Friday, March 1, 2013

666 - Angel number?

Do you think so?  YES!  You betcha!  This is a very strong ANGEL NUMBER that instructs us IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS to 'get our EYES UP' and focus on our higher plane!
Do we really want that vacation in the sun or do we want to spend more relax time with our family?
Do we really want a new house or do we want a fresh start with a clean energy slate?
Do we really want a new outfit or do we actually want to feel better about our physical and emotional Self?

Let's TURN our perspective FROM things we THINK WE WANT/NEED
TO things that we ACTUALLY WANT/NEED.

We live in a physical world and a material world and so this is an easy place 'for us to go' when we feel lacking or in need of some support, a lift, a break.  
Shifting our perspective to a higher plane we are able to equate this to an ACTUAL need or want to FEEL better, more secure, connected to our Higher selves and Source, to feel safe and secure, comforted, loved, nurtured and appreciated.  Turn your perspective to your FEELINGS OF WELLNESS instead of material gain.  See and feel your own wellness increase dramatically (and as a result of your increased energy vibration you WILL as a result increase your material gain.....but SHHHHH! that is not the lesson for today!!!  haha!)
Focus on spiritual and emotional wellness - yours and others - 666 - the best kept ANGEL SECRET going!
Shine on!


  1. Thanks Stacey really meant a lot :-)

  2. Instead of buying new makeup or clothes I went and got a holistic intuitive reading and crystal/ reiki treatment today it was amazing and I feel like a new person. Much more value than any material item for sure!


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