Saturday, October 15, 2011

ZIP IT!! GREAT things can be gained!

Ah yes! It never ceases to amaze my in this world of "communicatecommunicatecommunicate" through verbal agreement(or disagreement! haha!) through texting, through emailing, through skyping, through ... hand written letter?? yes, I still think sometimes! (SO NICE to get those in the mailbox by the way if anyone is wobbling on the edge of should I or shouldn't I jot off a note to someone and pop it in the mail...the answer is YES!) anyway, I digress  -  from the MOMENT our feet hit the floor in the morning we are communicating in some way with the outside world and WHILE I am generally the one being told from MY Angel Team to shout loudly from the rooftops and encourage people to "Get it out! Speak from the heart!" and that is true - TODAY the Angels are saying to know the difference sometimes and be able to gain from knowing when and which situations can be greatly benefitted by having the inner power to ZIP IT!! hah!
and when I say ZIP IT! I mean you are in a situation where every fibre of your being wants to make a comment (probably a nasty one) share an observation (possibly judgemental) express your displeasure (to say the least) maybe you even  want to jump up and down, scream some accusatory remarks, shed a few tears in the process, slam a few doors...well, you get the picture!
bottom line is .... sometimes....and follow your intuition on this, there will be a niggling in your belly that will be urging you to....ZIP IT.   Instead, try this...visualize your Self third person and instead of allowing the comments and frustrations rise to the surface - detach emotionally from the situation and see yourSelf grab a large popcorn and gargantuan pop from a make-believe vendor and take a seat in the theatre front row and see how the situation ends if you become a non-commital bystander in the situation. Watch all the actors in the play see out their roles, enjoy the show. Feel your Angel Team taking a seat with you...they will cue you when it is time to put down the popcorn and take your place in the show again but until then....ZIP IT and relax.
There are definitely situations where this rule can be applied and GREAT THINGS can be won by doing so. I had a situation just this week where I 'ZIPPED IT'  and there were subsequent scenarios that followed (where I was just sitting there with my popcorn) and I wanted to THROW my popcorn down to the ground and jump up on that stage, my entire being was vibrating but I forced myself to breathe (sipped my pop) and sit on  my hands and focused on ZIPPING IT.
 At the end of (a very long) week, I had a surprise proclamation by a new actor on the stage but involved with the situation nonetheless, and the result was still tears in my eyes but NOT tears of frustration! they were tears of overwhelming Joy! how AMAZING was this decision that seemingly sprang from nowhere and even if I had tried to control the situation earlier in the week - there is NO WAY that this situation would have been able to be resolved in this GREAT way!! how awesome. truly.
I wish to share with you today that your Angels will be sitting and sharing your popcorn if a situation arises where you have GREAT THINGS TO GAINED BY ZIPPING IT! haha! 
Sit back and enJOY the show!! and keep shining!!

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