Friday, November 30, 2012

25 days of Affirmations with your Angels

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We have today to prepare. Today we find our pad of paper, journal, notebook, special entry page in our laptop....whatever the case may be - stay at the ready!
Starting tomorrow we have the next 25 days to enJOY receiving our personal affirmations from our Angels.  At some point in time during the day, there will be a thought that appears to you and stays in your mind for a moment accompanied by a feeling of wonder/clarity/appreciation and THIS is your daily affirmation from your Angels....write it down.
These affirmations we will be taking with us into glorious 2013! These will be or will help to make our intentions for the New year - it is going to be a grand year!  Some examples might include entries like;   Holy cow! I am driving my new car :),  my relationship is deeply committed and loyal, I enjoy booking my vacation etc.   They might continue to list;  I am lucky, I am joy, I open my arms wide to receive all abundance, I am a highly visual person, I am surrounded by a strong supportive circle filled with friendship, love and light etc
The thoughts do not have to be long, intense ramblings - they can be simple and easy .... or they can switch back and forth. They may even be affirmations or quotes that you have heard before and really resonated with and then....THAT thought is with you again strongly today....write it down!
Date them of course for interests sake and have fun with this - enJOY connecting with your Angels and building a solid foundation for 2013. It starts TODAY!

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pick up the Retro-phone! It's your common sense calling!!

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GET REAL!  That is the theme of this phone call friends!
Did you ever stop to notice that when you are in a 'crisis time' that your common sense, your inner calm kicks in and you are able to dial RIGHT BACK TO ZERO?  
No longer are you striving, reaching, analysing  thinking, strategising, are now like a stalled engine.  You WERE going along fairly well you thought...although looking back...WHOA! Was that stressful!  But you felt abundant! You were ON THE RISE!  You were in complete control!!
or were you?
Now, the engine driving you madly along the path of Life is stalled...and you feel....lost, alone, bereft.  HOWEVER, this is actually your Angels calling and tapping in to your common sense URGING you to (for once! - It's been awhile!)  look around and SEE what you have.  I know COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS can sometimes be a little humdrum phrase but when you ACTUALLY DO will begin to breathe a little easier. 
Stay on this call for a bit and allow the 'Retro phone' to dial you back through time and space to your inner child.  See how little this inner child ACTUALLY NEEDS AND WANTS in order to have a fantastic day!  A bowl of cereal listening to the radio in the morning, do some chores later on, play outside, read a book, look at the sky.....Feel the freedom in this while you are chatting on the Retro phone.  
Isn't THIS true abundance? 
As adults we can still CELEBRATE OUR INNER CHILD and honour this child in our daily thoughts and activities. Allow a call through on the Retro phone, dialling into your common sense as your Angels tell you that while you may feel like your engine is stalled.....
you actually are in a process of TRADING UP.....for a better engine....a BETTER way of doing things...A SIMPLER way of living.....THIS is true abundance. 
Allow your engine to stall.....pick up the phone....listen for guidance.....allow for the process and transition to take place....your Angels are calling and they have you headed for a great future!  EnJOY your personal abundance today!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Why should I believe in Angels?

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Because they believe in you. 

Turn and face this moment with strength and clarity 
You are loved and supported
every moment.

Angel blessings your way

Friday, November 23, 2012

Is it a 'weakness' or MY STRENGTH?

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Consider the story of the deer. 
The deer was feeling quite small and a little on the anxious side however as usual with deer, the feelings of hope and faith and trust were even stronger.  Deer knew that today was the day that she was to start up the mountain. She also knew that while it was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the grass was green she was aware that there were many possible pitfalls, obstacles, and.....a MONSTER that lived 'almost' at the very top of the mountain where many travellers before her were forced to turn back and not complete their journey.  She had heard the stories about others who, not realizing they were only a few steps from finishing, allowed their fear and fatigue to overcome their need and desire to carry on - they were unable to face 'the monster' and turned around.  
It is with this knowledge that deer started on her way up the mountain. She knew she had to get to the top of the mountain and felt in her heart that this was 'the way forward' for her - she was ready. Deer took her time on the path, taking time to stop and enjoy the view, notice the beautiful flowers that popped up from time to time alongside the hills and even enjoyed a few grasses and leaves as snacks along the way.  She was forced to leave the path a couple of times to avoid large boulders that had rolled over the path or even to jump over some fallen branches that blocked her way from time to time. This was no problem for deer - in her quiet and gentle way she was able to take her time and see her way around each pathway challenge and once on the other side, she simply carried on.  Deer did not look back on her path to mark her progress nor did she gaze up the mountain to wonder about what might lie ahead....she simply carried on step by step, humming to herself and delighting in the day. 
When suddenly, 
the monster himself leapt out of his cave near the top of the mountain and directly into deer's path. He was horrible looking and the roaring sound that came from him made deer shake when she first heard it and realized that THIS obstacle, this challenge, this monster was the biggest she had ever faced before. As the monster continued to roar and jump up and down, throwing branches and rocks around before him and around deer, deer stood and watched, her eyes wide.  As the monster carried on and deer continued to contemplate what to do about her predicament, she also noticed a dewy patch of grass that might make a nice snack by her hoof. She nibbled at the grass and continued to gaze wide eyed at the crazed monster, blinking her eyes at him as she did so.  She also noticed the monster beginning to tire.  
The monster was thinking "WHY does this deer not run and hide or just like the others, GO BACK down the path".  At last he could go on no longer and asked the deer who was still enjoying her snack somewhat hesitantly however enjoying nonetheless - the very same question.
The deer responded "I mean you no harm, I simply wish to pass" while she blinked innocently at the monster.  He responded by sighing and retiring back into his cave.
The deer continued to pick her way along the path, stopping to enjoy the view along the way and also, from the TOP of the mountain.

If you are the deer and have previously believed that because of your sensitivities, your gentle demeanour, your diplomacy, your 'perceived weaknesses' in the face of situations that threaten to block your way forward....KNOW that these very same characteristics will see you through to the top of your mountain. 
Carry on and keep shining!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Good morning!  You have awoken or are currently moving through another day brought to you by your Angels!  Special delivery for you to enJOY.
UNDERSTAND that as you move through this very special day that you are very much surrounded by your Angel Team as you do so.
TODAY make some ANGEL TIME.  Take a look at your schedule today and MAKE SURE you set aside at least 30 minutes (20 MINIMUM) for your Angel time.
Sit quietly by yourself or in a crowded room/restaurant/cafeteria/subway car with your headset on .... whatever you have to do to ensure that you are able to detach from the daily busybusy today and have a conversation with your team - your Angel Team.
Maybe your conversation sounds a bit like this,
"Hey, (take a very deep breath to centre yourself as well as 'dropping down' to 'another level' of thought process where you are more easily able to relax, communicate and receive any Angel guidance that you might be able to access - after all 'communication is a 2 way street'!!)

"I want to thank you all for being around me today and surrounding me with your Divine love, support and protection when it was needed. I trust and know in my heart that you are always there - even when I don't actively feel your presence or are receiving signs and life path guidance from you - it is still comforting to KNOW that you walk with me.  I feel you urging me to LIGHTEN UP and get back to present moment, count my blessings, look at the bright side, shine on someone else in my path today....thank you. Without your constant reminders that the world is a bigger place than just the 3 feet in front of me - many days I might 'miss the point of this whole Life Path'. Thank you for making this world bigger for me, safer for me, happier for me and as I shine with this faith - I am able to make sure that I shine my Light for others to feel the same. As we ALL shine our Light - our world truly becomes bigger, safer, happier and FULL of peace and goodwill.  Keep shining on my dear Angels"

Shining my Angel Light out to your Angel Light today - I wish you a day filled with Angel Blessings!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Let Archangel Michael DRIVE THE BUS!

The great thing about riding the bus DON'T HAVE TO DRIVE!  
If we were to decide to take matters into our own hands and march onto the city bus, push the well trained, professional bus driver to one side - the very bus driver that knows the route like the back of his hand - sit down in the driver's seat and DO OUR LEVEL BEST to navigate our way through the busy lanes of downtown traffic....without any training....what do you think would happen?
A crash? Maybe.  Chaos? Definitely.  Frustration for all involved? Absolutely.

It is the very same way that your Angel Team and in particular Archangel Michael is wanting to 'drive the bus' for you.  He is always at the ready to assist us in Life Path.  We need only to get on the bus.

Put your trust and faith in the fact that Archangel Michael KNOWS YOUR ROUTE, your Path. He KNOWS where opportunity awaits for you, he KNOWS where you can avoid some pitfalls.  He also knows where there are some life lessons waiting for you that while they may temporarily discourage you....if you STAY ON THE BUS and keep believing in his ability to drive you around that corner.....good things are waiting for you.

If YOU were might take the wrong turn and miss those good things.  Don't 'miss the good things'.  Stay on the bus ~ and enJOY the ride!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's in the palm of your hand

...and the fullness of your heart. 
It's in your smile and in your warm gaze.
 It bubbles up in every giggle and shines forward through every word. 
 Your own personal style of Angel Light.  
When you let your Angel Light shine through you - everyone benefits - INCLUDING YOU. 
FEEL THE POWER of your Light today and LET IT SHINE. 

For your personal Energy Session - Contact  Stacey MacDonald, Angel Light

Monday, November 5, 2012

Who's on your TEAM?

A valid question that deserves some consideration. Feel free to sit awhile and reflect on this.   Consider all of the reasons why you might want to put a team together in the first place. What will be the team's objective? What types of strengths and skill would you like your team members to be able to bring to the table?
Your Team may not even remotely look like the people who are currently in your circle; your family members, your wife/husband, your business partner, even your friends ...  and that's ok.
We have family, friends and business colleauges around to help us do, accomplish and sometimes just BE on our path.
Sometimes we need a special team put together for a specific task.  Sometimes the people that generally surround us simply do not have the skills, strengths or do not have the 'Energetic match' that is able to assist us with this particular mission.
When we find we are in 'a rut' or STUCK on our Path - it helps to be able to go farther afield and gather people around you that are of a 'like minded purpose' with what you are trying to achieve.  It doesn't mean that you WALK AWAY from your family, friends and business partners....IT DOES MEAN that you allow your Self and CHALLENGE your Self to break out of the box and go and find team members that SUPPORT you at this particular time!  Get out there!
If you are STUCK then actively go searching for some extra team mates that will help you to score the winning goal! Make sure they are supportive, have a similar objective, are open to learning, helping and are 'as good in the cheering section as they are on the field'!
Play on!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

111 - Angel Numbers!

This number is a VERY POWERFUL number as it is a strong message to mind your thoughts!  YOUR THOUGHTS ARE MANIFESTING very quickly at this time so ensure that your thoughts are light, happy and hopeful but most of all FOCUSED ON YOUR GOALS!   Any worried, upset or anxious thoughts?  Ask and then allow your Angels to wash them away from you.  THAT'S RIGHT!
Simply ask and then ALLOW them to stand you under a lovely warm waterfall of Angel energy. Feel the warmth of their Light pouring down over the top of you, allow each drop of Light to carry away any feelings or thoughts that DO NOT SERVE YOU to your highest purpose and feel the peace and calm that now is able to shine through you take over your thoughts and emotions ....and CARRY ON towards your goals....STRONGER and more PEACEFUL all at the same time!

TODAY IS  111   People!     November 1.       

for more information on Angel Numbers please see  Angel Numbers 101  - Doreen Virtue