Monday, January 7, 2019

The Four A's and 2019

It is at at THIS TIME as we embark on this most AMAZING year of 2019 that we recognize we have FULL ACCESS to the Four A's.
That is OF COURSE if you've 'done the work' in 2018 and are committed to continue to do so! 

In 2018 we connected OFTEN about the importance of clearing out THE FOUR BIG ENERGY BLOCKERS ... as I have always called them; Fear, doubt, worry and guilt.   NO WAY DO THEY BELONG IN OUR ENERGY!! 

We did the work and are committed to CONTINUING that work this year because clearing negative Energy and Energy blocks is not  a 'one and done' chance.  This is something that becomes a part of our DAILY JOURNEY and THIS is how we have access to the 4 A's this year! 

The first being ATTRACT.  In order to attract the RIGHT Energies in our direction this year...we need to ensure that we are BEING those Energies in our thoughts and in our actions and behaviours TO OUR SELF...and also to OTHERS....EVERY day.  

The second A is AWARE.  This is the BIGGEST ONE and we will be continuing to connect over this AWARENESS as we progress farther in to our amazing year of 2019.  

BE AWARE of what is happening around you!  WHERE have you placed your Self just NOW?  Where are your thoughts?  Are you loving your Self? Are you building your Self up?  Are you being kind to your Self?  Are you being kind to others?  Are other people whom you place your Self with...being kind to you? Do you have memories replaying that DO NOT SERVE your wellbeing but only feed in to your doubt, worry, guilt and so on?  
Be AWARE of what you are thinking and how you are behaving....BE AWARE OF THE people and situations you place your Self in!  
***AS YOU DO will become more and more aware of opportunities and perhaps partnerships (personally and professionally) that will benefit you in our NEXT A. 

ABUNDANCE!  This is the Energy that is available FOR US ALL.  PERIOD.  *However you must continue to do the work and be aware as we have mentioned for this to take place for you, with you and in your World. 

STAY OPEN to and ALLOW ABUNDANCE into your life in the form of new friendships, rekindled friendships, business opportunities, partnerships, family relationships, romantic relationships, financial abundance, health and vitality abundance, mental clarity, emotional balance, spiritual awakenings....ALL...OF....IT....!!! 

Our last A (at least for the time being and for this blog post!) is of course ANGELS! 
This year our Angels are looking to connect with us....EVEN AND EVER MORE POWERFULLY than ever before! 
We will be connecting more and more over the year in order to BUILD OUT this most powerful year through the blessing of CONNECTION with our Angel Light Circle. 

Love you all....STAY AWARE....AND sending many blessings your way always,