Friday, August 30, 2013

What are you capable of?

What ARE you capable of doing? of saying? of BE-ING?  WHERE are you capable of going?  Do you know? Do you have any idea??
Many do not. Many do not have any idea of how far they can go, how much they can 'push' themselves, how much they can BELIEVE in their own ability to succeed and by succeeding I mean - FULFIL their innermost desires, dreams and goals.

Sometimes, the first step to finding out to what extent YOU are CAPABLE of holding up your end on your own to admit to your Self that you are more Power-full than what you have believed your Self to be, on every level.
Then you can move to step two and tell your Self that you are ready to believe in your Self to a greater degree....fully.  You will begin to BELIEVE that you are power-full and you will reinforce this regularly by saying "I am power-full.  I BELIEVE in my Self and my ability to achieve my innermost desires"
Feel the power that comes from proclaiming this.....often.  
Feel the power.
Feel your Self becoming even more power-full each day as you continue to believe in your Self.  Feel your Self becoming more confident and more resilient in many ways.

"To be capable of becoming your best and power-full Self, you must first admit to your Self that you CAN BE and then BELIEVE that you WILL BE...and then simply BE.

Shining powerfully into your pathway,
Stacey MacDonald

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

When you are H A P P Y ! .....


1.We make other people in our path happy

2.We are able to accomplish great things.  We are totally open and free flowing within our own true and creative Self and therefore able to listen to, hear and connect with our intuition, our inspiration, our Guides and therefore be LED TO GREAT OPPORTUNITY

3.We have the courage through SHEER Self confidence and self esteem to SEIZE THESE OPPORTUNITIES of the day as this courage is easily gained however ONLY FUELLED  by 'THE POWER OF JOY"

4.We INSPIRE happiness in others - igniting their `Light` so they may pass the torch along

5.We EASILY solve problems/remove obstacles; personally and within our family/relationships, community, globally etc

6.We have more energy to reach out to others

7.We have a better idea of how to set healthy parameters and boundaries to ensure time is allowed to feed our true Self

8.We FEEL lighter ...physically!

9.We breathe easier....literally and figuratively

10.We SMILE MORE which increases our life force energy within our body
our life force energy cleans our chakras thereby sending MORE life force energy to our cells and tissues and body organs thereby assisting our physical body to HEAL ITSELF!

11.We can accomplish all of this and more … by SMILING?  Yes!

If our Life Purpose is simply to BE HAPPY.....then let's start today. 

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Angel Messages

Archangel Raguel encourages us to reach our highest potential.  This we can NEVER do as long as we are striving, reaching, EFFORTING towards our goals and yet neither can we do if we are complacent, sedentary and without desire.
We must strike that balance and it is with THIS, that Archangel Raguel comes in!   Within us we all have an idea or even many ideas of what we would like to do, where we would like to be and it is with these ideas that our dreams and goals find their way to us.  Some of our dreams and goals we instantly 'write off' as we assume that these are 'too much' for us to be able to achieve --- Archangel Raguel brings them back to us today.
Bring all of your ideas, dreams and goals back out onto the table today.  Have a close look at them and make your Self comfortable with them again.  See if there are any NEW dreams and goals that have found their way onto your table.  See them and FEEL them taking hold deep within you.  Hold them close to you in your awareness and visualize your Self accomplishing these goals.  See these goals being brought to you, seemingly effortlessly.
Exchange  'efforting' for 'believing' and take just one small step towards one of your goals, today.   As long as we are in our state of 'believing' and doing one small step today and EACH day - our goals COME TO US when the timing is perfect...Divine!

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


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Thank you and ENJOY!
Stacey MacDonald

Monday, August 19, 2013

Angel Time

SLOW DOWN. You have TIME.  What's the RUSH?  Enough already with the 'busy busy, on a schedule, see to that to-do list, prioritize and accomplish, cram it in before the end of the day' business! You have TIME.

Put your Self on 'Angel time'.  KNOW that you have ALL THE TIME YOU NEED to do whatever you feel inspired to do.
TAKE TIME to get some things done and THEN TAKE TIME to go for a walk, chat with friends, enjoy time with family, wander through the park, stare up at trees.....TAKE THE TIME....there is ALWAYS more time....when you are working with Angel Time.

Archangel Metatron is one to call on when working with Angel Time.  If you would like time to 'move more quickly' or if you would like 'more time' with a certain situation....simply ask Archangel Metatron to help you with this.

KNOW that your Angel team is always with you, listening to your requests for help and EVEN responding when we need to work on .... Angel Time.

Sending Angel blessings into every minute of this day,
Stacey MacDonald

Friday, August 16, 2013

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I look forward to seeing you there!

Stacey MacDonald

Thursday, August 15, 2013

How are your puzzle pieces coming together?

 Did your mom and dad (grandmother/grandad) keep a jigsaw puzzle out on the dining room table for a few days at a time?  Maybe you all started it as a family on the Sunday night and then left it set up for the week so that anyone passing by could suddenly spy a piece that fits PERFECTLY right in the top right corner. Excellent!  Eventually the puzzle got done....with a little help...and a little perseverance....great feeling.    Then BACK IN BOX and let's start another one!

Life can be like a puzzle.  We can start a project and then get tired of it or just need a break and wander away only to come back to it with 'fresh eyes' a bit later and light back into it with 'renewed gusto'!  Sometimes a friend or colleague or family member can stop in to help us with different parts of the (or the entire!) project.  With a little help and some perseverance - it all gets done!  GREAT FEELING!  Then on to the next project and so forth.  Life can be pretty much that simple - and that rewarding!

Sometimes, we can get tired of one puzzle and so rather than taking a breather and returning later....we start another project and then another and then another.....and soon our dining room table is FULL of puzzle pieces and WHO KNOWS which puzzle pieces belong with what puzzle and all you have is a BIG MESS.  This situation is frustrating and overwhelming and .... going nowhere.

Allow your Self the luxury of focusing on one puzzle at a time.  What? Impossible?!  Yes, maybe right now it is (because there are already too many puzzle pieces on the table) so take today and clear the table....then reset the table with ONE puzzle.  Leave the other puzzles in a queue,  you will get to them in time.  You may be multi talented and be able to handle two puzzles at a time - make sure THAT puzzle has it's own table. Remember to TAKE A BREAK from each puzzle to allow your mind to rest, relax and unwind.

Every puzzle gets finished with a little help, a little perseverance and at a time.

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Listen very carefully

Listen!  SHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!  I SAID.....LISTEN!!!!!    BEEEEEE   QUIIIII-ET!   STOP and Listen.

That's better.  When you listen, you never know what you are going to hear.  When you listen, AT LEAST you are giving your Self the chance to hear SOMETHING.   I am NOT talking about listening to what is happening outside and around you in the world of busy-busy.
I am talking about listening within.  Listening to the quiet (or not so quiet in some instances) voice inside of you that knows MUCH MORE than you give it credit for.
This is NOT the voice inside of you that can sometimes engage in negative self talk, self judgement/blame and so on.  THIS voice that we speak of is deeper still.  THIS voice is the voice of wisdom, the voice of love, the voice of guidance and direction from your Angels and Guides, from Source, from your Higher Self.
To hear it, you have only to STOP ....and LISTEN.
That means pausing and putting a stop to tasks, chores, to-do's, needs (real or perceived, your own or others) and simply BE-ING in THIS moment and listening to THIS voice.
This voice can talk to you in words, feelings, ideas, inspirations or very simply, can envelope you in a circle of peace and well-being.
Sound good?
You got that right! When you stop and listen carefully, you are taking time out to connecting with your very powerful Source of knowledge and direction.
Take some time today.....and listen.

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Make friends with your Monkey

We have all heard the expression 'Monkey brain' - in fact it is described as something that I sometimes refer to as 'busy head'.   When you have Monkey brain, you can read an entire chapter of a book and when you get to the end, realize you haven't absorbed ANY of it and have to start again.   Another example, is listening to the radio while you are in the car for the traffic report, only to glance at the clock and while you have been 'listening' for some time....the traffic report has come and gone and you have to now FOCUS and listen for the NEXT one!

Monkey brain can be really aggravating.
Another 'monkey' that can really get on our case - is 'the monkey on our back'.  THIS is having something (or someone!) in your daily life or routine that you might have procrastinated on, something that you are avoiding altogether or just feeling overwhelmed with so many 'somethings/someones' --- that the Monkeys keep piling up and up and up  and eventually you are just BOGGED DOWN with Monkeys - and THEY ALL want something from you!!

TODAY, we are making friends with our Monkeys.
TODAY, we are 'Becoming ONE .... with our Zen Monkey'  
Did you like that one?  I think it is great!  
Just like everything in life, it is how we PERCEIVE things and situations around us that make the difference.

Today, we can EMBRACE our Monkey brain, our 'busy head' Monkey and realize that our mind is whirring and spinning and otherwise preoccupied to give our Selves a rest!  WE want to focus on a book, a traffic report, a report due for work but our mind is asking us to RETREAT.  To spend more time daydreaming, thinking about 'nothing', taking a coffee down to the lake, time in meditation, doing yoga or being outside.  When we indulge our Self in setting aside some time each day to BALANCE our minds between focused and 'unfocused' on busy life and to-do's......we are allowing our Monkey brain the time it needs to restore and replenish itself.  When we set aside this time, our mind is less likely to pull itself away from what we are doing in this moment - when we are working and focusing we are able to do so and when we have chosen to sit quietly in meditation or to read a book, we are also able to relax into this time well spent - without being drawn away.
Make friends with you Monkey brain and see Zen monkey emerge!

The same holds true for the Monkeys on  our back.  One by one, reach around and grab each monkey and stand them in front of you - 'Monkeys reporting for duty!'   Ask each of them what they stand for, what task or situation they represent.  As they do so, place them in priority sequence.  You get to decide this one, how to arrange them that is.  You can do this anyway you like but REMEMBER, DO NOT take the easy way out and save all the really difficult ones to the end!  This is how you got so many monkeys hanging around in the first place.  I generally pick an easy one, then a more difficult/time consuming one etc.
Write each of the tasks down as you decide, #1 then #2 then #3 and so on and when all of the monkeys are accounted for - assign dates and times to each of the points listed.  Go ahead and fill in your calendar!  THEN STICK TO YOUR CALENDAR!
As you begin, you notice that JUST by making up your calendar, the monkeys are no longer on your back.  They are still around you - actually ALL around you, running and playing and busying up the workspace but ... you can breathe again.  In all of the 'busy-ness', you set about tackling #1. Easy, done.  When you finish, as a reward you look over and see that one of your monkeys has settled into a meditation position and is completely Zen.....this monkey is sending waves of peace to you and also to the other monkeys.  You like this and so do the other monkeys!  They now want to join the first monkey and start to slow down their 'busy-busy' running around. You now feel more 'in control' of the monkeys and accomplishing the second task, while more time consuming, is easier still.  As you complete it, you notice you now have 2 monkeys in meditation, more peace within and around you and as a result feel stronger and more clear about continuing your list.

You have made friends with the Monkeys on your back and before long all of your monkeys will be in meditation!  Will more monkeys show up?  YES! Of course, but before they have a chance to get on your back, you will see them enter the room and fit them onto your calendar so their 'running around time' will be limited also!

En - JOY making friends with your Monkeys!

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Little steps lead to the tipping point.

All GREAT results.....come from taking ONE step at a time.
One little step forward, followed by another...and then - another....WILL bring you to where you would like to find your Self.
It sometimes takes great courage, intestinal fortitude and FAITH - in your Self, in others around you, in your intuition, in your Guides and Angels, in Source, in a Higher power.....FAITH and get you to where you KNOW you are destined to BE. One step then another then another ALWAYS LEAD to your TIPPING POINT!

In fact, it ALWAYS takes GREAT FAITH  and a courage in your conviction to not only believe in your goals and dreams but simply to TAKE THE NEXT STEP towards them and to TRUST that the guidance you are being the RIGHT STEP FORWARD.
Trust, step forward and enJOY your ride!

Shining on your pathway today :)\

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Friday, August 2, 2013

The Leap of Faith

Having the courage to jump, to take the leap  -  to summon all of your strength, your intestinal fortitude and ..... just GO FOR IT!  ..... is tough.  
....but worth it. 
'Almost'  all of the time.  It is this 'almost' that gets to us.  It sticks to us like a glue that we can't see and yet we are able to have moments that 'almost' worked, strategies that 'should have' panned out (but didn't), plans that simply fell through 'in spite of' us efforting to ensure the success....nothing.  
THESE moments of 'trial and failure'  -  or at the very least unsatisfying results, STICK TO US and become another barrier that our lower Self will use to try to STOP us from.....TRYING AGAIN.  
It is much more difficult to pull up to our conscious minds, quite so quickly of the 'other' times when we have tried and efforted - and succeeded!!  Things have gone VERY WELL indeed and in some cases, surpassed all expectations!  Great!  
Why is it that these times are not ALWAYS at the forefront of our mind when faced with our next big "Should I go for it or not' question?   .....  I hear crickets chirping which don't have an answer either.  
There is NO REASON other than our lower Self trying to bring us down.  KNOWING THIS means that we can easily erase this pattern of thought by simply acknowledging this - and GOING FOR IT anyway!
For example, when faced with that questions "Should I GO FOR IT?"....the answer is always YES. Even if lower Self is busy reminding you of all the times when you 'went for it' and it flopped....YOU are now going to recognize this as an potential obstacle in your path as simply a negative thought pattern placed there BY YOU .... and so can also be removed BY YOU.  Wash it away and then continue.....Should you try?  YES.  Should you hope for the best results?  YES. Should you dream of your efforts surpassing your expectations? YES.
Summon every last bit of your Self and throw everything you have into new challenges and opportunities. Remind your Self of all of the times when you have done likewise...and SUCCEEDED!  Keep a list of these times, jot them down if you like, to remind your Self of them when the doubts and anxieties find their way into your thought stream again....RE-TRAIN your thoughts in this way to always find their way to back to 'your winning side'!
You are on the RIGHT TRACK - if you are thinking about 'making a big splash'?

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