to HEAR it and SHARE your Sparkle. 

After are you. and you are BRILLIANT. 

C'mon. you know you are. take a minute and breathe (deep breath).... HEAVY breath out. 

feel your strength. ... in little and tiny steps forward. this is the best way. 

Love you all

So do your Angels 



Thursday, July 6, 2023

Yes!!! That’s IT ! The Angels have spoken.

We need More music
…massive Energy healing while you listen

NOT TO MENTION.... we welcome
ONLY kindness and ‘gentle’ Energy AROUND US
with our social circle.


Love you all and so do your Angels
All day every day



Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Yessss!!! That's Right. Angel Guardian. uh huh. EVERY DAY.


AND...Angel Guardian this CAN be (very often ) what they look like. They are with you. Very unassuming. 

SO UNASSUMING in that you may 'miss them' or Ignore them...but they are with you. 

Quietly sharing Strength, Confidence and just an overall feeling of Wellness. 

While we are 'in our Daily'...we don't very often feel this but....LOOK UP ...Look around ...there are people around you who are ALSO sharing and shining....and feeling. do you.  BUT

KNOW that your Angels are also SHINING DOWN your way. Feel it. 

and if you don't believe it. 

that's ok. because you know what?  



that's it. 

Love you all so do your Angels....huh....


Friday, June 23, 2023

Do what is RIGHT not because it's EASY...YOU KNOW WHY?


It's just that when you DO WHAT'S RIGHT you have the Distinct PRIVILEGE of meeting and connecting with others who have chosen this path. Very cool. It's so amazing to meet and connect with others who also choose to do the 'right thing'

Easy is good...for those who choose it. Way ya go. it's all good. Do that. (sometimes...*** 'Easy definition' is also a slippery slope...WHEN there is not the focus on Good) ...let's get to that... where are we?

it's different. Both are good. 

Both of these areas are subjective and (somewhat may) contain judgement. (right & easy)

Which in my 'my daily' as I like to say....I strive to ensure that 'judgement' has no place in my life as after all...I live in (as they say) ....'a glass house'. Angels!! Ensure that All feel loved and supported! C'mon!! 

HERE'S THE THING...YA ready? 'What is right' looks differently to everyone...based on current life experience, frame of reference and also with the folks I am blessed to connect with ...past and current life experience. what's right. RIGHT. for you resonate with it. Only you know what is 'right' for you and your relationships in your own circle and ...that is SO GOOD. 

EASY...IS being GOOD with what resonates with you RIGHT NOW. AND with your Circle. 

RIGHT...Is being GOOD with what resonates with you RIGHT NOW. AND with your Circle. 


I guess we're GOOD...and RIGHT...we get to take the EASY path...because we have so many others cheering us on! 

Ya with me? 

Love you all and so do your Angels, 

Be GOOD. your Angels have your back.  Do GOOD. 

Ya hear me? ... just love ya! ...ok good. !!


Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Archangel Ariel FILLS US WITH Courage ... C'mon! you got 15mins!! Join us ... Breathe! FEEL IT.

 Take a walk with me...and the Angels. C'mon...just 15 minutes

Meet and Connect with Archangel Ariel as she HEALS us and FILLS us with Courage and Confidence. 

...BREATHE IN and relax. Feel it. BE IT. 

LOVE you all so do your Angels...especially in this case Archangel Ariel

....lucky you. lucky me. 

Feel it

Monday, April 17, 2023

ANGEL Transition time. YOU READY? .....hmmm let's see *video message click the pic

At this time certainly Archangel Chamuel and Gabriel are showing up!

However It is Archangel Zadkiel and (of course) Archangel Michael who are guiding us forward powerfully during this time of learning (and teaching), READING and BELIEVING in the Power of THIS DAY.

The message...while your past does 'shape you' (in a learning way),  it does not DEFINE you.

You are  STRONGER IN THIS! DAY every moment of every day starting now...together with your Angels.

Love you all and so do your Angels,


Love you all and so do your Angels, 
Every Day. 


Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Let's TAKE a break together...join me & your Angels for this meditation and LET GO OF 'STUFF'....


We ALL need to LET GO…of …..stuff. 

The 4 BIG Energy blockers (as I always say)…are 






These emotions have no part of us. 

***c'mon ...join me in the video ok?  click ONLY if you are willing to let Angels shine your way. let's see 

Release with the waves through meditation and with the Angels


  1. Hope
  2. Excitement
  3. AnTicipation
  4. PEACE
sure...sounds good...but how do we do it? TOGETHER with the Angels. 
Find a place where you can relax...take 15mins with me and BREATHE...ALLOW your mind to follow along in these moments. 

Yupl Join me… and the Angels k? 

Love you all 

And so your Angels….

Of course they do, 


Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Let’s Go! It’s Archangel Ariel ….whoa! Get ready . COURAGE !

Massive positive change is IN THE WORKS. KNOW the Courage that she is sharing with you - make sure you grab it…ask for it …affirm with her . Love you all and so do your Angels. #angel #angels #courage #letsgo


Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Spirit Power Animal BEAR - C'MON ... FEEL the power!

 Thing is guys we FEEL THIS ENERGY within us MANY times. 

this STRENGTH, Inner Power....Confidence...PROTECTIVENESS....Advocacy..

What? you don't? ya...c'mon I think you do. Sometimes it is fleeting however MANY times (at least with the folks I connect with ....this POWER ANIMAL is working with us, to us, for us and THRU us....for our Selves and for others around us.  

Sometimes it is family and sometimes it's for people in the neighbourhood....and sometimes it is important to FEEL BEAR Power Animal working with us when (especially when we feel...a little small) Allow Bear Power Animal to work THROUGH YOU. 

**the SPIRIT BEAR also habitats Vancouver Island Canada ....these Energies (among others) highlight Independency and HEALTH. 

powerful Inner Wellness to be had.  Invite the Energy of BEAR in to your thoughts and Dreams.

Saturday, February 11, 2023

C'mon Guys... recognize Success EQUALS Perseverance

BY THE WAY....Check the TOp Box as well. *see pic

Correct. Always. 

however, you MUST BELIEVE IN PERseverance and to have that .... you must COMMIT

CAN you. Many people canNOT . but wait....we are seeing that Many people CAN. they are to be Recognized. well done. 

However we are finding out as we go along that 'Doing the daily'....sometimes the drudgery of it all IS WHAT makes you.  

what????!!! the drudgery is WHAT MAKES YOU? 

Hard to believe?  Well, be that as it may (as my Nana always said)'s true.  




All is well - that's it.  Keep believing even if it means (or feels like)  'daily drudgery' ... for now.  Suck it up and KNOW that YOU are on your way. 

Shining Angel blessings out your way 


Friday, February 10, 2023

Crystal healing - Clearing Negative Energy! Let's go!! SMOKY QUARTZ


Smoky Quartz …just one of my favourites to grab for an opportunity to GROUND myself.
 (Keep my boots on the ground as I always say)

…thing is sometimes we can get ‘caught up in The daily’ and we just need to BRING…it…IN. 
Eliminate all internal negative thoughts and (please exit Lower Self) and Definitely USHER OUT any Negative Energy around us. 

when we connect with a Smokey Crystal then it will ABSORB NEGATIVE ENERGY from within and around us.

***Very Important to place your Smoky Quartz OUTSIDE overnight (or in a windowsill to receive a clearing ) - not every night however when you have used it through meditation or healing time …

Some folks leave it in their office to absorb any Energies that are not useful for them …ensure to cleanse this crystal on a regular. 

Very useful for upholding your Daily Life Force Energy AND YOU don’t need to do anything! (Set it and forget it and you will have any Negative Energy absorbed …and not by you!) ….HOWEVER  you do need to Cleanse it overnight on the regular . 

Love you all and so do your Angels,

#angel #crystals #love #healing #quartzcrystal


Thursday, February 2, 2023

Thing is's a TIME FOR CHANGE...can you Feel it? INTUITIVE change together with the Angels!

Love you all and so do your Angels. 
JUST recognize your own 
STUFF....your Connection that you have with YOUR Angels. 
minute by minute 
Feel them with you. 
They are...
AND they are Shining THROUGH you. 
Feel it. 
Love you all 
and so do your Angels