Wednesday, June 29, 2022

okay? today. BELIEVE in this Angel message

 Yup. The Angels say it but also Will Rogers did also and YOU KNOW WHAT ?!! 

IT'S TRUE. that's it. it's true. 

We can get SO CAUGHT UP in 'what has been'. 

Typically and Many times this has PRECIOUS LITTLE to do with today.

Be WHO YOU ARE today. 


love you all and so do your Angels. 

Blessings and Angel Light shining on everyone TODAY. RIGHT NOW. 


Sunday, June 26, 2022

THIS is WHAT IT IS. The people that know this...KNOW THIS. the gift of Compassion...let's see

 THIS is WHAT IT IS.  The people that know this...KNOW THIS.  the others? Well...ok...

It's just if you don't know what this means its ok. Truly.  It just means that you are a New/Newer Soul and I appreciate that. 

For this post....I am getting a strong message to connect with the Old Souls. Thing is ...

we need to give from our SOUL SELF. our Hara.  This is the small circle of Self that lives within our core.  Our Hara. 

**Energetically this is the part of us that holds all of our Wisdom and Strength.  Our Sense of Self ,our Strength of Spirit...this bit of our Self represents and HOLDS our Inner Strength (for this life and *in some cases many past lives)....for the Old Souls. 

What does this mean?  YOUR Soul Path purpose is to GIVE . share. care. learn. teach. be compassionate. be kind. BE COMPASSIONATE. *can't share this enough. 

Being an old soul comes with guidelines. do this and be rewarded. in what way? 

in many. 

love you all and so do your Angels, 


Friday, June 24, 2022

Angels watching over us...always

 It's just that...they ARE. Whether we realize it or not...they are there - with us, for us and all around us. 

Sometimes it doesn't feel like that.  I get it and more importantly THEY GET IT.  still....

it's MOST important that YOU get it.  Do you? 

They are always sending love, strength of Spirit, support, wisdom and HEALING Energy out to all. Do we always feel it? Well? ...ok, sometimes we don't feel it 'in the moment' but it is UP TO US to 'keep the dream alive'....keep the inner flame burning and BELIEVE.  

EVEN if we don't 'feel them' with us in the moment....they are there.  TRUST.  They will show you in some way, somehow AS LONG AS you keep believing.  Keep your actions for your Self and others 'true' as your Angels would have you do. 

Your Angels are the Archangels of course but your Guiding Angels and Guardians are also your Ancestors in some cases and also loved ones who have passed and continue to guide and love you along your journey...they are by your side. 

Keep believing.  Feel them with you every step, every breath....feel comforted and supported. 

Your Angels - ALL OF THEM - love you them back by believing. 

Take a DEEP BREATH in....and exhale out.  

I love you all and so your Angels, 


Saturday, June 4, 2022

Ok....June 2022. Angels. we got you?


JUNE 2022 Angel Messages -

Archangel Gabriel - love you all and so do your Angels!

CONNECTING with OWn inner Life Force Energy GROWING it this month ‘circling the wagons’ as my mom used to say


Then (if you are doing the work) your Life Force Energy reserves will be high and you are able to shine out even brighter to your own pathway forward but ALSO TO others around you.

Connect with your Angels this month,
Blessings always