Saturday, December 31, 2011

Usui Reiki Level II

Reiki Level II
Sunday, February 5
10-5 pm
Reiki II boosts your healing ability and increases the Reiki power that is channelled through you. It also increases and opens up your intuitive abilities. It works primarily on the emotional and mental levels where Reiki Level I heals the physical body. Training at this level focuses on the Japanese healing symbols and on distance healing with Reiki (permission must always be obtained prior to sending) Specific techniques of absentee healing, personal transformation (clearing unwanted habits, empowering personal goals and manifesting), the healing powers of crystals as well as practise time for performing Distance Healing are all topics to be covered fully throughout this course. Class is limited to 6 people in order to ensure plenty of one on one attention and practice time. At the end of the course, participants will receive their Usui Reiki Level II certificate.

This course is to be held at The Clarity Centre in Oakville
All materials, lunch and snacks provided.
Stacey MacDonald is a Reiki Master/Teacher in Oakville

Friday, December 30, 2011

Usui Reiki Level I


Usui Reiki Level I          

Reiki Level  I
At this level, Reiki initiates will learn the following;
·         be attuned to powerful and sacred First Degree activating initiations.
·         The Five principles of Reiki
·         The Three Pillars of Reiki
·         the history of Dr. Usui's Reiki healing
·         gain a thorough knowledge of the Chakra system
·         understand how energy moves through the body
·         how to release blockages and instill healing Reiki energy
·         Reiki Ethics
·         how to do a self-healing through Self Reiki
·         become proficient in healing others in a Reiki treatment

Class is limited to 4 people in order to ensure plenty of one on one attention and practice time. Participants will receive their Usui Reiki Level I certificate. 
Course timeframe 7 hrs
Usui Reiki Level I manual, lunch and snacks provided.

Stacey MacDonald is a Reiki Master/Teacher in Oakville
All materials, lunch and snacks provided.

*A little more about Reiki - (pronounced Ray-key) is a natural energy technique that unlocks inner flow of vital energy to restore an inner balance.  After completing your Level I training you are able to tap into an unlimited supply of "life force energy" to improve health and enhance the quality of your life.  Reiki treats the whole person including their mind, body, emotions and spirit as well as assuring a sense of peace, security and well-being.  Specifically, this healing energy can assist with reducing pain, reducing stress, enhancing self esteem and self confidence, clearing your mind, shortening healing time and restoring energy and balance.

  For more information on all levels of my Reiki training please click here 

Reiki Share

Wednesday, Jan. 18
6:30-8:30 pm
(third Wednesday each month)  

Reiki share 

Come and be a part of our Reiki Share evening! Reiki practitioners of all levels and types of Reiki are welcome.  Each may bring with them an area where they would like the group to focus healing energy towards (an area of the world, a personal healing, healing for their client(s)/family members) We will open with a meditation to join our healing energy and allow these areas of focus to be shared during this time.  We will continue the evening sharing Reiki treatments and Reiki information - We look forward to seeing you!

Cost by donation (suggested amount $20)

Candlemaking workshop

Saturday, Jan. 14

 10am - 12:30pm

Candlemaking workshop

  This fun and interactive workshop will teach you how to craft your own hand poured Lantern - a “forever candle”  (please see our website at Stacey M Candles for more information on Lanterns). You will take home your very own handcrafted Candle Lantern to enjoy  - or give away as a beautiful and 'one-of-a-kind'  gift for someone special!  
This workshop will be held at The Clarity Centre, Oakville
All materials included.  $110

Angel Light Workshop - Connecting, working & Healing with the Angels


Tuesday, Jan. 10
Connecting, working & Healing with the Angels
As participants begin working with their Angel Guidebooks, they will learn the names of the Archangels and their traits, symbols and many of the beneficial ways in which they communicate and assist you every day.  Gaining an understanding of how to relate to your own signs and symbols from your Angel Team, the 4 major ways in which they communicate with you and an understanding of where your own personal strengths lie when communicating with your Angel Team. Also included in the Guidebook are ways to cleanse and open your own energy to better be able to connect with your Angel Team going forward.

To close the evening, working closely with Archangel Raphael (the Healing Archangel) we will all join in an Angel Therapy Healing Circle to clear, cleanse and set healing intentions towards any situation, issue or health problem you would like to extend healing energy towards.
Archangel Guidebooks included

*This class can be taken on its own or be considered as Part 1 of 3 in the  Angel Light certificate course.

Stacey MacDonald is a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner in Ontario

Divine Guidance from our Angels

Each stone on our Path may only be taken one step at a time however if followed in Faith and Belief of Divine Guidance, the actual journey far supasses in expectation and satisfaction, the destination.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's nearly 2012 :) ANSWER THE DOOR!!

How many times have you heard that call through the house "ANSWER THE DOOR!!!"
The doorbell is ringing, has rung, there is a persistent knock at the door and (as you are geographically farthest from the door) you wait patiently (somewhat) to hear footsteps from said roommate/husband/wife/kids as someone else goes to answer the door.....nothing.  and so you 'direct' them "ANSWER THE DOOR"!!
wow.  SO MANY analogies here as our Angels are directing us at this moment of the upcoming New Year - this brilliant beginning to 2012!
Here's the thing...
the DOOR has always been there and periodically we all have heard someone on the other side knocking and knocking (sometimes fist banging!) for us to open the door. Take the first step. OPEN THE DOOR A CRACK AND JUST SEE.......get an idea for what is possible.
I had a dream a long time ago where I was standing on my front lawn and there was an enormous stone wall with a door in the middle.  I approached the wall and the door all the while looking at the magnitude of the virtual fortress that had appeared before me. I levelled my gaze and stood staring at the door - it was calling to me to open it ..... I looked down and noticed the key was already in the door, the key had already been turned and light was pouring around the keyhole....I was nearly there!  I put my hand on the doorknob and turned it expectantly and as I did so.......the key fell out of the lock into my hand and the ENTIRE stone wall started to crumble and let go and as I looked up I saw the wall caving in ..... what did I do????  Well, I panicked and fumbling and fumbling around I managed to get the key the right side up and stick it BACK IN THE LOCK and the wall?...... 'righted itself'. Each stone back in place, higher and stronger than ever. The light around the keyhole was gone. The door firmly shut. And I??......BREATHED A SIGH OF RELIEF.  I was safely back in my front yard staring at a stone wall that, while it called to me now and then, I would never know what was on the other side.  Maybe something better. Probably something better. However, it would take a bit of an 'upset' to get there. I was just not willing to do that.
That was my dream years and years ago as I was growing up. I have never forgotten it because even though I was very young - it left me with the feeling of 'I blew it'. I messed up. I had a real opportunity there within my grasp however ..... phew! I was able to turn my back on it and now find myself back where I started - 'safe in my rut'???  (wow. brutal)
Never mind, the cool thing is - this dream got me ready, REALLY READY for 'the door' to knock in my 'real life', my waking life.  
NOW - When my door knocks, I answer it!
If my whole family/friends/work associates all hear the same knock and all get to the door at the same time?.....BEAUTIFUL!! synchronicity in action!! all the better!
Sometimes, learning the lesson of 'not answering' is a timely and appropriate one. If you have not answered the door in the past and you KNOW in your heart that you were meant to...and still did not.....THAT'S OK!
Your Angels put that lesson there for you so you could assess HOW that made you FEEL and as you tuck that experience in your portfolio, you will be able to apply those feelings to your reaction when there is ANOTHER KNOCK AT THE DOOR.
Because there will be.
another knock at the door.
and when you hear it?
you will be READY TO ANSWER.
Welcome 2012 knocking at your door - you are ready.
Shining from my door to yours :)

Stacey MacDonald is a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner in Oakville, Ontario

Sunday, December 25, 2011


you got it. set those boundaries. DRAW THAT LINE IN THE SAND. there it is. done.
didn't hurt you to do it. and GUESS WHAT??!! (much to your chagrine...!!)  didn't hurt ANYONE ELSE for you to do it either.
I know, I had drummed up ALL these scenarios in your head about "why you couldn't NOT do this" or about "why you just HAD TO do that" because IF YOU DIDN'T.......blahblahblah....bottom line is you felt if you didn't hold up your end (AGAIN!) then 'the world would stop'.
maybe that's what you felt. maybe that's what has been IMPLIED in your direction for numerous years. maybe that is what you felt, or WHAT WAS UNDERSTOOD, by all!! (including your Self) for years.
and...maybe that is what you have FLAT OUT been told.
fair enough.
got it.
(maybe that is what you have told YOUR SELF) 
either way and
TODAY we are drawing a line in the sand.
see in the picture....?
see how EVEN AFTER we have drawn a line in the sand there is STILL a balance of extra sand on each side??
it's ok.
STILL have your limits
and STILL give EQUALLY to your SELF and to others
 STILL have the line.
DRAW THE LINE and keep to it.
it's all good
but this time
on YOUR side of the line....

shining at you from my side of the line today....
and wishing and sending you ALL KINDS of Angel Blessings!!
Shine on!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Take your minute!!

Yup. if you've got a minute - take a minute. Don't have a minute?  Take one anyway. (Guess what? EVERYBODY has a minute.  You are just kidding your Self if you are telling yourself otherwise)

  • OM on the subway. why not? 
  • eyes closed at the office - deep breath in - deeper breath out.....hold.......shoulders coming down......what's that?  your client is asking you what exactly you are doing?  haha!! keep are 'TAKING YOUR MINUTE'!!!
  • hot tea steaming up your glasses as you rest your favourite mug at your chin, both hands warming on the sides and drift off to your favourite retreat in your minds eye...............
  • hands resting on the keyboard, your eyes glaze over and your gaze falls down and you 'fuzz over' mentally allowing your Self to rest from the 'busybusy'.....for your minute.....
  • pulling into the parking spot at the mall, you shut off the car and leaning your head back you allow your hands to rest in your lap, closing your eyes, smiling a little to your Self, you 'give your Self the nod' to take your minute.....
That minute is precious - don't also make it 'rare'.  Visit that minute OFTEN and enJOY.
Shine into your minute
and afterwards, SHINE INTO someone else's minute.
Thank you for letting my SHINE into yours.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Establish 'your FLOW'!!

Flow. Establish your flow. Go with your flow once you have established your flow. Stay in the flow. Feel the power of acting from within the flow. Feel the ease of movement and enJOY the ride - your ride with Flow.

No idea what I am talking about? Well, that could be because you have not received your Angel call yet to 'Establish your flow".  and that's will.   Or maybe yoU have gotten the call, and ignored it.  that's ok too....they will call again. 
 or MAYBE, you know EXACTLY what I am talking about!
 You have already felt the joyous ease of establishing and maintaining your flow, have also shown others the grandeur of such state and then ...... jumped OUT of the flow and are now left standing on the sidewalk asking 'why?".
WHY did I do that? 
Well, sometimes there is a brighter penny shining at you in the moment and that can falsely lure you out of your flow.  (This can happen time and again through your journey if you don't recognize this pattern and call a halt to it :)  ignore the penny and STAY IN THE FLOW!)

The fact of the matter is, life is beautiful with an ease of movement one never thought possible - ONCE YOU FIND 'YOUR FLOW'.
so once you find it, stick with it ...... and enJOY!!!!
Shine into your FLOW! :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

QUIET contemplation

very interesting this being still. Still in the body. Still in the mind.  The whole world still working away at peak capacity all around you and you sit - being still. Honouring your Self by doing so. Taking time to tip your hat to your Spiritual Self and your Divine Source. Feel the connection and warm to it.
Taking time to allow your emotional Self to fully enJOY being in your state of NOW.....and resting. so loose this feeling of letting go - such a relief.
Taking time to feel your physical Self release muscle by muscle, joint by joint, cell by cell coming into a state of 'physical liquidity'.....rejuvenate and renew in this way....taking time and honouring the quiet.
Breathe in the quiet.
Quietly contemplate your state of NOW.
Shining quietly :) .... I SHINE back to you

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Once upon a time there were two men who lived in the forest. Each of their houses backed onto the forest in different directions and both men wanted that land cleared for farming. They decided to have a contest. They set down that each would take the entire day to chop down as many trees as they could and whoever finished first, would be declared the winner.  And so they began.
The first tree took quite some effort to cut down - for each of the men. Much energy was expended, such great effort!  however finally the first tree for each, was down.
The first man thought "Wow, I did not see this as being such a tremendous task  - I am going to have to work MUCH HARDER than I originally thought, skip lunch and push through to the end some way some how I'll just have to put my nose to the grindstone and NOT LOOK UP until the work is done"  He looked over at the second man and saw that he also was mopping his brow as he was going round the back of his cabin towards the door.
The first man thought "Ha! He is tired already! and needs a break - I will certainly be the victor!" and with that he put his head down, grunting and straining and swinging his axe with all his might felling tree after tree, steadily working his way forward, Yes! he congratulated himself, he was DEFINITELY making some great headway and kept working into the evening.
By dusk, he decided to finish for the day and as he looked with pride - he was a little more than halfway done!  Such hard work had he kept himself on task - he could greatly admire his own diligence! Sweating, exhausted and weak from effort and hunger (as he had had to work through his meals) he slowly walked round the front of his cabin and INCREDULOUSLY looked over at his neighbours land!!!  COMPLETELY CLEARED!  EVERY tree had been cleared, chopped into firewood and neatly stacked against the barn!!
Dragging his beaten, bruised and battered body over to his neighbours, eyes wide he peered in the window to see him sitting in front of a roaring fire enjoying a nice cup of cocoa and singing along to the radio......
he knocked at the door - words stuttering, eyes unbelieving and asked "HOW?....HOW??!! did you manage??"
The second man replied simply "When we first began and found the first tree SO  difficult to make headway on - I took quite some time at my back shed to sharpen my axe, after that.....the rest of the tasks took no time at all"

So, take some time today - take a look at your axe and decide if it needs sharpening.....dollars to donuts says it does....
SHARPEN YOUR AXE everyone so you can enjoy YOUR time by the fire!! 
Shine it up while you are at it!! :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

I found this prayer blowing down the street today.....

...yes, really - I saw a piece of paper blowing down the sidewalk and I hurried a little to catch it and do my bit to clean up our community. I wasn't near a trash can at the time so I shoved it in the pocket of my big coat. A little while later, I saw a trash can and pulled it out of my pocket, noticed it had some writing on the other side and turned it over....this is what I found....

We thank you for the gift of laughter.
We thank you for the gift of your Spirit
giving us energy to go out and share with others.
 Make our laughter bring healing and joy to us and those we touch.
May we respect and honour your presence in everyone we meet this day.

Thank you Angels for this and so many messages you bring to me and to others ALL the time. So grateful. So good.  Shine on everyone.   :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Have you "turned down" your 'beautiful'?

Well have you?    why?  No big deal but ....
WHY   have you?
I get it. Life is busy and sometimes TIME does not ALLOW YOU to look your best. fine.

Walk with me for a moment. You are going out with the girls, you are excited, you feed the kids early, mark the clock for the babysitter and run up to the shower to 'do your hair and makeup', put on THE outfit, and you are READY. :) One last check in the mirror and you FEEL how you look. You feel special. and you LOOK special. but what matters most for you as your eyes twinkle back at FEEL special. No one needs to tell you this - SELF is telling you this and in your Soul right down to your KNOW this. so good.

You are going to an important meeting. VERY important meeting and have had the prerequisite haircut, trimmed what needed trimming, brushed the teeth / flossed / mouthwashed / aftershave / cologne / perfume / heels / earrings (what have you - this scenario is gender neutral!! haaha!) regardless, you are READY for the boardroom. good. you take one last look in the mirror and that confirms it - you definitely LOOK  how you FEEL.  
and you FEEL - Powerful.

 (were you waiting for this 'but' ? cuz I was!! )  we can't do this EVERY DAY!  We can't DIAL UP our beautiful, our gorgeous, our powerful, our dazzle EVERY DAY.   We don't have TIME. 
(did you hear how 'lame' that sounded?  cuz I did!!)  haha!
of COURSE we can look our best EVERY DAY. yes. our BEST. and we LOOK our best because we FEEL it. inside. where it counts. we FEEL it and we SHOW IT, we SHINE IT out to others and then THEY FEEL it. (does it get better than this?)

Somedays, feeling your best looks like yoga pants, hair tied back and a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face.
Somedays, feeling your best looks like 'fighting the good fight' on behalf of another who can't go it alone.....(*quick tip - wear your armour and be RESILIENT.)
Somedays, feeling your best looks like posh clothes and full on makeup/cologne - GOT IT!
Somedays, feeling your best means a crisp white STARCHED shirt, dress khakis and your favourite tie
Somedays, feeling your best is your tried and true denims with a cozy long sleeve polo, hot cappuccino and the Saturday paper
Somedays, feeling your best means comfortable clothes and a dash of lipstick (red! why not?!)  over coffee with a good friend.

The common denominator here is YOU HAVE TAKEN SOME TIME for your feel special, powerful, dazzling, comfortable, secure and SPECTACULAR.

it's quite simple. you. your SELF deserves that 'time spent'. make SURE you are spending that TIME on your SELF in whatever way makes YOU feel SPECIAL and POWERFUL.

because you are. and I said so.
I am Shining out to you today - be sure to take your own time ..... and SHINE up your Beautiful.  :)

Sometimes things get really 'too much'!

Too much of people, too much of situations, too much of emailing, too much of the phone ringing and requesting your presence or another 'favour', too much of boardroom meetings, too much traffic, too much of too much......
you are full. to the brim. and wherever you look in whatever direction you look in there is more, more, MORE to be done, to do, to see, to speak with, to cross off the list......!!!!!

Look up. Don't look around! Wildly turning in circles looking for the break, the way out!   LOOK UP!
Up is where 'the break' more dark obstacles standing in your way forward.  Face turned up to the Light shining in through the trees - all of a sudden.....! Yes!! your mind is clear, the brow unfurrows, the lips separate a small bit and start to .... smile? yes :) a small one is DEFINITELY forming!! Gaze intently to the Light as you continue to feel the stressors and to-do's and demands of the day slide off of your physical, emotional and spiritual Self.....keep looking - stay focused....and as you do so....a wonderful thing happens......NOW the Light is STILL above you but ALSO WITHIN you. You have RECEIVED it. By looking up, by stopping the 'whirling' and looking up.  nice.

Your own Light within you NOW knows the way clearly and surely through the forest. Your Self is now strongly guided forward and suddenly ....KNOWS the path!  and it is not without its obstacles to be sure but with this strength, compassion and confidence in your connection with Source...they are EASIER to step over. 
Today -  look up!  and restore your Light! :)
and then Shine it into your Path!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Balancing your Chakras? Try Yoga!!!

Yes it's true! As well as being a calming influence on your mind (always leaving me in a near euphoric state of mind after a beautiful and cleansing yoga session!) AND a great workout for your physical body!  (wait, there's more!) AND ---  also it is a WONDERFUL way to keep and maintain your own balanced chakras between Reiki sessions.  If you go to Yoga classes then you already know what I am talking about but if you are 'green' to this whole experience then it is worth checking it out - see us for Yoga (and Reiki!!) at the The Clarity Centre in Oakville. 

Specifically for each of the Chakras, focus on these positions...
Root Chakra              - Mountain, Tree and Corpse pose
Sacral Chakra            - Sun Salutation (my favourite!)
Solar Plexus Chakra  - Warrior I, Warrior II and Boat pose
Heart Chakra             - Bridge, Cobra and Child's pose
Throat Chakra           - Jhalandara bandha (chin drop)
Third Eye Chakra      - visualization through meditation
Crown Chakra           - modified headstand

Any of these poses either as part of your Yoga daily session or separately on their own will assist you maintaining these particular Chakras (or all of them!) and when your own Chakras are balanced.....YOU are balanced and your own energy within your physical, emotional and spiritual body is able to replenish, rejuvenate and renew its own power that leaves YOU - ALL OF YOU! -  feeling and being YOUR BEST.
So SHINE into your Yoga today!! :)
Stacey MacDonald is a Reiki Master / Teacher in Oakville

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Divine Magic in the air!

When I first saw this picture I saw it as 'letting go'.  Those are the words that popped into my head - Letting go. The gift of Letting Go.  The story that came soon after was describing how we each had our unique and individual type of sparkling Light that came very easily to us - we can shine it inside whenever we like and generally (sometimes only occasionally) we shine that sparkle out to others also - but it is always inside us (as long as we RECOGNIZE the fact that we already HAVE that Light - then it is activated!)  and available at any time. 
and that is GREAT! and then.....
it is not QUITE enough.
 We have it, we use it, we still have it, we use it some more and then THEN something happens. an awakening of sorts, a realization....(and this can happen as a result of a shock that you have had in your physical world which has opened this realization for you or it may have dawned on you suddenly (maybe as a result of a dream) or just inch by inch, day by day this realization has come to you......

In order for your Light to grow .... you have to Let It Go.

Set it free. Get it out there. Uncurl your fingers that are hanging on SO TIGHT to what you know and roll your Light out there.  
(If you love something, set it free.....?? YES! EXACTLY LIKE THAT!! haha!)

Here's the thing....
Once you have set it free......KEEP YOUR HAND OUT.
Don't just STAND THERE with your arms at your sides and wonder when you'll be receiving back payment from your gift. Don't cross your arms and tap your foot and wait for said reciprocal gift!!!
There are MANY others before you who have also set their Light free. and many behind you and beside you who are about to do the same.....Keep Your Hand Out.
This hand is a symbolic gesture to others to 'keeping your hand in the ring' - in this case, the 'energy ring'! 
This hand will assist others along the way  - if they need a hand to hold, or to steady them or to lead the way...yours is ALREADY THERE - no need to ask for help - help is CONSTANTLY being OFFERED! 
This hand will show others to also keep their hands out - reaching out to others in its own unique and individual way.
This hand is a CONSTANT REMINDER to your Self and to others that we are not here to do anything alone - there are other hands out all over the world that are both in need of a hand and OFFERING a hand to others.
....Keep YOUR hand out and see, feel and enJOY and be EMPOWERED by all of the beautiful Light that comes shining back to you - so much Light and Love beyond anything you could have ever imagined!  Bask in the beauty of that Light! 
and feel free to WAVE at me now and then!! :)
Keep shining!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Feeling small?

and you are....small that is. A very small drop of energy in this vast universe of physical 'things', emotions, and spiritual connections. Nothing brings home this feeling of 'smallness' more clearly than stepping out into the dark night. As you step out the door adjusting your scarf, locking the door, slipping your gloves on and as you see your way down the stairs, stepping down the driveway and onto the sidewalk a little bit farther  away from the house lights now, the glaring glow of the lights over the garage......moving farther into the night you glance up......and stop, still in your tracks - mouth open a little, eyes wide and shining as you scan and notice and scan some

 Those STARS!  shining down on you, some brighter, some flickering, some joined together, some all on their own, some dancing, some holding steady....a symphony of energy playing for you, for your benefit.

  They do it every night whether you are there with your face turned towards them to enJOY the show .... or not. 
 EVERY single night - they are a study in perseverance, persistence and vigilance.  Shining constantly, regardless of audience or attention - each shining in their own unique and special way, working together and working individually - the show is intense, amazing and SPECTACULAR. 
EVERY night! 

and so it is here, on this planet - (and THIS is where the FEELING SMALL part FADES AWAY!!)

Envision all of our light filled souls shining out together and separately, joined and separate, flickering and dancing and persistently ensuring that each single day and night we are radiating our own special and unique kind of Light out to the Universe in whatever way we can. 

SHINE  in whatever way makes YOUR  'uniqueness' radiate out to your World today!
BE persistent and