Sunday, October 28, 2012

FEEL the Emotion ~ Don't BE the Emotion!

Emotions yank us all around on our Life Path like we are a disobedient dog on a chain.

They are the balloon that lifts us up and gently carries us through our day as well as the ball and chain that holds us in one spot making it completely impossible to move forward, backward....or anywhere at all!  What I call the 'frozen emotions' which are the reactions to certain situations, relationships, comments, personal obstacles that simply leave us....feeling numb and 'frozen in time'.  Also, the age old; fear, anxiety, doubt, apprehension feelings that can, if left unchallenged become a comfortable rut from where to go about your daily business. These feelings can most easily take over a lifestyle until they become part of your personality; you begin to operate all situations and make your decisions while in a constant state of fear, anxiety and/or self doubt.

Or, you can take off the dog collar, the leash, the balloons, the ball and chain and simply feel EMOTIONALLY FREE. 
It is your choice.  
Am I saying that by reading on you will NEVER experience another moment of self doubt? fear? sadness? grief? happiness? etc.  No, I am not saying that - however I am suggesting that with a subtle PERCEPTION CHANGE you WILL be able to have a better acceptance and understanding of how you can work comfortably with your emotions while still navigating your life on a steady course.
Recognizing our emotions that flit through our conscious mind as signs and signals to ourselves that we experience on a physical and emotional level while on our journey here. They are all a part of the master plan for us to learn and to grow and to EXPERIENCE REAL LIFE challenges and situations and relationships...and this is not all the time 'happy situation' however this is all the time 'soul learning situations' and sometimes these situations are tough going, depressing and in some cases, devastating.

To explain further,  EVERY TIME we go about our daily business and experience our whirlwind of emotional states throughout the day we are growing our Soul forward on this physical journey as this is a large part of what we are here to do. Society tells us that we are 'supposed to be' happy, peaceful, joyful all of the time however this is not the case.  We are here to experience and exhibit ALL of the emotions ALL of the time.  Some of those experiences include being happy that the mail came early, sad because it's only bills, anxious because it's garbage day and you forgot to put the bins out over to the really stronger level emotions; fearful about losing a job position, distrustful of your current relationship, fearful and intensely sad for the health of a loved one.
Now, with a perception change, this does not eradicate feelings entirely because this would be counter-productive to our journey however it does allow us at certain times to be able to NOTICE these emotions as simply emotions to be experienced and BE ALLOWED into our daily life. DON'T shut them out, DO notice them, DO allow them in to be experienced however DON'T allow them to take over your entire SELF....experience them and STILL ALLOW your Self to be your Self, NOT the emotion.
For example, when you feel happy; FULLY experience this emotion! This is one that can lift you up and enhance your ability to move forward, effect positive change and create possibility.  Conversely, when you feel sad, anxious or fearful also fully experience this emotion.  Now, these are emotions that are also being experienced for a reason. Generally these emotions bubble to the surface as guidance to effect change or conversely urge you to adapt more openly to a certain situation. They can teach you to walk freely to the NEXT opportunity because this one no longer serves you well as it leaves you in a constant state of sadness,anxiety or fear and SO, you have nothing to lose by moving on - so GO!     With this perception change you are able to recognize that YOU KNOW that this is an emotion that is meant to be experienced as such' an emotion, an experience. This emotion IS NOT YOU - this emotion is a feeling being experienced by you.  As you are able to shift this perception of your emotions you are able to experience your emotions as such while still enabling you to move forward.  This allows you to detach if you will from overwhelming feelings that threaten over time to stop or at least impede your ability to function as you would normally be able to operate and make decisions when in a peaceful or joyful state. Use these emotions to your benefit! Notice them popping into your Self's awareness and take from them the guidance message that is within them while continuing to honour your Self as merely noticing and experiencing these emotions and not by BEING the emotion.
Some emotions are so strong in their capacity to hold our attention - for a reason.  Don't simply detach and look at them objectively without appreciating them in the moment for their ability to heal, to make us stronger or to guide us to our next opportunity. This does not make the process any more enjoyable or peaceful necessarily - some pathways are 'emotionally rocky' and are engineered specifically to be that way.  An example here is the grief process. Each of the stages of grief must be experienced to the fullest in order for ourselves to be able to emerge from this process healthfully.  Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance are all very intense emotions through this process that must be honoured, recognized, fully experienced and must not be 'rushed through' as part of this healthy and natural process.  At this point, you are still able to recognize these emotions as being experiences on your healing path while even to a small degree under all of these emotions you are aware that when the proper allotment of time is allowed to each stage, the Self is able to emerge from this process as fully healed and stronger and forever transformed from this experience on a Soul level.  That is not to say that this type of experience is deemed beneficial but simply a painful part yet a normal part of our Life plan while we are here.   Don't rush the process. 

Today, if you are FEELING sad, mad, glad, bad or whatever the case may be.....CONSIDER a PERCEPTION CHANGE. Reach outside these emotions to your other senses and NOTICE what else is around you physically, emotionally, mentally and embrace these other experiences, relationships, conversations, commitments etc.   FEEL all of it - ALLOW yourself to notice and experience EVERY emotion without judgement as it is your RIGHT  on  your path to do so.  All a part of the journey.
 Feel emotion and BE your SELF.  

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