Friday, September 30, 2022's it going? would you like a cup of coffee...C'mon join the Angels...

 It's just that whether it's a cup of coffee...or tea...or juice...or water...WHATEVER IT's just that globally we are looking for a quiet moment, some communion and to know that WE are ALL the Same. 

C'mon.  YOUR cup of coffee....MY cup of coffee looks like this....what do ANGEL CUPS of coffee look like...guess what side of the table your Angels are on? 

Yeah that's right! THEY will Pour cup after cup after cup as THEY RECOGNIZE that this is ALL we ALL want. 

A cup of hot something and a hug and a friend to share begin our WONDER FULL day. 

Know that our Angels are thinking of us all individually. 

Know that our Angels are thinking of us collectively as a whole. 

KNOW THAT our Angels are ensuring that as we enjoy our cup of coffee that we are shining hugs, Angel Light, thoughts and prayers to ALL globally. 

That's it. Put the kettle on.  Let's all Shine Light to All. 


And of course your Angels.

Friday, September 23, 2022

Meet your Guardian Angel...or at least ONE of them.

 That's RIGHT!  This is how their 'day' is spent...their TIME with you...always around you...looking, watching, sharing you feel it? 

**I say 'their day' because you have many Guardian Angels....and Parenting and Mentoring Archangels....however I digress...

the thing you FEEL them working with you? 

Ok, so many times we DON'T ... we are unaware. that's ok (from their perspective). Whether we recognize them or not has NOTHING TO DO WITH THEIR AGENDA. Correct. 

They have one. An Agenda that is.   It is to look after you.  Does it feel like that? 

Ok...again, so many times it does not.  It's just that....really, we only think of them many times when we are in trouble and wonder where they are when we are 'in strife' or in times of struggle or in pain or in grief or trauma.  

And THAT IS why they 'HOLD THE NOTE' for us ALL the time.  

Because THEY DON'T HAVE TO 'reset the connection' with us when we ask. They have been there the whole time. 


So ask. Many people don't.  Many people I have had the pleasure to connect with over the last 20+ years still don't know how to ASK for help. 

Help is there.  Even if you don't need help at this time PLEASE RECOGNIZE that you can ask for help for others. 

*However PLEASE DO recognize....that the stronger YOU (personally) ARE  Angelically and Energetically...the MORE you are able to be there for others. 

You always have a direct line to your Angels. 

Everyone does. 

Love you all and so do your Angels, 


Monday, September 19, 2022

THIS Life path....OTHER *past Life paths....huh. there is a record...and a path? for us...ok

  Thing is...EVERYTHING we are doing each and every single day is written in our SOUL book in the Akashic Records.  Thing's also written indelibly in our minds (and Soul Self...our Hara.)

 It's good. 

It's good because the folks I have been fortunate enough to connect with  over the years... KNOW this. and recognize their INNER compass.  They RESONATE with the decisions that they make on the daily. 


...the Angels are and have been 'collecting information' on us since the beginning of Time.  *as we know it. It's just different because they are keeping RECORD of all of the things that we have done Right. 

*typically our memory (lower SElf when our own Life Force Energy is low....*Fear, Doubt, Worry Guilt creep in...that's another blog post stay tuned) ANYWAY LOWER self/memory will remind us of the things that we didn't 'do right'. 

It's all good.  It's all written down.  

They GOT YOU. TRUST your compass. your direction. your internal direction. yes or no...huh....It's just about UNderstanding that this is a

There is no right or wrong AS LONG as you are aware of your Angel Compass.  

KNOW that ALL of your good deeds are written down (feel it and read that often...c'mon. feel it) and also that your Angels are guiding you forward. every step. every day. 

Love you all.  

SO DOES your Soul Self. huh. You know what? you are 'older' than you think.  

feel THAT. 

love you and and so do your do your Akashic Records and Soul Self, 

Feel the INNER compass, 


Sunday, September 18, 2022

Angel Stepping it be easier? ....drrrr

 Angel Stepping it be easier? ....drrrr

It's just's not. 


not for Old Souls.  But it's still Good because the steps are STILL there. YOU can see them.  Well, at least the first few steps. That's all you need. 

ONCE (if you are brave enough)....let me go on for a minute if I may and I will...the thing is MANY DO NOT take the first few uncertain steps....I get it and have experienced this myself early's just that...when you are INTENT ON doing the right can configure your Self clear to take a few steps (NO IDEA where we are headed here in the mist and the fog and 'BUSY' of life)...but some of us take a few steps. yes.

Why not. As long as your Angels 'have your back'. Ok. Stand out and Stand up. 

Take a step . For one, for all. Together with the Angels. 

Affirm; ' Angels, I ask you for protection, strength, healing and inner power so that I might be able to share this with others.  I WILL SHARE this with others....however ( when as I do my Angels close particularly ARchangel Michael and ARiel) I ask that..." I do REQUIRE YOU to walk with me, beside me and behind me to speak and work with me, through me and on behalf of all of those I hold dear so that I may teach and show others to do the same as you have taught and shown me. Protect and teach us all. Guide us forward. One step at a time. In gratitude. "

Love you all, 

So do your Angels, 


Sunday, September 4, 2022

Angel Clouds....have you ever seen this?

THE thing IS... YOU have. seen these clouds. many times. 

I am in Canada (and I love all the folks from all over the globe I connect with here on my blog) however I recognize ALL of us in every country, in every nation, on every continent...have seen these clouds.  up in the sky and these happen many times and we don't even notice...except sometimes WE DO NOTICE.  

it's nice. the clouds are nice. it's beautiful. 

GLOBALLY we see the same beautiful clouds and WE ALL notice them at some point....and then just go on with our day. 

That's what we all are doing. ALL of us. 

Just like ALL of us are recognizing that while we look after our neighbours in our local community (looking up at the same clouds) that others GLOBALLY are doing the same. 

We are all the same except that WE CAN RECOGNIZE that our positive thoughts and Angel prayers can make a difference to be sure. 

 EVERY time ALL OF US GLOBALLY see any kind of cloud in the sky....know (that at some point today or tomorrow) that WE ALL are seeing the same cloud from very different types of situations.....locally and globally. 

Let the sky be our 'sameness' ....we can ALL see it.  Send good things...your Angels are sending this to YOU. Send it to others. 

IT'S a big deal guys .... send good things.

Love you all and so do your Angels, 


Saturday, September 3, 2022 KNOW this person! Be THAT person...C'mon !!

 Hey all know what I'm talking about here ya know? ... that person....THOSE people? 

It's the people that make you smile.  It's those that listen silently and with compassion when you are telling them some sad stuff...some tough miles you've walked/you are walking.  It's those people that bring you a cup of tea just because.  It's those that invite you out for a beer/wine and DON'T talk about what's REALLY happening to give you a 'mental break'...just to share and talk and have a laugh.  It's those folks that greet you by name and treat you like a FRIEND....even if they just met you....and they SMILE and share a kind word....and allow you to do the same back. 

Those are OUR people. The Angel people. The people that walk around and just SHARE.  Be that. 

and RECOGNIZE when others around you are SHINING that your way. It's in the little things you know? 

I know it's tough many times because we can too easily get CAUGHT UP  in our own 'busy head'. 

understood. still....

I will endeavour to make this a 'moment by moment mission'. 

Join me? 

JOIN US....the Angels are behind this message of course, 

Love you all and so your Angels,