Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The POWER of Nature

When was the last time you took a walk outside?  And while a stroll to the mailbox certainly COUNTS as a walk outside it is just as important to place a priority on putting a walk in Nature on our 'to-do' lists.
And yes, for the record any time we step outside our front door we are engaging in the outdoors and receiving an Energy healing of sorts.  Just be breathing in the outside air we are kickstarting our Life force energy be removing any blockages within our Energy centres (yes, it's true!)

HOWEVER, if we are strolling down a city street listening to cars going by or cars honking or people shouting or...any and ALL of the above!  Then we are also still within the confines of our 'busy head syndrome'....we are technically 'in the moment' except that THIS moment is filled with tension and noise.

We NEED to place on our calendars time for stepping out of busy-busy moments and into STILL moments like when we are outside in Nature walking along trails or standing by the waters edge or strolling through a meadow.  This moment is one filled with the sound of bird's chirping, breezes blowing and.....hmmmm....nothing else.

This moment is completely still....and peaceful.....and HEALING TO THE SPIRIT.

Put some *POWERFUL NATURE TIME* on your calendar today....and increase your energy physically, mentally and emotionally!

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The New moon and NEW OPPORTUNITY!

TODAY IS NEW MOON and with this comes an opportunity to 'make a wish'!

This is NOT LIKE wishing on a star however IT IS just as or more powerful in that TODAY you get to INVITE NEW OPPORTUNITIES into your path.
Do you want a new career? Do you want to attract more business clients? Do you want/NEED a vacation? :)  Are you ready for a new relationship?...a new hobby?....a larger social circle?
Whatever the case may be...TODAY IS YOUR DAY!

~~~Write down ALL of the things, people, situations and opportunities that you would like to see brought into your life path...for RIGHT NOW, for the next few months or year and even in the distant future.

There are NO LIMITATIONS here!  DON'T EVERY LIMIT your ability to dream and dream big - and don't limit this list here today!

Tonight under the New moon, read through your list and FEEL IN YOUR HEART that these requests have been heard by your Angels and understood by the Universe.

I make it a practice to roll up my list, date the outside and then place it on a wee table in my 'Sacred space'.  I call this table my Angel table.  In this way, I am leaving this list up to my Angels and TRUSTING that they will bring these opportunities onto my Life path particularly and only those that will help me for my highest and best good.

I also then GET BUSY placing my Self OUT of "ASK mode" and INTO "RECEIVING mode".  If I KEEP asking and asking and affirming and I not just reminding and reminding my Angels that I asked for something and I don't have it yet?!

Why would I do this?  Do I not TRUST in Diving timing and that my Angels will lead me to where I need to go when I need to get there?  OF COURSE I DO!

Once I have asked ONCE, 
I TRUST that my Angels will bring to me what I need and when I need it.
 I have only to open my energy and my awareness by affirming daily -
"I open my arms wide to receive".

Enjoy your New moon today together with your Angels!

My book  Angels and Energy is available now in softcover or ebook for your convenience. 

I am excited to announce my new book coming soon..."Connecting to ANGEL LIGHT"

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

We are the World

A SONG, a song!  keeps running through my head....first thing when I wake up in the morning and then again....I'll hum a few bars at sporadic instances through the day.....only to be woken up through the night hearing the entire chorus playing like a symphony within my mind's ear only so loudly that is seems like the orchestra and choir are....just at the foot of my bed....beautiful and thank you (but timing is the teensiest bit awkward!  lol)  

As we all know, when we are working with 'Angel time' ...
 our 'Earth time' is of secondary importance.  
When our Angels have a message to send us we may not like the timing AND we may not even like the manner in which the message is sent but the fact remains....
we are receiving and ultimately benefitting from the messages we are receiving AND

I need to share this message here today...the message of my Angel choir in my head reminding me of this MOST amazing song that ALL of us know so well.  I hold these lyrics closely within my heart, my mind, my awareness and ultimately I challenge my Self to hold these lyrics closely within my ACTIONS....PARTICULARLY the highlighted last two lines.  

If YOU know of someone or something that can benefit 
from you SENDING SOMEONE YOUR HEART, your gratitude, your compassion
 so that they KNOW that SOMEONE CARES....on behalf of your Angels please do so. 

ALSO KNOW that you have taken action for the Angels so that this person and this situation can GO FORWARD.....


"We are the world, we are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So let's start giving,
There's a choice we're making
We're saving our own lives
It's true we'll make a better day 
Just you and me.

Sending Angel blessings to your actions and ultimately, to YOUR HEART
Stacey <3

My book  Angels and Energy is available now in softcover or ebook for your convenience. 

I am excited to announce my new book coming soon..."Connecting to ANGEL LIGHT"

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Reiki training this weekend!

Join me for Reiki training this weekend and learn how to heal yourSelf and others! 
 Connect with crystal healing and the Sacred symbols of Reiki in Level II.  

For more information please see my website CLICK HERE
I look forward to connecting with you!

My book  Angels and Energy is available now in softcover or ebook for your convenience. 

I am excited to announce my new book coming soon..."Connecting to ANGEL LIGHT"

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Angel love

Your Angels love you.

As we are going through this 'rigamarole' called 'Life path'.....the ONLY thing that really matters is that WE LOVE OUR ANGELS and that  your ANGELS LOVE YOU.

(To quote some young friends and clients of mine....)

Quite seriously, when we are focused on LOVE ~ sending LOVE and receiving LOVE....we are in the right place.

Sometimes we can RUN AROUND AND AROUND on our Life path trying to figure out what to do, when to do it, what to say, how to respond.....and ..... ISH!   enough.

Focus on Love.  Love your Self, love others, love what you say and think and do and love what others say and think and do....and...nothing else matters. 

Love your Self, love others and inspire everyone you meet to do the same.


Is ANYTHING else better than that?
Shining Angel Light to ALL of you who inspire and love and support your Self and others on this beautiful Soul path mission we are all on....

Sending blessings,

My book  Angels and Energy is available now in softcover or ebook for your convenience. 

I am excited to announce my new book coming soon..."Connecting to ANGEL LIGHT"

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Your Life path direction

What is your 1 year, your 5 year and your 10 year plan?   Do you remember when this used to be 'the most asked question' during interviews or when consulting with a school guidance counsellor or even when you were having a 'serious' discussion with your parents or your peers?  

I have to say that I, like many others, got fairly used to answering these questions and in my own mind I had set specific markers for me to 'hit' as the months and years ticked by.   I have to say also (and somewhat smugly) that I 'hit' many of them.   

HOWEVER.....(tell me you were waiting for this!)  there were some that I 'did not hit' and at the time this seemed quite disappointing.  Where had I gone wrong?  Did I not plan enough or work hard enough?  Where did I drop the ball?  Where did I lose my direction?  

Let me tell you that for all of our planning and strategizing, analyzing and efforting.....WE have ONE plan and our Angels will have THEIR plan.  Sometimes these plans are the same or at least very similar and other times.....they are COMPLETELY different. 

Sometimes our Angels will lead us into unknown territory leaving us feeling nervous and quite frankly a little overwhelmed as we are 'swimming in unknown waters'.  We can be out of our comfort zone and faced with tasks or assignments and challenges that we do not feel ready for. 

  Rest assured, if your Angels have placed you here - you ARE READY and they will guide you through this process and bring you out of it, stronger and ready to move on and up. 

Other times, our Angels will remove all of our safeguards and in some cases this includes throwing one or a few difficult situations our way (illness, loss of job, weather disaster that affects your safety/security, parenting crises and so on)  This IN NO WAY feels like a challenge or that you are 'getting a leg up' on your Life path.  Working through times of shock, trauma or grief are times when we are feeling at our most vulnerable; helpless and without hope.  We most definitely feel like our Life path's direction is being the wrong direction.  It takes time and faith and also an ability to receive help from others who have been through similar situations.  Reaching out to others, asking for assistance and then receiving this help can lift you up.  Many times, your Angels will work THROUGH others in order to send you Angel messages that can help you forward.  Often, your own Angels will also work THROUGH YOU later on so that you are able to help others forward in their time of trouble.  

So, if you are 'looking at YOUR map' and wondering why you seem to be so 'off course'....consider that you are EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE.  Your Angels have placed you here for your greater good....and sometimes for the greater good of others as well.  

Shining Angel Light out to you .... and your Life map :)
Stacey MacDonald

My book  Angels and Energy is available now in softcover or ebook for your convenience. 

Friday, July 4, 2014


Do you believe?
or do you believe what you have always believed because you believe that this is the only way to believe?
Maybe you used to believe but then...something happened....and you don't believe anymore.
Maybe you DO BELIEVE but you just don't believe in what the people around you believe in.

hmmm...I think some clarification might be in order.
Really, it doesn't matter WHAT you believe just PAYS TO BELIEVE.

Whether you believe in the law of attraction, yourself, your Angels, your 'significant other', your friends, your favourite sports team, your Higher Self, Divine magic, Source, that the sun will rise tomorrow morning and set tomorrow evening.....
you Believe.

When you believe you light a spark within you that is felt energetically within but also all around you.  By believing you also INSPIRE OTHERS TO BELIEVE.

Definition of Believe ( to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, 
although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so: Only if one believes in something can one act purposefully.

I love that! Especially the last bit.   When we believe in something/anything!  we can act purposefully :)

Today believe in something or believe in everything!
and most importantly, BELIEVE in your SELF.

My book  Angels and Energy is available now in softcover or ebook for your convenience.