Sunday, November 7, 2021

November 2021 Archangel CHAMUEL, PEACE & POWER....during TRANSITION

 Right so this month is about SEEING THIS Differently. 

ESPECIALLY as we approach New Moon on November 4th (where we can ASK IN for New things to be brought our way.)

NEVER MIND Full Moon on November 19...where we can have in mind the things that we want to LET GO OF.  (mindsets, people lol, behaviours, negative thoughts....daily activities in other cases....just make your list okay?) ON TO BETTER AND BRIGHTER pathways forward. 

WHEN we make our Selves available to SEEING this differently then we can (if we are REALLY DOING this instead of paying 'lip service' to it) DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY. 

ALL Respect to's just that are you seeing ALL of your options?  I can share with you that I personally have not always seen ALL of my options....and currently (geez louise) don't see them now....that's why I rely on my Angels.  

and THEY DO ASK that you rely on them. 

They will show me (thank you Angels) the 'bread crumbs' ...the tiny steps that we need to take along our pathway to guide us forward. 

THIS will REQUIRE us to 'open up' (in small ways) ...this month to lead us at this time....ONE STEP AT A TIME. 

Thank you Angels and welcoming in November 2021, 

Blessings to and for you all and all you hold dear, 



This is the month where Archangel Chamuel is working with us…POWERFULLY. 

Specially sharing Peace. 

*funny after I read this back...I wanted to change this to 'Especially'....however this is a SPECIAL month for Inner Peace. let's go with that. 

BECAUSE we are also TRANSITIONING. LOADS of Change. 


We do have (thankfully) Archangel Chamuel offering us this month a CONSTANT INPUT of Inner Peace.

It’s ALL Good. 

You have her on your side…just BREATHE. 


The other thing is that the more you OFFER KINDNESS to others in every interaction you have

 …Archangel Chamuel WILL RECIPROCATE in some unexpected way in future.  (Near or far….BELIEVE)

JUST shining love to you all…together with your Angels, 

Thanks always,