Sunday, March 28, 2021

Full Moon March 28 2021! The Worm Moon!!


Here we are guys!! THIS is the WORM moon.  The FULL MOON that CAN act as a New Moon. 

This is all about NEW beginnings, new possibilities and NEW GROWTH. 

As we know, we cannot grow unless we are ready to...recognizing the seeds we need to plant and establishing an appropriate place for seeds to grow! 

For some of you that know me well you already know that I am in a new home for the first time in 20+years and we love it. HOWEVER this home does come with a GREENHOUSE...clearly challenging me to plant seeds to grow some fruitful new beginnings!  *ok, so gardening is not necessarily my comfort spot! 

I will. 
Just have to take some new steps. All good.  *This (thank goodness)is not a race.  I will (as I do with most other things) take this one step at a time. 

HOWEVER I do acknowledge AND LOVE this Full Moon for it's opportunity for New Beginnings.  We all have this ...within relationships and business and otherwise. 

Regardless, FULL MOON is always about RELEASING. HOWEVER, with this Full Moon it is very much (not necessarily about welcoming IN New Energy because that comes later) but it is about PLANTING THE SEEDS that you can tend to and water and make sure that that the Worm Moon and Mother Nature can take care of the rest. 

You have to plant the seeds, water them, provide nutrient soil and sunshine. 
GROWTH WILL HAPPEN when you take the time to do this. 

THIS is what this Full Moon is about. 

*Can you see the Analogy that may assist in other areas of your life?  BELIEVE ME!! I AM PLANTING! Watering Can at the ready! 

Love you all dearly and shining many blessings and all good things your way always, 
Keep planting!! 

Friday, March 26, 2021

DO you ever hear MUSIC playing in your head? *Angel message! you? 

Here's the thing...WHEN not IF you have music playing in your head then THIS is an Angel message. 

This can be ANYTHING up to a lyric...a couple of bars in the song...the ENTIRE SONG lol or even just the name of the song repeating in your memory or mind imagery. 

Your Angels can be doing a number of things through this time of messaging.  

  • getting your attention through the lyrics. Do these 'words' mean anything to you at this time? 
  • building your Spirit up by providing a sense of upbeat Energy within your own Mind's ear
  • hearing music/lyrics which allow your Self to feel comfort
  • a title (or artist(s)) that is close to your heart and therefore feel a connection with to comfort & 'remind'
  • 'random' songs on the radio or when someone shares with you a song that they love ...or even when we pop on our streaming service and our favourite album shows up!  
These are ALL ways in which our Angels are GETTING OUR ATTENTION and letting us know that they are there SUPPORTING us and UPLIFTING US whenever they can and how they can.  

MOST interesting to me is that I very often hear songs in my head that remind me of a time in my life...that brings back a memory 'for some reason'.  This sometimes can bring back a good memory and a 'feel good'  (we all love those!) 

However it is most interesting to me when I hear a song that brings back some uncomfortable feelings.  For example?  One of my most unfavourite songs is 'Stairway to Heaven' (ironically lol!!). Now before everyone does the 'pile on' I do know it is an amazing piece.  It is just the memories that this song brings back.  This was always the last song at every high school dance...and I was never asked to dance. ever.  (sad but true!) BUT NOW...WHEN I hear this song on the radio it takes me back to that place (14/15/16 years old) and I remember if I was strong then I can be strong now.  

Things change. CONFIDENCE GROWS.  
The Angels send messages in all sorts of's so important to understand how to interpret the messages they are sending.  

Archangel Sandalphon specifically is at work here.  Among other things he is the Archangel working with us, teaching and supporting through music.  **Kindness is AT WORK HERE.  FEEL IT. 

**for those NOT HEARING MUSIC?? You have an ANGEL PRESCRIPTION to LISTEN to more music.  Radio, streaming service, spa channel on your tv, (old cassettes?? lol and/or CDs)....or the NEW/old (reborn) version ....LPs....the GOLD of listening. 
For me I love my playlist on my phone....AND THE MUSIC IN MY HEAD.  
Thank you Angels 
and thank you all, 

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Celebrate your INNER YELLOW!

Yes!! YELLOW is the colour of this message! 

HOWEVER, really at this time (and many others in my life) yellow is the colour that mainly pulls me through. 

When I was around 18years old I always thought that I would have a yellow truck...a pick up truck. I wanted that and it would have been really fun!  I have always been drawn to yellow and even now when I see a yellow car I feel that GOOD LUCK is coming my way. *Thank you Angels! 

However I digress. 
NOW when the colour YELLOW comes my way then it is specifically about CONFIDENCE.  

This ENERGY relates directly to Solar Plexus Chakra.  This ENERGY CENTRE with each and every ONE of us navigates our; 
  • Self esteem
  • Self Confidence
  • Willpower
  • Determination
  • Prioritization Skills
This Energy Centre is just below our Rib cage.  GO AHEAD!  lay your hands over this area.  (right over left or left over right...doesn't matter) JUST do it.  
Breathe. a FEW times.  take your time - you got this.  
now smile. 
why are you smiling? 
Your Solar Plexus Chakra. 
Don't stop. 
Keep going. 
Connect with your 'Inner Yellow' daily (if not more often!)
Love you all,
Shining Blessings and Angel Light out your way,