Wednesday, April 22, 2015


What is your highest and most implausible goal?  Even tho' you KNOW in your heart of hearts that there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that this can or will happen for you.

and IN SPITE OF THIS FACT or at least belief, this goal is SO consistently and INSISTENTLY gnawing at you!  Every time you try to 'LOGIC IT AWAY'....THERE IT IS.

THIS is what you should be paying most attention to.

You see, it is not whether or not we can figure out a way to get to our goals and dreams it IS whether or not we BELIEVE in our goals and dreams.

Can we see ourselves 'there', can we imagine it....CAN WE FEEL IT?

If we can ... then we are already halfway there.  YES!  That's true!

You see when we believe in our Self and our goals 100%  ONE HUNDRED PERCENT...then we open up the doors of the Universe, the doors of opportunity, the gateway to challenge and the new horizon and landscape of SUCCESS.

You don't have to figure out 'the how'...

Friday, April 17, 2015

What makes you happy?

What gives you a REAL LIFT?

When you do this or when you even THINK ABOUT doing start to smile, your heart starts to sing, your stomach gives a little flutter?

Do you have more than JUST ONE THING that makes you happy....maybe you are a 'Multi-tasker' when it comes to BEING HAPPY.
Do you have plans to do one of your 'happy things' or even a few, OR ALL of them in the near future...or even scheduled regularly?

Now, some of you may have to revise your item/list as we are NOT talking about the 'kneejerk' reactions that we can sometimes have to in answer to this question ...and this is not a bad thing!! This is a good thing as I always hear things like; 'spending time with my family/wife/husband/kids/boyfriend/girlfriend makes me happy' or 'knowing that my savings account is growing' or 'feeling that the world is a little closer each day to achieving world peace'.  

Of course, these things are all amazing and they make us all happy and they should!

Now, let's dive a little under the surface however and ask your Self ... YOU ... what makes you happy -just for you.

For me?  I love horseback riding. I think I even like just hanging around in the barn being around the horses just as much as the actual riding itself!   I love swimming.  I love being at the beach, anywhere by the myself contemplating.  And yes, I also love to go shopping.  (a lot :)

These are things I consider *just for me.  Do you have some things that are *just for you?

Take some time to make note of some of the things that you do...or you even might CONSIDER doing that are JUST FOR YOU;  things, actions, activities...that simply make you happy.  

THEN GET THEM ON THE CALENDAR to make sure that they actually happen!  :)
*none of that "Well, I wanted to do that...but there wasn't time".  No way!  Not this time!!

Even the act of marking it on the calendar says to your Self that YOU are making time to MAKE YOU HAPPY!


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