Friday, August 31, 2012

How to Write a Wishlist 101

For so many of us it has been a long while since we have taken pen to paper and written our wishlist....a LONG while. For others it hasn't been long at all - just recently we have written, said, thought about, demanded our wish list regularly and often all the while believing in our heart of hearts that a)we won't get it b)we don't deserve it c)good things only happen to 'other' people d)'Granter of wishes' is not hearing me e)all of the the above.
So, go ahead and rummage around until you come up with a pen and some paper....and pause over your blank page while you SHIFT YOUR PERSPECTIVE to one of OPEN ENERGY and RECEPTIVITY.  How do you do this? Well, there are many, many Energy healing practises, exercises and techniques in order to do a total perspective shift - shedding negative energy and thought processes while you learn to embrace your Path, your Self, your Abundance - which is AVAILABLE for just must MAKE THE SHIFTING.....
but I digress.....TODAY - we are making our wish list.....and we are keeping it simple - we have pen and paper and we are ready to begin....

  1. Pause - take a DEEP breath all the way in and exhale ALL THE WAY - repeat for a few moments (this is beginning to increase your own energy centre while shedding any negative or thought blocking energy from your wish list exercise)
  2. Smile
  3. Start to write a list of how you WISH to feel.  What are some adjectives that you would like to use to describe your Self or how you WISH others to describe you as. 
  4. Now write another list of activities that you WISH to immerse your Self in (this can include potential future employment, hobbies, recreational activities, groups to join etc)
  5. Write a list of any and all types of 'material things' that you would like to see being a part of your physical life - as we live very much in a physical world and it is quite natural to desire, want and to enjoy physical, material objects in our life also. 
  6. You can be as general or specific as you like.  For example, you can write these 'sub-lists' for "within the next month, I would like to feel.....",  followed by "within the next 6 months, I would like to feel", etc.
  7. Include a clause at the bottom of the list as a reminder to your "Gift granter"...."I wish for all of my list to come to me abundantly - these or something BETTER" ~ and wink while you write it! We add this on every list because it is part of the human condition to sometimes 'dream small', ask for things which are actually 'less' than what we are able to manifest, PARTICULARLY in the matter of emotions and physical health. 
  8. You can write this list as often as you like ~ or write it only the once.....YOUR CHOICE.
  9. Important Notice;  You MUST BELIEVE that you deserve this list and that "Gift granters" are hearing you and that you will RECEIVE.  YOU MUST clear your energy and BELIEVE every day. (smiling and breathing deeply to increase your energy is a great Energy healing start in being able to clear any blocking energy to opening up your pathway to Abundance - emotionally, spiritually and physically.) 
*I will remind you that TONIGHT is a Blue Moon and magical manifestation is at hand*
So get writing people!!  
Sending out magical energy waves of Abundance to all who are writing their lists today - Keep shining!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

222 - Angel numbers!

That is correct!  There are Angel messages that are guided and sent your way in EVERYTHING!! and most especially numbers. Today is a resounding message of twotwotwo.   If you see this number on a license plate, phone number, in your mind's eye, on a house number, bus number etcetcetc.  This means to;
Let go and have Faith.  

PLEASE, STOP trying to figure everything out and just LET IT GO.  Grab some Faith and 

Shine into your day! 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Parlez-vous d'aventure? YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!!

Regardless of what language you are SPEAKING, what actions you are CURRENTLY EXHIBITING (remember "Actions speak louder than words"!!), what your emotions are FEELING, what your eyes are CURRENTLY SEEING.....there is adventure in EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY around you.
Open your Self to truly see, feel and KNOW the difference in each moment of each day....each person around you - large, small, young and old.
BE AWARE of others as they are also on their OWN PERSONAL ADVENTURE kind.  STOP to smile at another as they go on their merry adventure.
ENSURE smiling at someone else is part of YOUR OWN DAILY ADVENTURE.
ENSURE smiling at your SELF in the mirror is part of YOUR OWN DAILY ADVENTURE.

Be kind. Be happy. Smile.
Go. Be free. Have fun.

A NEW day

There are new days and then....there are NEW DAYS.  Sometimes Life Path is about 'levelling off' and sometimes it is about "levelling up'.....both can be considered equally fulfilling when it comes to looking at the benefits and merits of 'New Days'.
We are talking about our New Day in that there comes at certain times in our life a reality check, a clarity of mind, a perception shift that has the ability to JOLT us back into our Selves, snatch us back onto our Life Path, CEMENT our confidence in our direction.
This same perception shift comes as a result of our (generally) SUDDEN understanding of who we are, why we are here, what we are meant to do. The foundation that this provides for us in this moment - is incredible, immovable, unshakeable and also (generally!) none too soon!!
This New Day can 'suddenly' come to us after we have had our toes slipping on a gravelly slope for a little while or maybe even hovering at the edge of the proverbial emotional cliff or perhaps we have been tumbling 'toes over tea kettle' (as my mom says...or something like that!) through the air, for a long while...regardless, today we are being blessed with a New Day.
and - just like that-we find our Selves on a 'New' path.  New and yet strangely familiar as we recognize this Path as the one that is meant for us...the one that we set out for our Selves on this journey....
It doesn't mean this is the right path any more than where we have been has been the wrong path - it just means that now?  Instead of 'levelling off' and continuing to address the challenges and forward movement of a Path that is currently ahead of us.....we are 'levelling UP' AND CHOOSING to jump to a 'New Path' as it is being presented to us. Why? because it is being offered for a reason AND it FEELS RIGHT.   We are 'levelling up'.
Shine forward - onward and upward!  

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blue Moon ....Aug 31... Prepare for the Magic!

To be sure, ANY full moon is useful for cleansing crystals, clearing energy, new beginnings, purging any habit/energy/behaviours/trains of thought in order to start the next day, the new day on a more positive Life Path.   However, THIS is a Blue Moon and well?  These moons only happen....once in a Blue moon...(couldn't resist! and I KNOW you were waiting for it!!)
Now then, technically Blue Moons occur when there are two full moons in a month....the second moon is called the Blue Moon. However, the Farmer's Almanac has always held true that it is the third of four Full Moons that occur within a season.
Regardless, this particular Blue moon is happening in just a couple of days and for those that 'wish' to make use of the special energies being shone over our beautiful universe that evening, it can be very powerful and helpful.
On an emotional and spiritual level this moon is tremendously useful 
for intensifying our abilities to manifest goals.
 That is a longer and more fanciful version of simply calling it 
"Make a wish night!"
So, normally we talk about partnering with Archangel Sandalphon and Archangel Ariel in order to connect with your ability to manifest and .... that has not changed! Continue to ask them to partner with you as you look at making your wish, wishes or forming your Angel List of Wishes - you can call it whatever you like and you can make it as long a list or short a list as you feel guided to - however, if you would like an ENERGETIC BOOST towards Abundance, Healing, Cleansing, Self Power and/or a stronger connection with your Guides and Angels.....prepare NOW - make your list - and as you gaze up at the Blue Moon on the 31st you can say a little 'thank you' for the energy boost :)  Keep shining!

LIGHT your inner fire!

To know, to see, to feel your pathway opening up before you - to feel the blaze of success, contentment, fulfilment and be able to enJOY the completion of ideas and inspirations as they have come to you to bring you to this wonderful and spectacular time in your life...!!! wow!, what was that?  oh, so not QUITE JUST there yet?  NOT TO WORRY.
You have ignited the spark, lit the match, held the match to the kindling in fire which will (if not already) light the larger pieces of wood you have carefully placed in the fire pit  and before you know'll be sitting back enjoying the fruits of your labour......basking in the glow of the flames that are shining you and warming you as a result of your ability to LISTEN to the inspirations that are being fed to you regularly.
Your Angels and Guides are feeding you these ideas and inspirations CONSTANTLY and it is ONLY when you light that first spark of a flame within your Self that you are able to recognize these ideas as such - trusted guidance forward.
Lighting this flame ensures that you are open, aware and accepting of any such trusted guidance that can be shown to you at any point -and EVERY POINT - along your Life Path.
LIGHT UP your inner FIRE today - keep it lit every day.  Hear, know, feel and see the guidance as it is shown to you!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Recognize your TURNING POINT

Our Angel message today is a resounding message that urges us to make the most of our Turning Points.  These points happen regularly , frequently or infrequently along our Life Path - generally when we least expect them and RARELY when we have asked for them...
they just happen.
We don't manifest them, make them happen, set the stage to set the most beneficial circumstances in which our turning point can best benefit our situation.
While we are in them, we do not adapt to 'the turning point situation' in order to maximize the result.....
we are them...we are in that time in our life that is our turning point.  
Recognize your turning point if you are in one right now and regardless of the 'awkwardness' that this point may be bringing along with it....recognize it for the very useful and transformative process that this is.  Transform - feel the process.
While you are feeling this, keep in mind that while this process happens around you, through you, through your relationships and within your very does not NEED YOU to play an active role in this process.....stay in your Life Path, putting one foot in front of the other, do NOT overthink, allow the process to evolve in it's own way, recognize and be grateful for the magic happening around you (EVEN AND ESPECIALLY when it does not FEEL magical.....wait for it.....!)
Keep moving forward - one step at a time - and when the magic happens?  RECOGNIZE it and ALLOW it.  Keep shining!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Refresh, renew, replenish, rejuvenate and to ensure there is the time, space and energy to accomplish all of these grand feats of accomplishment in this world of busy-busy......we MUST CHOOSE to RETREAT.
This is not a permanent state of BE-ing. We are not talking about changing least at this point.... what we are talking about is simply making a choice today to do things in a quieter, simpler, self-nurturing way. We are talking about ensuring that today is about YOU. Replenishing, renewing and refreshing your soul you.  This is not a magical process people.  This is a very simple process that involves MAKING THE CHOICE to NOT answer the phone, NOT placing the call, NOT checking texts/emails, TURNING OFF the laptop, putting a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the front door, the bedroom door, the living room door....putting a 'DO NOT DISTURB' sign ON YOUR FOREHEAD.
Today, you are officially closed.  CHOOSING to be closed suddenly frees you up to read a book, listen to the birds, water your garden, find your favourite CD, pop it in and BLAST IT through the house, walk down to your favourite coffee shop, read the newspaper, sit by the water, sit and stare at the wall......regardless, this retreat time puts your busy-busy on hold and subconsciously lets your inner Self know that today YOU are the most important thing.  THIS is something that we can appreciate TODAY AND take into TOMORROW.  YOU are IMPORTANT.  Important enough to honour your Self in this time of Retreat.  Treat your Self to a Re-Treat again next week! Make this a 'Regular Treat'....your Re-treat!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

GREAT full

Very simply and in a humble fashion....feeling and BEing in a very special place of intense 'GREAT FULL NESS' .....  so,  SO wonder full.  
When these moments come upon us, sometimes we are moved to make a phone call, tell great stories, put pen to paper and record 'the moment' or even climb up onto the rooftop and shout it out for all to hear... and sometimes...
it is just enough and EVEN MORE SPECIAL to FEEL this wonder full 'GREAT FULL-ness' within our Selves, for our SELVES and ....
SHINE this forward!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

TAP INTO your Past Life Soul wisdom

Archangel Raziel guides us to better understand the Mystery of Self, our soul and our journey here forward. He helps us to SEE our path forward, to SEE signs and symbols that guide us forward and as we move forward we are able to unlock the secrets that show us our true Self.  As we move forward and continue to uncover hidden wisdoms and understandings, removing layers of the physical world from our spiritual Self and as a result are able to see more of our inner Self, our soul, the one that we feel so comfortable BE-ing.
Openly partner with Archangel Raziel, invite him into your day today and ask him to help you to uncover more of your Self and the inner wisdom that you carry with you. He can help you look back, FEEL deeply within your SELF and help you to KNOW the messages, information, skills and wisdom that you carry with you forward into THIS physical life from all of your other past lives and journeys.  Some of you have had a few past lives while some of you have had many, many journeys already on this physical plane and in these instances it is only wise to spend some time regularly with Archangel Raziel as he can help you to unlock the doors, the secrets, the Mystery that symbolizes your ability to tap into this wellspring of wisdom within your cell memory, your Self.   Ask him also to help you to tap into only the wisdom of the lessons learned in past lives and to wash away any trauma, difficulty, emotional upset that also may be brought up and into your consciousness.
Partnering with Archangel Raziel in this way is not to go back and re-live or immerse your Self in any past lives....much the opposite. Archangel Raziel helps us forward on THIS life path, this life journey and helps us to stay focused on the goals and life lessons that we have to learn on this path HOWEVER  also helps us to tap into our Soul's consciousness so that as we share our wisdom with others on our journey - we are doing so from the very depth of our existence, from our Soul .  Allow this inner knowingness of your Soul's wisdom to shine forth today together with Archangel Raziel.  

Stacey MacDonald offers Intuitive Life Path Guidance
Energy Healer
Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner ® 
Usui Reiki Master/Teacher

Saturday, August 18, 2012


WELL? ARE YOU??  or are you shut?  Tell me now...or better yet, tell your Angels, guides, opportunities, potential abundance and the friendly skies THE TRUTH....
are you open?  
Imagine that you are sitting in your corner store/deli/spa/business office wondering WHY can't I get ahead, WHY don't great things come my way, WHY WHY WHY do I work so hard/wish so hard etc. and STILL  I sit here....waiting for good and great things to come my after day...

Well?  HEAR THIS. Look up and around you - there is more to your situation than meets the eye. If you are always looking down, shrugging and buckling down for another day - TO BE SURE - opportunities for advancement down your Life Path will not be available to you.
Picture your Self sitting at your desk looking down glumly while your Angels and guides are banging on the shop door yelling "Are you open????"

Picture this, you come into the shop for the day, open the door, stick a bunch of potted plants out on the doorstep and step outside onto the sidewalk to WELCOME the sun on your face, greet passersby and GET IN THE FLOW of energy for the day as you announce to the world  "I AM OPEN"

When you are OPEN, you are able to RECEIVE energy, gifts, opportunities, blessings, good gestures and friendly exchanges.   Do you also leave your Self OPEN to negative energies? Harsh words?   Yes.  HOWEVER, when you are OPEN to RECEIVING positive energy into your life and abundance in all ways then the positive exchanges will GREATLY OUTWEIGH the harsh exchanges.....your own positivity and openness to shining your goodwill and high vibrations will WASH AWAY any potentially harmful situations from a good rain washes away the dust :)   Negative energy is 'only dust' and can be very easily cleared by staying OPEN.

STAY OPEN and get ready to RECEIVE!!!  

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Heart of it......

The centre of it - the point of it - the heart of the what counts. Regardless, of how big the splash is around you, the heart of the matter is still the point.
Take off all the layers, preconceptions, misconceptions, assumptions and attitudes and see your heart today.  Strip off all of the ideas, innuendoes, comments and behaviours of others to you and also your reactions and responses back ..... and simply look squarely at your heart.  Examine your heart, your Self, your inner truth and truly feel what it is offering to you - simplicity.
Your heart is wonderful in its ability to offer you the real you, honest you, simple you, kind you, excited you, inner child you.  You have a lot to offer.  Remember to listen and feel your way down your path - with your heart.
It's an listen to your Heart.  (wink)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

TOP 10 excuses for 'Being Stuck"

10. "No one will help me"
9.  "I'm too busy doing daily to-do's to follow my dream"
8.  "I'll do something tomorrow"
7.  "Everyone will laugh at me"
6.  "I'm going to wait for inspiration/money/an opportunity"
5.  "Good things don't happen to me" (preceded period of isolation/depression)
4.  "I'm tired" (usually share in high pitched whiny voice)
3.  "I'm scared"
2.  "I'm overwhelmed"
and the number ONE?
1.   "I don't know WHAT to do!!!!"

Put a check mark beside any of these phrases that you may have used in a conversation either in your Self talk or to others. Now print and cut out these Top 10 excuses for 'not being able' to follow your heart's guidance, your gut instinct, your passion, your interests, your dream.....and slip a copy in your wallet, on your mirror in your dressing room and even magnet a copy to your fridge.
They SOUND as pathetic as THEY ARE.

Do one little thing a day to move in the direction in which YOU WANT TO GO.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Get with the Game! The ANGEL GAME!

For sure! Hey, WHO DOESN'T??
Well, I have to be honest here and looking around at you lot - I would have to say that not too many of you 'love excitement'.  If I am wrong , then 'hats off to you' because you are a better actor/actress than I thought - and you are able to keep that excitement WELL HIDDEN.
Where do you hide it? Under disdain, sarcasm, 'tiredness', negativity, blame, fear, way are you going to 'get caught' being or showing enthusiasm or excitement. WHEN strife comes your way, you WILL BE READY, grim face forward expecting the worst.
and you know what?  YOUR Angel Team is UNABLE to help you with that.
Are your Angels around you??? yes of course. Are they able to help you and guide you and make miracles manifest along your Life Path?  Well, yes .... and no.
They are able to help you WHEN you leave the door open.  WHEN you are excited, positive, jubilant, carefree, enjoying nature, having a laugh, relaxing maybe with a good book, or even beseeching in a time of angst, strife, sadness, grief......these are all emotions that the door is open for Angel assistance.
The 'other' feelings that I listed earlier SLAM THE ANGEL DOOR SHUT!!!  and they are only able to watch from the sidelines quietly and politely like a well behaved crowd at Wimbledon. They wait and they watch UNTIL they see some of this (sometimes quite unexpected) EXCITEMENT! AND THEN they are able to swoop in FULL GO.
Why would you shut this door? Why wouldn't you just leave the door open all the time?, I have NO IDEA!
Leave the door open. BE excited. BE happy. BE relaxed. BE REAL. Get in the Game. The Angel Game and ..... leave the door open - they are on YOUR team and they are so happy to jump off the bench and onto your playing field!
Shine into YOUR EXCITEMENT today!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

...and the answer is?...."TIME!" was the question?  oh yes, "What is the solution to most every situation?" and clearly, the answer would be 'Time'. (WHY didn't I HIT THE BUZZER earlier??!)
Right, so if we KNOW the question and we KNOW the answer then WHY do we give our Selves SUCH  a hard time while we are going through difficult situations, different challenges, loss, grief, job issues, personal struggles/obstacle triumphs, CHANGE??!
I also KNOW that question but I do not know the answer to that.
I do not know why we in general do not ALLOW OUR SELF TIME to go through these processes.
THERE ARE PROCESSES along this journey in life and "here's the thing tips!" ~ We DO NOT UNDERSTAND the processes in MOST of these journeys AND that's ok. In fact, it does not matter one whit whether we understand the process or not. The fact remains we are going through them and the fact remains that we will come out on the other side.  Shut off the "I have to think this through and analyze every which way of this very confusing/upsetting/disrupting etc moment" and just PLEASE turn the other way and let your life path, your guides, your Angels, your subconscious Self work through this process WITHOUT ego trying to make it more difficult than it needs to be.
YES, there is change happening and YES this change is not always welcome/good/requested but.....regardless HERE IT IS.
So, do me a favour.....don't forget the question.......and furthermore...REMIND your Self consistently of the answer.  !
In the meantime, breathe ....  BREATHE!!!! and smile....and even have a laugh or two.
;)  Keep shining!  It's going to be just fine.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Stop the Clock and 'get Physical'

It's your choice you know. You can 'stop that clock' whenever and wherever you choose. How about now?  Let's stop our clocks together right now as we are reading these words. Done.
The clock is not ticking, our moments are our own, our thoughts IN THIS MOMENT are our thoughts with NOT A CARE IN THE WORLD for the previous few moments, days, weeks etc and same goes for the next few moments, day, weeks etc.
The time is now. BREATHE and feel your Physical self relax into the moment. ALLOW YOUR SELF to be fully in your Physical being and let your mental, emotional and even Spiritual Self sit on the back burner for now. NOW we are being our Physical Self. Listening, feeling and enjoying our Physical Self.

Say thank you to all your Physical Self has to offer you. Thank it for being your 'vehicle' to get you around to where you want to go, need to go, feel called to go. Thank it for working so hard for you. Thank it for listening to your mental requests on where to go and how to get there.
En-joy BEING IN your Physical Self.
Take time to 'Stop your Clock' any time and simply - EnJOY your Self!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The secret of your own Divine Magic

We each have our unique and individual type of sparkling Light and Divine Magic  within us. We were brought to this Life Path with this Magic within us and we still have it. It never leaves. Some people have no idea they have this, and they never will.  Some people 'sometimes' know they can really 'put it out there' and sometimes think that they have lost it. Some people KNOW they have it and shine it out there every chance they get.   They know the secret.
In order for your Divine Magic to grow .... you have to Let It Go.

Set it free. Get it out there. Uncurl your fingers that are hanging on SO TIGHT your own special and unique style of Self, your own Light, your own MAGIC and roll it out there.   

Here's the thing....
Once you have set it free......KEEP YOUR HAND OUT.
Don't just STAND THERE with your arms at your sides and wonder when you'll be receiving back payment from your gift. Don't cross your arms and tap your foot and wait for said reciprocal gift!!!
There are MANY others before you who have also set their Magic free. and many behind you and beside you who are about to do the same.....Keep Your Hand Out. 

This hand will assist others along the way  - if they need a hand to hold, or to steady them or to lead the way...yours is ALREADY THERE - no need to ask for help - help is CONSTANTLY being OFFERED!  
This hand will show others to also keep their hands out - reaching out to others in their own unique and individual way, sharing the Magic!
This hand is a CONSTANT REMINDER to your Self and to others that we are not here to do anything alone - there are other hands out all over the world that are both in need of a hand and are OFFERING a hand to others. FEEL the Magic!
....Keep YOUR hand out and see, feel and enJOY and be EMPOWERED by all of the beautiful Magic that comes shining back to you - so much Light and Love beyond anything you could have ever imagined! 
Invite Divine Magic INTO your life by BEING the Magic!