Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year 2016

I Believe...
I Believe the Divine lives within each one of us

I Believe we can heal our Selves

I Believe we can help others to awaken their own healing power

I believe in pure joy

I believe bliss lies in simplicity

I believe the answer to every issue becomes available when you open your mind to possibility

I believe that learning to live in the present moment is the key to uncovering 'the power of Self'

I believe laughter is powerful in its healing capacity

I believe compassion and love provide a gateway and safe passage through anger and fear to a new landscape of greater understanding and peace

I believe we set down our own Paths before we come here on this Journey and feel a comfortable fit as we unite with people and situations that allow us to reach our milestones

I believe we are all "human connectors" between Mother Earth and the Divine. I believe wherever we have walked we leave a footprint of the Unity - a column of Light in our Path to shine for others

I believe everyday that I believe creates more to believe in

I believe in the power of one.
I believe in the power of many - working together as One.
I believe in Believing.

Here's to a MOST POWER-FULL 2016....keep BELIEVING!  
Shining blessings your way always :)

Monday, December 14, 2015

Do you believe in Santa Claus?

I remember my (now teenagers) sons asking me …DEMANDING OF ME…when the were halfway through elementary school….’Mom, you HAVE TO TELL US…is Santa REAL?’.  Of course all of our REAL conversations happen in the car…and so I was offered the ‘grace’ of ‘collecting myself’ while I navigated through traffic.  

I thought for a moment and then began explaining to my boys.  

I answered “I have ALWAYS believed in Santa. For me, Santa STANDS FOR belief. More miracles happen at this time of year than at any other time of the year.  This is a DIRECT RESULT of people believing.  **EVEN THOSE WHO DON’T BELIEVE OR WHO SAY THEY DONT’ BELIEVE - still have a KERNEL OF BELIEF within them that WANTS TO BELIEVE …AND THAT COUNTS!!

The more people who believe….creates the energy that GENERATES MIRACLES. 

'Not only do I believe in Santa', I continued 'but I SAW Santa when I was 8 years old as he was leaving our house or at least our neighbourhood.  I was woken on Christmas Eve and walked from my room through to the kitchen. I remember walking into the kitchen and looking through the bay windows in the kitchen area..I saw Santa and his sleigh and reindeer flying from our neighbourhood…over the trees'.   Certainly it may have been a dream...however it FELT real and sometimes that is just enough to INSPIRE BELIEF. 

100% Santa and all of the magic and miracles that his energy brings is REAL.   

We can have this magic and miracles and belief and strength of POSITIVE ACTION … 

Whether we are believing in Santa, in Angels, in Divine healing energy, in the GOODNESS that we can shine out into the world every single day....we MUST believe every single day!

I believe in you.  I believe in all of us. We live in a GOOD world filled with good people. I believe that believing in this will TAKE US ALL INTO A POWERFUL 2016. 



Friday, November 20, 2015

Which WOLF are you?

An old Cherokee story which I have always found to be powerful and also very true. 
In this story a grandfather is teaching his grandson...about how we always have a choice.  

We ALWAYS have a choice as to what we are going to FOCUS on, how we are going to make our decisions and what message we share in and to the world. 

 "A fight is going on inside me," he said to the boy."It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil - he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego." 

He continued, "The other is good - he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. 

The same fight is going on inside you - and inside every other person, too." 

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: "Which wolf will win?" 

The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed." 

Feed your white wolf. 

Shine out joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.  ALWAYS.  

It is within you to FEEL and it is within you to GIVE.  Regardless of what is happening around you AT ANY POINT IN TIME....we always have to option to BE PEACE and to SHINE GOOD INTO THE WORLD.  

Thank you for shining, White Wolf. 

I look forward to connecting with you there!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sending Angels to Paris

All of our minds seem to be taken with the devastation and loss, fear and grief in Paris.  We send Angels and our hearts out to you all those affected.
It is of the utmost importance that at this time....we SHINE EVEN BRIGHTER so that ALL DARKNESS IS EXTINGUISHED and Light and love will prevail.
Shining Light out to you,

Saturday, October 17, 2015

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YES, I DO look forward to connecting with you on some of my other sites - particularly my Youtube channel as I will be launching some new videos this month on how to increase your intuition...what 'all your Clairs' are :) AND some exercises to INCREASE your own intuition and ability to connect with your Higher Self, guidance, your Angels and more.

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Keep shining!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Angels around me

Wherever YOUR place is...the one where you FEEL your Angels with you, you FEEL peace, you FEEL supported, protected and are able to JUST BE - 

GO THERE regularly and OFTEN! 

Shining Angel Light your way, 
Stacey MacDonald

Saturday, October 3, 2015

My 'HAPPY PLACE'....(Stress Relief)

Ever since I can remember...when I was 'scared' in my bed late at night....when I was in trouble with my parents...receiving a lecture...(blah blah blah)...when I was in a boring school day....

fast forward to later college and even beyond...WHENEVER I was in a stressful situation...THIS is the image that would pop into my mind...and when it did I could 'tune out' and KNOW that ALL IS WELL.  

'This person', 'this parent', 'this situation', 'this stressor' real (MASSIVE air quotes on this one ...BECAUSE WE KNOW - THIS TOO SHALL PASS)  

HOWEVER, I can be a part of this situation (and I need to be on certain levels because this is all part of my physical life path .... but I can also go to my HAPPY PLACE. 

The first time I went to my 'happy place' - I remember well....I was 7 years old.  I was receiving a parent lecture (bless a parent now myself I KNOW (and hope!) that my kids also have a HAPPY PLACE because as parents we are obligated!) 

Regardless, I REMEMBER sitting in the chair in the living room and hearing the 'talking to'...however was VERY AWARE that I was in 'Strawberry Fields'.  *In my mind, this is what I called it.  It is EXACTLY what this picture looks like.  If you know me, you have often heard me speak of this as this image is a very POPULAR image in decorative artwork for home and in imagery NOW...I am so grateful.  

AT THAT TIME, I was also very aware of the fact that 'I could be there' listening to the talk from my parents....however ALSO BE in my happy Strawberry Fields.  

*Now, also at that time - 7yrs old - NOT (yet) a Beatles fan but was in the making....later on I knew it was a Poppy field I was seeing clearly in my minds eye and yet I always did and still do - call this image when I see it....Strawberry Fields. 


It is SO IMPORTANT to me NOW to have a place where I can completely be my Self, be on my own, be in my own thoughts and KNOW that 



If you have a happy place...excellent! GO THERE REGULARLY.  I still do absolutely have my Strawberry Fields which pops into my 'minds eye' when I need it to - to remind me that regardless of anything that is going on...all is well.  Keep going. 

I found a print of my Strawberry Fields in a shop and have it hanging over my that EACH and EVERY night - I remind myself that whatever transpired through the day (good, bad or indifferent) I ALWAYS live in my HAPPY PLACE. 

FIND PHYSICAL SPACES to be in...where you can be with like minded souls and share energy, peace, well being and courtesy....this feeds your soul...all good. 

**Lately I have spent some time working on my computer (on upcoming projects) at one of my local AMAZING space to be with others in a communal environment.

Find your HAPPY PLACE...within yourself and with your community and SEE and FEEL how this reduces stress and anxiety - promoting peace and a GENERAL SENSE OF confidence, strength and peace.  

Sending blessings always, 

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Angel messages October 2015 Stacey MacDonald

Friday, September 18, 2015

It's not about 'BEING RIGHT'

It's not.  IT IS NOT about BEING RIGHT.

In certain situations with certain life in general it can certainly SEEM like it is the most important thing in a conversation/argument/debate. But it isn't.

After a heated 'discussion' it may seem like EVERYTHING is on the line for YOUR point to be heard, to be understood and to counteract what is being 'flung' your 'fling-ing it' back.
But it isn't.

It is ALMOST NEVER 'about' what is being said....and it is NEVER (100%) about BEING right.

It is ALWAYS......A-L-W-A-Y-S......about DOING RIGHT.

ACTIONS count.

Ok, so here is the tricky part.  Sometimes it is about what you are DO-ing for others and sometimes it is what you are DO-ing for your Self....many times (many, many MANY times!) it's a balance of both of these things.

We can make it complicated or we can make it difficult...but when you are ACTIVELY asking your Angels, Guides and Higher Self for help with this...this 'balance' can be quite simple.

Stand up for your Self, give EFFUSIVE-ly to others and show ALL of this through your ACTIONS.

The rest....ALL THE REST...takes care of itself.  TRY IT!
100% guaranteed!

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Monday, September 7, 2015

New! Spiritual Development Circle

I welcome each of you to this new circle however for those who are not able to attend 
I will be posting a Youtube video each month featuring highlights 

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Who am I? *Self Discovery

Seriously this is a question we have all asked our selves AT LEAST ONCE and many of us....many times!

This question comes up from time to time because we are all CHANGING...all EVOLVING...ALL THE TIME in our personal relationships, in our careers, in our parenting styles and even and especially in our thoughts and belief systems.

Life is about moving forward ...and sometimes backwards!  :(  but the point is to keep moving and while you are moving STAY FLUID, FLEXIBLE thereby leaving yourself in an area where you are easily able to see opportunities and you are OPEN enough to allow people and situations and opportunities to FIND YOU!

It's not necessarily the most important thing to know exactly WHO and WHAT you are and you stand for at every single moment along your Life path however it IS CRUCIAL that you stay open to recognizing how you are 'morphing' and evolving as you go along, noticing how you are drawn into some situations and are being led away from others.

In this way, we are fully allowing our Higher Self to guide us to where we need to be, to where we will be our 'most happiest Self' and to where we can be of service to others and as well CRUSH!  our Soul Path mission!! :)

Be your best Self in this moment - whoever that may be - and enjoy, appreciate and honour that which you are!

Shining blessings to you!

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Friday, August 7, 2015


There is not a whole heck of a lot that we are SURE OF in this life (or any other life quite possible however that may be ANOTHER blog post!! haha!)

As usual, I digress...the point is...(which I eventually get round to) is that in this life we are SURE that at some point WE WILL NEED HELP

AND also (if we are being honest) we are SURE that at some point WE WILL BE ABLE TO OFFER HELP.

Let's focus on the latter.  Very often we can be of assistance to another but sometimes we think the kind of help we have to offer may 'not be enough' or we may even feel that we don't have enough time (we wait until we feel that we have more time....does that time ever come?)

I TRULY BELIEVE that when we have been in the position of the former, which we ALL have been in at some point....ANY INDICATION of help, assistance, a kind word from someone (anyone!)  is SO WELCOME regardless of the 'size' of the offering or time spent....ANY kind word or helpful gesture...or smile can be SO HUGE.  We have it to give.

NOW, focusing on the former....HELP ME!  Has this ever been you?  Of course we have all been in this position and maybe even some of you are in this place right now...I ask that the people 'in your circle' recognize this and reach out to you and ALSO that you actively put yourself in and around places in your community where people are able to connect with you....and also that when help is being offered you are in a place in your heart where you are able to receive it.

Of course, sending Angels and blessings and gratitude your way....whether you are the one who is offering help or the one receiving help....KNOW that we all BALANCE our entire life journey....either offering help or receiving help....or optimally BOTH!  Shining helping and healing energy to you on your pathway...Thank you for giving...and RECEIVING.

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Energy forecast August 2015 *RELAX...and GET READY!!

Here we are in August and ... enjoying every minute of it!  An interesting time as we are being urged to certainly REST and balance our time WELL between relaxing and also getting a few things done to be sure HOWEVER the 'rest component' is really KEY as we do have a VERY busy Fall season lined up. 

Many people will be feeling their 'engines revving' as they connect (knowingly or unknowingly) with the anticipation of change, busy times ahead and the ability to break through previous held barriers on their Life path. 

But the time for this is....not quite yet.  Our responsibility this month is to our personal levels of energy.  To restore our own Life force energy through rest, meditation, spending time outside, reading, spending time with friends, exercising (and then more rest!) SO THAT WE ARE IN AN ENERGETIC PRIME LOCATION to be able to easily spot the signs and symbols that are going to lead us forward in the upcoming weeks and months. 

Remember that these signs and symbols are shown to us all the time however very often we are not TUNED IN enough to notice, recognize or take advantage of opportunity when it is shown to us.   

This month, GET READY by RELAXING and BALANCING your Self, your energy, your home life, your work life, your personal relationships and ultimately your entire state of BEing.   Enjoy your time and know that great things are on the way to you.

Shining blessings and abundance to you in your month of AUGUST!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Inner child- our SECRET INNER POWER!

Embrace the day!
Embrace your inner child!!
How many times have we heard these phrases and YES WE GET IT!!  however perhaps we have heard them so often that they have become 'catch phrases', 'buzz words', 'Abundance-isms' and so on.

So, let's take a moment to DIVE BACK INTO what Inner child actually means.
It means CONNECTING WITH THAT PART OF YOUR SELF that is SIMPLE.  I wouldn't say carefree exactly - not always anyway....but FREE.  

When I connect with my inner child I dial back to my childhood Self.  Now, while there were times growing up that were sometimes difficult and so on there were also MANY TIMES that I remember SIMPLY BEing.

I got up and if it was Saturday, watched cartoons and when I was hungry I went to get a bowl of cereal - generally Rice Krispies (sigh) or somedays 'Wow! we have Corn Pops!!' (YAY!).   **Even now as an adult, I think of spontaneous surprises as 'Corn Pop days'!  haha!

After my favourite cartoons, I would go outside and climb the apple tree or do something with by brother and sister or ride my bike over to Nikki's house and hopefully she could come out to play. Simple.

I think it is SO IMPORTANT that we ensure that some days during our month, we allow for our Selves to connect with our Inner child.  The part of us that SIMPLY wants to walk around the block or sit outside and watch the breeze moving the branches of the tree above us or put on a favourite movie or call a friend to 'come out to play'.  :)

When we do this we GIVE OUR SELVES PERMISSION to rest, enjoy and BE FREE ... SIMPLY IN THE MOMENT.

Truly, when we do this we take back the very best part of us...the simple part.

Take away the emails and the schedules and the work and the bills and the phones and the discouragements and the deadlines and the goals and the planning and the ....and the.....and the.....DONE!

Truly, when we do this we take back the very best part of us...the STRONG inner part of us that very simply and straightforwardly knows how to enjoy the HERE AND NOW.

THAT is what it is all about....Life....Us....Simple....Joy....Freedom of Spirit.   Give yourself permission to connect with your very strong and free...Inner child.

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Angel messages July 2015

Kicking off July 2015 with Archangel Gabriel....and an interesting 'Earth Angel twist'....

Create your own 'Angel Rock pile'!  
Watch the 5min video to know more! 
and have a blessed and abundant month of July. 

**You can begin this course at any time and continue your independent home study at your own pace
Connect powerfully with each of the 15 Archangels, get to know their characteristics and how you can connect with them....and how they are ALREADY connecting with you!  

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Day!

Sending blessings to EVERYONE living in this beautiful country of ours!

Sending blessings and abundance FROM Canada to EVERYONE in all 4 corners of the Earth!

Shining peace and happiness out to you,

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Angel Rule book

It's SO important that we are playing by the 'rule book'.  
This is one of the ONLY WAYS we can ENSURE that we GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!

The thing is - many of us get confused as to which 'rule book' to adhere to.  Is it our parent's rulebook (if either of my sons are reading this then the answer is most definitively...YES!)  For the rest of you, the answer is sometimes.

Do we and should we adhere to the rule book that our friends and peers have laid out for us.....weellllllllll......mmmmmmm.....sometimes. 

What if we had our own rulebook?  'Well, this worked last time and so it will work again (and again and again and again!) perfectly well  - no need to change it at all!'   Yes, sometimes.....but THESE times are hardly ever!

So how do we know which 'rule book' to follow?  

The Angel Rule book is THE book to follow.  It is a compilation of your parents rule book, your friends/peers rule book, your own rule book....and it encompasses ALL the rules from every lifetime every one has EVER takes ALL THE FACTS and angles into every decision making point from the beginning of time and allows you to simply consult the Angel Rule book....and make the perfect decision EVERY SINGLE TIME. 


The only way you can READ the Rule book is if you are considering your decision or your situation with the highest level of integrity.  YES!  This is the best decision for me and YES! this will benefit other people around me as well.   The Angel Rule book will DEFINITELY point you in the right direction. 

IF you are trying to read the Angel Rule book but are also 'huffing and puffing' because your 'nose is out of joint' and/or your ego is rearing it's ugly head in judgement or with negativity....the book WILL NOT be readable....just fuzzy words with ambiguous directions.  

STAY ON THE HIGH ROAD and this Angel Rule book is available to all!  Where do you get your copy?  NO, not through Amazon (although there are many excellent books to order there to be sure)....this book you find WITHIN. 

Ahhhhhh yes the mystical area of 'within'.  Not that mystical actually....we can also refer to consulting this Angel Rule book as simply doing a 'gut check'.  What FEELS right?  

YOU GOTTA KNOW that if you are making a decision and it FEELS right....although there IS  a little niggle thought behind it....but...NEVER MIND!  You are going to do it we need to pay attention to that 'little voice' telling us....hmmmm, yes I would like to do that HOWEVER my Angel Rule book is telling me to wait...there is a better opportunity coming my way...all good.  

Sometimes following the Angel Rule book means that we even have to 'break our own rules' and decisions.  We have to know that while we can 'force' things to happen in OUR time...we must recognize that our time here is SHORT and it can be so much better to break the rules set down by other people and situations in our life....and EVEN (and maybe especially) the rules set down by our own limited perception of where we are going and what we are capable of....

and simply follow the ANGEL RULE BOOK! 

Shining blessings your way, 

**You can begin this course at any time and continue your independent home study at your own pace
Connect powerfully with each of the 15 Archangels, get to know their characteristics and how you can connect with them....and how they are ALREADY connecting with you!  

Friday, June 5, 2015

Video Angel message for June 2015

Okay, SO!  Connecting STRONGLY this month with Archangel Gabriel....we are being guided towards....FUN!    ANY time we are connecting with fun we are connecting with Inner child AND .... something that I didn't touch on in the video message...
Inner child is actually the STRONGEST part of our Self. 

Inner Child is the part of us that is MOST connected with our Angels and with our Soul path.  This part of our Self KNOWS NO discouragement, disillusion, betrayal, doubt, guilt, shame, fear, worry.....this Inner child is pure....AND STRONG.  

This inner child is within us and when we connect with this part of our Self ~ WE are PURE and STRONG.  

This is ALL GOOD people!   The only 'catch' that to connect with this Inner child we have to do 'the work' in what I call a 'side door manner'.   We MUST schedule time to NOT EFFORT towards connecting with strength but instead....

schedule have FUN. 

It does seem like a bit of an oxymoron HOWEVER some of us have gotten SO FAR away from 'personal fun'...that we need to make a CONSCIOUS EFFORT to incorporate it back into our schedules!  JUNE is the month to do it!

I mention a couple of things that I LOVE to do to have fun for my SELF....however those that are part of my ALCP family or who I have connected with through the Meditation evenings or through private session  KNOW that I also love TO BOWL!  (10 pin....not to brag...ok, maybe just a little!!)   .... and I love to go SHOPPING!  haha!  

Find what YOU love to do for YOU this month as it is a POWERFUL month to connect not only with Archangel Gabriel helping you to feel safe in your own power...but also with YOUR STRENGTH OF SELF...your Inner child. 
Have a FUN month of June...together with your Angels! 
Shining blessings your way, 

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


What is your highest and most implausible goal?  Even tho' you KNOW in your heart of hearts that there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that this can or will happen for you.

and IN SPITE OF THIS FACT or at least belief, this goal is SO consistently and INSISTENTLY gnawing at you!  Every time you try to 'LOGIC IT AWAY'....THERE IT IS.

THIS is what you should be paying most attention to.

You see, it is not whether or not we can figure out a way to get to our goals and dreams it IS whether or not we BELIEVE in our goals and dreams.

Can we see ourselves 'there', can we imagine it....CAN WE FEEL IT?

If we can ... then we are already halfway there.  YES!  That's true!

You see when we believe in our Self and our goals 100%  ONE HUNDRED PERCENT...then we open up the doors of the Universe, the doors of opportunity, the gateway to challenge and the new horizon and landscape of SUCCESS.

You don't have to figure out 'the how'...

Friday, April 17, 2015

What makes you happy?

What gives you a REAL LIFT?

When you do this or when you even THINK ABOUT doing start to smile, your heart starts to sing, your stomach gives a little flutter?

Do you have more than JUST ONE THING that makes you happy....maybe you are a 'Multi-tasker' when it comes to BEING HAPPY.
Do you have plans to do one of your 'happy things' or even a few, OR ALL of them in the near future...or even scheduled regularly?

Now, some of you may have to revise your item/list as we are NOT talking about the 'kneejerk' reactions that we can sometimes have to in answer to this question ...and this is not a bad thing!! This is a good thing as I always hear things like; 'spending time with my family/wife/husband/kids/boyfriend/girlfriend makes me happy' or 'knowing that my savings account is growing' or 'feeling that the world is a little closer each day to achieving world peace'.  

Of course, these things are all amazing and they make us all happy and they should!

Now, let's dive a little under the surface however and ask your Self ... YOU ... what makes you happy -just for you.

For me?  I love horseback riding. I think I even like just hanging around in the barn being around the horses just as much as the actual riding itself!   I love swimming.  I love being at the beach, anywhere by the myself contemplating.  And yes, I also love to go shopping.  (a lot :)

These are things I consider *just for me.  Do you have some things that are *just for you?

Take some time to make note of some of the things that you do...or you even might CONSIDER doing that are JUST FOR YOU;  things, actions, activities...that simply make you happy.  

THEN GET THEM ON THE CALENDAR to make sure that they actually happen!  :)
*none of that "Well, I wanted to do that...but there wasn't time".  No way!  Not this time!!

Even the act of marking it on the calendar says to your Self that YOU are making time to MAKE YOU HAPPY!


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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Supermoon, Spring Equinox AND Solar Eclipse - OH MY!

Holy wow!  Are you ready for this New moon on Friday?
This new moon is actually a Supermoon so the energy from this moon is even MORE POWERFUL than any other New moon.

Now, when we think of Supermoon we think of a giant full moon in the sky however this moon is a New moon but WILL be passing closest to the Earth and so it will be BIG .... AND as it represents new beginnings in our will be an AUSPICIOUS TIME.

By the way, auspicious is defined in the Merriam Webster dictionary as meaning 
showing or suggesting that future success is likely

Hmmmm.... I'm thinking that this might be worth paying attention to...yes?  

NEVER MIND that this day...Friday March 20 is also Spring Equinox.  NOTHING says 'new beginning' like the renewal time of Spring...unless it's the New moon/Supermoon!  To have these 2 things happening on the same day is rare 

RARE!  AND also to have an opportunity to energetically take advantage of this??   STEP BOLDLY towards this time folks as it can be your 

drum roll please.
So, we have the New Moon and it is a Supermoon and then we have the Spring Equinox AND THEN WE ALSO HAVE the Solar eclipse taking place on Friday March 20/2015.  Hold tight folks - it's going to be a bumpy ride!  

Can you tell I am excited for this?  And if you aren't....then you will be now!

Solar eclipse is also a time when many of us will experience an ENERGY SURGE.  THE POWER WITHIN to ignite parts of our Soul path mission which has previously been hidden from us and also the power of Self on the physical do something about it!  
*The power to organize yourself, put things in perspective, increased willpower and determination, prioritizing skills bubble to the are on your way!

OK, so what do you do?  How do you take advantage of this?
For sure, start making your list today of all of the things that you want to be brought into your life.  A new career? Bold movement forward in your existing career? A new relationship? A vacation? Improved health? Clearer head space? :) Increased finances?  Improved social schedule?  ANYTHING!
*This is a time to dream big and not in moderation.
**Keep it positive....New moon is a time to WELCOME IN new things....Full moon is time for releasing and we'll talk about this another time meanwhile.....ASK ASK ASK!!

Make your list and don't hold back.  Then sometime on Friday read through your list and look up to the sky and ... smile.  TRUST that the energy of this time, your guides and your Angels...the UNIVERSE has heard you and will bring to you everything you need in order to help you move powerfully forward in the ways in which you have asked for assistance at this time. 

I like to take my list out under the stars and spend some time in the night air together with my Angels and read through my list....I can feel them around me at that is magical.  I will think of you as well as you are standing under the night sky with your Angels and I'll be sending extra blessings your way!

ENJOY the POWER of this most AUSPICIOUS time and allow this powerful energy to make a difference in your powerful pathway forward!
Shining blessings, abundance, joy and peace to you, 

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Monday, March 2, 2015

MARCH....FORWARD BOLDLY! Angel messages for March


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