Wednesday, January 29, 2014

KNOW Peace

It's true, we can't control much.
It's 'MORE true' that we do not 'control' is much easier, better and ultimately more fruitful....when we just go with the flow.

HOWEVER.....(were you waiting for this?  Those that know me well and read often certainly were waiting for the 'but/however'....)

WHAT WE CAN 'CONTROL' is our level of peace within and without.

Firstly, when we focus on peace within....then every thing, every person, every piece of expected/unexpected news, every new development in 'the plan' simply.....simple.

'It is what it is' - and when you consistently and vigilantly bring your awareness back to a state of peace....everything is simple, logical and you think and act with clarity.  Some things need to be 'acted on' while other things simply need to be 'waited on'.  More pieces of the puzzle need to fall in place before actions or thoughts can be clear.  In the meantime,  FOCUS ON PEACE WITHIN and that will enable those 'pieces of the puzzle' to come to you much easier and much more quickly.  Focus on Peace.

*When you are not focused on a state of peace, every thing and everybody threatens to foil your every plan, you feel you have to think and rethink every thought, every action of your own....of everyone else' must plan every waking minute of every must analyze past actions and try to tweak them to ensure better results in future...think think think....this is a problem.   

Instead....focus on peace.....simplicity....what will be will be.

Secondly, create an atmosphere of peace around you.  In your words and your actions to others however ALSO and in some cases more importantly, in your words and actions to your Self, with your inner voice. What are the types of comments you use with your Self?  Are you supportive?  Are you kind?
From a 'physical' perspective, you can create an environment of peace by surrounding your Self with people that are kind and power-full.  Light some candles, use your favourite colours to decorate, DO AWAY WITH CLUTTER, spend time outside, 'bring the outside in' with indoor gardening (start your seeds sprouting for your summer garden)  purchase cut flowers weekly and feel their energy essence lend healing to your work space, your home and those around you.  Spend time with people who are of 'like minds' and of similar energy....simply put, you 'have a connection' with these people!  They help you to feel peaceful and centred - don't question it, just trust it!

What's the point?  When we create an atmosphere of peace around us and a consistent state of peace within us....we are WIDE OPEN to RECEIVING guidance and direction and ASSISTANCE from our Angels, Higher Self and from the Universe, from Source.

That's a great point.  

Sending peace out to you, your family, your friends, your relationships, your work space and your home....from my heart to yours.....KNOW peace.

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Sending blessings your way, Stacey MacDonald

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Angel destinations

How long have you been rowing?
Have you just begun?  Your heart is set on new destinations...your eyes set firmly on the horizon, a smile on your lips....
or perhaps your shoulders are aching....not even as much as your heart....

no matter.  'Get your head on straight' as my Nana might have said :)

Life is about picking up the oars and paddling away.
Some days you feel like REALLY 'going for it' and making some headway.  Today is THE day!

Other days....let's just drift awhile.  The point is ~ you are IN the boat....oars in hand and you can make your way .... YOUR way in YOUR time.

What direction you take has just as  much to do with what your heart says and your mind how your Angels say.   There is no difference.  As you are guided by your gut instinct and your 'random' thoughts are generally your Angels way of bringing you .... just a little closer to the shores of your destination.

Keep going - in your own time and in your own directions, as you are guided and TRUST in the guidance, protection and assistance you are being offered .... in every moment.

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Sending blessings your way, Stacey MacDonald

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Saturday, January 18, 2014


There comes a time on everyone's life path where we will be forced - PUSHED - to be courageous.  This may come more naturally for some than others and it might come MORE OFTEN for some than others.
Some find it quite easy to be courageous 'on behalf of others' however when they are called to be courageous for their own benefit...or survival...well now - that is a different story entirely.   For some, they are 'natural defenders' and know instinctively how to act and when ... for others however when it is time to stand their ground for their own sakes this instinct can be diminished....considerably.

Others have never, not even once, stood up for themselves and their beliefs.  In some cases, it may be difficult to EVEN KNOW WHAT YOUR OWN BELIEFS ARE - so used to sticking up for others or focusing attention away from themselves, they are not used to looking takes courage to even look within.....after all, who knows what you may find?

Our Angels PUSH us to look within.  They FORCE us to situations and states of mind which allow us to DISCOVER OUR REAL SELF.  This takes courage....and vigilance.

Our real Self, once discovered can need some extra work as far as continuing to 'dig out' some strengths and characteristics that further develop our 'REAL-ness'.  Keep digging! It's worth it.  Think of it like an archaeological dig site that you have cordoned off.  One treasure has been found and you and your Angel team are going to keep brushing away bits of sand and debris until some more treasures have been found!  In our mental image we are using soft brushes, pails and such -  however in real life....

....our Angels have a slightly different method.  Generally not as 'serene' an image as in this case our Angels will push and prod us to climb out of our comfort zone and into situations where we might feel nervous, agitated, fearful - at the very least the very most....scared stiff!  These are the types of situations where we might not like the process per se however what can be gained from a personal growth and discovery aspect - can be dramatic.  You may not see the results, the benefits right away - but TRUST in this process.

This could be anything from getting back into the dating scene to conquering your fear of flying to increasing your business plan or learning a new sporting activity......almost anytime we bring our Selves out of our comfort zone to try something new - there is something to be gained PARTICULARLY if what you have chosen to do has kept 'popping up' in your mind for the last 'little while', sporadically and when you were not really expecting it to.

This is how Angel inspirations come to us - sporadically and unexpectedly. If your Angels are pushing you out of your comfort zone and leading you into 'unchartered waters' - consider that it might be Archangel Ariel showing you the way forward AND UNCOVERING HIDDEN STRENGTHS WITHIN THE 'REAL YOU'.

Trust and be courageous!

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Sending blessings your way, Stacey MacDonald

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

First FULL MOON of 2014 - tonight!

This magical Full Moon tonight allows us to RELEASE for the first time this year!  That's right!  ANY residual unwanted energies from 2013 that we feel might still be 'hanging around' ...can be SWEPT AWAY tonight.
Some of you are 'with me' on this and others I can feel pursing their lips and saying 'WHAT is she on about??!"

The Full moon energy gives you a chance to LET GO of any thoughts, behaviours, situations etc. that are not helping you on your Life Path.

For example, maybe you are someone who works hard and has some success and then 'negative self talk' swoops in to 'bring you down' and that impedes your ability to not only enjoy your success - but it also makes bringing another success your way .... so much more difficult.
TONIGHT - negative self talk is a thing of the DOES NOT EXIST around you anymore!

Another example;  You might be the type of person that is not able to set personal boundaries or EVEN if you do manage to set them - you are completely unable to adhere to them and as a result, everyone else's NEEDS AND WANTS come before your own.  In this manner, you constantly leave your Self out of your timetable and
NO MORE!   Tonight, the Full Moon energy can help you to ensure that any blockages you had to ensuring that 'you make your own list' of needs and wants .... dissolve completely. As a result, your needs and wants are officially on your timetable going forward!

This goes for many other things also.  Perhaps there is another behaviour that you would like to SHIFT or maybe you want some 'energy assistance' to bring a current job situation to a close or to sell your house or condo -   TONIGHT IS YOUR NIGHT!

Simply by acknowledging this evening which areas in your life that you would like to see shifted or moved on, allows this energy to go to work on your behalf.  Some like to write a list of things they are focusing on while others choose to just sit and think about them over a cup of tea while staring up at the Full moon.

Of course, if you can spend some time outside under the moon you can also benefit from the healing energy it has to offer you.   Make no mistake, the moon tonight appears to be 'tiny' in size (the smallest this year) however the energy it has to offer you is POWERFUL. 

My new book Angels and Energy is available now in softcover or ebook for your convenience. 
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Sending blessings your way, Stacey MacDonald

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Are we feeling down? or looking UP?

Sometimes our 'physical Self' can 'play tricks' on us.
Our physical self can feel tired and lethargic and our emotional Self can feel like 'it has gone through the wringer'!  We can feel very alone and vulnerable at times....everyone has felt like this at some point.

However, many of these times it is because we have been through an exhausting ordeal, a challenge, a time of trial.  Our physical and emotional Self will need rest and a break from it all HOWEVER this very situation is where our Spiritual Self can manoeuvre life's direction to place us in a situation where we feel vulnerable and alone....for our own benefit.  How??!?

When we feel this way, our 'guard' is down - we may feel defeated and so our walls are down because we simply do not have the energy nor the inclination to keep them up.  We realize 'we control nothing' and this moment, we completely surrender.

It is AT THIS MOMENT when our Spiritual side is more able to connect with our Guides and Angels and THIS is when we are able to receive Divine guidance, enlightenment, abundance, knowledge and .... support.  Knowingly or unknowingly, this is all able to flow freely into you and around you ~ strengthening you and preparing you for even greater things going forward.


Allow the process to happen.  THIS is a process which does not require you to 'effort forward', plan and strategize.   At these moments you are singularly focused on rest and nurturing your physical and emotional self while your Angels and your Spiritual Self handle the rest of the details.


My new book Angels and Energy is available now in softcover or ebook for your convenience. 
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Sending blessings your way, Stacey MacDonald

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The freedom of Forgiveness

Forgiveness prayer
"If there is anyone or anything that has hurt me in the past, knowingly or unknowingly,
 in what they have done or what they have failed to do, 
I now release and forgive it.  
If I have hurt anyone or anything in the past, knowingly or unknowingly,
 in what I have done or what I have failed to do, 
I now release and forgive it." 

This prayer removes BLOCKS that we may have around us and within us that can IMPEDE our progress forward.  Have you been wondering why you haven't been able to achieve a certain goal/dream or why you keep running up against the same type of obstacles on your path?

Chances are you are holding on to some energies from your past that you have not (consciously or subconsciously) been able to forgive your Self for ~ or forgive someone or something else for.  These energies continue to build within you and eventually block your progress forward.  They can take over your Life force energy and inhibit it's ability to grow and prosper - this can be reflected on your Life Path.

Some of the ways this energy can manifest in your Self on different levels are;  feeling of frustration, guilt, shame, resentment, bitterness, insecurity, low self esteem, anger.  This energy can also grow to include some physical ailments as well.

Saying this prayer through meditation or at the end or beginning of each day allows us to release these feelings AND this energy and all of the blocks that go with it.  We are releasing energies from this life and also of any past lives where this energy may have manifested within us as 'soul wounds' as these feelings can also be 'held over' as cellular memory from a past life.  By saying this prayer we are also releasing that energy....forgiving others and also allowing our Selves TO BE FORGIVEN.

Forgive and be forgiven.
Feel the freedom!

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Sending blessings your way, Stacey MacDonald

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

THIS IS IT! 2014!! Our January Newsletter and upcoming Events!

This is it. This is 2014.  Welcome.
Your Angels welcome you into this year of;
'anything is possible', 
'sky is the limit', 
'no obstacles in your way' !
It might take some work on your part, some vigilance, some commitment however are quite used to this. Some of you have become somewhat accustomed (unfortunately) to applying focus and determination with little or no results. 

THAT IS WHY 2014 IS ....SOoooooo WELCOME. 
This year, we pick up the .....

My new book Angels and Energy is available now in softcover or ebook for your convenience. 
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Sending blessings your way, Stacey MacDonald

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome your Angels into 2014!

Good morning 'first day of 2014'!
We are glad, SO GLAD to be here....(finally) in 2014.
The year of 2013 has closed - our year of 'planting seeds' for a harvest, when?  how? where will be reaping the rewards?
(In 2013, some of us were asking our Angels these questions again and again and the answer was always the same, 'Doesn't matter, keep planting!!')

Our Angels are very clear with their answer now that the dust has settled and we are here on the starting line of 2014.  We will reap some rewards of our harvest in THIS year.  So, RELAX!  TAKE A DEEP BREATH!
There WILL BE RESULTS this year - there will be a harvest!
That doesn't necessarily mean you stop 'planting your seeds' in the ground.
You have now MASTERED this skill after last years 'stick-to-it-iveness'... might as well KEEP GOING!
The DIFFERENCE is .... along the way there will also now be rewards for your effort that not only keep your spirits up and offer you plenty of support, love, friendship and FUN over the months to come - there will also be success in business / career  and relationships as well.

ALL THIS??!  Yes, why not?!

Together with your Angels you know how to build a plan, STICK TO A PLAN .... AND you also know how to allow them to shift your perspective and open up your awareness enough to be know that ~
no matter what topic we are speaking of - relationships, career, business, friendships - not all solutions and rewards follow our original plan....sometimes the best solutions, opportunities and rewards come to us in unexpected ways.
Especially when we are working with our Angels!

The Angel process for successful people looks a little like this;

1. Ask your Angels for assistance
2. Follow your Angels/inner guidance to build a plan
3. FEEL your Angel's support as you STICK TO YOUR PLAN and TRUST in their guidance
4. Allow your mind to be open to new opportunities and 'twists' in the plan
5. SEE the progress as you go along and FIND answers in expected AND unexpected ways
Result? No matter what area of your life you have asked for assistance with;  you have Success!

BECAUSE we KNOW our Angels are working with us AND we believe and trust in this process....more success and Angelic support keeps COMING OUR WAY.


*side-note:   the 'other' thing we can expect more of in 2014 is more 'made-up words'.....especially like 'stick to-it-iveness'.   Particularly if you keep reading my blog posts ;)

Thank you for joining me as we embark on this fabulous and most power-full year,  2014!
Together with your Angels,
Have a BEAUTY-full   'first day'!

My new book Angels and Energy is available now in softcover or ebook for your convenience. 
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Sending blessings your way, Stacey MacDonald

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