Thursday, May 31, 2012


Power forward is the message of the day!  
by doing so. 
sounds good?
of COURSE it does. Nothing to lose???? are you kidding me?  THAT sounds amazing!
In a world where we are constantly inundated through media and the 'bull@#$C% and bravado' that seems to be SPEWING from almost every source! It is SO difficult at times to separate the REAL movement forward and the 'pretenders', the 'posers' (some would say) and/or as WE used to say in my circle......
the situations/people/relationships etc that are simply 

So. we are left with and facing a situation 
the truth stands! there are MANY situations we all face daily (sometimes again and again a monkey on our back!)

...where we have nothing to lose and everything to GAIN by POWERing FORWARD.

HOW do you do this?  By finding a credible source and following their lead? sure. sometimes.  BUT (were you waiting for that?) this ONLY happens AFTER you have
....drum roll...

listened inwardly, to your Self .... and this 'Self" really does know all (kinda like Kreskin) listen....and then ACT..... and IF
this Self is telling you, urging you, and instructing you in no uncertain terms to 'power forward' then power forward you must. This path may and most likely will take you into unchartered waters, you may and most likely will feel very unsure of yourself and of what your 'next step' will be and while this might be somewhat unsettling at KNOW! deep within that you MUST take these next steps whatever they may be as your 'gut instinct' is showing you regularly that this is the way. 
I have my own saying for just this type of situation and it goes like this....

"WHILE I am not entirely sure that making this big change is the BEST situation for me at this time....I AM SURE that doing nothing and not making ANY change is ENTIRELY the WRONG decision at this time......and in THIS Light....I have nothing to lose by making this Change, POWERING FORWARD and trusting in Faith."  

Believe in Change.
Believe in Powering Forward.

Shine on & Power on!  :)

Stacey MacDonald   offers Intuitive Coaching and Guidance - I look VERY forward to hearing from you!  

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Get out of your head!

ENUFF with the thinking, analysing, reacting, overreacting, under reacting, dissecting...blahblahblah and GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD and into the physical plane!  into your physical body!  INTO YOUR PHYSICAL LIFE!!!
Here is the thing!!!! This is why you are here!
Not to BE in your HEAD.....but to BE in the WORLD.
so do that.
STOP figuring out HOW or WHEN or WHY things are supposed to BE
and just BE.
so go and look in the mirror and smile a BIG smile at your Self,   stick your fingers in your ears.....
and tell your BUSY HEAD that you are not listening anymore..... :)
you are going to go for a walk instead - you are going to LISTEN to the breeze blowing, the birds singing, a friends conversation, kids laughing, your favourite tv program ANYTHING that is OUTSIDE your head.
You can have a little laugh also if you want to cuz let me tell you.....standing there in front of the mirror with your fingers in your ears talking to your Self...???

you look ridiculous!!!!!
and Keep shining!

Friday, May 25, 2012

COME OUT with your hands up!!!

You heard me!
 Come outside with your hands up 
in celebration of the ability to BREATHE and take part in this TRULY GLORIOUS day!   
Beauty and wonder abounds!  

Find a patch of grass and bury your feet in it (BARE FEET!), slip your toes into a lake, stream, brook, pond, (puddle or fountain if you have to! :)   tilt your head back and feel 'the day' caress your cheeks, your eyes, your hair......find some flowers- in a garden, maybe even your own or purchase some cut flowers or potted plant....feel the wonder of their lifegiving vibrancy as they work their healing magic on us ....just by BEING.

just BE

Keep shining!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

How would you describe yourself?

What are some of the words that you would use?  What if you were to limit it to a small paragraph, a one minute intro, a sentence, a few words....
Let's play a game and pretend we are someone else describing us.  And I MEAN THIS! because this is a very important exercise in order to come to terms whether you are on your 'own team' or not.  Do you know what I mean by this?
Many times people can spend valuable time thinking about whether a certain situation/relationship/friendship/opportunity is in their best interests or not. They might sit down and REALLY give it some heavy thought as far as whether this particular person(s) is 'on their team' or not.....depending on their mood or chain of events, sometimes they can decide that "NO! this person/situation etc is NOT in my best interest because of any one of a number of reasons."   They have spent some REAL time adding up pros and cons of things that have been said/suggested/acted on and came up with a score....YES/NO ....(the score decides whether they continue allowing said person/situation etc within their circle going forward....)

Take a few moments and pretend that you are together over a cup of coffee with a very close friend who asks you about 'so&so'....what are they like? what are their interests? what does she/he DO? Why do you like her/him?  What don't you like or what is sometimes annoying about them? 
Remember that you are describing 'so&so' and that YOU are also 'so&so'
(with me?)
*basically, we are pretending to describe ourself OBJECTIVELY and ruthlessly HONESTLY to someone else.....we have done this for others and NOW it is time to do it for ourselves....
go ahead....take a few minutes and do this....
I'll go pour another cup of tea and give you some time....
so, how did it go?
Are 'you' someone that would 'stay in your circle?' 
are 'you' on your own team? 
do you have YOUR best interests at heart?

or are 'you' someone that you might realize after describing 'them' that this person is a little (alot?) boring, needy, judgemental etc. or are did you find that 'this person' is FUN, colourful, a good listener.....or...
a little of both?  does the 'fun' outweigh the 'boring'?  
If it does - great! 
 (and if you didn't have ANY boring/needy etc in your description....were you being honest?  RUTHLESSLY honest??  if not 'rinse, and repeat' the exercise :) after all, we are HUMAN after all...just on a journey to IMPROVE as such! )
If it doesn't?  NO PROBLEM. Boring and needy are easy to adjust, shift, change, tweak!  Simply, think, speak, act, write your way to 'exciting, new, awesome'!  Take a course, challenge yourself with a new outdoor activity, do something you have never done before just 'because' and BE THERE for OTHERS!!!! 
Then after awhile... 'rinse and repeat' the exercise......and before you know it your description will look VERY MUCH as below.......GOOD FOR YOU!!!!  
I am HAPPY to know you!! and enJOY being a part of your circle!!
Shine into YOUR description of YOU!!! 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WORTH the WAIT?....some things just ARE.....

Oh yes, most definitely - this has been a portrait of me many times and potentially and most probably many times in the future....
if it is one thing I have learned (and learnedandlearnedandlearned!! haha!) is that the BEST times of my life have fallen DIRECTLY on the heels of the 'darkest of days'....
AND for someone who is very used to planning, preparing and DOING actionable steps in order to lay the sturdiest foundation for optimal execution of plan.....lalalalalalalala....(thank you Angel friend Lourdes! :) what my Angels have to say to that...THEY will decide when I am ready for the next step, the next path on my horizon to open up, the next 'inspiration/Angel guidance' to occur...
and the FREEDOM that comes from this is ~ simply nothing short of AWESOME.

Feel the power and the freedom that comes from DECISIVELY handing over the reins of control and Life Path Direction to Archangel Michael and also your very own, Archangel Raguel.
Ask them both to help you to sort out your path and allow your Self to clearly see your way forward.
WHEN it is time.
not before. and not after.
WHEN you do this.....ask AA Michael and AA Raguel for their intervention and guidance ...then TRUST that they are working in your absence, working and striving on your behalf, providing opportunity where none was thought possible...
this is NOT YOU.
how do you know?? (favourite question that has been asked over the course of May!! ;)
you KNOW
and as you asked .... you waited
and waited
and then got tired of waiting
and then realized that there was nothing else to do in most cases except to ASK, TRUST, *WAIT*
and then you waited some more
and in some cases.....
some more
and then
in the blink of an instant
you were gifted....
with your answer...
TOTAL Bliss.

So if you are wavering and wondering whether to ask...
And if you are waitingandwaitingandwaitingandwaiting....
keep waiting
because it will absolutely be WORTH THE WAIT.
Blessings and Blissings to all. *Thank you Johnny Angel*

Stacey MacDonald is a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner offering Energy Healing, Intuitive Guidance and Angel Readings in Toronto

Feel YOUR Moment !!

Take each little moment of each little day of the week and hold it separate from the month and treasure it objectively and uniquely from the rest of the year and put it on a pedestal and SAVOUR it as YOUR special GIFT to YOU.
Feel the power as you hold THIS MOMENT in your hands - hold it high above your head and offer this moment....YOUR others to act as a Shining Example of just HOW MUCH you treasure this very precious time.....NOW......feel the glow of this beautiful and powerful sense of knowingness and allow the 'layers of you' that separate 'you' from this very simply be swept away
washed away....
healed away.....
leaving YOU simply and uniquely alone in the freedom of your moment.
Shining at you today ~  from my moment to yours :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Solar Eclipse, New Moon & Abundance!

Make this time investment with me during this rare and wondrous energy event this weekend with a NEW MOON partnered with a Solar Eclipse!
....energetically this a 'home run'!! 
 This weekend is like medicine! A virtual 'olden days TONIC'!!  and ALL you have to do is say....thank you .... and PAY ATTENTION!
As my husband is so quick to remind me....:)   There IS no such thing as a free bowl of soup! And I remind myself and others of that regularly...there is ALWAYS a chance for renewal, new beginnings, positive change and growth, a nourishing bowl of soup....
and there is a DIFFERENCE between fishing a nickel out of your pocket to RECIEVE that which is available to you and taking out a hefty loan from the bank for the same benefit....
which would you rather??
so, no .... the maximum benefit of this weekend is not something you get for free.....
but it is something that is AVAILABLE to all, beneficial to all
with a minimum time investment...
do I have your attention?
Simply put, and as with any big change/renewal/transition time....this process involves;
a) asking for obstacles/situations/behaviours that no longer serve us/people or environments that no longer suit us etc. to be REMOVED from our immediate circle
b) asking for those things that we feel would benefit us greatly to come into our lives

TODAY is your time to make your list of things that you would like to see removed....take your time, be honest and objective (detached if you will - pretend you are playing the role of your own COUNSELOR and be ruthless if you have to in your self honesty here......) and make your list as long or as short as you like.....
and THEN!  
SLEEP on this list and ask Archangel Michael to help you in 'sweeping away' all attachments you have to any of the things you have on your list.....clearing away any and all of these obstacles (you can ask AA Michael to help you with this at ANY time) and then when you are resting this evening Archangel Raphael is also able to step in and HEAL any further attachments you have here....
get ready for it...
MAKE YOUR LIST of things you would like to Receive. Be forthright, confident and thorough...ensure you are 'dialling through to the REAL you' as you are writing....
*by writing these down we are ensuring that we ASKING ONCE for our Angel Team thereby putting a halt to 'the loop of needy thoughts' in our mind....ask ONCE and trust*
Archangel Sandalphon is at the helm here.....after tomorrow, connect with him by affirming each morning "I open my arms wide to receive"

Shining at you from the other side of the moon!! ;)   Angel Blessings to all!

Monday, May 14, 2012

What colour is your umbrella??

You MAKE SURE that when you are choosing your choose the RIGHT one. yes. the RIGHT one.
Fact of life....we all need umbrellas from time to time...sometimes it's just a 'misty' day, sometimes a light sprinkle and some days?? HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS everyone!! the skies have opened up and it's a driving rainstorm!!!  'Rain coming down in sheets' we used to say as kids.
Of course, if you know me at all (and by now most of you do :)  I am speaking literally and also figuratively.  Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where the group of people we are with, the conversation we are currently 'a part of', the work/social environment we find ourselves in, our relationships.....well, sometimes the 'weather' takes a turn for the worse.
It is at this time, that I grab for my trusty umbrella...and at this time - my YELLOW umbrella (symbolizing self esteem/self confidence/bright outlook/hope/joy etc) stands out like a beacon in the night among all the black umbrellas (symbolizing......ish......too depressing to list really...but you get it!)
My Angel team are often called to my side to be my umbrella, my shield, my circle of protection to filter out the drab, dismal, 'rain on my parade' energy when it is 'raining' on any given day.  Under my yellow Angel umbrella, I am free to just continue jauntily along doing my level best, keeping a positive outlook and working towards brighter days.
Join me under my yellow umbrella on days when your weather outlook seems a bit 'grim' :)
and keep SHINING!! through the raindrops :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Celebrate Mom!

All I am I owe to my mother 
-George Washington

God could not be everywhere and therefore He made mothers
-Jewish proverb

Mother is the bank where we deposit all our hurts and worries.

Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.

My mother said to me, "If you become a soldier, you'll be a general; if you become a monk, you'll end up as the pope". Instead, I became a painter and wound up Picasso.
-Pablo Picasso

When it comes to love, Mom's the word

and certainly and most importantly that today we all feel in our hearts.....

For all the ways you've helped me grow I want to say I love you so. 

EnJOY your day Moms :)  
Angel Blessings to all!

Friday, May 11, 2012


Why do I generally 'sign off' on a blog post with "Keep shining?"  Well, it is in honour and remembrance of my very very dear friend who passed away a few years back - She was SUCH a very bright Light in this physical world and is still SHINING so brightly in my life.....and shines so brightly still into many others lives also - day to day, moment by moment - her bright Light continues to shine and shine. She was and is an inspiration to me to LIVE, LOVE & LAUGH.....LOUDLY and often!!
She was and is a great friend....however I mention her tonight because she was also an amazing Mother and she is very much on my mind this weekend and in honour of Mothers Day.....this song keeps playing round and round my head and I KNOW I am meant to share it!
(If you are a great Elton John/Stevie Wonder etc  fan .... like I am!  then this is fantastic link and if 'yeah not so much' then ... listen anyway....and just to the lyrics then....they mean so much)  ~my good friend, was NOT an Elton John fan....and she has me giggling as she might be APPALLED by my choice of artists here...but never mind, it is MY BLOG!! haha!  .... she would have Billy Idol singing this one....but I digress.. enjoy! :)
 I trust that this weekend we will all reach out to our mothers, other's mothers and GREAT friends and those 'Great friends who are also GREAT mothers' wherever they may be -  Angel Blessings to all!

OH!  and KEEP SHINING :)    BRIGHTLY!!!  :)

"To Believe? or not to Believe......"

Well don't let me try to persuade you .....  instead, I offer you this beautiful jewel...

“It is better to believe than to disbelieve;
 in so doing you bring everything to the realm of possibility.” 

are ya with me?

I absolutely lovelovelove when my life path puts me in a position
 where I realize (yet again!) that I have
and....well?..... uh....yeah, that's it that's all...

I have everything to gain by believing!
That's it. That's enough. Done. 

So, whether you believe in Angels, intuition, Higher Self, unicorns, Faeries, mermaids, guides, guardian Angels, messages in your dreams, gut instinct, everything happens for a reason, bad luck to leave your hat on the table/walk under a ladder/shoes on the bed (Irish background speaking here ;)  .... the point is you BELIEVE. 
If you believe in a Higher power, source, your own ability to get things done, go with the flow, tune into a higher vibrations and manifest, an ability to heal your Self or others, the power of positive thinking.....the point is you BELIEVE. 
If you believe in your own power to support your kids, your extended family, your immediate family, your friends, your SELF.....the point is you BELIEVE. 

You Believe. 
and the Universe and your Angel Team believe in you. 
VERY much. 
So, as my kids would say....."We have a match"
Revel in Believing. 
I T   I S   J U S T   T H A T    S I M P L E
Keep shining all :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

VIDEO MESSAGE: Join me with a cup of tea down at the Lake :)

Please click the link below to view today's Angel Message as I enjoy my morning tea down on the shore of Lake Ontario :)  as we clear blockages through deep breathing in order to set a clear foundation for ATTRACTING Abundance.....and other great things to our lives!
Many of us can't always get to the lake, the ocean, a pond or body of water and yet it is so cleansing and relaxing to spend time by the get your cup of tea and join me :) Today, I have brought the lake to you!! :)    Please click here    STACEY MACDONALD YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

You want me to do WHAT?!?

When your instinct is telling you to go from Point A to Point B.....just do it. 
and save the huffing and puffing and "ooh ooh I couldn't possibly! I am not strong enough, I 'don't DO' that sort of thing",  I might 'damage a wing' etcetcetc haha!!
Don't even worry about the 'how' and generally you don't even have to worry about the 'why' or the 'who'.
...just do it. 
 If you care to look around (while you are contemplating this 'ridiculous' feat) you will generally find the 'piece of string' required to complete such task.
 The trick is remembering to look around...
ie. DON'T be so busy shaking your head at the 'ridiculousness' (yes, I know that is not a word....and I am not KNOW what I mean! haha!) of the situation
and DO hold your head steady enough, OPEN YOUR EYES and level your gaze confidently at the tools which are spread out before you for you to accomplish the inspired task at hand.
The tools are there.  
YES, they are!  
They might be 'hidden', and you might have to 'suss them out'....but they are there just the same. KNOW it. and once you KNOW will also be given some clues on WHERE to look for them.
And then there is patience. After all, it takes PATIENCE to learn how to tie the string 'just right' so you can get a firm grasp on the situation, TIME to gather the strength you will need to make it through, and CONFIDENCE in maintaining your persistence and vigilance through to the finish line.
And remember, once you get to the 'finish line' you get to celebrate for a wee while in the winners circle before you get to meet some others at the starting line for the next round.
So thanks for shining over at me today as we all practise on 'tying our string' :)
and I'll be shining at you in your winners circle!
Shine on!

Monday, May 7, 2012

My mom always told me...... :)

as always....
my mom is right (again)

so keep shining,
keep smiling,
(at your own expense if you have to!)
sleep well.
May your Angels surround you in peaceful healing energy as you do so. 
Blessings to you and yours.

Friday, May 4, 2012

SUPERMOON = Super Cleansing & Recharging!!

Wow. What a weekend we are in for!!  
This weekend will feature a SUPERMOON!

These moons occur when it is 'near perigree' ( the closest approach to Earth) and basically the moon can appear to be approximately 14% larger and up to 30% brighter than a usual full moon. This happens on average about once a year.  (the last one being in March 2011)

Full moons are already WONDERFUL times to renew, replenish and rejuvenate your Self, your relationships as well as assisting with  clearing and cleansing your own energy. 
 (and also excellent when you remember to put out any crystals you have onto the windowsill to be cleared of any energy they have taken on....and in the morning?  they are restored to their original qualities once more!) 

Archangel Haniel is associated with the cleansing power of the moon. Her colour is bluish-white (like moonlight) and she can assist us in reconnecting with and expressing our Divine Integrity, Love and Grace.  The power of the moon generally  is able to increase the  spiritual energy flowing through to us.  This is well known to be able to increase the Earth's tides, increase physical energy(or decrease just before) and also in some cases can wreak havoc (temporarily) on our emotional energies as well. *It is important to note that this weekend and throughout the next few weeks - this also holds an amazing opportunity time for high levels of creativity, manifestation and connecting with Angelic help in these areas. While some situations may appear to be chaotic and haphazard - this is actually a great time for opportunity for those that see there way clear to remain steadfast and true to belief and faith. 

EnJOY the cleansing and manifesting POWER of the Supermoon this weekend!!  

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Angel Light May Workshops

Angel Light MAY WORKSHOPS   *we are also enjoying hosting most of these workshops which are now available through Skype - please contact me  for details* 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Where ALL GOOD THINGS come from......

Ultimately and wholly ..... please love your Self. This is the point. This is 'the why' and 'the how' of how ALL other good things coming your way.
Did I say ALL other good things?
yes I did.
and yes I DO mean that.
and your Angels mean that.
So set aside that negative self talk, that little inner voice that likes to keep you down, put you in your place, keep you second guessing yourself....that voice is almost impossible to SILENCE HOWEVER, the more you ask your Angels to help you in pouring POSITIVE self talk and POSITIVE thought patterns through your Self consistently.....this DIFFUSES the effect that negative self talk can have on us, our lives, our actions, our thoughts.
Positivity DIFFUSES negativity
.....leaving nothing but good thoughts, positive action and amazing headway on our Life Path to be enjoyed.
Love your Self today and every day ..... every moment .... in every way.
Keep shining!  :)