Thursday, September 27, 2012

Who is YOUR Sunshine?

You are my sunshine
my only sunshine 
you make me happy
when skies are grey
You'll never know dear
how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away
Davis and Charles Mitchell - songwriters 

Who is 'your sunshine'?  What is 'your sunshine'?  Where is 'your sunshine'?
This weekend recognize, acknowledge and be grateful for 'your sunshine'.  The person, place or thing (or all THREE! LUCKY YOU!)
that makes you happy when skies are grey
that they DO KNOW

Shining my sunshine out at you - I am very grateful.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Make a WISH !

Make a wish today!  This is the calling of the day ~ to MAKE A WISH.  
What would/should/could you wish for?  Dive deep in to YOU and FEEL within your Self what you REALLY wish for.  Generally, when we think of wishes we might think of things like 'I wish for a new car'.  SOME TIMES that wish stems from other feelings like what you ACTUALLY are wishing for:  "I wish for safer transportation for my family", "I wish to feel more successful when I am conducting my business meetings", "I would like to feel more secure on the highways"  etc.   Make your wish and then see and feel all the surrounding wishes that encompass your wish.  Another example "I wish to lose weight" can also be "I wish to be healthy", "I wish to set a good example for my kids/community/extended family regarding physical self maintenance and responsibility" or even "I wish for my physical body to match the same high vibrational energy as my spiritual and emotional self".

There are wishes .... and then ...  THERE ARE WISHES.  Make your wish today and make sure that you are making that wish while understanding the true depth and breadth of your wish.
 Today, I WISH for all of YOUR wishes to come easily to you ON EVERY LEVEL.
Shine into your wishes today!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Angellight111 on TWITTER

Please feel free to follow my blog posts and Angels and Energy messages on Twitter - my Twitter address has changed to   Angellight111 
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and Keep shining your Angel Light forward!

Monday, September 24, 2012

333 - Ascended Masters message

Seeing numbers, number sequencing, multiple sightings of the same number in a short period of time or even at the same time MOST DEFINITELY a sign that your Angel team will use to communicate with you. Numbers are an easy tool for them to use in which to get a specific guidance message to you - or, to simply let you know that they are around you, protecting you and guiding you.
And, NOT JUST THE ANGELS - also the Ascended Masters!  Seeing the number sequence 333 is a direct message telling you that the Ascended Masters are around at this time, guiding, supporting and protecting you.
If you are not sure which of the Ascended Masters you most often connect with or who is around with the strongest energetic connection at this time ~ read through some of them listed below and the names that 'stick out' the most to you or REALLY catch your attention, are more than likely who is standing RIGHT behind you at this time.  You can build this connection by writing, journalling with this  Master, speaking conversationally to them or even including them in your prayers and affirmations.
Some Ascended Masters are; Mother Mary, St. Germain, Thoth, Isis, Buddha, Yogananda, Horus, Ganesh, Jesus, Merlin, Quan Yin, Lakshmi, Archangel Michael, Moses, Green Tara and many more.

If you are seeing 333 then take it as a sign that your Ascended Master(s) is close at hand - Feel the strength and support that comes with it!  

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Archangel Ariel - COURAGE!

The Archangel that is always closest to my heart as, not only for my own Life Path but together with Archangel Michael, she shows up time and time again during personal sessions in order to lead, inspire and lend courage to those that need it when facing (yet, another!!) obstacle on our path.  She always stands RIGHT BEHIND you on the Path and with her unwavering gaze forward, ever forward, her eyes are ALWAYS fixated on the task at hand and goals beyond. She WILL NOT let you move backwards on your path.  In fact, she WILL ONLY let you STAND STILL on your Path long enough to get your bearings...and no longer!  She will nudge (PUSH!) you forward when the timing is right.  YOU may not feel the timing is right and many times you will feel that you need 'just a little more time' before you are FULLY ready....however, when you get the 'nudge' to move, TRUST in Archangel Ariel and feel the courage within your heart, your very Self as she encourages, pushes and prods you forward successfully on your Path!

For more information on Archangel Ariel as well as the other 14 major Archangels and how you can communicate and receive guidance from them - stay tuned for the release of the on-line Angel Light  ARCHANGELS 101 course.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

So what?! You are HALFWAY!

Rah! rah! Beat the drum, sound the bell!  Believe you can and you're halfway there.   
Terrific - good on you!!
Of course ~ BELIEVE YOU CAN! and you will most certainly be halfway there. 

Is that where you want to be?
Halfway there??

Believe and find yourself automatically at the halfway point
That is a HECK of a starting gate!! Love it - you AUTOMATICALLY get that headstart
just by BELIEVING.

Start with doing ONE of the things that you are always saying you are going to do. 
Start it AND finish it.  
Do this every day. 

NOW! We are getting somewhere.
See you at the finish line!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Well, there is a short version and a long version.....and THAT is the straight TRUTH answer for EVERY single question in the Universe...REGARDLESS of the question!  ..... but I digress....  :)

So OF COURSE finding your inner strength, your inner truth, your inner SELF can be a matter of years of study (how deep do you want to go?!), meditation, energy healings, soul retrieving and journeying in some cases etcetcetc  however in addition to these techniques and more if chosen there are some VERY base ways of going about 'peeling off layers' to the point where you have your clear Self and Strength clearly in sight - BOY, what a relief this is! To be able to reveal to yourself....your SELF.
One of these ways is to, as we mentioned 'peel off layers'.  These can be layers of busybusy.  I frequently talk about the ways in which our day to day to-do list (real or imagined) can 'busy us up' so much and to the point where we are SO BUSY that we do not even have the time to stop and acknowledge our time this Self gets smaller and smaller 'behind the busy' because it is never consulted with, honoured or respected. One of our Reiki Values is "Whatever we focus on expands"...the opposite is also true.
If this point relates to you in any way, TAKE ACTIVE STEPS to look objectively at your to-do list and ERASE those points that DO NOT SUPPORT YOU, your Self and your inner strength.  Try it!  At least a few of those points can be EASILY slid off the docket for the day, the week (forever!) and NO ONE (not even you!) will blink! But you have MADE ROOM for focus on Self and uncovering Inner Strength.
Another 'layer' might be your own perception of who you are;  important/non-important, rich/poor, good looking/not so much, in a relationship/definitely one sided, corner office/work from home.......PUT IT ALL AWAY.  YOU ARE exactly who you were when you were 10 years old.  Pull off the car, the house, the facebook, the emails, THE PHONE, blahblahblah and DIAL BACK PEOPLE. YOU ARE YOU. period. And if you are getting a little 'long in the tooth' as my Self (who is currently rocking out 40+ and loving it!)  then you also have some family supporting you, a circle (maybe its a circle of 1 or 2 or maybe a circle or 20+) of good friends, good memories, a job that supports you on this physical plane, live in a community that supports you and you are able to give back to that community (pick up litter!!!!) etc  Forget the rest.  FORGET THE REST. (he said that she said that they were talking about closing down that office, i might lose my job, did you SEE the way she did her hair??!, i want a nicer car, what if i can't pay the bills next month, i had a fight with my best friend, how DARE he treat her like that??!......)
ENOUGH. make a cup of tea, go sit outside, stare at the sky, smile at a stranger, BREATHE.  Let's go all BIG PICTURE and remember that this physical plane journey is meant to be tough (this is how we learn while we are here)  but it GETS EASIER when we remember to 'peel off the layers'.
NOTHING pulls off layers faster than getting outside- whether you are enjoying that cup of tea, journalling, kayaking, walking, running, rollerblading, biking, watching a football game.....does not matter....BE OUT SIDE and reconnect with Self and in doing so, allow your strength to shine through!

Bullet points to 'peel off layers'
  • drink water (sigh! you KNOW this so DO IT!!) 
  • CLEANSING happens inside as well as outside!! so IMMERSE YOUR SELF in water - swimming, showering,  soak in a SEA SALT bath**
  • listen to music - your FAVOURITE music
  • double down on the effectiveness of this by SINGING ALONG or better yet, DANCING (triple down by dancing, singing, listening....are you getting this?!)
  • step out of your comfort zone....anything works here - follow your gut! Be brave! The benefits of this and this alone are outstanding for finding your inner strength!  (You know that thing that you always say "OH NO! I could never do THAT!" it.)
  • Enjoy your Self - as you are.  Sometimes riding high Self and sometimes awkward, cringeface, WHY do these things ONLY happen to me??!  Self.   
All part of the journey people and you are only along for the ride so you might as well....

TAKE TIME to 'peel off those layers' that do their darnedest
 to hide the REAL YOU and hold back your inner Strength.

*Do these points seem to 'base' for you? Are you feeling questionable about the effectiveness of setting up this type of regimen? Do you feel this might be a waste of time?  Why? NONE of these points cost any money - only your time, your attention, your focus and your 'buy in'/your belief in your Self.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying some/all/most of these points ON A REGULAR BASIS going forward.  

Pick some of the points that speak to you the loudest, add some exercises that you currently are doing on your own and BUILD a weekly schedule that ensure you are 'peeling off those layers' regularly and often - consistency counts here!
EnJOY your Self and the Inner Strength that is the REAL YOU! and keep shining.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


To live each day on this spiritual path and NOT ALLOW your Self to realize
the complete acceptance of one's ability to access one's pure power
could feel like the equivalent of living in your own version of the proverbial and stereotypical
 "fire laden place" on Earth
you KNOW you have 'more' within just are NOT ABLE to TAP IT!

 RECOGNIZING, accepting and living with the power of Self,
 the power of inner Truth 
the power of being able to KNOW and FEEL
a 'one-ness with Source' and your Higher Self
 the inner strength and ancient wisdom rising up within one's self 
when necessary, needed, asked for or called upon
 and knowing the difference between making a decision for selfish and ego-laden intentions 
versus making a decision that benefits one's Self as well as others 
while on this material and physical plane
 is a TRUE WIN
 and one that certainly 'ticks many boxes' 
when looking back at the 'spiritual life lesson' TO DO LIST 
that we, along with our Guides and Angels set out as the goal and life path journey 
before we decided to do this physical Life Path educational marathon!

CONSIDER that FACT that you have that inner power within you TO ACCESS
Allow your Self to realize your true inner power and simply
ALLOW this inner strength to guide you.  
Keep shining.

Monday, September 17, 2012

control-control-control....LET GO!

Easier said than done in most cases and especially as we  find ourselves on this life path with our human condition of planning, restructuring, deciding, fixing, solving, pushing,and then back to planning, goal-setting, statistic checking control freaks that creates a vicious circle of controlcontrolcontrol!!!!
When we spend all of our waking minutes and some of our sleeping minutes too thinking and whirring and analysing....we are absolutely tuning in to only our own small picture ego thoughts, our lower self thoughts and when we spend our time doing this it does not matter HOW LOUD our Higher Self, our Guides and Angels are shouting at us that 'THERE IS AN EASIER WAY'!!!!
We cannot hear them ~ simply said because we are not listening.   To hear good advice, guidance and in some cases life altering simply have to listen and to listen attentively you MUST LET GO of all the busybusy 'head stuff' and simply BE.
Am I saying never make another list? never prioritize?? never make another plan???  no.  I am suggesting that you save AT LEAST as much time out of everyday for LISTENING as you do for PLANNING.  (Write THAT in your timetable!!!)
Keep shining :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

You've got FEET in your shoes.....

“You have brains in your head. 

You have feet in your shoes. 

You can steer yourself any direction you choose.

 You're on your own. And you know what you know.

 And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go...”

Very inspiring message from none other than the wonder-full Dr. Suess.  Allow your imagination, your creativity, your sense of fun and spontaneity to reach out to your Guides & Angels this weekend - and EVERY day - and MARVEL at the 'Places you will Go'! 
Believe, Trust & Shine!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

See the world

Really SEE it. 
 Climb out of your small picture today and think BIG PICTURE. 
 Stretch your thoughts and your imagination and your inner vision and allow your thoughts to encompass the world - the physical planet. Allow your emotional and spiritual Self to grow and expand and grab hold of your Higher Self which will lift you up and out of your little Life Path and REALLY GET that every single soul on THIS planet is also on their little Life Path and TOGETHER we are able to carry each other more EASILY AND EFFORTLESSLY through our mutual steps forward.
We are all part of each other's journey forward. 
Shine your Light into someone else's journey today.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9 11 - We Remember

Today we remember 
the devastation, horror and terrible loss of Sept. 11, 2001.
Today we honour
 the healing, strength, perseverance, hope, faith and love for peace that encompasses all of us around our beautiful world as we feel the oneness
 of our Universal Divine love, compassion and healing growing globally. 

Blessings for peace and healing to all. 

Follow your heart

Follow your heart. To be sure this is the MOST clear way through any and every situation - it is generally through said 'following of heart' that we find our way on the smoothest, easiest pathways ~ at least within our Selves...
as regardless of how tricky the ACTUAL path may well be or become....we KNOW we are 'following out heart' and in doing so we KNOW that  "rightly or wrongly"......we must persevere and believe.....and when we persevere and believe.....things 'turn out right'.

TRUST in your heart. 
TRUST in your Angels, guides, higher selves and Divine Source to be able to

Even if your 'hearts way' seems harder, doesn't add up or 'goes against the grain' your heart.
This does not necessarily mean ....'smooth sailing'....and I wish I could tell you otherwise.  Sometimes the road still feels 'rough', tough decisions still need to be made, things need to be 'done without' however ~ through learning to 'follow your heart' you also learn to....TRUST. 
There is a reason WHY things are as they are.  
YOUR HEART will see you through.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


One of my very favourite expressions and always has been "Go big or go home"!  Another one of my 'fave questions' to ask is "SO!  Are you ALL IN? or ALL OUT?"  Both of these are meant in exactly the same way, to the same end and generally can be interchanged easily to suit similar situations.
If you do anything 'halfway' or with a less than focused attitude - you will Always get less than what you are capable of.  Basically, I am a 'bottom line kinda girl' and many situations come down to DECIDING....are you going to GO BIG? or are you going to GO HOME?

Generally, you have nothing to lose by trying - giving FULL EFFORT.  Sometimes you are able to jog easily to the starting line and run your "personal BEST" however ... if it is 'GO' day and you feel less than your best, if you start to 'ostrich' and shrink back from the challenge before you or the task at hand- think of this - GO BIG OR GO HOME.   EVEN if it means DRAGGING your Self to the starting line, scratching your way down the path and using every last bit of grit, determination and focus to CROSS THE have have succeeded.  So good.  The prize is? you can 'level up' on the Life Path!

If you think you cannot do it?  Do it anyway. If you think you are not strong enough?  Think again! You are - you have the FULL STRENGTH of your Power of Self backed up by your Angel Team and Guides giving you a standing ovation all the way to the finish!
Feel the power within you!  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What is it to 'BE MINDFUL'?
As we expand into our MINDFULLNESS, we become AWARE. This awareness - awareness of Self, awareness of others, awareness of WHAT EXACTLY WE ARE DOING .... in THIS we are feeling, how we are acting/reacting/responding with the ebb and flow of the physical, mental and emotional contact we are a part of each BE AWARE and at the same time SEPARATE.

Appreciating the moment, observing the moment, the moment we are in and truly BE part of it. EnJOY truly BEING IN this moment.....or NOT enJOY BEING IN this particular moment and yet at the same time appreciating it for what it IS  another step on our journey. It IS another moment on our Life Path.
Notice how you can STOP the clock and BE IN YOUR MOMENT today. Connect with your SELF and the journey you are on.  YOU are WORTH connecting TO.
Thank you for connecting with me - Keep shining!

Monday, September 3, 2012

"Mindful awareness' heals away conflict.

So, earlier we were talking about DECIDING TO BE HAPPY and to which level of deciding and to what level of happiness that we were able to individually decide to be....
My guides are lecturing me no end to 'dial down the fluff' on this topic and expand on the very message they have passed to me today .... it DOES have a little more going for it.

YES, of course we do DECIDE to be happy and it is most definitely a choice. Some people are able to make that decision very easily and others? not so much. They feel that they are NOT able to decide to be happy and this could be because of health concerns, financial difficulty, comparisons made to others in which they feel themselves lacking (in EVERY category; base or superficial, real or imagined).  Yes, sometimes it is difficult to decide to be happy.
Other times we have even decided to be happy however all the while KNOWING within our Selves that this state of happy may be short lived, fleeting even...we are poised for disappointment amidst our happiness.
None of this has anything really to do with happiness and everything to do with feeling SECURE within our Selves. This kind of happy stems from living in the present moment, as we discussed however PRESENT MOMENT stems from learning to live in a state of MINDFULNESS. This is about learning to be present within one's Self and in doing so learning to heal away whatever conflict, inner or outer, that represents an obstacle to your ability to BE happiness, to BE peaceful and to BE health full.  This is our decision.
THIS is our challenge, our awareness and our goal at this point in our journey.

To book a personal Energy session to learn how to heal away your conflict, please contact  Stacey MacDonald  -  Usui Reiki Master and Teacher, Energy Healer, Intuitive Life Path Guide and Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®

Have you 'Made up your Mind???"...... ;)

The overall theme of the day is to DECIDE.  Decide to SMILE and KEEP SMILING! 
 BE  Happy.  It is a choice AND it is that simple.  
Keep it simple. Keep your decision simple and keep your life simple.
Dial it down to the short and fast decision to
Live in the moment!  ~  and to BE HAPPY in that moment!  
Smiling out to you ~ from my moment to yours ~  BE HAPPY and enJOY!