Thursday, July 21, 2011

It is SAFE for YOU to be POWERFUL!

It is SAFE for you to be POWERFUL!! Think about it! FEEL it!  All the time we spend second guessing ourSelves, weighing the pros and cons, what will SHE think if I do THIS, or THAT, or don't do anything at all? maybe I should wait to make that decision until I get so-and-so's opinion....oh no! I couldn't be in charge of that committee!! Me?! no!  but....
YES! you can. You CAN be in charge of you and the myriad of different decisions and circumstances that come your way every day, every minute!  Your Angel Team is filling you with cues and clues through your subconscious, your intuition, giving you your 'gut feelings' on decisions and directions. Trust it - and trust your ability to read those clues and then speak with confidence as YOUR OPINION MATTERS!  Your decisions matter and your insight into different situations matters. You were put here on this Earth to contribute to the greater good of people and places that you find yourSelf in the midst of as you work your way deliberately and purposefully along your speak up and speak out and speak confidently! knowing you do so on behalf of your inner are worth it!!
 Shine Brightly!

Friday, July 15, 2011

A perfect time for Crystals! - *CHRYSOCOLLA*

If you have any Crystals?  this is the PERFECT time to make sure that they are sitting in a windowsill overnight to ensure that the Full Moon can cleanse them as well and draw out any of the negativity that they have taken on over the last few days/weeks since there last cleansing. There is nothing as restorative for your crystals as a Full Moon bath!
and if you DO NOT have any crystals....this is the PERFECT time to go out there and get some!  Take a trip to your local spiritual store and let your hands run over the crystal area, notice which ones you are drawn to and allow yourSelf to connect with the ones that you feel guided to be drawn to....THEN look up the properties of that particular crystal and see which areas your Soul feels it could use an additional boost in.
Highlighting the properties of CHRYSOCOLLA today :) 
This crystal will assist you with calming, cleansing and re-energizing all of your chakras, energy centres.  It will help you to draw out guilt, heal your heart and help your ability to open up and truly love those around you as well as your Self.  This crystal also helps with communication, confidence and sensitivity (with others, with the world around you and with your own inner SELF)   Chrysocolla reduces stress, tension and promotes the truth and ability to see people and situations objectively.  This crystal is a great crystal to either start with or add to your collection! 
Have a wonder-full and brilliant day today!
Keep shining!

My kids ask "What is so special about the Full Moon anyway?"

Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL recharging and energizing full moon cycle that we are enjoying right now!  So wondrous in that as much as it charges and cleanses everything in its brilliant beams of Light (including YOU!) it also relaxes and enhances our sleep so that when we do (finally! sometimes during these cycles) get into our is SO deep and restful that we wake feeling as if we have undergone an extreme healing session....and we have - how wonder-full!  Thank you thank you Mother Nature and our beautiful full moon for offering us these times of restorative healing.
I was explaining to my kids as they were asking me last night "what was so special about the full moon anyway"....most of the month, the moon is certainly there in the sky - sometimes behind clouds, sometimes just a sliver or a full crescent etc -  and we are grateful for it and feel its effects much the same as we do feel the sun on a cloudy day to whatever degree.  However, on those summer days when there is not a cloud in the sky! and the temperature is warm and inviting and the sun's rays are BEAMING down at us kissing our Spirit with its beautiful restoring properties...NICE!  The moon's rays are similar and we can SO FEEL THEM during a full moon has wonder-full connectedness to it!
 Ensure when you see the full moon greeting you in the late evening that you sit or stand outside even for a few moments, turn your face to it's rays (much as you would the sun :) and let the beautiful healing rays of the moon works its restorative magic on your Soul. 
Keep shining!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Surround yourSelf with a supportive 'circle of people' !

Have you looked at 'your circle of people' that you have surrounding you lately? the 'circle of events' that you surround yourSelf with on a daily basis? do those people and events truly reflect who you are and how you feel at this time? do they support you? have you recently made some changes, additions/deletions in these areas? 
You are constantly changing and evolving (generally and hopefully for the better!) and as you do so, it is necessary to continually challenge yourSelf to ensure that you surround yourSelf with activites and a circle of people that support you in your growth and help you along in a positive manner.  Of course there are always certain scenarios and people (some family ugh!  haha!) that are necessary to always hold in your circle even if at times they are more'dead weight' (bless them! as it is YOU who is probably been put in their path to support THEM and this is a necessary growth step for you!) than 'support staff' however by and large, it is crucial that the vast majority of people and activities that we are surrounded with are positive and helpful - AND WE CONTROL THIS!! so ensure! that today you are aware of the people and activities you are surrounding yourSelf with - be kind to yourSelf by ensuring that these scenarios are positive! and enJOY!
Keep shining :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Angels say today?....All is well

However this Angel message pertains to you today, whatever difficult or potentially stressful situation you may find yourSelf is the day to acknowledge it, set it free and know in your heart that your Angel Team is working on a positive outcome to this.  Go ahead and set down that burden that you are dragging around not quite knowing what to do with and get out there and have some fun!  Make a cup of coffee or tea, smile up at the sky and truly enJOY this moment!  Look around and take a cue from the kids today - live in the PRESENT MOMENT and know that RIGHT now at THIS moment - everything is perfectly fine, more than fine! downright fantastic!! so sip your tea, keep on smiling and shining for others and for yourSelf....and enJOY :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let your Angel Team 'draw out' any negativity!

Today the Angels are asking us to allow all negativity to be drawn out of us and in so doing, the positivity that is a part of our whole Soul makeup will have a chance to get a better hold on our actions and observations and thereby continue to take a strong hold on our whole Path forward.

 By visualizing an opening in our Self  that the Angels are allowed to get to and work their magic and healing abilitites as they draw this negativity away from us, we are working hand in hand with our Angel Team to ensure that any negativity that gets past our Divine Shield is taken immediately from us thanks to our synergy with our Guarding Angels.  This is the same negativity that can be latched onto us by being around negative people, toxic situations and environments - and yes!  we have shielded ourSelves with Archangel Michaels help and STILL some of that dark energy can attach itself onto us and if left - can grow like a poison with us -  and so we let the Angels take it right back out!
Imagine that this exit point for negative, harmful energy can be left open so that only the Angels can have access to it so that during our interactions with others as we go through our day spreading our Light...if there is any harmful energy that is attracted to us, with the help of our Angel Team  this energy simply passes directly through us or around us and so is not able to take hold within our brillliant shining Selves.
So today, let your Angel Team take any negativity from you - and leave you full of positive, shining bright thoughts and actions to hold dearly to yourSelf and to share with others :)
Shine on!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Let your true Self shine!

Our Angel message today is to gain a balanced sense of self and our perspective on the world and our world around us and in so doing gain a sense of peace and understanding that surpasses all our expectations. 
If we could try an Angel exercise for a time and train ourSelves not to look in the mirror as we get ready for our day however as we are getting dressed, brushing our hair, applying our different lotions and potions (or straightening our ties guys! :) that we do so only until our Soul, our Spirit says that we 'look good' in so doing we are gaging our appearance by how we feel and not by our surface exterior. Do we FEEL  'put together'? do we FEEL confident? do we have a sense of inner strength today? are we ready to face our day and greet it lovingly and self assuredly?
Same goes for as we walk into a room...REALLY see yourSelf as you see other people's reactions to your arrival to the room.  Do they smile? wave you over? include you in conversation? how do people talk to you? Are they open? do they share? are you approachable? what is it in your manner that people find so easy and comfortable and sincere? and/or what walls do you have to further take down in order to 'get there' for yourSelf and for others?
By allowing You to be yourSelf  - you are allowing your authentic Self to shine through.  The surface You has been allowed to take some time off - the veneer is off and the walls are down....feels good!  :)
By letting your Self shine through you now have a new comfortable and solid view of yourSelf as well. It is suddenly a more  comfortable and confident day as you go forward focused on giving your best Self to others.
Keep shining!
don't judge yourself on how the worl d sees you but let the real you shine out there to yourSelf and to others and feel the peace and strength that comes along with it.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wise Advice from Mother Teresa

People are often unreasonable, illogical and self-centered;
Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind,
people may accuse you of selfish ulterior motives;
Be kind anyway.

If you are successful,
you will win some false friends and some true enemies;
Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and frank,
people may cheat you;
Be honest and frank anyway.

What you spend years building,
someone could destroy overnight.
Build anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness,
they may be jealous;
Be happy anyway.

The good you do today,
people will often forget tomorrow,
Do good anyway.

Give the world the best you have,
and it may never be enough;
Give the best you've got anyway.

You see, in the final analysis
it is between you and God;
it was never between you and them anyway

Your Angel Team helps you to achieve Greatness!

A very specific message from the Angels today to realize your full power as a manifestor and positive force in your own life and on your own path.  As you begin to come to this realization - the realization that you can most definitely receive clear messages and guidance from your Angel Team and these messages can not only enhance your journey forward but clearly mark your specific 'next steps' to take towards your realize you want to continue to enhance and grow this ability. 
Unfortunately at this point, the ego/lower Self can pop in and try to 'control' the experience, charting a course that 'makes sense' in order to cover every area of 'growth forward' towards the goal etc......
haha!! the Angels don't work that way however!  Your Angels want you to sing, dance, laugh, play, go for walks outside, relax and have fun with your kids, water the garden, take a nap, take yourSelf out for a lunch, enJOY a hot shower etcetcetc.  It is exactly when you are treating yourSelf well and treating others well - laughing and joyfully carrying on with your day that they are most able to surround you with their healing and spiritual energy to 'grow you forward'. They will jump in at this point and 'give you the download' and day by day, joyfully and peacefully, your awareness and understanding of 'the whole' and your part in it.....becomes a part of you to enJOY and to share.
So today, take back your power by enjoying the 'little things' - as Mother Teresa said "We can do no great things, only small things with great love"  Revel in 'the small things' today and in so doing, achieve greatness for yourSelf and for others.
Keep shining!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Angels surround you with Self Confidence to make positive Change!

Do you feel like you should be making some changes in your life? Do you feel from time to time that there is a specific change you could make that might  (and maybe significantly!) change your life for the better? Do you feel that there is some kind of a gateway that you are 'supposed to' go through in order to continue on your next path, your very successful pathway, your intended path ....and yet in order to get there you must make a some changes in your daily life?
Sometimes the only thing holding us back from making these changes is not fully believing in our Selves enough to have the courage to make the changes, have the inner strength to 'stick to ' these changes and to be able to accept the new opportunities that appear and to make the best of them when they do.
OH!!! SO many questions! so many doubts! so many anxieties! such a 'busy head' thinking of what may happen this way, what may happen that way, what may happen if we don't, if we do....ENOUGH!
All of this 'thinking nonsense' is just that - nonsense! It is in effect, your ego/lower Self trying to sabotage your progress forward for whatever when the questions start....acknowledge them for what they are (impediments on your journey forward) and go with your inner instinct...follow it where it is guiding you. 
Your Angel Team is communicating with you and subtly guiding you forward by filling you with these feelings/intuitions that will urge you to make the changes necessary to open new opportunities and pathways.  Trust in their full and total support of your decisions and allow your Self to feel the CONFIDENCE they bring forward within you. Feel the fullness of your Solar Plexus chakra as they beam their beautiful Divine Golden Light through your Self and Spirit and  let that Angel glow carry you forward to the changes that you can make confidently now that you know your Angel Team is with you on this - fully and whole heartedly!
Feel yourSelf grow forward and feel the confidence and Self esteem that accompanies taking control of your pathway by following your inner guidance - feel the strength and the new vitality that surges through your entire being and your daily life! Incredulously, you look behind you at all of the emotional baggage you had been carrying around dropped behind you on your pathway....scattered at different intervals as your new found confidence has enabled you to slough off the extra weight, doubts, fears & anxieties as you are able to easily progress forward!  and you know what?  The farther you go - the easier it gets as your trust and confidence in your Angel Team mirrors the level of trust and confidence you have in yourSelf to be able to recognize and take action on the guidance they are providing you with...and so it goes :)
Trust in your Angel Team and their ability to communicate effectively to you through your intuition - and .... enJOY the ride!!
Keep shining :)