Friday, February 8, 2013

Angel numbers 555

555 means transformation, transition, new opportunities and it's presence on SO MANY pathways has never been stronger....than RIGHT NOW.

Wow!  This is a BIG Angel message!  .... or at least it can be. 
When you see the repeated number sequence of 555 it can mean that there are big and transformative energies working within your Life Path at this time; emotionally, spiritually and sometimes even physically.  
Sometimes this big and bold transition time is as a result of our request for assistance in order to EASE UP on some issues that currently and have been applying pressure on us. Sometimes this change happens because our Angel team and guides KNOW that there are bigger and better things for us....just over the horizon.  We have to trust. 

Still other times, the change is not BIG!  At least, not as BIG as you asked it to be!!  There IS change.....yeeeesssss....but it is so tiny and therefore .... A LITTLE frustrating!  We wanted 'the bigger thing'.   Again, we have to trust. 
Sometimes, the change is INCREMENTAL to allow us to EASE INTO our new and better way of doing things - and also, allows the people around us to get used to our new way of doing things....all good.   
It's like slipping into a hot bubble bath an inch at a time compared to RIPPING OF A BANDAID....that's been on for a few days!  OUCH!!!'s all good in the end...just a 'different process'!

So, when 555 enters your Life Path - get excited! New and better things are on their way to you!  
Shining Angel Light on your Path!

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  2. i see today especially 555, 55 all day! i also see lots of 444 and 1221 03 1212, 222 and 1111 or 111 a few days ago 33 or 333 was hanging around. its been a tumultuous few weeks. I started noticing the repeated numbers last year but didnt ask someone about them till recently i knew they had to mean something. at first i thought it was a sign to when i would die..crazy but true. thanks for your explanation.

  3. I have been seeing 555 everywhere and gave been trying to avoid it, because I new it meant change... And then my best friend and constant companion died unexpectedly. I feel so lost and have never felt thus much pain... it has been 1 week today... and I still keep seeing 55 and 555... now u just get angry when I see it.... I can't take thus pain.


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