Wednesday, November 30, 2011

TRUST your Angel signs & symbols!

So what is it for you?
 Your sign, your symbol or type of message that you 'connect' with? 
I think every single person on this planet has something in this regard that pulls at their heartstrings and reminds them of a single moment or a time shared - a symbol that whenever you see it or feel it or hear it you are reminded to be in the present moment, to really BE in that moment and also to FEEL supported in time - a message that when heard or felt or seen is a gentle reminder that you are NOT doing this alone, you have help, you have support, you are being thought of at this moment and your hand is being held, an arm around your shoulder.
After you see, hear, feel this signal you feel surprised then an understanding comes over you and then gratitude and also sometimes, relief. I am not forgotten, I do have help, I am still connected.
This connective feeling might be a deep understanding of being led by your guides or by your Angels or maybe it is a signal that you feel a loved one has left for you to let you know that they are still with you in Spirit.
For me, it is dimes. I find dimes and lately over the past year or so I also find pennies. Actually, growing up I ALWAYS found pennies (and have the collection to prove it) but then around 5 years ago it switched to dimes and NOW when I see a dime I look around for the penny .... and it usually isn't too far, a few inches maybe a foot away  :) It makes me giggle and a sense of strength comes over me also as I do the 'inner wink' at my Angels. I also 'get the nod' when I see a rainbow, sun rays, lights flickering, certain flocks of birds (I think they are swallows) etcetcetc.

TRUST IN YOUR SIGNAL. If your intuition, gut feel, instinct is telling you that this is a message or a sign from a loved one/your Angels/your guides....know  KNOW  that this is indeed the case....and accept the gift as your CLEAR INDICATION that you are supported, loved and cared for on your Journey moment by moment.
Keep shining YOUR Angel Light brightly today :)

Stacey MacDonald is a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner in Oakville  Ontario 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"Dismiss what insults your soul" - LOVE it!

I love this message of Walt Whitmans :) When I came across this jewel....I instantly started my standing ovation inside my head!!  (hear! hear! Bravo!!! and the like)
and OF COURSE this is SO true! Not to say that we are to DISMISS everything for sure. SO much of what we are told, shared with, discussed with, what we absorb through osmosis in the informational overload of 'stuff'  that surrounds us (if we let it) on any given day is so true and helps us along our Path exponentially.....and then there is 'the other stuff'....

There is 'stuff' that people say, infer, body language, describe, argue, defend, insult etcetcetc that absolutely stops us in our tracks.  period.
Other stuff is not so 'in your face' - the subtle 'stuff' that is either spoken or just happens  - that I call the 'side door slam'.  You are ticking along quite well through the day then come into contact with a person, persons, or situation that is interesting and a little 'different' and then you move feel fine for the most part but some of the situation is 'sticking' to you, you are rerunning the conversation again and again on a loop in your head as you continue on your day (some of this is done subconsciously) until you realize with CLARITY....HEY! what this person(s) said/didn't say/inferred was very HURTFUL to me! and THAT'S why I am having problems moving past it!! (side door slam!! in action)
It's very difficult, if not impossible to move PAST hurtful situations until we acknowledge that YES! that was hurtful. period.
Acknowledge it. SEE and FEEL that situation as having taken its toll on your spirit.
and then ..... take a deep breath in?.....and...
yes, send it packing. Visualize that hurtful emotion as packing its bags, (buy it a train ticket if you have to and drive it to the station!!) and SEND IT ON ITS WAY.
It was NEVER meant to live with you anyway. Just because someone else said it or did made a meal for it and fixed up the spare room???!!!
Just because someone said it does NOT MAKE IT TRUE. It just means that someone said it or did it or didn't do it.....that IS ALL. and so.....
dismiss it.
Don't be afraid to "Re-examine all you have been told"   Go back, take a good hard look at what you have been told :)  and FEEL FREE to KEEP WHAT HELPS AND SUPPORTS YOU  and "DISMISS WHAT INSULTS YOUR SOUL". 
and then you can SHINE even brighter!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

I am.....

what? what! WHAT ARE YOU? you don't know, you are not sure, you can't decide, so many choices really and then...not many choices at all.....what you feel? CAN'T quite put your finger on the EXACT there a word for it?  well, really it's just that you don't want to commit to any one thing because if you say you are one thing and then things change......then you won't be THAT thing anymore you'll be something else again....and things are ALWAYS changing aren't they really, so you see the quandry.....
or ARE they always changing. ARE you always changing. or ARE you pretty much the same. pretty numb? pretty glum? pretty 'stuck in that rut'? pretty 'shut down' (maybe with brief moments of 'AWAKE' but otherwise plodding along on the treadmill? 

Well, today ...


We will not leave it up to you and you alone then - the 'team' decision for today is that WE ARE JOY. This is so easy to be. and there are so many kinds of joy. Go ahead, you can simply decide in your head and your heart that you want to play, you want to join the team....c'mon, join the team!! There are no tryouts, practise time is 'all the time' and 'game time' is all the time also!!  We need more players and we promise that EVERY BODY gets equal playing time!! There are NO benchwarmers on the JOY team - it's FULL GO all the time - Go big or go home!! It's full-on JOY!!
 While you are playing, make sure you are also recruiting new players -keeping in mind that some of the players you attempt to recruit might not be ready to play the game yet - THAT'S OK! don't let a non-joiner dim your light! just keep playing. Eventually they'll want to see what it is that is 'shining you up' all the time and be desparate to join...and we'll have their uniform and number at the ready!! Because it's tiring playing the game ALL THE TIME when your players are limited - the team needs more and more and more and more players to also be playing - that way the game is MUCH EASIER to enJOY! The game of JOY! Awesome.

So if you are a 'jump up and down' kind of joyful, a 'I am focused on the task at hand and content that I am allowed to be' joyful, a 'sit on a bench and gaze quietly at the clouds' joyful, a 'help someone across the street' joyful, a 'share a cup of coffee with me?' joyful...........etcetcetc.   It's all the same team and we are glad you are on it.
WE ARE JOY. Shine into it :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Breathing 101

and YESyesyes....we all breathe - in and out, breath after breath, from our very first second of this journey to our is a natural process and we do it automatically, effortlessly ...... but do we do it WELL? Are we MAXIMIZING the effect of what proper breathing can do FOR us ? Yes, we are exsisting and maintaining but ... are we BREATHING optimally?
Think about it. We practise everything. We learn something new - we practise. Things that we have been doing since our formative years, (speaking, walking, running, relationship building, sports and fitness activities, creative endeavours) WE PRACTISE. Why? because we want to DO IT BETTER. By doing it better, we are growing, learning, there is a sense of accomplishment and a sense of steady growth that keeps us firmly in our foundation while we are here on this Path.
Breathing? we don't practise as much.....until now.
There are all different kinds of breathing - the 'things are melting down around me' DEEP BREATH IN WITH LOUD EXHALE - eyes glaring, nostrils flaring, usually hands over head or out to the sides.....haha!-generally precedes masses amount of action to correct 'said devastation'!! :) but there is also the fearful breathing - when we breathe little 'panting' breaths, the 'normal' breathing punctuated by moments of holding our breath? what is THAT about?! (generally we somewhat realize we are doing this when we are on the computer or working on a project or the like...), or the 'no breathing at all' really - just 'numbness breathing' of shock and/or a grief period...(knowing and REMEMBERING to focus on breath at ALL of these times helps our connection to our Self and makes EVERY situation more manageable and results more effective.)
When we are stressed/focused/apprehensive/'pushed' we breathe with little half breaths, just enough to keep everything working inside but NOT ENOUGH to keep everything FLOWING (if you catch my drift here). Yes, the heart is pumping, the blood is oxygenated, lungs are filling (kind of) and emptying (kind of) but we are only HALF breathing - we are not CONNECTED and therefore are not able to apply all of our resources within our Selves to the task and matter at hand.  We are AT BEST working at 50% capacity.
Are you ok with that?
 If you were writing an exam and your prof handed back a 50% grade....are you ok with THAT?
 If you asked your associate employees to finish a task by the end of the day and at 5pm they were merely finished HALF of THAT ok?
 if you asked your family to spend a Holiday meal  with you and cooked enough to feed an army and then only HALF of them showed not cool.
and so it is.
WHEN we breathe fully in through our nose right down to our toes and let it fill us and sit with it for just a moment before breathing out fully letting the shoulders, diaphragm, chest lessen and relax as every last bit is exhaled and then we relax and sit with this for just another moment and then beautifully we allow ourSelves to enjoy another deep breath in appreciating every little bit of energy and relaxation and cleansing that comes along with our ability to tune into this wonderful resource and relaxing and fulfilling process that is available to all of us....
.as we take the time to turn our attention to the IMPORTANCE of this...
.the great need we have intrinsically and energetically to ALLOW this energy to accompany our Spirit and buoy us up in times of joy and gratitude, times of despair and frustration, times of 'just floating along enjoying the moment'.... :)
Breathing properly gives our physical bodies an opportunity to connect with our emotional body and then connect with our Spiritual Self.....3 in one....mindful breathing to connect mind, body and soul.....breathe in.....yes.....breathe out.....SO good!!
Shine into your breathwork today and FEEL CONNECTED :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

What is Reiki?

I get asked this all the time :) and let me begin by saying that Reiki is one of the most well known and respected healing modalities worldwide and generally I just ASSUME that EVERYONE knows and is aware of the amazing benefit of receiving a Reiki treatment and then taking the next step and learning Reiki themselves so that they are able to do their own Self Reiki healing session and also for others.

Anyway, here it is.....the 'drop in the bucket' explanation of the very powerful healing method - Reiki

Reiki is a generic Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force Energy or spiritually guided life force energy. 
 REI - pronounced 'ray' is Japanese for universal or spiritual consciousness/wisdom (God consciousness) or a  higher dimension of light and the soul; knows the cause of all problems and what to do to heal them.
KI - pronounced 'key' is Japanese for vital life force energy that animates everything: also called Prana, Chi etc.
Reiki is healing energy which automatically goes to the area in your physical body or spirit where healing is most required. Reiki practitioners act as a conduit for Reiki Light by invoking energy through their Crown Chakra, feeling it moving down to their Heart Chakra and allowing the same healing energy to flow through their arms and out of their Palm Chakras to you, the client. Reiki energy ensures that your entire spirit is in alignment by focusing on the elimination of blocks in your physical body and chakras. Your own energy is able to now move freely through your spirit and body. Reiki is totally natural and works on all levels of your life. It can relieve pain, discomfort in the physical sense and ease grief and/or anxiety as well as lack of self confidence and insecurities. Reiki will also will provide healing energy for cancer and other sickness and disease and has been found to be a proven healing modality in many other areas as well.
For more information please feel free to contact Stacey Macdonald, Reiki Master   Reiki in Oakville

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What are you going to do with YOUR grain of sand??

Grain by grain, moment by moment, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, week by week.......ahhhhhhhhhhh! yes.....WE GET THERE!!
We CANNOT live this hourglass ahead of time. WE CAN NOT. It is impossible. We MUST flip it over and then grain by grain, minute by minute, moment by moment....etc....the minutes flip by and THEN when sufficient time has is done. We flip it over again and we watch as grain by grain, moment by moment.....well, you get my drift here.
THE TIMING IS NOT UP TO US. It really really isn't. AND it doesn't matter how much money we make (or don't make), it doesn't matter how many friends we have (or don't have) it doesn't matter what kind of house we have (or don't have) or what kind or car we drive (or hey!! don't drive!!) haha!!
THE TIMING -Divine timing - IS NOT UP TO US.
frustrating? YES. but at the same time....very levelling. and balancing. and a GREAT RELIEF in a way. This truly is NOT  a race. This truly is NOT a contest.
Our ONLY way to 'win' is to REVEL IN THE MOMENT and whatever that may bring us.  So!! what are you going to do today with YOUR grain of sand?
  I, my Self? and going to enJOY THE HECK OUT OF IT!!
Live in the NOW with me people and be the very BEST YOU you know how to be - THIS VERY MINUTE. Believe me, nothing matters more.
SHINE into this moment with me!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Can you keep a secret?

NO! I do not have a BIG SECRET to share with you today....well, not one that I haven't already shared in previous postings and who knows?? maybe I will have groundbreakinginly HUGE SECRETS to divulge tomorrow...time will tell however in the meantime....the question stands.

Well, can you? Many cannot. Actually, most CAN for the MOST PART however they DO tell one or two people....not the masses....just one or two. But what if one of THOSE people are the type that also have a secret?? and what if THAT secret is that.....they can't keep a secret??!! uh oh. 

It is a VERY special position to be in - when a friend, acquaintance, complete stranger trusts you enough to take you into their confidence, bring you into their circle and share an opinion, a tough situation, a 'monkey on their back' etc. and YES!!!! We have ALL been that person where we have been betrayed by a close friend (sometimes innocently enough but the betrayal stings just the same) after we have shared with them.

Our Angel Teams encourage us to 'be that Rock' for someone. (Notice I did not say 'be the sponge' don't want to 'take on' someone else's problems so that now YOU have their problems and THEY feel better ... there is a way to provide 'safe harbour' for others WITHOUT leaving your Self vulnerable to negativity and despair)
so no.....BE THE ROCK.  Someone who is drowning in the water needs a sturdy rock to climb onto - up and out of the waters of confusion and despair. BE THE ROCK. And stay 'being the Rock' for as long as you need to, as long as they need you to be. You can do it. You get a lot back by being that.   For the day might come round when you 'need a rock' ....and you know what??  There will be a 'rock' there for you too.   :)
so yes! Keep secrets for others (they are not yours to tell), keep a shoulder handy for others to lean on and walk proudly and strongly today as you offer assistance, security and confidence to any who require it.
Shine brightly!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Balance your energy...AND MANIFEST your goals!!!

There are a thousand, nay a MILLION reasons to spend more time outside.  INSIDE, there is always work to be done. People know where to FIND you. (haha!) Phones are ringing, computers are beeping and even JUST the daily static of life going on around you is sometimes completely deafening and confusing. In our quest for clarity, understanding and PEACE, calm, love, light etc......INSIDE can be very challenging and hindering in this manner.
Outside is a different story. and YES! Outside sometimes takes some work to get there (coats, hats, umbrella maybe, WHERE ARE MY SHOES/KEYS/SUNGLASSES????!!!) but it can be very worth it.
Do NOT be  an 'excuse maker'. ....too hot, too cold, too windy, too rainy, too snowy, not enough time, will wait and go with husband/friend/kids (go AGAIN later but DO go NOW!),  I have nowhere to go, I'll go tomorrow etc.  none of that please.
and WHILE it is wonderful to walk along the forest floor with a babbling brook beside you and that should be found and cherished whenever you get the same effect simply STEPPING outside and walking around the block (or a couple of blocks)  Even just taking your tea out on the balcony, closing your eyes and letting the breeze, wind, sun, rain 'breeze you off'.  !!

Right, so which benefits exactly are to be gained? Being outside has a wonderful balancing effect on our chakras, our energy centres within our body. Any negative or harsh energy that is around any (or all!!)  of our chakra points is able to be removed or at least 'watered down' when we step outside and BREATHE in our outdoor air -- feeling all of its purity fill our chakra centres and releasing any impurities that are attached to us. Our own energy/prana/chi is revitalized in this way.  (Water has a very similar effect - you know how you feel when you are 'bogged down' and then you jump in the lake, the pool, the hot tub or even just take a shower or bath - it is actually doing more than cleansing our physical bodies but also cleansing and clearing our spiritual and emotional side as well)
Outside also brings us side by side with the Nature Angels. My favourite. - they are my favourite because they are small but mighty! and they are similar to the other Angels and yet different - in that they are a wee bit 'fickle'!!! haha! and make me laugh also! It seems like an oxymoron to call an Angel fickle but they are! They will "do for you" IN ANY AND EVERY WAY as long as (this is where the fickle part comes in) you 'do for them'  :) 
How do you 'do for them'?  Spending time outside, picking up litter outside, filling up a birdfeeder, placing ANOTHER birdfeeder outside, planting and caring for your garden, someone else's garden, looking after your local park, recycling, becoming more and more environmentally AWARE and TAKING ACTION on your newfound information  (be a 'do-er! no lip service)  Even just your actionable steps each day towards your own personal environment are MORE THAN ENOUGH to catch their attention.  And you WANT to catch their attention because all of your actionable steps are like 'paying into an account' with the Nature Angels and they are more than happy to pay it back to you with interest...and they will....and they DO!!   HOW?  Well, yes the Nature Angels are part of that 'balancing the chakra exercise' also to be sure, also they circle around you PHYSICALLY and pour their good energy into any physical ailment also (picture a NASCAR driver pulling in the pit, he/she is just sitting there in the car while the pit crew goes to work switching tires, fuelling up, topping up oils, tightening this, loosening that etc.....YOU are the driver and the Nature Angels are your pit crew :)
NEVER MIND, they are also CHAMPION MANIFESTORS. NO ONE even comes close to their ability to bring whatever and whichever dream, vision, goal to fruition than them.  Work CLOSELY with them to ensure any manifestation you have 'on your books'.  and it all hinges on .... stepping outside.  :) Go ahead!! Pay into their account while you are there, see how much you can give to them and enJOY the benefits of having the Nature Angels as your 'pit crew'. Be vigilant and be consistent and prove to them that you are able to 'stay the course' with your commitment to them and reap your rewards!
Shine into Nature!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wow! This is COMPLICATED!!! Really??!

Dogs and Cats living together!! this is absolute mayhem! "keep your hands in the car at all times" you are NOT going ANYWHERE and at the same time travelling at the speed of sound. DEFIES all other choice except to....

.....enjoy the ride?
why not?  here's the thing, you had NO IDEA you were even going to ENTER this ride. no one gave you a ticket. you did not 'call in' at contest time. you did not purchase a seasons pass.
You have NO REASON to be here except.... that you
with all the 'stuff' that you see around you. no more, no less. with all the support staff that you see and feel around you. no more, no less.
It sometimes feels VERY complicated. IT OFTEN FEELS VERY COMPLICATED.
It's not.
You leave with the very same 'stuff' that you came with.  You only have to enJOY THE RIDE!!!
that's more like it :) I can see (and FEEL!) you smiling!!! keep it up! and SHINE that out there!!! :) It REALLY is that simple people.
you feel JOY and you SHINE that JOY out to others.....THAT IS THE POINT!! THAT IS "THE WHY!!"   :)
so good. Thanks for shining.  

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Five Spiritual Principles of Reiki

Just for today...I will not get angry

Just for today...I will not worry
Just for today...I will earn a living honestly and decently        
Just for today...I will be grateful
Just for today...I will show love and respect for every form of life

Contact Stacey MacDonald, Reiki Master for Reiki Training in Ontario


Inviting Abundance with the Angels

Dec. 29  7-9pm   $88

Abundance in every form  is attainable and available to everyone at all times. This workshop is centred on cleansing and releasing  any energy that is manifesting in behaviours, habits, challenges or obstacles that you would like to release before the wonderful beginning of 2012!  Once you have cleared and cleansed, you are now ready to invite abundance into your life.

 Working closely with your Angel Team, we will:

·         Cleanse and clear any energy that is creating an obstacle to your abundance

·         Set your intentions and open your channel to your Angelic guidance to receive all the abundance that is available for you

·         Learn personal methods and daily exercises on how to ensure that your energy stays clear, open, positive and focused on an ongoing basis and into 2012  (Exercises and methods are outlined in guide you are welcome to take with you)

Participants, feel free to bring with you a list of energies (attitudes, behaviours, challenges, obstacles) that you wish to release and also that which you would like to manifest within your personal, emotional, physical and/or spiritual life. (This list is private and will not be shared unless participant chooses to do so)

I look forward to seeing you and working together with your Angel Team for this powerful "Get Ready for the New Year" workshop!
For booking please contact  The Clarity Centre, Oakville, ON 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Where is your Red Wagon?

Never MIND ...what did you keep in that wagon?  WHERE IS THAT WAGON??!  Why did we trade it in, give it away, leave it abandoned, walk away, put it in storage........
That wagon never left our sides....and it was so easy!

Anything you aspired to be and thought you might need along your journey....went into the wagon at the start of the day to be reclaimed when the situation deemed appropriate. EASY.

As you went along your Path, anything that looked useful to you and for your purpose?.......was picked up easily and slotted in with the original things you chose for your greatest benefit...into your Red Wagon to be reclaimed when the  situation deemed are now CONFIDENT that as you go along you are able to gather any and all that benefits your Life purpose with EASE.

When you hit a roadblock, an obstacle, tough weather, rainy days.....NO PROBLEM!  You are able to quickly reach into your Red Wagon and grab a ladder, step stool, rubber boots and/or have prepared, you have whatever you need within your matter what you come up against, you need only to turn to 'the Red Wagon' EASY.

As children we KNOW intrinsically that we are supported and we are given all the tools we need to rise to any challenge on any level that we need. As children, we are MORE THAN HAPPY to gather our tools at the start of each day and wheel along with our support....happy, confident, carefree and prepared!!
As adults, we feel 'confident' we can do this 'on our own' .... we are 'self sufficient' ....we are 'in control'.....and then reality hits and we realize we .... control absolutely nothing.
 (*There is a certain release and freedom that comes from this realization at a later date however at the onset...this is quite disturbing to say the least!)

 Support....REAL 'yours for the asking'.  (*Angel footnote - once you ask (once) you MUST TRUST that they heard you.....ask and then say THANK YOU FOR HEARING ME AND ASSISTING ME....PLEASE do not ask and ask and are NOT in a foreign country with your Angels (where you believe you need to speak louder and slower etc to be understood!! haha!!!! quick travel tip...THAT doesn't work either no matter WHAT corner of the World you are from - my largest following Canada, US and all the followers in  Russia!! - nice to see you here! - know this) Your Angels are always on track for you!! But DO ASK and DO BE SPECIFIC and then TRUST!!*)

Here is the 'visual' that MY Angel Team is asking that I share....
Dial back to days where you finished breakfast and then went out and found your Red Wagon wherever you left it the previous day. (It is STILL THERE - even if 'yesterday' was 35 years ago!!) Make no apologies for taking this Red Wagon with you wherever you go. You need it. and you deserve it. PUT IN IT whatever and whichever and WHOEVER you feel you need ..... AND STRIDE CONFIDENTLY DOWN THE STREET....TODAY AND EVERYDAY.

Shine it up People.  :)

GET OUT OF THAT BOX!! Learn something NEW!

Yes it's that time again!! It's that time where 'to-dos' are piling up, tension in the air, brain capacity is stretched to maximum, noise level (mostly the noise INSIDE your head!!) is at a fever pitch and THEN you decide to do just the OPPOSITE of what you normally decide to do or think is a good ADD ANOTHER ACTIVITY/APPOINTMENT!
However, this addition is different. It's not FOR anyone else, this one is for you. You have MADE the time to sit on your own (in the car, in the park, scrunched down in the laundry room, basket against the door!! wherever!!) quietly for awhile and thought about 'getting away' one evening or one afternoon a week and JUST FOR A COUPLE OF HOURS (this is NOT going to bring about the end of the world as we know it if we are ABSENT from our regular routine for a couple of hours!) to attend or take part in and enjoy a break from 'the norm'. 
Now, here's the trick.  This particular time we are NOT going to sign up for or on for a class, workshop, lunch date, sporting activity that we would normally do....this is all about getting out of that comfort zone and playing that kids game "Opposite day"!!  Learn something new - DO something new - TALK about something new ....

for example, if you haven't played golf in awhile and haven't gotten together to shoot a few with some golfing buddies .....sign up for tennis lessons.   Never played tennis before? or ANY kind of racquet sport?  PERFECT!

If you remember last holiday season you had such a blast, never mind a truly relaxing time with friends getting ready for the holidays, scrapbooking, crafting and making your own Holiday cards......take a public speaking course.   Do you have a fear of getting up in front of people?  EVEN BETTER! Great choice! Run with it!

Do you normally spend Friday nights relaxing and watching your favourite show (that you record and look forward to all week!) ..... join a running group.  Do you not even quicken your step when the phone is ringing let alone go jogging?  YOU GOT IT! This is the group for you!

Are you getting me here?  You are NOT signing onto this for the rest of your life....This is for the next four weeks.  four times.   do it.
you have absolutely ABSOLUTELY nothing to lose.....
Your soul, your Spirit, your level of confidence in Self, your perspective CHANGES AND GROWS each and every time you step out of your 'box'.  Don't be timid or shy - It's OKAY to say "I don't know how to do that"  "I have never done this before"...In fact, it is the OPPOSITE!  It is empowering!! totally (DO NOT say I am not good at that.....HOW WOULD YOU KNOW THAT?? you have not TRIED!) 
I am asking you to try - but more importantly your Angel Team is ALWAYS asking you to try....everything and anything.  Why? because they want you to GROW forward!!
Sign up for something this week and SHINE brightly on your first try!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Make it a 'soft' day :)

This is a great day to let the harshness of reality, the tough decisions of yesterday (and today) slide, the ramifications of said tough decisions, the machine like ticker tape of to-do's SLIDE away, vapourize, disappear over the horizon of your awareness.
Being soft on your Self ensures that you are kind to your Self. The WHOLE WORLD may be buzzing around you with 'these are the headlines this hour' news.....turn it off.  Not EVERY day, we don't want to live our lives in a make believe reality however,  'soft days' are VERY necessary for balance!!!  For the most part if left unchecked we can live in a constant state of strain with a BARRAGE of information pummelling our senses from every direction!
So, live today 'soft'.

BLARING from the radio or the TV......'This is your news this hour'....turn it off

Someone is upset about the way someone said something to someone else which wasn't true but they believed it anyway and so the whole know how this continues.....turn away...

LAUNDRY piling up in the corner!Pot boiling over on the stove!Phone ringing!"you've got mail!"doorbell ringing, baby crying, dog scratching at the door........breathe  :)  and smile, hum a tune (make a date with your bubble bath tonight and a good book in your WILL get there :)

No matter what is coming your way today....if it is 'kind' to you, if it is a 'soft ' that will allow you to glide through present moment and into the next......EMBRACE IT!!!

If it is a harsh situation.....say a polite "No, thank you".   Just for today.  Just for even this moment.  My Self deserves a 'soft' day..... and that day, is today :)
Shine a 'soft' Light today .... but shine it strongly enough for other people to 'feel the glow'!! :) Have a GREAT one!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11 wow! Need I say more??

This is it! This is the day that was MADE for Angel Communication, connecting with your Angel Team! KNOW that every thought you have is being put on your Angel's list of 'to-do's SO KEEP IT POSITIVE!! but keep it REAL!
Be careful not to schmooze up your thoughts and feelings and ASKING FOR 'stuff' that you would like help manifesting going forward  - don't 'muddy up' your requests and your communication with your Angels with special voices, rituals, fancy prayers and tra-la-la thoughts!! KEEP IT REAL!

Some things you don't like? say so. Ask for help to banish those things from your day, your thoughts, your activities etc.
Some things you WOULD like very much and you would like them to become a part of your day....ASK for those things! straight out!! just say so.
write all this stuff down on paper (so it stops the incessant loop of thoughts in your head - once you write it have OFFICIALLY given it over to your Angel Team and you are now free to live in PRESENT MOMENT - knowing that the 'yesterdays' have been wiped clean of any regrets leaving only the good bits within our Selves and the tomorrows that are guided by our Angel Team.....we have ONLY THIS VERY MOMENT TO PARTICIPATE IN AND DO OUR VERY BEST AT ENJOYING! 
done.  Now enJOY it!!!
Intuitive Guidance based in Oakville On - Angel Therapy Practitioner Ontario, Stacey MacDonald

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our Angels prepare for 11.11.11 :)

oh yes!! Angel operators are standing by!!  haha!! It is the cusp of 11.11.11 and this is a VERY auspicious time for us all as we are offered this wonderful opportunity to connect and communicate with our Angels as we never have before!!
So what are you waiting for???
Let's get going.

What behaviours, habits, poor perspectives, RUTS, opinions and attitudes, BEHAVIOURS (worth mentioning again!! ha!) would you like to see the back of, get rid of, say ADIOS to?  write em down.

Also, what behaviours, points of view, types of situations, mannerisms, abilities to 'handle' certain situations, what types of abundance (yes there is more than one kind!)  ....would you like to DRAW NEARER, be your companion, be a comfortable fit for you on a daily basis???  write em down!

I want you to really FEEL this list. (and feel free to fold your piece of full scap in half like we used to do at school so you automatically have two columns!! this is an exercise in learning how to 'let go' and 'receive'  SCHOOL IS IN PEOPLE!!! :)

for those sports fishermen out there....think of it as 'catch and release'.  For others maybe it is "Law of Attraction" vs. "Law of Detraction"  (? wha' ?)
but I digress...
This is worth having some fun with but it is also worth some careful thinking and planning and FEELING your way through this.  How would you like to FEEL going forward.   (free (of debt, of guilt, of barriers and obstacles) joyful, unobstructed, carefree, healthy, hopeful etc) now what types of actions in your world, what types of day to day activities support those feelings within you?   (what OR WHO needs to GO?  what or who would assist in this? who and what do you need to engage with?)

Make that list and make it LONG. make it detailed. and then hold it up for your Angel Team and smile. Fold it up in a small square and keep it in a very special place in your you keep a wee pot of Angel pennies somewhere? special notes or birthday cards from past days? momentos from your childhood or family mementos? a drawer that is reserved 'just for you'?
Stow this away and KNOW that you have handed this list to your Angels on 11.11.11.   NOW, it is THEIR focus and not YOURS. 
Go about your day, interact and know that your Angels have your back more than ever before!!!!!
Now, get going and prepare for your VERY SPECIAL DAY tomorrow!! and keep shining!

Angel Therapy Practitioner Oakville, Stacey MacDonald

LET GO of that 'BIG THING' getting in the way of the Light!!

Why do we always have to have 'a big thing' in the middle of our day? You know? The kind of 'thing' that isn't there as SOON as you wake in the morning...buuuuut arrives very shortly on the train as scheduled shortly thereafter.  This is the same thing, burden, trouble spot, anxiety, insecurity that you took to bed last night only to have it dissipate in your dreams while your Higher Self took over and rested your body and mind washing it clean.  Now that you are 'more like your old Self'....
DON'T ALLOW your lower Self access to your new, freshly washed and cleansed perspective first thing in the morning. DON'T LET in the little niggly negative self sabotaging voice!....just don't let it in.  period.
STAY FOCUSED on ALL THINGS POSITIVE in your day, in your life, in your circle of friends,in your family, in your opportunities, in FAITH that there is EVEN MORE good being brought into your life RIGHT NOW. It is on the way. yes it is . Believe and Trust. Smile even!  :)
and you know what? there are STILL going to be 'big things' to deal with (some bigger than others but our lower Self will try to MAKE SURE THAT THEY ALL!!! seem insurmountable!!!  .... keep turning away and focusing on the light of positivity, trust and Faith....its just that easy)  With this new change in perspective, even the REALLY big things are 'do-able', manageable and will be handled in due time with our support staff at our side, our friends, our family, our Angel Team, our's all going to be just fine.
AND it's going to be fine because we have popped the big black balloon of negativity (that our lower Self had taken all that time to blow up and float out into the middle of the room!!) so now,   NOW!! we can see our Light!!! Keep shining.  :)

Monday, November 7, 2011


IN YOU!  yes! Believe in you. your SELF. yes, of course, believe in the other guy too - believe in the goodness of humanity, believe in your children, your marriage, your family, yesyesyesyesyes.
We believe in so much (mmmm, I believe I'll have another piece of pie!!  hah!) no, really we BELIEVE in so much!!! WHY !! ? are we SO reticent to believe in ourselves.  (and you know when I say that I am NOT TALKING LIP SERVICE HERE - WHEN WE TALK ABOUT BELIEVING IT IS BELIEVING......right down to our toes. no doubt, no hesitancy, no way. all in or all out.
We do it for other people.
We do it for other events.
We especially do it for those we love.
so - are we talking about BELIEVING? or are we talking about SELF LOVE? love of self=belief in self =strong sense of self esteem and confidence=strong ability to get things done confidently and knowing that not only are you capable but you are the ONLY person who can get this job done the right way because your own UNIQUE CAPABILITIES must be leant to this particular project to enable it to succeed on EVERY LEVEL!!!!
yes. that is EXACTLY what I am talking about. BELIEF IN ONE'S SELF STARTS   TOOOOO-DAAAAY!
and yeah, is the wind blowing? are there a THOUSAND other people who look like you and say they can do what you do only better (and maybe even secretly want to BE you?? haha!!)  SURE!! is the sky grey? ya! are the clouds ominous? sometimes!
but guess what? doesn't matter.
you are you. you are AMAZING. and YOU BELIEVE IN YOU. more than ANYTHING else today that is true and the WHOLE day we are going to wear that in our heart! 

Affirm, "I believe in me more than I have EVER believed in me before - and it feels good. Really good. and it feels RIGHT. I know that I have been overdue for this self belief to be extended to my Self and my Higher Self and today, I honour that. I will wear this 'self Belief' every day proudly"


Archangel Uriel guides us step by step.....

Step by step. inch by inch. stone by stone. we get there.
where is there? one step further down our Path of course!  maybe we are on an entirely new Path at this point (having completed all of the stones on the last chapter of our journey we are now facing in a new direction and just moving towards the next stone of a new Path)....same river ...just a new Path.  We did not know that there would be so many stones to cover....but there are. and that's ok. The river is beautiful free flowing and clear, even when it rains and some of the mud stirs up at the sides leaving the water a little 'murkier' then usual...eventually it clears again (and we have that wonderful scent left from the rain - so cleansing and invigorating at the same time)....we can keep going.
In the day, it is fairly easy to navigate our way from stone to stone and see our way far into the future, have an idea of where we are going, see some twists in the Path, sometimes even see our destination....but then night falls and it is difficult to see even the stone we are ON let alone the NEXT step!   Not even knowing where the next step is, not being able to see where OR IF there are any twists or turns in the path ahead, not being able to know for sure if the water is rising or if it is our imagination? certainly and in NO WAY being able to see the destination.....yes, Life Path is very much like this.
MUCH more like traversing the stepping stones across the river....AT NIGHT!
And THIS is where trust and faith step in. Relying on guidance, inner guidance, inner intuition,  - all courtesy of the same source - your Guiding Angels. It's like having a lifelong connection with your Angel GPS!  Trust it. It is real. It has got you this far and it will take you on!! 
In particular, Archangel Uriel is generally the one around when you need to or are ready to take the next step.  He will light the way for you - he will hold his lantern up high just over your shoulder (as he stands behind you to steady you forward) so that you will be able to get a clear view of or just catch a glimpse of 'the next step'. He holds your arm and makes sure that you get there safely and without incident....great!  Now....where is the NEXT step?  can't see it? That's because he has put the lantern back down again - he is still there steadying you while you are on THIS step and when YOU ARE READY for the next step, the lantern goes up and off you go!  Hey!  here's the other thing!! maybe the next step is NOT READY FOR YOU!! Sometimes we feel like we ARE ready!!! and we have been ready for A LONG TIME!! but you know what? the stage has not been set for us yet on the the next step....we have to wait and to trust and believe that when the next step is ready AND WE ARE READY TO TAKE IT.....then conditions are perfect for Archangel Uriel to raise that lantern. 
If you feel a bit like you are 'stuck on a stone' - look up and enJOY the view, breathe in the beauty of the day, the freshness of the air - and KNOW that the next step is being prepared for you and RELAX!  you are in good hands!!!!
Keep shining!! :)
Stacey MacDonald, Angel Therapy Practitioner, Oakville, ON

Sunday, November 6, 2011

This is where I "FACED MY FEAR'!! :)

Yah! you know what? We all have 'fears' that have NOTHING to do with common sense or past circumstance or ..... well? I don't know but we ALL have them.  I can tell you that one of my fears was jumping into 'dark' water. You know the kind?  I CAN'T see the bottom. That is a problem for me. BIG.
Ever since I was a kid I couldn't do it.
I am a VERY strong swimmer. I have always been a very strong swimmer, love to swim, feel more at home in the water than out...but there it is.
 I will swim ALL DAY..... in the pool, swim without a care in the world..... at the beach, swim at Tobermory, Ontario Canada
** (little plug - clearest freshwater in the world and divers from all over the World fly in JUST to have the pleasure of the GRAND CANYON like depths (150 ft or MUCH deeper one minute and 6 inches the next as you swim up to one of the MANY plateaus in the MIDDLE of the lake...let alone the shipwrecks that are lovely to dive and explore..also there as a result of the many plateaus!! ....but I digress.....:)  I can do that because I am from that area!!  go ahead, google Tobermory diving and book your plane ticket, pack your snorkel!....)
can you tell I am 'skirting the issue??'  ha!
Right. so I grew up being able to swim in water where no matter where I was....I could SEE the bottom.
Regardless, this is not a prerequisite for most people....and I was SURE this was NOT going to be an issue for my I needed to get past it.  I have always been open about this fear with my kids and they told me that I needed to face it (FACE MY FEAR!) but they told me to start small. Got it.
First stop, jumping off a dock. (lots of weeds.  ew.)  And after much coaxing (and some name calling!)  I did it and somehow....much to my surprise....survived.  whaddaya know???? yeah!

ok, so this summer? the black inland lakes of the Muskokas.  Jumping off 15 feet of rock into pitch black water.....with my kids clapping and chanting (screaming!! I so apologize 'other campers') 'FACE YOUR FEAR! FACE YOUR FEAR!  I flung myself forward and trusting in EVERYTHING .....I survived.  NEVER MIND!!!! I had a BLAST!! and I kept doing it!! time and again I climbed out, jumped back in (when it was my turn mind, I NEVER even once CUT THE LINE!! haha!)

here's the thing. It hit me that I could have lived my WHOLE life not knowing how AWESOME it was to do one of the things that scared me the most.  but I didn't.
I feared doing it.
(with a little help...ok!! with alot of help!! ha!)
Sometimes what we fear are 'big' things and sometimes they are 'little' things but regardless, we fear them and they keep us from moving forward in so many ways.  Today, make your list of things that you fear, things that make you uncomfortable, things that make you nervous, things that you could NEVER do...that is for 'other' people....haha!! and make a date with even ONE of those items .... to move past it!! FACE YOUR FEAR! 
When you step out of your 'comfort zone' is when you get back a little piece of your Self that didn't even know was missing.....UNTIL you get it back!! wow. awesome!!
 Discover that little piece of you that CAN DO IT!! It's in there! :)  Keep shining!!

ONE Light......inspires us ALL

LOVE this!
WE ARE the triangle.
Mind, body, spirit.  That's us.
that is who we are, that is what we are intrinsically - we are the triangle.
We are able to receive LIGHT.
and if we are open......IF WE ARE OPEN TO RECEIVING this Light in whatever form we receive it.....we get it. cool.
once we receive it, we also reflect it. awesome.
When we openly RECEIVE it, we are able to reflect this Light times TEN!
The Light we GIVE is TEN TIMES the Light we have
That is IF!! and only IF!!
we have TRULY and OPENLY received it.
so receive it.

and GIVE it.
GIVE it in every colour of the rainbow
Light it up.


TAKE DOWN those walls and barriers of protection between you and 'the world' and OPENLY GIVE AND RECEIVE. 
feel that!
do you feel the world in gratitude?
 yes. so do I.
have a BEAUTIFUL day!
and thank you for your contribution to gratitude and abundance.
KEEP SHINING!!!!!! :) 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

You gotta FIND that wave if you wanna RIDE THAT WAVE!

That's right! I KNOW that you know that this guy was NOT just sitting on the couch a few minutes ago. No sirreeeeeeee. Big things, great excitement, terrific accomplishment, grandiose exhiliration DON'T JUST HAPPEN. ok, sometimes they do but it is SO RARE - why chance it?? Why not just GET OUT THERE and make it happen.
The thing is, generally to get to the BIG STUFF, the fun stuff, the end result, the "wow, this is what I always dreamed would happen' stuff......there is a bunch of stuff you have to do at the very beginning of this quest that.....ehhh, is not so fun. a bit boring actually and sometimes quite annoying (so its easy to throw in the towel, this is a way in which our ego will self sabotage our own Higher self's ability to manifest our desires)
 so, knowing this - DO IT ANYWAY.
Acknowledge the 'boringness' and the 'tediousness' and then.... do it.  YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING and don't let a little 'running around the mulberry bush' or 'I'm just chasing my tail' niggly, negative thoughts slow you down. Simply do it. and keep doing it. 
ALWAYS keep your dream close at hand.  VISUALIZE where you want to be - actually SEE yourself in your mind's eye doing what you want to be doing, living the life you want to lead, looking physically how you want to look, acting emotionally how you want to act, riding the wave you want to ride!  and say "I AM such and such" (you get it?  not "I want to be such and such", not "Ohhhhh, why am I not such and such" and definitely not a jumping up and down "yeah right! I'll NEVER be such and such"    ok, ya got me now?  a very calm, very assertive and very powerful "I AM such and such" together with your picture in your mind......while you are jumping through the boring hoops of stuff....keeps inching you closer and closer.
Then your Angels 'throw you a bone' and suddenly IT'S NOT SO BORING anymore!!! It's good and you can see REAL payback for your work!! you are ON YOUR WAY! and this continues for a bit, and then it gets tedious again (just before you burst through another glass ceiling the Angels on your Path will crank up the tediom to see just who can stick with it 'through the plateau' - who really wants it? who believes the most? whose Faith is strongest? and if that is you, then GET READY, cuz you are onto the next level of your Path! and therefore that much closer to your destination.
Just remember that this guy on his wave had a day when he got his FIRST surfboard as a gift, was awkward carrying it down the beach to the water, (maybe even got some sand in his eyes!) and FELL OFF IT a THOUSAND times on waves no bigger than our knees.  He got a little hurt now and then (both his pride and maybe physically also) along the way, he got discouraged, he maybe even wanted to 'throw in the towel' at some point....but something kept him going.
Inner guidance, a drive to accomplish what you KNOW IN YOUR HEART you can do......not at first maybe, and it might not be easy, but YOU WILL BE GREAT AT IT.
Keep going. Find your wave.    
 ....and keep shining :)

Connecting, working & Healing with the Angels workshop

Connecting, working & Healing with the Angels 
Fri.Dec16  6:30-9:00pm

 -  Learn the names of the Archangels and their traits, symbols  and many of the beneficial ways in which they communicate and assist you every day.  Gain an understanding of how to relate to your own signs and symbols from your Angel Team, the 4 major ways in which they communicate with you and an understanding of  where your own personal strengths lie when communicating with your Angel Team. To close the evening, working closely with Archangel Raphael (the Healing Archangel)  we will all join in an Angel Therapy Healing Circle  to clear, cleanse and set healing intentions towards any situation, issue or health problem  you would like to extend healing energy towards.  This workshop will also be held at The Clarity Centre, Oakville.

workshop timeframe  2.5 hrs   cost. $75   all materials supplied

Stacey MacDonald is a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner, for more information please see the website at

Friday, November 4, 2011


So true - there we are ticking along our Path and (yes, admittedly!!) not looking too much to the right or left, not really stopping to smell the roses, not noticing the 'freshness' of the air, not HEARING the birds or squirrels scuttling through the underbrush.....when suddenly!!  WHOA! What is this??!  ok....regroup...where have I been? where do I need to go?? who is to the left? what is to the right? am I not meant to 'plough forward'? is a diversion called for?  "I have been SO CAUGHT UP IN BUSY-BUSY that I have NO IDEA where I AM let alone where I should set my intentions of BEING....."....and so we stand there, mind-numbingly overwhelmed with choices for the future as much as a dawning of how NUMB we have been to our PRESENT circumstances and so that we have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA of where we have been! physically, spiritually, emotionally....

we are at the crossroads and forget the recriminations! haha!! but seriously.... it is decision time.  Where have you been, what are you supposed to be doing, what did you say you would be doing, what do others expect you to done. over.

stop. sit down in the middle. SIT DOWN.
 breathe and realize that this is YOUR journey and you can choose whichever path you like. yes. YES YOU CAN.  (and I KNOW you can think of a THOUSAND reasons why you can't ....but you can) there is always a way. 
 It might not be the best and most grandiose way RIGHT NOW but you know what???? .... hee hee 'almost' is and it is DEFINITELY better than where you have been 'living' and it is ONE STEP AWAY (or a couple but we will 'get there'!!!)   from being IDEAL.....really.
 so, what is the 'down side' to taking a chance here?  THERE IS NO DOWN SIDE! It's all good!
you simply have to BELIEVE in SHIFTING YOUR PERSPECTIVE....if you don't quite get that... then pretend you do....and soon enough you will have that 'AHA' moment and!!! you get it. so good.   really SO GOOD.
you are on YOUR path.  
so hey, SHINE  a little Light  while you are there huh?  so the rest of us can find your circle of Joy and join in!!  

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Candlemaking 101

Another workshop being offered this December is...
Candlemaking 101
Participants of this fun and interactive workshop will learn how to craft their own handpoured Lantern (a 'forever candle' - please see for more information on Lanterns - direct link provided below)  and will be able to take home their very own handcrafted Lantern to enjoy or perhaps give as a unique gift.   As well, information will be provided on how to make your own Pillar candles and soy tealights from home.  Workshop timeframe 2.5 hrs   cost. $110   all Lantern materials supplied  
This workshop will by hosted by myself at The Clarity Centre in Oakville - (NEW to our community -opening in December) and bound to be a veritable resource to many for balancing and nourishing our mind, body and spirits -please see the website at  We look forward to seeing you there! 
For more information on handcrafted Signature Lanterns and candles please see our website at
For more information on Signature Lanterns and Handcrafted candles please see our website

Angel Light Reiki Training

As a Reiki Master, I am currently offering Reiki Training in Oakville and surrounding area.  I am frequently asked
"What is Reiki? how can it benefit me?"

Here is a little breakdown :)
Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a natural energy technique that unlocks inner flow of vital energy to restore an inner balance. After completing your Level I training you are able to tap into an unlimited supply of "life force energy" to improve health and enhance the quality of your life. Reiki treats the whole person including their mind, body, emotions and spirit as well as assuring a sense of peace, security and well-being. Specifically, this healing energy can assist with reducing pain, reducing stress, enhancing self esteem and self confidence, clearing your mind, shortening healing time and restoring energy and balance. 
 Reiki level  I -  During this course, all participants will learn the history of Reiki and the chakra system as well as be attuned to perform Self Reiki and learn to use appropriate hand placement in performing  Reiki  to heal others.  Class is limited to 6 people in order to ensure plenty of one on one attention and practice time.  Reiki Level I manuals will be provided and each participant will receive an Usui  Reiki Level I certificate following the class.   Workshop timeframe  10-5 pm   cost. $180     all materials supplied
Course schedule
Sunday Nov. 27/11  - Reiki Level I
Sunday Dec. 11/11  - Reiki Level I

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Go ahead!! it's YOUR TURN!!!

There is your swing - it is your turn. Your Angels have been saving your spot in the lineup and now, NOW it is your turn, finally. YAY!  but wait, if you get on your swing, and start slowly and then start to climb higher and higher and farther out and farther, the ground really falls away there...hmmmm.
So, the swing looks fun - and you've been waiting a long time in line for your turn - but now that its your turn it looks like there might be almost as much to lose by trying as there is to gain.....sometimes you can see the safe landing if something goes wrong and .... sometimes you are just....out there...
Archangel Ariel is asking us to just get on the swing.  Your Angel Team WOULD NOT have held your place in line FOR SO LONG if you were not meant to GET ON THE SWING.  She is a champion manifestor and also helps you to have the COURAGE to take a leap of FAITH when the lineup dies off and you find's your turn. Go ahead, trust and have faith that there is a LEGION of support staff that is watching over you while you take your turn.  OH! and it's perfectly OK to enJOY the ride as well!! Keep shining all! and keep swinging too!!

Intuitive Guidance from Stacey MacDonald, Angel Therapy PractitionerAngel Therapy Ontario