Sunday, July 31, 2022

My memories...Inner child. C'mon....ANGEL ENERGY .Can you remember?

 ok...I found this picture . huh. The thing is guys....this is 'the back lake'  just off Tobermory. Full home  beginning was Owen Sound.  WHY IS THIS pic so precious to me (because it is)

It's because I LOVE the beginning of a New day. Figuratively, symbolically and otherwise. 

As a child I would be able to play by the 'back lake' and take the canoe out ....I loved that. I love that. 

One time when I took the canoe out in the mist just before dawn ....after a time a Blue Heron flew out of the mist on my right and over the tip of canoe and on. 

so many beautiful simple moments. 

to my mind we need to remember them...find them.  

love you all so do your Angels, 


Thursday, July 21, 2022

Are you caught in the WAVE?

 you know we can all 'get caught in the waves'. 

it's the 'to-ing and fro-ing' of everyday life.  but sometimes it's more than that. 

The Analogy of being caught in deep water or turbulent storms....of course we are all familiar.  The thing is...all we need to do is BE A STRONG SWIMMER. 

Know how to manoeuvre out of deep water, turbulent water, undertow, rip tide....just SWIM STRONGLY 

I'm not sure that everyone is getting my story here.  Life is GOING to send you some curve balls, hard hits and mostly things that you did not expect. 

you can't do anything about that. 


what can you do? well, you can be stronger. You can learn to swim.  STRONGLY. Make sure that you are stronger. 

Energetically. Emotionally. Mentally. Physically. yes. How do you do it? Surround your Self with great people. TALK TO PEOPLE who support you.  Connect with your Angels...

You GOTTA KNOW your Angels are connecting with you!  

Meanwhile enjoy the lessons....the swimming lessons (the waves never stop coming at you!) but if you are a strong swimmer (lifeguard here ... don't want to brag just saying) ANALOGY-wise you just have to keep improving your swimming skills TO THE POINT that you WELCOME the waves.....

the WAVES coming at you means you are growing, getting stronger....but it's funny.  The stronger the swimmer you are you don't even notice the waves...(kinda) but you just keep swimming. 

you got this

so do your Angels. 

Alright...let's keep swimming shall we? 

together with our Angels

be blessed all of you


Friday, July 15, 2022

Happy Self...happy you...means HEALTHY YOU


YOU know what? It's true.  

What EVER you decide to do in any moment as long as it makes you happy is the BEST course of action. Your Angels support this. YOur Angels are ShAring this. 


what does 'being happy' mean?  Well, being happy means that we need to feel in our 'vehicle' (which is what our Angels call our Self....our physical being that we inhabit....) mentally, emotionally and physically well.   We need to look after our Selves!  

Are we surrounding our Self with people and situations that support our Self in a positive way? Are we supplying our Physical Self with enough exercise and action and nutrients?  These are simple things....

Are we taking ACTION STEPS towards goals and dreams....remember....many times these are 'baby steps' step at a time.

I think we GOT THIS!  Together with our Angels, 

Love you all and so do they .... of course! 


Wednesday, July 6, 2022

..LIVE with it or DEAL WITH IT.

 LIVE with it or DEAL with it.  

Yes! That's right and not only for this month...this is an Angel message as we begin our 2nd half of 2022. 

It's time my Angel friends. 

Our new Angel Mantra for this month is just that....Live with it or DEAL WITH IT.  

The Angels are asking US to ask OUR Selves....

can we live with this (should we?) or must I DEAL with this.  Please join me and the Angels in the video to learn more about strengthening our Selves together with the Angels.  

Love you do your Angels,