Monday, August 22, 2016

Messages from our Spirit Guides

Our Guides are always sharing messages with us...during our daily life, our dream life and most definitely through meditation!  
I invite you to join me for this enlightening meditation - cleansing, healing HOWEVER MOST POWERFULLY it definitely strengthens your connection and your ability to connect with your Guides....and for them to be able to connect with you. 

QUESTIONS? Please leave in YouTube comment section below the meditation!  I love to connect with you and this is a powerful way to do so. 
**Your symbols will change and shift each time you complete the meditation as your life path is always evolving and there are more symbols for your Guides to share with  you - as well, each time you complete the meditation exercise you are developing and strengthening your connection with your Guides allowing them to share messages with you more easily.  
Shining Angel Light to you, 

Thursday, August 18, 2016


I love this image as it represents everything that I am...does it represent you?

Let me be more clear.  Sometimes, the following image might be the one that best represents MY DAY....

and YET....I know and YOU know that our first image is one that is 100% available to us at all times. 
We can CHOOSE to be HOW we choose to be. 

While sometimes during the course of my day, I may look and feel like the 2nd image...I know that my Guides and Angels 'have my back' and so when I 'catch myself' looking and behaving like the 2nd image....I call on my Higher Self and my Angels. 

All is well. Truly, when we call on our Angels. We are able to breathe deeply (something we are completely unable to do when we are in a state of fear and stress) and simply ask our 'have our back'. 

When we are connecting with EMOTIONAL FREEDOM - we are connecting with SACRAL CHAKRA and the Archangel who governs this area of us...AND our Life Path is Archangel Raguel none other than the overseer of all of the Angels. 

When we connect with Raguel by merely asking for his assistance we are alleviating any of our own energy needs to fulfill any results from our own efforts.   

Do you get this? 

Here's the thing - we DO NEED to accept our responsibility in all things and we DO NEED to make an effort each day to fulfill our responsibility towards our daily needs and towards our own goals....and THIS is where it stops. 

IF....(BIG IF)...we are TRULY doing and fulfilling our FULL responsibility...doing everything we need to do and are able to do in our capacity and to our highest level of integrity...every day -

then we can RELEASE and angst, stress and even expectation we have to the outcome of our efforts. 

Tomorrow does not rely on the RESULTS of today...

Good results tomorrow most definitely relies on the amount of good intention and integrity that we put into our efforts today....and that goes for tomorrow as well...and the next day. 

When we place our own Emotional Freedom on our own merit, our own integrity, our own intentions and not necessarily the results...we achieve personal freedom (#image 1)

Today and every day, put your focus on your responsibility, your integrity and your positive intentions, 

good things will follow...meanwhile, enjoy your evening time with your Angels...job well done! 

To learn how to connect with your Angels and develop your intuition, connect with me through my online courses - click the link below - and meanwhile sending you many blessings always, Stacey