Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Manifesting and ABUNDANCE with the Angels

Is this you? 
"I've doing everything I have been told to do.  I am making my morning and evening affirmations, I am clearing my energy and thoughts of any negativity, I am being kind to others, I am meditating daily, I am making my list of things that I would like to see brought into my world, I am increasing my vibration the best way I know how...and STILL....
I do not see abundance in my life!
nothing seems to be going right.  While I have seen some progress in some areas over the past little while I have also had some things TAKEN from me, relationships become a 'little sketchy' and doubts are starting to creep in.  What's up with that?'

So here's the thing, I know it doesn't seem 'fair' HOWEVER very often for Archangel Ariel to bring to us some manifestations, opportunities, prosperity and abundance ....she first has to 
clear the stage. 

Think of it this way, you are at a theatre production and Act 2 Scene II is ready to take their marks....however Act 2 Scene I actors REFUSE TO LEAVE THE STAGE.  The new actors can come in (and some stage directors would force them to) however then the audience can't tell WHAT is going on...it's just a big jumble and nothing makes sense. 

It is the same way in life.  We can FORCE then new opportunities to come our way however if Archangel Ariel has not asked the Scene I actors (and situations) to 'exit stage left' then we are just going to have a jumble and confusion. 

Be patient. 

This is the most difficult part of manifesting. To
stay believing even tho it SEEMS like nothing is happening.

Keep affirming and believing and stay positive even and especially when it seems like more is being TAKEN from you than being GIVEN.  It's all good...hold the energy and your belief and KEEP GOING. 

Good things are right around the corner. 
Sending blessings and PATIENCE your way! 

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