Saturday, April 28, 2012

Less is More?? WHO SAYS! Well, I guess your Angels say.....

Oh yes. LOUD AND CLEAR. Tonight we have the KISS approach going on for Angel messaging 
:)  *Keep It Simple Sweetheart*  :) 

So here it is - for those that this RESONATES with this KNOW if this is 'for you'....

"There is nothing mysterious about the attitude you need to take now. 
 Nor about the solution to your most pressing problem.  
Have Faith. 
Be strong. 
And prepare for a brilliant breakthrough."

Keep shining all. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Are you a 'flapper'? or do you do 'the Superman'?

                                                               For myself? It really depends on the type of dream I am currently in, what is going on in my physical world right now (am I being
 challenged to overcome some obstacles or is everything running along tickety-boo), etcetcetc.
I find that in the dreams where I am flap-flap-flapping those arms, EFFORTING to get some lift off!!! (usually there is some sort of
imminent danger and generally it is BEHIND me and sometimes I can't quite SEE what it is exactly because of the DARN FOG!!) however, other dreams I simply 'think forward' and before you know it I am sailing along quite nicely miles in the air on a blue sky enjoying my own abilities with ease and comfort!

All of your dream symbols mean something and as you begin to NOTICE the recurring themes, recurring types of 'efforting' or 'ease' you find yourself undergoing while in dream state, recurring colours, landscapes you identify with etc ----- you are ACTUALLY building a communication style with your Angel Team. As YOU notice the different imagery your Angels are sending you specifically - maybe making note of these images each morning (no matter how random they seem) you are ACKNOWLEDGING your Angels feeding you guidance and when you acknowledge them....THEY send you more. More images, more guidance, more assistance - ALL GOOD. :)

It helps to do a little digging on common dream themes - today we are focusing on 'flying' and a quick breakdown of this common dream theme is as follows;

Flying - Take special note of 'flapping arms' vs. 'superman style', speed, height, degree of difficulty. This particular dream refers to personal power and freedom. Are you able to fly easily and whenever/wherever you like? are you able to avoid awkward or upsetting incidents by flying, the level to which you are able to 'rise above' situations, can refer to the way in which you are easily 'flying' through a particular situation. Conversely , losing altitude or having difficulty getting off the ground can speak to a confidence issue with a  certain relationship or situation.

When you wake from a 'flying' dream, take a moment and try to remember 'where were you? with who? what was the weather like? how did you FEEL? what was your 'landing' like? '  etc  This game of 20 questions takes some time to get used to and at first your answers might not be any closer to leading you to some specific guidance that you are able to use in your physical world but as with anything....this gets better with practise...keep going!
...keep dreaming!....
and keep shining!!! :)  

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Listen to your Earth Angels! "Don't Quit"

A long time ago in a quiet little town there was a girl....a girl who was about to embark, the very next day on her first trip overseas. She was going over to work and to see a part of the world that was new and different and had no idea what to expect but was excited and overwhelmed and bubbling with anticipation all at the same time.  She was spending the afternoon going to see friends and family around the town to give them hugs till she returned and also to receive their well wishes. The very last stop on her afternoon visits was at her favourite aunt's house where she always received a warm welcome and today was no different.  There were teacups and biscuits as well as the little muffins the girl had come to know so well and conversation as usual, flowed freely.  When the teapot was empty and conversation had dwindled the girl stood to get her coat on and as she turned to give her aunt a warm hug, her aunt held out an envelope to her.  There was some money in there as the aunt was always practical and knew that young girls had probably not the foresight to put aside an emergency fund but what stood out the most to her was what else was in the envelope.  There was  a single bookmark.....and on the bookmark read "Don't Quit".  Nothing else. The girl, not wanting to seem rude however looked at her aunt quizzically and in response, her aunt shrugged and gave the girl a hug and a peck on the cheek and sent her on her way.

I still have the bookmark. I still treasure the message.
Specifically in this world of flowery affirmations - haha! which I use, write, say and pass on shamelessly and often! -
Don't quit.  Simple and effective, not 'flowery', not particularly 'positive'....
but fantastically,
Thank you my lovely wee aunt. I love you.
Thank you for continuing to shine on me.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Is that OPPORTUNITY knocking??

Thank you Milton Berle. For this jewel of wisdom and so many others.
QUITE right!
Here's the thing. Opportunity knocks ALL THE TIME. Sometimes we hear it, many times we do not. Sometimes we are so focused on ASKING for an opportunity in a certain area in our lives that while all we hear are 'crickets chirping' when we are straining SO HARD to hear a knock at the door...our frustration level is rising and rising and we FAIL to HEAR the other door(s) being POUNDED ON!!! for our attention.
too bad, yes?
Sometimes, we REALIZE that there is another door open a crack behind us that we can EASILY walk through and achieve 'some' headway on our Life Path .... but while we reach our left foot behind us to keep our big toe in the open door (we don't want it to close ... but we are not REALLY interested in taking that opportunity either because we are too focused on the opportunity that is NOT available to us right now) and so there we are.....straining our ears against a rock solid closed door, eyes and ears squinting with the effort, hands pressed flat against the wood in case somehow you were to MISS the knock, maybe perhaps you can better FEEL for the 'knock of opportunity'.... your body and left big toe stretched clear across the hallway to the other door - holding THAT opportunity open yet at bay.....
is this good?
are you COMFORTABLE doing this?
So, here we go....
You want an opportunity right?
You don't see one being conjured before you regardless of the 'efforting' you are doing in that direction??
and also
You see another opportunity available
-albeit one behind you and not really one you are interested in-.....

Good enough. 
Build a new door.
Turn in a new direction with a NEW PERSPECTIVE - A SHIFT in mentalities.
and then start building.
Pretend it's 'opposite day'  (remember from Kindergarten!!??) and do almost everything the other way round....overturn rocks, look around corners, go places you have never been before, step out of that comfort zone, TALK to people, share ideas and FIND OUT WHERE YOU ARE GOING TO SET DOWN YOUR TOOLBOX AND BUILD YOUR DOOR.

and as my friend likes to say, 'Not for nothing.'  This message is being brought to you and to me this morning courtesy of our friendly neighbourhood Angels :)  (my brother is a Spiderman freak....this is probably a message to me I should give him a call today!! haha!!) 
HOWEVER, this message is brought for a reason....

sometimes it's time for a NEW day, NEW perspective and a NEW door.
Your Angels will help you build it :)
Shining on your door today :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Do you remember this look?

This look of reverence, of awe, of TRUST. Do you remember the questions that surrounded 'this look'?  "Is everything ok?"
"Are you for REAL?"
"Do I believe this?"
This is the way we looked as children - looking up at adults and at new situations, finding our way, testing the waters, finding boundaries, trusting in the guidance around us....

as adults....this is 'the look' we have as we are just starting out on our journey in our own intuition, in our guides, in our Angels, in the Divine, in Source, and sometimes even in our SELF.
Do we trust this? Do we REALLY hear/see/feel this message? or is this JUST our imagination? should I take the chance? should I TRUST THIS GUIDANCE?

believe it.
trust it.
Confidence in your own ability to hear and accept and follow your own inner guidance as directed by your Angel Team allows you to step confidently along your Life Path.

and yes, Everything is MORE THAN 'ok'!! 
Keep shining!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Candle

The Candle

The neatest thing I ever saw
was a candle, stood proud though stout
surrounded by many a scientist
who were to try and put it out

The scientist hummed and hawed
(perceiving an easy task)
then proceeded with many experiments
to make this flame its last!

They tried to take its pride
by showing it all the dark
and said"How can one little candle
even make a mark?"

They tried to make it angry
by stepping on it's light
and said "how can one little candle
dare put up a fight?"

They tried to make it sad
by saying it could be snuffed
"Though flame is on your side," they said
"You're not strong enough!"

They tried to make it bitter
by saying it could be pitched
for a lightbulb and electricity
and simple flick of the switch

They tried to make it give right up
by saying it was no good
and that absolutely anything
would look better standing where it stood

Through all of this, the candle continued to shine.

Well, the scientists stood puzzled
by the fact the flame went higher
but who were they to think
they could put out the source of My Fire?

As the scientists began to leave,
and gave their shoulders a shrug,
I walked over to the solitary candle
and gave my sister a hug.
© Tim Thomson
Artist, Lyricist    Toronto Canada

Saturday, April 14, 2012

What does YOUR 'QUIET' LOOK like?

Please join me in my 'QUIET COLLAGE'.....

this is VERY MUCH how MY 'QUIET' looks.....

in my dreams...and also.....haha!! in my DAILY LIFE I frequently am shouting in my house "QUIET!! QUIET ON THE SET!!".....  :)  (sometimes it is SO LOUD no one hears me so I do my 'fallback position' to my headphones and Ipod of nature music, my Kumbaya music... (Kumbaya meaning "Come by here" (as we come to our 'quiet') and is associated with human and spiritual unity, closeness and compassion with others and also to our Selves.....
however, I digress....

 Anyone who knows me personally or has come for readings and healing and workshops or reads my blog are all VERY familiar with my Kumbaya music....I LOVE it....I need it....

Quiet ..... and/or the sounds that surround you and resonate with you and fill you with a sense of peace, a restoring SOURCE OF sooooooooooooooooooo NECESSARY.....

Find your quiet. KNOW what it looks like. and GO THERE.  Regularly and restoratively.
Many Blessings to you....from MY Quiet to YOURS.   Keep shining.   :)


Sunday, April 8, 2012


TODAY you have the gift of RENEWAL. And so wonderful is this gift of renewal in that we can FEEL the stirrings of hope, expectation, trust, faith, belief start to take miraculous hold on us once again.
It is EASY to 'shrug off' the burdens or worry, fretting, despair, hoplessness that we are sometimes only to glad to 'shoulder' every morning as is expected of us....or so we assume and therefore 'just do it' because it is a habit.
Today is a new start - we are able to wash away ALL THE OLD PRECONCEPTIONS (misconceptions more often than not) of how things are SUPPOSED to be, how things SHOULD be, how we SHOULDV'E acted, said something (or didn't)etc. 
Put down your burdens, your old and misguided thought patterns, see them being washed away from you (turn and wave goodbye....'BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee' you call after them knowing that you will not see them return)....
and you turn and properly now...
Holding your both hands up to your heart you can feel FEEL this renewal beginning and really TAKING HOLD within you.  It feels good.
It feels like a smile starting in your Spirit. You know, how when you see something REALLY GREAT taking place before you and your eyes widen a little and then that spreads to your cheeks as they lift and draw up the corners of your mouth and then your mouth parts and before you know it you are GRINNING EAR TO EAR.....maybe chuckling a bit also as you look from side to side and behind you to see how many other people are also grinning and see, this smiling stuff is definitely contagious....and   AND....
So, ALLOW this renewal to TAKE HOLD within you Today!!
Allow your Spirit to Smile!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Your fortune awaits.......

of course and does. Your fortune awaits. 
sooooooooooooo many of us 'do not dream' (I don't know ...I just don't dream.....I don't know why....I just don't.....)

others 'dream small'

keep it manageable. (the INTENTION is to DREAM  - yes, I am dreaming, I am setting my intention(s) BUT I am also going to keep it small....if I manage to 'acrue' this dream....I will have a more solid foundation from which to dream from in future....we will see... we wait with trepidation and curiousity to see whether our 'small dream' is ACTUALLY able to manifest itself with the tiny amount of faith we have placed with it....WELL before....we dare to DREAM BIG.  .... time will tell whether my EFFORT IN dreaming BIG will be worth it....
I WILL Dream....however I will RESERVE my Belief and Faith UNTIL I SEE AND FEEL some RESULTS.   yes I will. YES. see... I have BELIEVED before and it didn't 'happen for me' so NOW....
Dreams, faith , belief will have to PROVE THEMSELVES TO ME until I GRANT them process into my daily life. yes.

do you HEAR your Self?????
hahahahahahahhahahah!!! REALLY??!
that is brutal.
you expect to gain nothing.

AND, let me hand it to you.....
 you  -  in your heart of hearts, expected nothing and you were justly rewarded.

here's the thing
The next few days FROM NOW.....(and often!!!  however the NEXT THREE DAYS are OPTIMAL for releasing these previously hindering thoughts in order to attain all the abundance coming your way) 
so,  SEE HOW YOUR THOUGHT PROCESSES...when you are allowing them to travel down this 'Self limiting' pathway......not only do not help or protect you.....but instead?
(laymans terms...)  you SOUND RIDICULOUS.  (couldn't resist!  SO TRUE!!)


DREAM BBBBIIIIGGGG. don't hold back


Shining into your Dream today......I thank you for Shining into mine :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Become an Angel Light Certified Practitioner

Angel Light Certified Practitioner (ALCP)
Saturday April 21   10-3pm
Learn how to do an Angel Reading for yourself and others!
In this intensive one day course,
· gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of each of the 15 main Archangels
· learn how to connect with them to facilitate messages for yourself and others
· work with Archangel Michael to clear negative energy to assist with Life Path
· learn how the Angels communicate with you through numbers, colours & crystals
· develop your intuition through practical exercises
· understand how to interpret Angel messages and guidance
· experience practical hands-on Angel card readings for yourself and others

course timeframe 5hr
course fee $245
ALCP manual incl.
All participants receive an Angel Light Practitioner certificate.

This workshop is being held locally at The Clarity Centre, and via Skype for those farther afield - please contact me to register - I look forward to connecting with you and your Angel Team!
Stacey MacDonald is a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner offering Angel Readings and Angel Courses and workshops.

Usui Reiki Training - Level I & II

Reiki Level  I
Monday morning classes    April 16 & 23 (Part 1 & 2)     9:30-1pm each morning
This training involves powerful and sacred First Degree activating initiations.  General information and the history and benefits of Reiki are discussed as well as an overview of the Chakra system.  Reiki Ethics, the Five Principles of Reiki, the hand positions, how to do a self-healing and how to provide a session for others including practice time for each.
Class is limited to 6 people in order to ensure plenty of one on one attention and practice time. Participants will receive their Usui Reiki Level I certificate. 
All materials and snacks provided.

 Reiki Level  II
Sunday class    April 15   10-5pm
Training at this level focuses on the Japanese healing symbols and on distance healing with Reiki  (absentee healing). A discussion of the symbols and their origin as well as their precise usage is given. Scanning a client's energy field, personal transformation, increased intuition and cleansing and protection of personal energy field are additional areas covered in this level.  Class is limited to six participants to ensure one-on-one attention and practise time for performing Distance Healing.
All materials, lunch and snacks provided.

This workshop is being held locally at The Clarity Centre,   please contact me to register or for further details.

Connecting to the Angels: Healing workshop

Angel Healing
Friday April 27  7-9pm

 In this workshop, learn how to connect with the Angels to help healing emotionally and physically.

·         remove obstacles like doubt, fear, anxiety, insecurities or negative energy
·         clear, cleanse and set healing intentions for a personal healing, someone else or for a certain situation
·         learn how to work with your Angels to help to heal personal issues, health problems, relationships, grief etc.
·         Take part in a light  healing meditation
·         Establish a connection with your Angels to clear and connect  and open your energy to their healing help

$88     Guidebooks included
This workshop is being held locally at The Clarity Centre, and via Skype for those farther afield - please contact me to register - I look forward to connecting with you and your Angel Team!

Connecting to the Angels: Manifesting Abundance!

Connecting with the Angels:  Manifesting Abundance!
Tuesday April 3, 7-9pm

Learn how to attract abundance with your Angels!  During this workshop participants will;
·         closely work with 3 of the Archangels to set your pathway to Abundance
·         Cleanse and clear any energy that may be creating an obstacle to receiving
·         Set your intentions and open your channel to Angelic guidance to receive all the abundance that is available for you
·         Learn personal methods and daily exercises on how to ensure that your energy stays clear, open, positive and focused on attracting abundance going forward.
$88   Guidebooks incl.
This workshop is being held locally at The Clarity Centre,  and via Skype for those farther afield - please contact me to register - I look forward to Manifesting with you and your Angel Team!

Angel signs and puzzle pieces !

Your Angels and guides leave puzzle pieces ALL OVER for you to collect and then ... help you to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  Somtimes they help you more than others...sometimes you are left to play the role of Matlock/Columbo/Sherlock Holmes even as you are forced to 'suss out' more information from the scene in order to figure out the guidance, the direction....sometimes it is a waiting game....sometimes you get all 4 corners and the middles pieces at the same time and have to wait, wait WAIT for some of the other 'supporting role' pieces......ARGGH!!!

Are you getting me here?  Another example, if you get a puzzle piece and then look at it and think "what? I FEEL that this is a puzzle piece .... but it doesn't make SENSE with the direction I had planned, with what I am doing now, with my mindset/my personality, with MY grand scheme for my future...." and so you are tempted to walk past it or throw it away??? 
keep it. take it. stow it in your back pack, a closet - somewhere where WHEN you receive subsequent pieces of the puzzle (and you will!) you KNOW just where to go to get the missing piece. Trust.

If you are currently making an uncomfortable cringeface as you are remembering some of the puzzle pieces you have ALREADY thrown to one side that would come in VERY HANDY right now....?.....not to worry.....those or better pieces are on their way to you RIGHT now.  Trust.

If you think (as this picture depicts) that the puzzle piece you need might be TOO HIGH for you to reach?......wait for the ladder. It will be given to you as long as you.........Trust.   (right!! NOW you are getting it!!)  haha!

So roll the mat down on the dining room table and spread out the puzzle pieces that you already have, put together some of them that 'look like they belong together' and although it MIGHT not look like much of anything right now.........TRUST :) that everything will be brought to rights...piece by piece.

and in the meantime,  SHINE IT UP today people!!